Home Hawaii National Lawyers Guild recent Communist Lawyers Sue to Create a Secessionist Monarchy in Hawaii
Home Hawaii National Lawyers Guild recent Communist Lawyers Sue to Create a Secessionist Monarchy in Hawaii

Communist Lawyers Sue to Create a Secessionist Monarchy in Hawaii

Secessionism is in the political eye of the beholder. Propose the restoration of the Republic of Texas and you’re a dangerous secessionist, but open fire on Congress in the name of Puerto Rico’s independence and you’re a hero of social justice. Then there’s Hawaiian secessionism.

The restoration of the Hawaiian monarchy seems both secessionist and anti-democratic which hasn’t stopped the quixotic project from winning the support of the anti-American Left.

Hawaii was a feudal society with nobles who believed that they were descended from the gods, and the kauwa pariahs, the actual descendants of the original conquered indigenous peoples, who were born as slaves, had their foreheads tattooed, and were used for human sacrifice.

America’s Neo-Communist lawyers would like to bring Hawaii’s glorious nobility back to power.

Because sometimes the right side of history requires fighting to restore a system based on slavery and human sacrifice, not just in Syria, Libya, and Egypt, but in the Hawaiian islands.

Call it the 1319 Project.

In the latest secessionist shot across the bow, the National Lawyers Guild filed a friend of the court brief in support of the “Hawaiian Kingdom” calling for the “End of U.S. Occupation”.

There’s a certain irony in a former Communist front group fighting to create a secessionist Hawaiian monarchy out of a republic. But as Stalin told his mother, “I am the new czar”.

Over 500,000 Hawaiians voted in the 2020 election. Did anyone vote for the King of Hawaii?

Despite the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), two former Communist front groups, filing briefs in support of the “Hawaiian Kingdom”, there isn’t an actual king, queen or archduke of Hawaii. The original lawsuit was filed by Dexter Kaiama, styled as the Attorney General of the Hawaiian Kingdom as distinct from Attorney General Clare Connors of the State of Hawaii.

David Keanu Sai, the Kingdom’s Regent Pro Term, had gotten in trouble before for issuing a deed to a home owned by someone else in his capacity as regent. The Kingdom’s former attorney general had been disbarred for allegedly engaging in “dishonesty, fraud and deceit”.

The Hawaiian Kingdom, like many imaginary countries such as the Dominion of British West Florida under Robert VII, Duke of Florida, and the Republic of Molossia in Nevada under President Kevin Baugh, has a website. David Keanu Sai, the Kingdom’s Chairman of the Council of Regency and Minister of Foreign Affairs, teaches an introductory course to political science at Windward Community College. The Kingdom’s Ministry of Finance offers savings bonds that can be redeemed after America leaves and the Hawaiian monarchy is reestablished.

Conveniently, the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kau’i Sai-Dudoit, appears to be David’s cousin. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Peter Umialiloa “Jiggy Boy” Sai, may be another relative.

The Hawaiian Kingdom claims that it was recognized by Cuba during the Trump administration.

The evidence that the Communist dictatorship recognized the Hawaiian Kingdom are a few emails exchanged with the Cuban embassy in the Netherlands where David Sai, acting as “Ambassador-at-Large”, got a meeting with a low-ranking third secretary after which she warned him “not to mention it” and not to publish “the pictures you took of our courtesy meeting.”

Terrorists have gotten a warmer reception from the Cubans.

Sai claims that, “by exchange of notes, through email, the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland, recognized the Hawaiian government.” The notes involved emails in which Sai arranged to meet with a UPU official on the “ground floor” after being informed that the deputy director general could not meet with him because he was sick.

But where the Hawaiian Kingdom didn’t get very far with Cuba, it won the support of the NLG.

The Neo-Communist legal front groups decided to file in support of the Kingdom’s lawsuit against not only the United States government, an admiral, diplomats from Australia, Belgium, and Switzerland, as well as a variety of Hawaiian elected officials who, unlike the Kingdom of Hawaii, were actually elected by someone, calling for “applying the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom”. Then maybe the Communists can decide who gets thrown into the volcano gulag.

“The NLG supports all Native peoples’ right to self-determination and resistance against settler-colonial oppression—whether it be in Palestine, Standing Rock, or Hawai’i,” NLG President Elena Cohen ranted. The leftist then warned that the United States “must end its occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom.”

Elena focuses on defending “those arrested for protest-related activities” and her areas of expertise include “sexuality, non-human animals, and comparative constitutional law.” If you’re wondering how all of those come together, her dissertation, Dangerous Exhibitions: Erotic Justice and Comparative Constitutional Law may relate to her time protesting for PETA.

The NLG boss could allegedly be seen ice skating topless pretending to be a fox or dressed up as an alligator outside a handbag boutique while protesting against cruelty to crocodiles.

The NLG’s transition from militant Communists to militant exhibitionists hasn’t improved it any.

IADL President Jeanne Mirer, a veteran NLGer, declared that, “the IADL reiterates its support for the Hawaiian Kingdom and the people of Hawai‘i in their ongoing struggle for sovereignty, and self-determination.”

The NLG may resemble a freak show, but it’s quite influential in leftist circles. The media describes it as a civil rights organization, rarely mentioning its political affinities and never its Communist past. Lawyers who volunteer for the NLG score points with their white shoe firms.

While lawyers supportive of President Trump and conservative activists have been ousted from law firms and law school teaching positions, the NLG can blatantly support secession in Hawaii with no negative consequences. And if the media hasn’t quite figured out how to advocate for turning Hawaii from a free state into a monarchy from a system based on slavery, give it time.

Waving a Confederate flag comes with severe social and economic sanctions, but restoring a monarchy whose origins lie in ethnic cleansing, slavery and human sacrifice is social justice.

Under Biden, there’s widespread support for secession with a majority of Republicans and Independents supporting a regional South-Texas Republic and 47% of Democrats backing a West Coast breakaway republic. No one bothered to poll Hawaii. What do Hawaiians actually want? In a Honolulu Star-Advertiser poll, only 6% wanted independence.

Despite that you can find media outlets including the Voice of America, funded by taxpayers, pushing claims that Hawaiians won’t “settle for anything less than complete independence”.

If Hawaii were to become a monarchy ruled by the Sai family, Democrats would lose two Senate members and two House members (media pundits who complain about the unfairness that California and Wyoming both have two senators, rarely bring up Florida and Hawaii).

That would be bad news for Democrats, but Communists want to destroy America. Democrat power is not their end, just a means to the end of America. These plots are sometimes deadly serious. Other times they may seem as absurd as a woman who used to lie in her underwear painted like a crocodile demanding that the United States leave Hawaii to make way for a king.

But they all have the same end in mind.

Secession, insurgency, and treason are words that the Democrats and their media throw around for political purposes even as they are the ones abundantly guilty of all of them and even worse.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous6/1/24

    Marxism in an y for is really just industrial age and post industrial age feudalism.

    " The Kingdom’s Ministry of Finance offers savings bonds that can be redeemed after America leaves and the Hawaiian monarchy is reestablished."

    Sounds like financial fraud to me.

    Robert Jacoby


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