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Home CAIR Islam Islamization recent CAIR Asks Prosecutors to Lock Up Journalists Exposing Hamas Supporters

CAIR Asks Prosecutors to Lock Up Journalists Exposing Hamas Supporters

Weeks after the Hamas murders, rapes and kidnappings of Oct 7, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) began meeting with attorney generals around the country.

Beyond CAIR’s existing effort to establish that Muslims, not Jews, were the real victims, the Islamist organization whose roots are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas, were persuading top state prosecutors to go after Jewish anti-terror activists.

CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area staff and Islamist allies met with California Attorney General Rob Bonta and urged him to enforce laws against what the group claimed was “doxxing”. Under California law, doxxing can be punished by up to a year in prison. Bonta has been considering running for governor and might be amenable to doing what it took to win Islamist support.

Shortly afterward, CAIR’s Massachusetts chapter met with Attorney General Andrea Campbell and urged her to create an “anti-doxxing task force” to target pro-Israel and Jewish groups. CAIR MA’s legal director claimed that it had met with Campbell to “flesh out what current laws might apply and what possibly new ones might help in these situations.” The attorney general’s office expressed concern about “harassment”, but fell short of promising to lock up journalists.

There’s no word on whether that task force was ever created, but the obvious target would have been the Jewish activists, organizations and journalists investigating antisemitism at Harvard.

CAIR was worried about anyone exposing its support for terrorism and it had good reason to be.

Next month, CAIR founder and executive director Nihad Awad, who had previously expressed support for Hamas, appeared at the American Muslims For Palestine (AMP) convention, and cheered the Oct 7 attacks, claiming that the Gazans would be “victorious” because they did not fear death, “if they would like to die, they will go to another heaven.”

No one would have known about this Jihadist propaganda if MEMRI, one of the research organizations collecting materials, had not seen it and then ‘doxxed’ CAIR’s boss by posting it.

And if CAIR were to succeed in criminalizing such investigations, the truth about its support for Islamic terrorism and the murder of Jews might have never seen the light of day.

When the video went public, the Biden administration was forced to temporarily break with CAIR and jettison the Islamist hate group from its previously published antisemitism strategy.

But CAIR was already looking for allies in the government looking to criminalize journalism.

California’s ‘doxxing’ laws, created to prevent cyberstalking against women by ex-boyfriends, penalized emails and pictures distributed “with intent to place another person in reasonable fear for his or her safety” leading to “unwanted physical contact, injury, or harassment.”

These laws were never meant to silence investigative reporting or cover for terror supporters.

CAIR’s ‘Guide to Doxxing’ however listed pro-Israel “websites such as the Canary Mission and the Jew Hate Database” as examples of “doxxing websites”. The cover of the ‘doxxing’ guide features a censored version of a billboard truck that Accuracy in Media (AIM) used in Harvard which had listed the student leaders who were behind the infamous Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) letter that had blamed Israel and not Hamas for Oct 7.

What CAIR was really looking to do was shut down and even criminalize sites like MEMRI and Canary Mission, and organizations like the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which had compiled numerous examples of Islamic leaders and activists who had endorsed the Oct 7 attacks and called for further attacks on Jews.

On October 13, Front Page Magazine published my article listing the open support for the atrocities by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters and key figures on campuses across the country. While we exposed them, CAIR was trying to criminalize such investigative journalism as “doxxing” and meeting with attorney generals to convince them to lock us up.

Contrary to CAIR’s claims, no personal contact information was being posted and no one was being doxxed. While Islamists and their allies have slurred Canary Mission as a “doxxing website”, it does not post the personal contact information of terror supporters, but does expose the activities of campus leaders and it republishes their public comments about killing Jews.

This isn’t “doxxing”: it’s journalism.

Efforts to make Canary Mission seem threatening reached their height in a hit piece at The Nation which claimed that “Canary Mission agents have also been involved in physical intimidation” when “two powerful men in yellow canary outfits” showed up at a George Washington University BDS vote and “then engaged in a strange and frightening dance”. An anti-Israel activist told the pro-terrorist leftist magazine that she found “these two fully grown, muscular men in these bird costumes, strutting… pretty unbelievably terrifying.”

No one is actually terrified of dancing canaries, but some CAIR figures and their Islamist allies hate being quoted and love adopting victimhood to cover up their attacks and abuses.

Whether it’s anti-Israel activists who claim to be terrified of the “strange and frightening dance” of the canaries or CAIR’s claim that quoting Islamists is the same as doxxing them, the pro-terrorist movement is once again claiming victimhood to be able to silence critics.

CAIR’s quiet campaign to criminalize journalism went mainstream with the release of its report “FATAL: THE RESURGENCE OF ANTI-MUSLIM HATE”. Despite the title, it could only point to one single supposed killing. Instead, the majority of its report was dedicated to complaining about the consequences of supporting Hamas.

CNN and other media outlets rushed to report on FATAL and promoted CAIR’s “doxxing” claims, but the Islamist group had bigger ambitions than just media profiles.

CAIR’s FATAL urged that “Congress must enhance anti-doxxing laws.” What would such laws look like? The report cited 18 U.S. Code § 119 which imposes sentences of 5 years in prison for anyone revealing information about the witnesses and jurors in a federal court case.

Having started with a year in prison in California, CAIR had worked its way up to five years.

Neither CNN nor any other media outlet seemed interested in considering the consequences of such a law on their own profession which is all about exposing what people say and do. If reporting the public statements of Hamas supporters is to be a crime, where does it end?

CAIR, like Hamas, excels at playing the victim even as it’s staging horrifying attacks.

Hamas supporters had rebranded Arab Muslims in Gaza, the majority of whom support Hamas, as victims of genocide. CAIR is now working to rebrand supporters of Hamas in America as victims of doxxing. And the only thing standing in the way of CAIR’s plans is the Constitution.

CAIR claims to be a civil rights group when it’s actually waging a war on civil rights.

For now, even in California, we can still safely quote CAIR boss Nihad Awad’s statement that, “the people of Gaza only decided to break the siege, the walls of the concentration camp, on October 7. And yes, I was happy to see people breaking the siege.” But for how long?

California’s Democratic Party establishment, from Gov. Newsom on down, bowed to CAIR, and demanded that Israel cease its attacks on Hamas. How long until they agree that anyone who commits the crime of quoting CAIR and other Hamas supporters should be locked up in prison?

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” Obama once preached and went on to lock up a man for making a YouTube video about Mohammed.

How long until states start locking up those who tell the truth about Islamic terrorism?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous5/5/24

    We have given Islam far too much fertile ground in America. A May 31, 2012 article in 'The Muslim Times' entitled "Italy: Islam Not Recognized as a Religion — Denied Religious Tax Status" notes that "Italy has denied religious status to Islam. Politicians cited extremist (fundamentalist) imams, polygamy and failure to uphold women’s rights by Muslim immigrants as obstacles to recognizing Islam as an official religion in Italy."

    We should be so forward-thinking here. Islam has a religious element to it. Period. Why we continue to be a global cheerleader for Islam, whose ardent adherents will one day cut off our heads is beyond me. Our elected (elite) leadership that refuses to see that CAIR=Muslim Brotherhood=Hamas should be flogged and put in stocks on the National Mall, on display for all to see.

    Thus saying, I predict a black Suburbans will soon be in my driveway.

  2. Anonymous5/5/24

    And we just want Hamas locked up, even better, eliminated altogether.
    These people are being exposed, and they just cannot understand or tolerate freedom, especially freedom of speech. They don't much like being exposed either. They're like big, mentally ill cry bullies. But, after all, their cult has made them and their entire cultures mentally ill for centuries. They are, however, winning the information war here. We Jews and Israel need to step up our game.


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