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Destroying the World Under the Rainbow Flag

The gay parade will be going forwards in Yerushalayim under the rainbow flag which the courts have demanded will be hung officially by the city municipality. Of course to Jews, as opposed to secular perverts, and for that matter many non-Jews, the rainbow actually represents G-D's covenant with Noach not to drown the world again. It is ironic that the rainbow which was a sign of Hashem's covenant not to destroy the world has become a sign of those repeating the perverting of the world that helped bring about the mabul.

Unintentionally homosexuals and the far left who march under the rainbow flag are advertising that they are only here because of Hashem's mercy of the rainbow and if not for that he would drown the world again; perhaps unconsciously aware of their crimes they are holding up the rainbow flag to remind Hashem of his covenant not to drown the world again for their sins


  1. Anonymous27/6/05

    Destroying the world?

  2. Anonymous27/6/05

    Oh, sultan. The parade or anyone in it isn't going to go away just because you find it offensive.

    If you simply can't wrap your mind around it, why not just chalk it up to life in galus and place it in God's hands?

    Your world will not be destroyed (sigh). Your world will not even be affected, trust me.

  3. Anonymous27/6/05

    Trust you?????

    Who are you to be trusted??

    Are you that troll from hashkafah.com??

  4. Anonymous28/6/05

    Whoever supports gay people, just so you know, it's the sexual act that the Torah is against, and Not the person. Feeling something is Not the sin. Acting upon it is.
    And there is a way to control it. The Jonah organization helps people with that.

  5. Anonymous28/6/05

    they picked Jerusalem out of spite b/c they know it's a holy city and people will get offended

  6. Anonymous28/6/05

    This is thumbing the nose at God and it will be severely punished.
    Watch the news for information on so called gay people after this.. and watch Jerusalem too. Hashem won't let this one go by without punishment.

  7. Anonymous16/8/06



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