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Gays for Killing Gays

Nearly eight years after a Muslim terrorist committed the largest massacre of gay people in American history, LGBTQ Islamic terror supporters blocked the Philadelphia gay pride parade.

“Long live the Intifada,” members of Queers4Palestine chanted, referring to the Islamic terrorist campaign against the Jewish State, chanting that the gay pride parade was just like the KKK and the Israeli army. “From the sea to the river, Palestine will live forever!”

Protesting a gay pride parade in support of Hamas was a fitting prelude to the anniversary of the Islamic massacre at a gay nightclub which had its own Hamas connection.

On June 12th, 2016, Omar Mateen, an Afghan Muslim, conducted his own ‘intifada’ at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, murdering 49 people and wounding over 50 more partygoers.

The terrorist attack at a gay nightclub is commemorated every year in the gay community without a single reference to the fact that Omar was a Muslim terrorist killing for Islam.

Even though Omar Mateen had told coworkers that he had ties to Islamic terrorism, had been investigated by the FBI as an Islamic terrorist (he had convinced the FBI that his coworkers were ‘Islamophobes’) and there are recordings of him pledging allegiance to ISIS during the attack, every anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre makes no mention of the “I” word.

“My name is Islamic soldier,” Omar had told a law enforcement negotiator. “It’s the last month of the Ramadan… I fasted the whole day today. I fasted and I prayed.”

Omar had come from an Islamic terrorist supporting family. His father, who had run for president of Afghanistan, had publicly praised the Taliban. And there was also a Hamas connection.

Omar’s wife, Noor Salman, was born to ‘Palestinian’ parents and her first marriage had been arranged in her father’s “hometown” in Israel’s West Bank. The Salman family owns extensive property in the area including businesses and an apartment in which they live part of the time.

Her mother had cheered Hamas.

“How many snipers from Palestine deserve a bow from our heads as respect to them?” she had posted on Oct 6, 2013, and expressed her support for Hamas official Jamal Al-Taweel.

“My brother and friend, Jamal, rest assured that you are backed by a sister who prays for you night and day, asking Allah to release you from your imprisonment,” she posted.

“A photo included with the post praises one fighter who ‘killed 11 Zionists.’”

One of Salman’s sisters had posted “Solidarity with Gaza.”

The Pulse terrorist’s ‘Palestinian’ wife was arrested and charged with providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization and misleading law enforcement about the attack.

According to authorities, Noor Salman had admitted that she was aware that her husband had bought a rifle, was watching terrorist videos and had even asked her, “What would make people more upset, an attack at Disney or a nightclub?”

“I knew he was going to do something,” she later told the FBI.

Before the attack, Omar told his ‘Palestinian’ wife, “this is the day”. The Justice Department alleged that, “Salman told the FBI that she contrived a cover story” and that when “she was initially questioned by the FBI, Defendant Salman steadfastly claimed to have no knowledge of her husband’s plan to commit an attack or his support for terrorist organizations.”

Defense attorneys claimed Salman had a low IQ and had been tired during her interrogation. A coalition of Islamist, anti-Israel and LGBTQ groups rallied to her defense, contending that she was the real victim because of “Islamophobia.” And a jury chose not to convict her.

Salman was defended by the Muslim Legal Fund of America. The chairman of MLFA is Hatem Bazian: a key figure in the anti-Israel and pro-Hamas movement leading protests in America.

Hatem Bazian, who had a long career of campus antisemitic incitement, co-founded Students for Justice in Palestine whose chapters went on to endorse the Hamas atrocities of Oct 7, and is the co-founder of American Muslims for Palestine which was recently sued by terror victims alleging that the group is providing “continuous, systematic, and substantial assistance to Hamas and its affiliates’ acts of international terrorism.” AMP is being represented by MLFA.

The intimate connection between the pro-Hamas protests and the Pulse massacre is an indictment of groups like Queers4Palestine which take part in a movement that is killing them.

The argument against groups such as “Queers for Palestine” is often tied to how Hamas treats gay people in Gaza, but as the Pulse massacre shows, that’s not just an issue in Gaza.

It’s just as much of an issue for a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Hamas is part of the larger Muslim Brotherhood network. That network includes not only most Islamist groups in America, but also Al Qaeda, which was dominated by a Brotherhood splinter group which in turn helped spin off Al Qaeda in Iraq or ISIS. Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS during the Pulse attack after previously claiming to support Al Qaeda and Hezbollah: an Iranian backed terrorist group allied with Hamas that is also waging war on Israel.

The Brotherhood’s bloody fingerprints ultimately extend to the worst massacre of gay people. Organizations within its network then rallied to support and defend the killer’s ‘Palestinian’ wife.

When American gay rights groups rally for ‘Palestine’, Gaza and Hamas, they’re not just supporting the murder of gay people thousands of miles away, but also their own murders.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.


  1. Bobo the Hobo17/6/24

    Here’s the thing about Mateen murdering gays at the Pulse nightclub:

    The FBI found no evidence he was gay (1)

    He was HIV negative (2)

    His original target was Disney EPCOT (3)

    The horrors that SOB visited upon Orlando will never be forgotten and you are 100% correct that he was a big fan of Islam. That gays think Islam is some sort of tolerant philosophy boggles my mind. Gays - and liberals - should visit any Islamic country and see for themselves how “tolerant” Islam is.

    I’m just glad he’s dead

    (1) https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/no-evidence-so-far-to-suggest-orlando-shooter-targeted-club-because-it-was-gay/2016/07/14/a7528674-4907-11e6-acbc-4d4870a079da_story.html

    (2) https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/no-evidence-so-far-to-suggest-orlando-shooter-targeted-club-because-it-was-gay/2016/07/14/a7528674-4907-11e6-acbc-4d4870a079da_story.html

    (3) https://people.com/crime/orlando-gunman-omar-mateen-scouted-disney-world-for-attacks/

  2. Anonymous17/6/24

    Perverts support other perverts. This over-rides the fact of one group axiomatically wishes to exterminate the other on its principles. Is this so surprising? The West invites and protects those that wish to destroy and plunder it and hold completely antithetical values to it. There is no Western future.

    JontyD .

  3. Can only admire you for reminding us of all the wheels within wheels, the sheer corruption and venality of this vipers nest of demonic influences . Who agree on nothing but that satan is just about the only
    force for evil that hates Jews as much as they do .
    What a serpents cesspool these evil swine inhabit. Grateful that you risk so much to tell us of it all

  4. "When American gay rights groups rally for ‘Palestine’, Gaza and Hamas, they’re not just supporting the murder of gay people thousands of miles away, but also their own murders."

    I am tempted to use a quote attributed to Napolean, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake," but it would be in poor taste, so I won't. I strongly suspect that 80% of these 'From the river to the sea' protesters can't name the river.

    1. Anonymous17/6/24

      Ignorance is no obstacle to the perpetration of mass murder, so what does it matter?



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