Home ID Thefts grow as jobs get outsourced
Home ID Thefts grow as jobs get outsourced

ID Thefts grow as jobs get outsourced

"About 570,000 service jobs were outsourced in the last five years. That will grow by another 1.1 million during the next five years, and increase again by 1.6 million from 2010 to 2015. Overall, 3.4 million jobs, and $136 billion in wages, will be lost over 15 years.

Accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, auditing and payroll services, telemedicine, particularly x-ray reading, billing, transcription, medical transcription, call and e-mail centers, telemarketing, claims processing, document management, digitization of information, including data entry, production of shop drawings for architectural firms and mapping. Anything that can be digitized and done on a computer or by telephone can be done in places like India as easily as it can be done across town from the customer in the U.S.

All that work processing medical records, bank accounts, mortgage applications and tax returns that is being subcontracted to foreign-owned companies raises serious questions about security."

Essentially what we have is not only millions of American jobs being exported overseas, no longer merely industrial ones but now even service jobs (weren't we supposed to be switching to a service economy?) and we're exporting all vital data overseas too.

Terrorists operating from Pakistan can now get American identities at work along with information that can be used for blackmail or to build entirely new identities. We are not only drilling a hole in our economy so some corporations can save money which will reward their shareholders in the EU and Japan and Martha's Vineyard but in our privacy and national security.


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