Home Crime New York recent An Ex-Marine Stood Up to a Subway Monster. Now He May Go To Jail
Home Crime New York recent An Ex-Marine Stood Up to a Subway Monster. Now He May Go To Jail

An Ex-Marine Stood Up to a Subway Monster. Now He May Go To Jail

The media is full of pictures of Jordan Neely performing as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

None show him punching a 67-year-old woman in the face as she was leaving a subway station. The vicious thug broke her nose, fractured her orbital bone, and fell leading to “substantial pain to the back of her head.”

That’s the felony assault case that Neely was still wanted on a year and a half later when he began terrorizing passengers on a subway train in downtown Manhattan.

The videos of him moonwalking in the subway don’t show the time he was arrested for attempted kidnapping after he was seen dragging a 7-year-old girl down the street.

He got off with only 4 months in jail.

They also don’t show any of his over 40 other arrests or the time he threatened to kill his grandfather.

A neighbor told reporters, “They wouldn’t let him inside sometimes at night because they were afraid of him.”

“Jordan Neely was murdered,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tweeted. “Any possible mental health challenges that Jordan may have been experiencing were no reason for his life to be taken,” Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, a pro-crime activist, argued.

“We cannot end up back to a place where vigilantism is tolerable,” Rev. Al Sharpton warned, recalling another subway hero, Bernhard Goetz, who stood up to thugs trying to mug him.

What happened was that Jordan Neely was attacking and threatening passengers. Five subway riders, in a notoriously thick-skinned city of commuters, called 911 and reported the situation.

A caller told the NYPD that Neeley was “attacking people”.

“I don’t mind going to jail and getting life in prison. I’m ready to die,” Neely screamed. “I’ll hurt anyone on this train.”

An ex-Marine from Queens, a decorated sergeant, got up and put the subway monster in a loose chokehold. The Marine, as politicians and the media have repeatedly told us, is white. Another man, a black man, as politicians and the media have declined to tell us, held him down and kept his arms in check.

While Neely struggled and fought, and the men who stood up to protect the women and children on the subway train from a monster who had a history of attacking elderly women and young girls, he eventually died. Had Neely been less determined to hurt passengers on the train, usually the most vulnerable ones, he would have lived, but he was too full of rage and hate.

The ex-Marine was taken into custody but then released even as pro-crime Democrats, eager to have their next George Floyd and the impetus for nationwide race riots, tried to lynch him.

Speaker Adrienne Adams claimed that the absence of immediate criminal charges against the subway hero, “puts on display for the world the double standards that black people and other people of color continue to face. Everyone in our city and nation should be reflecting on what this incident represents and says about us.”

What it says is that racist pro-crime politicians like Adrienne Adams and prosecutors like DA Alvin Bragg have turned New York City into a war zone in which criminals freely terrorize people with no consequences and the only ones who have to worry about charges are the ordinary heroes who stand up to them.

In the aftermath of Neely’s deaths, New York politicians demonstrated that their sympathies are with the criminals, not their victims.

“I saw Jordan Neely perform his Michael Jackson routine many times on the A train. He always made people smile,” Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine tweeted.

Was the 67-year-old woman smiling when Neely punched her in the face? What about the young girl he was dragging down the street during his attempted kidnapping?

Does Levine smile when he thinks about what happened to them?

“NYC is not Gotham. We must not become a city where a mentally ill human being can be choked to death by a vigilante without consequence. Or where the killer is justified & cheered,” Comptroller Brad Lander whined. New York is not Gotham. That fictional city had Batman while the broken city it’s based on occasionally has a few good men who risk their lives.

And they get repaid for it with social justice lynch mobs.

“Just looking at that video, you know its wrong, no one has the right to take the life of another person,” Gov. Hochul, whose opposition to bail has filled the streets with violent criminals, said.

The reason that the government has a monopoly on violence is because it’s supposed to enforce the law and keep the peace. When blue states and cities like New York stop doing that, they leave people with no choice except to defend themselves and others however they can.

The ex-Marine and other men on that train stood up for the women and girls to whom Neely posed a threat. They did what none of the politicians like Gov. Hochul, who claims to be a feminist, Borough President Mark Levine, Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, Comptroller Brad Lander, never mind AOC, were willing to do. And they may well pay the price for it.

Black Lives Matter and Pro-Crime Democrats are trying to make Neely the next George Floyd.

DA Alvin Bragg had tried to charge Jose Alba, a 51-year-old grocery worker who fought back against a thug, and a garage worker who was shot twice before taking the gun away and turning it on his attacker, before public outrage forced him to drop the charges. But those men were minorities whereas the ex-Marine, as the media hatefully reminds us, is white. And fair game.

Jose wasn’t going to revive Black Lives Matter and its nationwide race riots before the next election, a white ex-Marine from Trump’s borough may be just what the community organizer ordered. Neely’s death has already become a national story as the media has its fingers crossed for another round of “mostly peaceful” race riots that will burn cities to the ground.

Just as the woman whom George Floyd robbed at gunpoint never made it to all the “I Can’t Breathe” posters, the 67-year-old woman whom Jordan Neely punched and the young girl he tried to kidnap won’t show up. Some lives matter and some don’t. Those of serial predators who unironically impersonate another serial predator and rack up over 40 arrests matter.

And those of their victims never do.

Pro-Crime Democrats have turned cities into violent hellholes where the police are useless, the prosecutors do nothing and the prisons are revolving doors for the worst monsters around.

And yet there are still a few men willing to stand up to the monsters. Until they’re thrown in jail.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous9/5/23

    It is my understanding that Neely died in a hospital of a drug overdose.

  2. I'd like to see the coroner's full report, particularly the blood chemistry.

  3. Anonymous10/5/23

    Just another entitled black thug that got exactly what he deserved. No one need worry about his racist terrorism anymore. Yay Marine!!

  4. Anonymous10/5/23

    It doesn't sound like Neely (and many like him)
    with outstanding arrest warrants, couldn't have
    been picked up and put away long ago. The
    citizens know this, and yet they stay and vote
    for more of the same.

    How crazy does one have to be to live in a
    hell hole like New York?



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