Home recent Domestic Enemies - Pre -Sale Begins Now
Home recent Domestic Enemies - Pre -Sale Begins Now

Domestic Enemies - Pre -Sale Begins Now

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is launching the pre-sale of my first book, 'Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against the Left'.

I call it a '1619 Project for the American Left', telling the untold story of the rise of the movement and how America's greatest leaders, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, faced down against it in the halls of power and even in street battles.

You can learn more about the book and other places to order it at Domestic-Enemies.com

It'll be out April 30, 2024, but you can order it right now from the Freedom Center store.

Some people may wonder if this the right time for a book about American history? Yes because history is repeating itself.

Everything we're dealing with has happened before. And America prevailed.

In 2020, history repeated itself. The Left exploited a pandemic and set off race riots to steal a presidential election. But these weren’t new strategies; they are as old as this country.

The Left has been plotting against America for over two centuries. And today’s radicals use the same tactics that their ancestors employed against the Founding Fathers.

Pandemics, stolen elections, race riots, fake news, globalism, terrorism, class warfare, inflationary spending, radical education, and socialism aren’t new problems.

A disease outbreak that depopulated entire cities allowed a traitor and a murderer to rig the 1800 presidential election with a flood of new voters.

Socialists seized power in Rhode Island and blocked the adoption of the Constitution.

Globalists and radicals used fake news to try to and bring down George Washington.

There were socialists in Congress 150 years before Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

The Communist ‘communes’ of the 1820s abolished marriage and private property.

Democrats set off massive race riots during the Civil War to bring down President Lincoln.

‘Domestic Enemies’ reveals the secret history of the Left’s long war against America in a grand tour of the conspiracies, street fights, secret societies, debates, smear campaigns, naval engagements on the high seas, and urban firefights that shaped our nation’s history.

This is not just history. It’s our story today.

“Domestic Enemies” tells us how we got here. It shows us how the great men of our nation’s history took on the same challenges we face and how America prevailed against the Left.

This is their story. And that means it’s not just the story of our past, but also of our future.

If we learn from the past, we can defeat the Left again.

The Left isn’t a new threat. For over two centuries, America has confronted the radicals. We haven’t always won, but through all the political battles and street fights, we survived.

That’s why America is still standing.

We fought these battles before. We will fight them again. And we can win.

Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers' Fight Against the Left is available to order now. And it will be out on April 30, 2024.

“A concise and lucid account of the little-known, but extremely important history of today’s American Left—and why it was and is so dangerous.” Victor Davis Hanson


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