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Latinos Can Be White Supremacists or Oppressed Minorities. Not Both

Forget George Zimmerman, Latino white supremacy is having its moment now.

“Latinos Can Be White Supremacists,” The Atlantic asserts. The New York Times traces, “The Long and Violent History of Anti-Black Racism in the Latino Community”, Slate delves into, “The Roots of Latino White Supremacy” and The New Yorker profiles, “The Rise of Latino White Supremacy”.

None of these articles mention Jose Vasconcelos, the ‘Mexican’ politician and thinker who created the term La Raza Cosmica, giving us the La Raza movement, and who propagandized for Nazi Germany. Much like the KKK roots of the Democrats, it would be politically inconvenient to note that the party staked its bet on the racial nationalism of Latino and black movements to take over America. But that’s what identity politics is under its thin disguise of fighting racism.

If Mauricio Garcia, the Texas mall shooter whose rampage set off a corresponding media rampage about the threat of Latino white supremacy, did indeed have Swastika and SS tattoos, there would be nothing extraordinary about that. From Vasconcelos to Eva Peron, the subject of a Hollywood movie and musical, plenty of Latino political figures were Nazi collaborators. There was no contradiction in that. Latinos are southern europeans immigrants and there was no reason not to consider them members of the Aryan race. Or to consider them oppressed.

The Left wants to opportunistically reimagine Latinos as both white supremacists and oppressed minorities. This is the same intersectional trick it’s trying to pull with feminism, treating women as oppressed when dealing with men, but as oppressors when it comes to men in dresses. Gay men are victims outside the LGBT movement, but oppressors inside it. This hierarchical victimocracy is at the core of intersectionality which treats everyone as victim and victimizer.

Minority groups tricked into believing that they were being given power are discovering that they are only useful as weapons against white heterosexual men and that otherwise they’re oppressors. But the real oppressors are the ones who get to decide who is a victim. Those who define the hierarchy are the ones who have all the power. Splitting the atom of victimhood makes everyone an oppressor and subservient to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity machine..

The Left cannot and should not be allowed to have it both ways. Latinos can be either oppressed people of color or white supremacists, what they absolutely cannot be is both.

“Being white and being Latino are not mutually exclusive,” a New York Times op-ed grudgingly admits the obvious. Then why have a Latino racial category at all? Federal law confusingly defines Latinos or Hispanics as an ethnicity, even while many states and cities treat them as a race. And yet around 40% of Latinos define themselves as a race on census questions.

The Biden administration is proposing to treat Muslims as a separate race defined by the MENA category and to create a Hispanic or Latino category. All of this will be pushed forward by Robert Santos, Biden’s census bureau appointee, who has a past with La Raza. Santos is a big proponent of a Hispanic or Latino racial category.

The problem with racial categories is that they carry with them the presumption of an oppressed minority group. That’s certainly not true of Latinos in Latin America who, like Muslims, are a majority in their home countries, and are on the way to becoming a majority in America.

Can Latinos can be members of another race and white supremacists at the same time?

What the new “Latino white supremacist” push really proves is that racial categories are absurd nonsense and that the federal government should stop tracking them. And it’s not just Latinos.

Barack Obama and Kamala Harris built political careers on feigning an unconvincing black racial identification based on absent foreign fathers they barely have a relationship with. The absurdity of these privileged wealthy politicians claiming to be members of an oppressed group jumped the shark when Kamala, a San Francisco socialite raised by a wealthy globe-trotting Brahmin mother, claimed that she was a victim of racial segregation in California.

We never actually lived in the imaginary black-and-white society that the civil rights movement pretended that we did. And we certainly don’t exist in it now. America is a racially mixed society where achievement is not predicted on race except for those who want it to be. Southern Europeans who oscillate between white supremacists and oppressed minorities are just the most ridiculous example of trying to apply the paradigm of the civil rights movement in 2023.

Racial categories serve no function except to divide Americans. It’s time to get rid of them.

Whether Latinos want to be a race, an ethnicity or a band is entirely up to them. It is not the business of any government authority to track such things. In the name of dismantling racism, Americans have spent three generations living under a pernicious system for tracking race and dispensing privileges based on race. And, like most racial systems, it’s based on fraud.

Would Senator Elizabeth Warren have built her career on a fraudulent Indian identity if there weren’t ample rewards waiting for those who claim to be another race? Would Rachel Dolezal have headed an NAACP chapter if our fake racial categories didn’t reward real or fake races?

The Latino racial category is Dolezal and Warren writ large. It’s white people claiming minority status and scoring massive benefits from it. There are cultural reasons that Latinos want to self-define as non-white or white, but such self-definitions have no objective basis to them. If Latinos can self-define their race based on whatever their politics or ideology is right now, then shouldn’t everyone also be able to pick whatever race they’re feeling like at any given moment?

A Latino racial category makes ‘transracialism’ or the conviction that someone is a different race inescapable and legally undeniable. Genetic analysis already shows that much of the population has genetic origins from all over the place. Anyone who really wants to can use selective testing to argue that they are a member of any group, Latino, Jewish, Indian or black, they choose to be.

The La Raza racial category dates back to the insistence by Vasconcelos that being a mixed race is a separate race. But, if so, then Americans are becoming an even more mixed race.

American should appear as a racial category alongside Hispanic or Latino. Latinos are a race in the same geographic, cultural and nationalistic sense that Americans are a race. There’s a far more credible argument to be made that the American mix of English, Irish, German,. Scottish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Jewish, Indian and black are a truer mixed race than Latinos who still trace the majority of their DNA to the Iberian peninsula.

The only science behind treating Latinos as a separate race is political science.

Democrats hoped to make Latinos the cornerstone of a national one-party system through demographic change. That’s why Democrats still champion open borders and illegal migration. It’s why millions pour through the southern border and are resettled to transform America.

But Democrats and their media are also slowly realizing that the same strategy that worked in California may be faltering in Texas and Florida, and that, unlike black voters, Latinos are a more mixed group with different agendas and less of a tendency toward the bloc vote. Open borders are not just a scheme to replace Americans, but to replace older Latino immigrants with fresh arrivals who don’t speak English and will sign whatever the ballot harvesters tell them to.

But even that’s not working as reliably or systemically as the leftist movement had hoped.

The Left is trying to subdivide Latinos into good and bad categories that are seemingly based on race, but are actually derived from cultural ideology. The New Yorker’s profile on “The Rise of Latino White Supremacy” argues that “seventeen thousand people have been killed by guns in this country. Meanwhile, there are more than sixty million Latinos in the United States, and, motivated by extremism or a sense of fear, they’ve bought a lot of guns in the past few years.”

Latinos buy guns. People are killed by guns. Therefore Latinos who buy guns must be white supremacists. This dumb bigotry is deeply revealing of the hypocritical double standards from which the separate racial categories are derived. Latinos who don’t own guns are oppressed peoples of color while those who buy guns must be white supremacists.

Leftist identity politics argues that the only real minorities are leftists. Or non-gun-buyers.

Do we really need a racial category to define gun-buyers as white supremacists and non-gun-buyers as oppressed peoples of color?

Do we really need a racial category that is exclusively limited to leftists?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous5/6/23

    Categories are designed to distinguish hosts
    from parasites. White/black, healthy/handicapped,
    male/female, citizen/invader, worker/vagrant.
    This system is driven by host compassion and
    parasite entitlement.

    Many are fed up with being hosts (suckers) and
    parasites (ashamed), and toss the whole system
    in the garbage. Good for them!



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