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Home Chicago Race recent ‘God Bless the Blackest City in the World’

‘God Bless the Blackest City in the World’

Chicago celebrated ‘Juneteenth’ with 40 shootings. The Windy City kept up a Father’s Day weekend in which 71 people were shot by fatherless young men in a city where 8 out of 10 black children are born to single mothers. And in which it’s all the fault of “systemic racism”.

Over in Daley Plaza, Mayor Brandon Johnson (pictured above) raised the ‘Juneteenth flag’ created by an activist who wanted the black parts of Boston to secede and form a new city named ‘Mandela’.

But who needs Mandela, when you’ve got Chicago?

“God bless the blackest city in the world,” Johnson, a radical who has presided over massive crime and enjoys an approval rating of 28%, declared.

With a 28% black population, Chicago isn’t even the blackest city in Illinois, let alone the U.S. or the world. And the black population has fallen by 400,000 since the 80s. Hispanics are actually the second largest group in Chicago, but since 60% of them disapprove of him, it’s understandable why he didn’t want to mention them. Or the 68% of white people who oppose the former teachers’ union operative.

Mayor Johnson is so hated that he’s barely breaking even with black voters. And so he announced that Chicago, which has over $50 billion in pension debt, will be spending $500,000 to study racial reparations.

The mayor picked Carla Kupe, a Congolese immigrant from Luxembourg who only came to America in 1997, to be the new Chief Equity Officer. Kupe, a graduate of the Lycee Classique de Diekirch in Luxembourg, a Certified Diversity Professional, a board member of the Illinois Diversity Council, a Dean’s Diversity Council Member at Loyola, and the Director of DEI at the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General where she created “27 racial equity action plans for city departments”, will play a major role in the new reparations program that will finally end “systemic racism” in Chicago.

2 black mayors, 3 black police chiefs, and 23 black aldermen haven’t done it, but DEI will.

Meanwhile, two dozen people were shot in 5 hours. There were two mass shootings in 1 hour. After the Juneteenth event, a 4-year-old was shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“It is now the time to deliver good on reparations for the people of Chicago, particularly black people,” Mayor Johnson rambled, claiming he was “committed to driving reparations home”.

Johnson is a former teacher in a public school system where only 25% of students passed the English Language Arts exam, but teacher salaries now top a princely $100,000. Current contract demands by Johnson’s CTU union include $145,000 salaries, 45 days off, free weight loss surgery and abortions. And none of them, including the mayor, know basic grammar.

At Daley Plaza, Johnson blamed everything on the “legacy of slavery” even though the Illinois constitution banned slavery and was the home of a man named Abe who ended slavery.

Johnson’s examples included closing “black schools”, shutting down “public housing”.

Mayor Johnson then announced, “I apologize for the historic wrongs committed against black people in Chicago. On behalf of the city of Chicago, we apologize.” Reparations will “unlock the doors of prosperity to fully flow through the neighborhoods that have been disinvested in.”

What does that look like? More criminals roaming the streets.

The $500,000 reparations commission (in a city where children go hungry) will conduct “a comprehensive study and examination of all policies that have harmed black Chicagoans from slavery era to present day” and “develop educational tools to build capacity within the City of Chicago and the public for reparations.”

Like what? In a city suffering from mass murders on a weekly basis, the answer will be to once again unleash the criminals. Core areas targeted by the reparations committee will include “mass incarceration and over-policing.”

While Mayor Johnson promotes his pro-crime agenda, on the South Side of Chicago, Alderman David Moore set up a tent in boiling hot weather and announced that he was camping out on the street to bring attention to the drug dealing in his community.

Moore was streaming his one-man protest on Facebook until someone opened fire nearby. “Shots were just fired on the block. Threats were made to us.”

“We’ve got to un-cuff the hands of the police,” Moore argued. “We can’t take the tools away from CPD, and I encourage this administration not to.”

Who has a better answer to help black people in Chicago: Mayor Johnson or Alderman Moore?

Would the black people of Chicago benefit from “underpolicing” or “overpolicing”? What’s better: mass incarceration or two mass shootings in one hour?

Does Carla Kupe, the new Chief Equity Officer (She/Sie/Elle/Ella) “Anti-Racism/Coloniality, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Expert”, have an answer to 4-year-olds being shot?

Slavery reparations continue to be pursued in places like San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago, where the local laws always banned slavery, and the problem isn’t the “legacy of slavery”, but the everyday reality of violent crime unleashed and empowered by pro-crime politicians.

Children are being shot while a commission will study the entire history of Chicago when it would be far more useful to study the drug dealers and gunmen roaming the city today.

“Chicago still bears the scars of systemic racism and injustices that have been inflicted on our communities,” Mayor Johnson conspiratorially claimed. “The disinvestment in our communities have been intentional.” Who was responsible for Johnson’s illiteracy except his own profession?

To quote another Chicago politician, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

The scars aren’t from systemic racism, they’re bullet scars.

227 people have already been murdered and 1,175 were wounded in Chicago so far this year. (The Johnson administration hailed this as good news.) There were over 800 sexual assaults, over 4,000 robberies and over 3,000 aggravated batteries as part of over 14,415 violent crime victimizations. This isn’t systemic racism, it’s good old-fashioned human evil.

A look at the Victims Equity dashboard shows who’s bleeding.

71% of the victims in shootings (in a 28% black city) are black.

78% of murder victims are black. Only 3.5% are white.

49% of sexual assault victims are black. Only 16% are white.

56% of aggravated assault victims are black. 45% of carjacking victims are black. 50% of human trafficking victims are black. And in most of these cases so are the perpetrators.

How will Diversity, Equity and Inclusion fix this?

Corrupt radicals like Mayor Brandon Johnson feed the poison of hate, pride and victimhood to disguise their role in this state of misery. DEI isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. When people are led to believe that they can’t and shouldn’t control themselves, they won’t.

That is the real Chicago way.


  1. Anonymous2/7/24

    Abe Lincoln spent most of his life in Illinois, but he was born in Kentucky. Illinois was also a free state. No slaves in Illinois.


  2. Anonymous2/7/24

    You may want to change the line about Illinois being Lincoln’s birthplace, it was his home state, but he was born in Kentucky

  3. Anonymous2/7/24

    It is obviously systemic racism. Plain as day. The fact that Chicago is a distribution hub for the Sinaloa Cartel has nothing to do with the violence.

  4. Steven C2/7/24

    The whole Northwest Territory was freed from slavery, at the insistence of Thomas Jefferson, when Virginia surrended its land claims north of the Ohio River.

  5. You forgot to mention who was doing all the crime. Hint it wasn't the Amish. I checked Cook County Jail and about 70% of the detainees are the mayors people or the way they like to phrase it "they look like us". The county prosecutor does not want to prosecute more of her people because it looks bad for her people.

  6. Anonymous7/7/24

    Nope, Atlanta has 48% of the metro area black population. They outnumber every other ethnic group.


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