Home The American Flag and the Muslim Koran: What's Sacred?
Home The American Flag and the Muslim Koran: What's Sacred?

The American Flag and the Muslim Koran: What's Sacred?

Liberals are bemoaning the right wing, as they call it, out to create an ammendment to protect the American flag from being burned. Their position is that freedom is more important than protecting the flag and the flag really isn't that important after all. To them those who oppose the desecration of a flag are far more of a threat to america than those who do desecrate it.

Meanwhile supposed rumors of a Koran desecrated is greeted by those same liberals with hysterical outrage. When was the Koran desecrate? Where was it desecrated? Who knew about it being desecrated? If indeed the Koran was desecrated they proclaim, it's a terrible atrocity. American soldiers, whom the left claims to support about as sincerely as they claim to dislike terrorism, are unfavorably compared to Nazis.

The Muslims who responded to the false reports in the usual way Muslims respond to anything from a soccer victory to a national defeat to a sale on goats milk, with yet another killing spree. Liberals, nor conservatives, for that matter condemned Muslims for an utterly demented response. Most people expect Muslims to go on killing sprees every time their feelings are hurt and view it as a legitimate part of their culture and religion which we have no right to judge. Had Americans responded by killing and looting every time Muslims burned an American flag or even once, liberals would have been in an uproar. When a Vietnam vet merely spit in Jane Fonda's face it provoked reams of outrage.

But as usual liberals excuse Muslim violence. The palestinian suicide bombers are only depressed because Israel forces them to wait too long at checkpoints before they get the chance to enter a cafe and blow up some Jews. Osama Bin Laden was upset because female US soldiers were driving jeeps while protecting their holy places. The terrorists of Iraq go too far with their headchopping but it's only because Bush took away their dictator's palaces. When a liberal goes so far as to condemn Muslim violence there will usually be a caveat explaining 'but' they're only violent because someone wasn't nice to them today or last week or last year or last millenium. Poor muslims. It seems as if no one likes them and the only explanation they can find for it is that Zionists are running the world.

Even as liberals are fighting a constitutional flag burning ammendment tooth and nail, American police are treating case of Koran desecration as hate crimes. We have become a nation whose flag can be burned with impunity but on whose shores the laws of Islam are now being enforced.

Is this a nation in victory or drifting towards defeat?


  1. Anonymous28/6/05

    Very ugly,yes.
    Its Politcal Correctness which translates as cowardess and whimpishness.
    The USA needs to grow up.

  2. Anonymous1/7/05

    My only comment is that your language isn't strong enough and that some readers of this blog do not know what impunity means (without consequences or punishment).


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