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Thursday, April 14, 2005

White House promises to send Hamas $$$$$ if Hamas wins election

WND: In the event that Hamas, a terrorist organization not yet disarmed by the Palestinian Authority, wins a majority in the legislative PA, will the Bush administration still send $350 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to the PA, or not?

Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan: Les, it's – the one thing that you see when people have elections that are free and fair is that they tend to choose people who are committed to improving their livelihood, not people who are committed to terrorist acts. And I think if you look back at the previous Palestinian elections, the people that were elected, while they might have been members of Hamas, they were business professionals. They were people that ran on talking about improving the quality of life for the Palestinian people and addressing their economic needs and addressing other needs that are important to them – not terrorists.

As mind boggling as this statement is, it's hard to determine if it's brought about by faith that 'everyone is just like Americans and want to vote themselves goodies' naivete or cynical rhetoric justifying the Bush administration's willingness to deal with terrorists... that is terrorists besides Abbas.

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