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Home Biden iran recent Biden Used ‘Iran Lobby’ Founder to Broker New Iran Deal

Biden Used ‘Iran Lobby’ Founder to Broker New Iran Deal

The Biden campaign hid the names of its 2020 big money fundraisers until right before Election Day. The list of bundlers who managed to raise at least $100,000 for Biden included Jamal Abdi: the executive director of NIAC Action. NIAC Action had endorsed Biden and celebrated by tweeting, “our long, national nightmare is almost over. AP has called the race for Joe Biden”.

NIAC is often referred to as the Iran Lobby and was founded by Trita Parsi who had previously created, “Iranians for International Cooperation” which admitted that it existed to “safeguard Iran’s and Iranian interests”. Biden however turned over America’s “interests” to NIAC.

The Tehran Times, an Iranian regime publication, recently revealed that the Biden administration had been using Trita Parsi, formerly of NIAC, among other pro-Iran activists, as a “broker and middleman” between “Iran and the Democratic administration.”

Biden had used the founder of an Iran lobby group that had funded his campaign to broker negotiations with Iran. There was no one representing the United States in the New Iran Deal.

Instead, the Biden administration had outsourced renewing the deal to Robert Malley, a longtime supporter of Iran and Islamic terrorism currently under investigation for mishandling classified documents, who had brought in the Iran Lobby including “Ali Vaez, Malley’s former right-hand man at the Crisis Group” which is funded by George Soros, along with Trita Parsi, currently working for the Quincy Institute, an anti-American group co-founded by Soros and a Koch brother, to broker it. America’s Iran diplomacy had been handed over to Iran and George Soros.

The usual critics of billionaires running the country remained consciously silent about it.

Turning over Iran Deal negotiations to the Iranians and their accomplices like the Soros crew was supposed to speed up the appeasement process by which the Biden administration would turn over billions to the Iranian regime and lift sanctions, but it had miscalculated.

In the comedy of treasons, Malley’s motley crew went so native that they were involved in internal infighting in the Iranian regime. Lee Smith suggested at The Tablet that Soros’ Crisis Group had gotten too far into bed with Iran’s former Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who was feuding with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi. Zarif had been pushing the Biden administration to quickly revive the Iran Deal before Raisi took over, now he may be sabotaging it to avoid giving a political enemy a win. Iran’s infighting is now the biggest obstacle to an Iran Deal.

The Tehran Times, which is run indirectly by Iran’s Foreign Ministry, not only gloated over his downfall but emphasized that “Malley’s extreme closeness to his unofficial advisers of Iranian origin, which was perhaps his greatest strength and the reason for his appointment to this position in the new American government, has now become his Achilles’ heel and caused his downfall.” The message is that Malley, Parsi, Soros and the rest of the Iran Deal gang had taken sides in an internal Iranian power struggle and were no longer welcome in Iran.

This entire corrupt mess in which the United States outsourced its Iranian policy to the Iranians only for the different factions in the enemy government to fight for control of our foreign policy is a devastating indictment of Joe Biden and of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who appointed Malley to top positions and whose negotiating strategy was to give Iran everything it wanted, and of an entire network of Pro-Iran think tanks and lobbies like NIAC, the Quincy Institute and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund which funded NIAC (its latest NIAC grant was unironically awarded to the pro-Iran group for “Saving Iran Diplomacy”) and their media useful idiots.

The Biden administration and its media kept warning that the biggest obstacle to an Iran Deal was Israel when in reality its own diplomats had blown up negotiations with Iran by going native. The Tehran Times articles imply that Malley would not have been welcome in Iran even if he weren’t already under investigation.

While we don’t know the details of how Robert Malley allegedly mishandled classified documents, the Iranian regime suggests that it was by sharing them with his Iran Lobby allies in an attempt to influence Iran’s negotiators. There’s no way to know if this is true or not, but it would mean that U.S. classified information became a weapon in an internal Iranian dispute.

This is a step beyond ordinary treason and is a dire warning about the ‘Iranization’ of America’s foreign policy toward Iran. The only real question is how high up it goes. Former Foreign Minister Zarif had made a point of meeting with John Kerry and other top former Obama officials to undermine the Trump administration. In the process, Zarif seems to have cultivated the personal loyalty of pro-Iran foreign policy figures which has now backfired on them.

The Iran Lobby was not only persuasive, as the Biden campaign shows, it was also very lucrative. The lobby had begun funding Biden’s presidential ambitions as early as the 2004 campaign season after the senator from Delaware had aggressively courted its members.

After September 11, Biden proposed, “this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran.” At a 2003 Senate hearing, he suggested that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons because it felt “isolated”.

In 2007, Biden became one of only 22 senators to vote against designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and warned that if President Bush took action to stop Iran, he would impeach him. A year later, he told Israelis that they would have to accept Iran’s nuclear program and proposed reopening a US diplomatic presence in Tehran. He also suggested cutting off Radio Liberty broadcasts that provided a voice for Iranian dissidents.

Beyond the campaign cash, Iran became the second largest enemy state to intervene in the 2020 election when its hackers conducted a false flag operation in Florida pretending to be Republicans and tried to hack sites reporting election results. What was Iran getting in exchange for all of this? Biden offered billions in indirect sanctions relief and put the Iran Lobby in charge of restarting the Iran Deal that would let the terror state build up its nuclear program.

Only Iranian infighting saved America from Biden’s sellout and sabotaged a renewed deal.

What happens to the Iran Lobby now? While Malley continues to be investigated for mishandling classified documents, the Crisis Group and elements of NIAC claim that they support the anti-regime protests though this may have less to do with any newfound love of freedom and is more likely an effort to undermine the current government and help Zarif. The Quincy Institute is focused on defending Russia, China and Islamic terrorists against America, even Malley’s son, Blaise, and Trita Parsi want to talk about how mean America is to China.

Zarif has taken to attacking his own government on Clubhouse and Instagram (apps conveniently outside Iran’s control) for refusing to negotiate with America. According to Zarif, Trump had invited him to negotiate, but his government had refused to let him go.

Whether the various allegations and counter-allegations by the former foreign minister, the current foreign ministry and other players are actually true or not matters less than what the collapse of the Iran Lobby reveals about the foreign corruption of our foreign policy.

An easily bribed D.C. political class, politicians, think tanks, activists and the media, was enlisted in the Iran Lobby’s cause. Media outlets were overtly bribed by Iran Lobby groups to prop up a deal that would have allowed Iran to go nuclear. Even after Obama had left office, the zombie alliance between an Iranian faction and a D.C. political class lingered on and rotted.

When Biden, the Iran Lobby’s original asset finally took office, it used him not to restart the deal, but to sabotage its political opposition in Iran. Biden thought that he was giving Tehran what it wanted, when what he was really doing was giving his donors and bundlers what they wanted. The Biden administration was too fundamentally ignorant to even grasp the distinction or understand that it was turning over our foreign policy to an Iranian faction, not to Iran, and in the process it was also sabotaging the nuclear deal that it claimed to want to restart

The Clintons sold out America more times than anyone can count, but at least they would have checked to see whom they were selling it to. Not even that much could be asked of Biden or of a post-Obama D.C. political class in which political cliches count as strategy and analysis.

Robert Malley’s downfall is devastating to this political class not merely because he mishandled classified information, but because it also humiliates the Iran Lobby and its backers who claimed that they were practicing ‘realpolitik’ when they didn’t even understand who they were backing.

The undoing of Malley and the Iran Lobby shows how ignorant, feckless and corrupt the army of experts, analysts and journalists recruited to push the Iran Deal were all along. The smart set who told us they knew what they were doing, that they were the rational ones, not driven by emotion, that they understood the region better, that they were untainted by foreign influence, and that they were our best hope for peace have been exposed as foreign puppets who blew up their own Iran Deal because they knew so little about Iran and even less about the Iran Lobby.

The Iran Lobby’s enablers were traitors, but from Biden on down, they were also fools.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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