Home Al Qaeda Biden Islamic terrorism recent Terrorism War on Terror Biden Frees Al Qaeda Terrorist Involved in Marriott Bombing
Home Al Qaeda Biden Islamic terrorism recent Terrorism War on Terror Biden Frees Al Qaeda Terrorist Involved in Marriott Bombing

Biden Frees Al Qaeda Terrorist Involved in Marriott Bombing

After the bombing of a Marriott hotel that killed and wounded over 160 people, plots to poison water reservoirs near military bases, blow up gas stations and poison medications, Biden has decided to free Majid Khan from Gitmo and send him off to vacation in sunny Belize.

Biden has continued Obama’s policy of freeing all the Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo Bay.

His administration released an alternate 9/11 hijacker and a military base truck bomb plotter. He also freed a terrorist linked to a Chanukah massacre of Israeli children, an Al Qaeda ally who plotted to smuggle nukes into America and the Taliban commander who helped blow up the Buddhas. He’s also tried to cut a deal to spare 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the death penalty. So Khan, a high-value detainee, knew that his day would soon come.

But in 2003, there was another day that allegedly had Khan’s bloody fingerprints on it.

On a hot August day in Jakarta, a station wagon blew up in front of the Marriott hotel. The explosion claimed a eleven lives, including that of 49-year-old Dutch banker Hans Winkelmolen, and Johanes Bolan, and wounded another 150 people.

One account describes how, “the force of the explosion shattered windows 30 floors up, and the attack left bodies lying among shattered debris and wrecked cars in the street.” Some victims lay in hospitals on ventilators while others had shrapnel extracted from their bodies. At memorials outside the Indonesian hotel, flowers were left next to photographs of the victims.

The names of Hans and Johanes, like those of those ten others, appeared on the charge sheet for Majid Khan.

Khan had entered the United States as part of a family of Pakistani immigrants who moved to Baltimore. The terrorist’s mother applied for and received political asylum. The charge sheet reveals that Khan had set out for Pakistan a month after 9/11 eager to join Al Qaeda.

In Pakistan, Khan was introduced to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, “learned that he had been the architect of the September 11 2001 attacks and volunteered to work for him.”

The Muslim immigrant allegedly told the 9/11 mastermind that “his family owned stations in the Baltimore, Maryland area” and discussed “a plot to simultaneously explode gas tanks at multiple gas stations in the United States.”

The plan went far enough along that Mohammed sent Khan for explosives training.

Khan and Mohammed also “discussed nuclear devices. uranium, a potential plot to open a front company to sell poisoned medication to the United States.”

The Al Qaeda mastermind told Khan to “research ways to poison water reservoirs close to United States military installations and to research the feasibility of using import-export businesses to import nuclear weapons or uranium to the United States.”

While those plots fortunately never came to fruition, especially once Mohammed and Khan were both captured in the spring of 2003, the charge sheet states that Khan “delivered $50,000 of Al Qaeda money” that was used to help finance the bombing of the Marriott hotel.

While only two Europeans were killed in the attack, the original plan was to hit “bars, cafes or nightclubs frequented by westerners”. The hotel restaurant was generally popular with foreigners, but it was nearly empty that day leading to a much lower death toll. The original targets of the attack however were the Europeans and Americans working at companies nearby.

Khan’s official statement claims that “The world has changed a lot in 20 years, and I have changed a lot as well. I promise all of you, especially the people of Belize, that I will be a productive, law-abiding member of society.”

The world has certainly changed and so has America. We’ve gone from a country that was angry about what happened on September 11 to one that doesn’t care. People shrug when Biden steals money from 9/11 families and hands it over to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Biden intends to free all of the Jihadis and close Gitmo by the time his first term ends. And the men who risked their lives to bring those terrorists to justice and their victims around the world can only watch. The media tells the stories of the Al Qaeda terrorists, but not of the families whose lives were forever changed by the wave of Islamic terrorism.

Majid Khan had allegedly wanted to go to Afghanistan to live under sharia law. Belize has no Islamic law, but it is conveniently close to the United States. The Central American country shares a border with Mexico and has been one step on the migration route to America.

If Khan chooses to return to America, it’s a mere four hours by car. And if he decides to play a role in enabling terrorists to penetrate our border, he’ll be in an ideal spot to facilitate such an operation. Once again, Biden has sold out America to our enemies while spitting on the dead.

In Indonesia, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, the “spiritual” head of Jemaah Islamiah, the Islamic terror group behind the attack, was briefly arrested, but the Islamic government refused to turn him over to the United States. He was finally arrested and convicted by the Indonesians a decade ago, but released again in 2021 despite having pledged allegiance to ISIS.

“There is no better deed than Jihad. None. The highest deed in Islam is Jihad,” the Islamic cleric had declared. “Islam must win and Westerners will be destroyed…. If they want to have peace, they have to accept to be governed by Islam.”

In America, we are not yet governed by Islam, just by a political coalition that includes Islam.

There was no reason to expect any better from Indonesia, a Muslim country, but as Americans, we expected something better from the United States than submission to Islam.

We expected something better than to see the men who killed us and plotted to kills us smilingly boarding planes to their new vacation homes abroad, having won their war on America.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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    Our first indispensable step is Declaration of
    War against Islam. Then all Islamic persons
    and countries are our enemies. No holds barred.
    Our Victory is Unconditional Surrender by all
    Muslim countries and exclusion of all Muslims
    from free American society. After that, eternal



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