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Home DEI diversity drugs recent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on Drugs

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on Drugs

“I use psychedelic drugs to deepen my DEI practice,” writes Steven Huang, a diversity consultant who urges CEOs to get high.

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Every corporation has gone DEI. Some call it racism, others call it a cult, and some have taken the racist cult to an exciting new place.

At his DEI firm, Huang “seeks to leverage the power of psychedelics to inspire a generation of leaders to interrogate systems of oppression.”

This is DEI. This is DEI on drugs.

“So what does Black History Month look like in the psychedelics ecosystem?” he asked. “From the lens of a social justice warrior operating within a ‘corporate’ psychedelic system… it’s a lot to process,”

Huang then pitched “black-Centered MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy, Addressing Racial Trauma” through the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

MAPS advocates the use of psychedelic drugs to treat trauma. One of its favorites is MDMA, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, better known as ‘ecstasy’ or ‘molly’, and previous efforts by MAPS to use it to help people suffering from PTSD, ended in therapists being caught on video groping a sexual assault victim who was getting therapy with the hallucinogenic rape drug.

One of the therapists was apparently a disciple of Salvador Roquet, a Mexican shrink known as “the master of bad trips”, who was accused of torturing dissidents by dosing them with psychedelics, blasting Wagner symphonies, displaying pictures painted by the inmates of an insane asylum, and reciting, “I am a cat and you are a mouse” to the patient.

That’s a whole lot to process.

And it’s also our exciting new reality in which DEI tortures workers in darkened rooms with PowerPoint presentations while demanding that they admit their subconscious racism. That’s without the benefit of any drugs except those they bring along. How much worse could drugging corporate employees while forcing them to recite their white male hetero cis privilege be?

Blending drugs, tech, psychotherapy, cults, corporations and leftism might be the best way to understand the cultural moment behind DEI that took Huang’s career from the London School of Economics, Nielsen and Facebook to preaching the joys of psychedelic diversity.

Being berated by a Mexican psychotherapist while on hallucinogens might just be the hot new trend to “end systems of oppression” while achieving diversity in the corporate workplace. That’s the strange psychedelic reality of BLM, DEI, Molly and the radical corporate counterculture.

Huang is the founder of Millennial HR Design while also serving as the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) officer at MAPS. At Millennial HR, he offers “employee and leadership training at the intersection of DEI and psychedelics”. Feed your head, feed it right to HR.

One thing connecting drugs, diversity and corporations is that they all have a lot of acronyms. That’s important when advancing DEI with MDMA to promote BLM for maximum ROI.

New York Magazine described Huang as a disillusioned diversity consultant “who wants to disrupt the field, plans to experiment with DEI and psychedelics, believing that CEOs who microdose might have an easier time opening their minds to accelerated change than sober ones.” That would mean CEOs taking small doses of psychedelic drugs to be more open to DEI proposals. Unlike a lot of DEI ideas, getting CEOs high to make them more pliable makes sense. And if all else fails, lock them in a room and shout, “I am a cat and you are a mouse”.

One pill makes you larger and another makes you small, but the ones that DEI gives you will make you do anything at all.

Previously, Huang was a managing partner at Collective, a “black-owned, queer-owned, woman-owned, DEI consultancy”, which works with “high-growth, millennial-driven brands and organizations” on their “diversity, equity, and inclusion journey”. That sounds like quite a ‘trip’.

It’s no coincidence that the rhetoric of DEI seems to parallel that of drug culture. They’re both about guided delusional transformations that promise paradise, but only deliver hell.

Collective’s clients include Spotify, Bombas, a sock brand whose gimmick is that they donate a sock to the homeless for every $20 sock you buy from them, and Taco Bell. In this Brave New World of corporate Marxist dystopias of totalitarian virtual signaling in which everything already seems to have been run through an AI on LSD, why not introduce some ‘Soma’ to make the whole thing a little more bearable to the proles who are killing themselves off in every city.

“When I’ve taken the appropriate dose in the right set and setting, I have overcome decades of inner shame and trauma that have unlocked my superpowers as a DEI professional,” Huang asserts. “Psychedelics have allowed me to imagine innovative ways to address inequities.”

Go ask Shaun about equity and social justice, but wait until he feels ten feet tall.

Leftists imagining solutions to social problems with chemical assistance is how all of this got started with Karl Marx whose writing came in between bouts of severe alcoholism. While Marx sneered that religion was “the opiate of the masses”, his own opiate of choice washed him out of one university after compulsively drinking away his money and begging his family for more.

The dream team of Marx and Engels bonded over heavy drinking to eventually give us Marxism. And DEI is just Marxism with an identity politics filter imported into Corporate America.

“Two-eyed seeing is a Mi’kmaw principle for mindfully bringing together Western science and Indigenous wisdom,” Huang told a panel at Psychedelic Capital. “We’ll discuss how cross-cultural collaboration – across the diverse array of psychedelic stakeholders – could be the key to unlocking tremendous value and growth in an ethical, responsible way.”

This crazy-quilt of fake Indian wisdom, activist gobbledygook and corporate jargon is the newspeak which, like all deep drug thoughts, appears meaningful, but is meaningless. The professional jargons, activist, academic, cultist and corporate, appear to unlock the secrets to understanding everything to those who are ‘high’ on them, but in the cold sober light of day offer no answers or solutions. Human beings don’t need drugs to ‘change our minds’, we have a talent for altering our own reality with words and thoughts until we no longer know what’s real.

Huang got his start at Big Tech’s Facebook and Square, co-founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and it was the internet that made everything unreal by replacing reality with its overlay. The overlays, ways of looking at the world, have replaced the thing itself so that abstractions like seeing everything through the prisms of race or sexuality seem more real than the actual problems of our lives.

DEI, drugs, cults, newspeak jargons and social media are just different ways of replacing reality with something else until the overlay seems to be all there is. Why not blend them all together into a super-cocktail of madness and make that the center of our new reality? We have the power to take these things that were key to the development of the Left to a whole new level.

Leftists destroy the world to find utopia and bring their own nightmares to life.

“Drugs kill you and they break down your head. They eat your head,” Philip K. Dick, the science fiction writer, who knew of what he spoke, said. “In ‘White Rabbit,’ Grace Slick says, ‘feed your head.’ But I say, ‘What are you really feeding it?’ You’re feeding it itself. Drugs cause the mind to feed on itself. There was a time in my life when I thought drugs could be useful, that maybe if you took enough psychedelics you could see beyond the illusion of the world to the nature of ultimate reality. Now I think all you see are the patterns on the rug turning into hideous things.”

DEI, like most leftist politics, is another symptom of a society that is feeding on its own delusions, fantasies and nightmares, that sees everything around it turning into hideous things, distorted images of our country, our friends and neighbors and our own faces in the mirror.

Who needs psychedelic drugs when we have DEI?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous14/2/23

    Survival oriented behavior evolved and succeeded
    in humans. That we survived says that our natural
    behavior must have worked. Making ourselves nuts
    with chemicals is far less likely to end well.


  2. Anonymous15/2/23

    I sincerely hope the pendulum swings hard to the right on these white hating bigots. Western civilization is being destroyed because the weak white man is terrified of being called a “racist.” The fact is, western civilization needs ZERO diversity to succeed.

  3. Anonymous15/2/23

    It’s past time to use the correct acronym: DIE

  4. Looks like Stevie's been smoking his socks.

  5. Anonymous16/2/23

    Drug induced paranoia .


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