Home Biden education recent Department of Education Investigates Schools for Not Sexualizing Kids
Home Biden education recent Department of Education Investigates Schools for Not Sexualizing Kids

Department of Education Investigates Schools for Not Sexualizing Kids

Biden launched his 2024 presidential campaign with an ad attacking Republicans for keeping a book featuring a 10-year-old performing sex acts out of schools.

“’Lawn Boy‘, one of the books shown in the Biden ad, includes lines like, “I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goble’s ___ in my mouth.”

According to Biden, whose administration had previously colluded to investigate parents rallying against sexualizing schoolchildren with graphic materials like these as domestic terrorists, anyone opposed to having ‘Lawn Boy’ in schools is a “MAGA extremist”. While that assault on parents was stifled, under Biden, the Department of Education is launching a new attack.

Last year, the Forsyth County School District in Georgia pulledAll Boys Aren’t Blue, along with 7 other books from middle school shelves. It brought back all the books except ‘Boys’.

Now Biden is going after them.

The Department of Education conducted a civil rights investigation accusing the school district of creating “a hostile environment for students based on sex”.

How did the Georgia school district do this?

According to the Department of Education investigation letter, at the behest of the school board, “books that were obviously sexually explicit or pornographic” detailing “graphic details of sexual acts” were removed from school libraries.

This would have included All Boys Aren’t Blue which includes sections such as, “he reached his hand down and pulled out my d____. He quickly went to giving me h___” and “for the first few minutes, we dry h___ and g____.”

The school district launched its review after Mama Bears of Forsyth County made headlines by reading excerpts of the graphic materials being pushed on children at school board meetings. The materials were so shocking that the activist mothers were told to stop and one was banned from school board meetings.

The Department of Education launched its investigation to aid supporters of sexualizing children, but found nothing to justify the false accusations of racial or sexual discrimination. But a mere lack of evidence of wrongdoing means nothing to a predatory woke bureaucracy.

Even though no evidence to back up any civil rights violations was found, the DOE is not giving up. Its investigation letter contends that the act of screening books intended for middle school children for graphic sex acts “created a hostile environment for students” because “board meetings conveyed the impression that books were being screened to exclude diverse authors and characters, including people who are LGBTQI+ and authors who are not white.”

Just trying to protect children from pornography and racism is discriminatory, even if not a single discriminatory act can be shown to have occurred, simply because the local leftists say so.

The Department of Education’s position is that being accused of something by the Left is inherent evidence of guilt. And that there is no way to disprove that guilt. That’s not just lawfare: it’s cancel culture backed by the full ruthless power of the federal government.

While Biden’s bureaucratic flunkies can’t actually prove that there was any discrimination, they contend that an “impression” was “conveyed” and so the school district must now undergo a resolution process. What that actually means is that lefty activists contend that the district discriminated against them and despite the complete lack of evidence that there was any discrimination, the district must make amends by empowering them to make further smears.

The Department of Education launched a groundless fishing expedition and having come up with nothing still gets to persecute a school district for acts of discrimination that never took place because it has the money and power to abuse educators, parents, and children. The actual purpose of the exercise is to intimidate the Forsyth County School District, its school board and parents to stop trying to keep their kids away from sexual content.

While the Department of Education was going after a school district in Georgia, Bertelsmann, a massive ex-Nazi publishing giant behind some of the most racist and sexually inappropriate books being pushed in schools, sued the Escambia County School District in Pensacola, Florida, over a ban on All Boys Aren’t Blue and other sexually inappropriate books.

The timing of the lawsuit on May 16th, and the Department of Education complaint resolution on May 19th, suggests a coordinated campaign being waged by the Biden administration, woke corporate monopolies and leftist nonprofit groups against parents and children.

Last month, the NAACP and the ACLU sued the Pickens County School District in South Carolina for pulling “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You”, co-authored by prominent racist Ibram X. Kendi, which denounces racial coexistence and integration as assimilationism, celebrates domestic terrorist Angela Davis, and describes the LA riots as a “rebellion”.

According to the NAACP, keeping this hateful racist garbage away from children is “racially motivated discrimination”. But to prove that, the NAACP and the ACLU would have to show that the Pickens County schools keep racist white literature which denounces black supporters of integration as racists and endorses white nationalist domestic terrorists, while removing Kendi’s racism.

There are unlikely to be any such examples.

The Department of Education, the NAACP, and the ACLU, and their corporate leftist allies, are well aware that they are using identity politics as a shield for brainwashing children with destructive racist and sexual ideas. And they are countering parental pushback by suing schools to intimidate parents into backing down and letting their children be destroyed.

It is unlikely that this wave of lawsuits was not coordinated. Governments, corporations and charities are just fronts that leftists weave together into a single oppressive war machine.

The parental uprisings in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, along with the rest of the country, are being met with lawfare by some of the most powerful forces in the country, including the United States government, the ACLU, with assets of three quarters of a billion dollars, and Bertelsmann, a massive multi–billion dollar publishing monopoly, determined to crush them.

At stake are the souls of our children.

Biden made it clear what the lawfare is about. It’s about exposing children to “Lawn Boy” and All Boys Aren’t Blue, and every influence intended to radicalize and sexualize them.

The Department of Education is investigating schools for not exposing children to graphic sexual acts. What was once the domain of child molesters driving around in vans is now the policy of the federal government.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous29/5/23

    For a century, we've put our kids in State
    schools run by the scum of college grads,
    and herded by labor unions. Anyone more
    talented goes into engineering, law, medicine,

    What else could have happened?


  2. Racialise, radicalise and sexualise.
    That's all that these Fed monsters seek to do, using your tax dollars(;they'll conjure up their own in any case).
    You're up against evil. No more and no less
    Get your kids out of the state's maw, check your guns and get ready.
    We are all Waco in 23.
    And we've learned.

  3. "We have met the enemy and..." they are the mentally ill pedophiles we've "elected" to public office in Washington.


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