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Kamala’s Gaza Coup

After years of agreeing with her boss on everything, Kamala decided to make a break for it.

It began with newspaper stories claiming that the VP had been pushing Joe Biden to speak more about the “suffering” of Muslims in Gaza during the war between Hamas and Israel.

The break went even more public when Kamala visited the United Arab Emirates and attacked Israel, implicitly accusing it of violating “international humanitarian law” and claiming that “the scale of civilian suffering and the images and videos coming from Gaza are devastating”.

Then she warned Israel that there could be “no forcible displacement, no reoccupation, no siege or blockade, no reduction in territory”.

At the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Kamala hijacked the civil rights commemoration to rant that “the Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid… No excuses. They must open new border crossings. They must not impose any unnecessary restrictions on the delivery of aid.”

“No excuses,” she barked.

Media stories quickly followed claiming that Kamala’s original draft had been even harsher on Israel but had been watered down. This was the latest in a series of leaks from inside Kamala’s camp which all claimed that she was much more pro-terrorist and anti-Israel in private.

The whole thing could be seen as political theater with the Biden administration trying to play both sides at the same time if it were not for the media leaks which very clearly undermine Biden. And undermining the party’s likely nominee before an election is a very odd choice.

Or maybe not so odd.

Democrats are faced with the seeming inevitability that Joe Biden, unpopular, polling badly and rather old, will be their nominee. Removing him would take either a convention battle or a pressure campaign convincing him to step down. And Kamala might not be the beneficiary.

Kamala polls as badly, if not occasionally worse, than her boss, and if the party is going to remove one unpopular incumbent, why not remove both of them at the same time?

As the Democratic National Convention approaches, Kamala is carefully putting herself on the side of a growing split among Democrats over the Hamas war and making sure that she will be the default or at least the compromise candidate in any leftist effort to remove Biden.

Michigan Muslim Hamas supporters and the Our Revolution activists who first put Bernie Sanders on the map have teamed up to push ‘Uncommitted’ votes in Dem party primaries. There are fairly flew ‘Uncommitted’ delegates despite extensive media promotion of the pro-terrorist campaign, but they are likely to be used to disrupt the nomination process.

Kamala already has a very good relationship with DNC chair Jaime Harrison who could theoretically be in a position to remove or replace Biden under certain scenarios, but plenty of DNC figures also want Kamala gone, and the Left is not especially friendly to her either.

When Our Revolution set out to shake up the 2016 primaries, it initially chose Senator Elizabeth Warren, who refused to challenge Hillary, before settling on Bernie Sanders and making him into a household name. Our Revolution has attacked Kamala and instead spent much of its time trying to promote Rep. Ro Khanna: a pro-terrorist leftist with deep ties to Silicon Valley.

Kamala has increasingly adopted Rep. Khanna’s positions and the leftist messaging on the Hamas war in order to get on the right side of a major faction within the Democratic Party. And it’s the faction that is also likeliest to stage a coup against Biden at the convention. If there were any doubt about it, the attempt to upstage Biden during the primaries made that all too clear.

Does Kamala really care about Gaza? While she does have a history of pandering to the Islamist and anti-Israel Left, the only thing she has ever truly cared about is herself.

After a mostly wasted term, she’s headed into a presidential election that will either end her career or put her on the pathway to becoming president. Even many Democratic Party insiders are skeptical that Joe Biden will win in 2024, let alone be able to serve out four years in office.

Another four years may very well turn into two or three ending with President Kamala Harris.

And yet there’s little confidence that Biden will be able to win a straight up election. If he goes down, Kamala goes down with him. But the Gaza coup offers a potential third option.

Kamala has been signaling to Hamas supporters and leftists that she would be friendlier to their cause than her boss. And there’s really no reason to be doing that in a normal election year. However Kamala appears to be betting that this may not be a normal election year. She’s hedging her bets by publicly pushing the administration closer to the anti-Israel side, while privately her media leaks emphasize that she could be doing so much more if it wasn’t for Joe.

Biden had promised to pick a black woman as his number two. Picking Kamala was either his dumbest or his smartest move. Kamala’s unpopularity made it unlikely that anyone would try to force him out because then they would be stuck with her. Her presence in the White House was 25th Amendment insurance and a guarantee that he wouldn’t be pushed off the ticket in 2024.

But Biden had been warned by his allies that she was treacherous and would stab him in the back. Some insiders had bad memories of the time when Kamala had accused him of racism. The accusations began again in the first year of being in office when Kamala became obsessed with the idea that she was being undermined and would be displaced by Buttigieg in 2024.

One particular red flag for Biden insiders had come during the VP search interviews when she was asked about accusing her future boss of being a racist. “She laughed and said, ‘that’s politics.’ She had no remorse.” Some of those insiders worried that she would do it again.

And now it’s happening again.

Last time it was busing, this time it’s Gaza, but Kamala is once again moving leftward and playing on identity politics. She’s once again suggesting that she’s a minority and more sensitive to the plight of minorities than the white man she’s undermining..

This time, ‘it’s politics’ means siding with the terrorists and their supporters to stage a coup.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Kamala is carefully putting herself on the side of a growing split among Democrats over the Hamas war and making sure that she will be the default or at least the compromise candidate in any leftist effort to remove Biden.
    Of Course SHE is. As if that dumbass could manage such a thought process. She is just the cackling laugh we hear. Someone else is doing the choreography.

  2. Anonymous18/3/24

    The same questions always arise with these terror supporters/Israel haters such as Kamala Harris: Is she malicious, ignorant, or is she maliciously ignorant? The Jew baiting in her "Southern Strategy" speech in Selma would indicate either option 1 or option 3.

  3. It is ironic that the party of diversity, equity and inclusion, which should produce a roster of culturally diverse and competent individuals, has next to no bench strength and whose upper management is composed of aging white people and incompetence...both of which are in evidence in their current team - an ancient president powered by animatronics coupled with a village pump.

    Harris is a minority when convenient and apparently fails to understand that she was the 'EEOC hire' that was needed on the ticket. So now, to up her game, she's wearing her antisemitism on her sleeve. If just one journalist with integrity asked her a couple of hard questions I suspect she'd melt down on camera and be carried, babbling, off the stage. Truly it has been given to us to be ruled over by fools.


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