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Home Biden recent The Foreign Billionaire Funding the Dem Attack on Hunter Biden Investigation

The Foreign Billionaire Funding the Dem Attack on Hunter Biden Investigation

“We are proud Americans speaking up against an extreme agenda that is putting money and power over everyday Americans,” Courage for America’s mission statement claims.

If you have any doubt whatsoever that CFA is an American organization, its home page is decorated with a flag draped over a barn. The ‘O’ in its logo even includes flag symbolism.

CFA has announced that it’s “forming a council of proud Americans” to fight Republican investigations into the foreign business dealings of Hunter Biden and the rest of the Biden clan.

Waving the flag to cover up the intimidation of elected officials investigating dirty deals with Chinese and Russian oligarchs is a new low even for Biden and his cronies.

Will Hansj√∂rg Wyss, the Swiss billionaire allegedly backing CFA, be on the council of proud Americans? It would be awkward for the foreign tycoon to sit on a “council of proud Americans” since he is not, as far as even the media has been able to determine, an American citizen.

Instead, he appears to be living in America under an investor visa.

That hasn’t stopped the wealthy European from using his fortune to drastically influence American politics with the complicity of the IRS, the FEC and the rest of the government.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Wyss, who was accused of getting rich while killing patients, has broken the rules. And nothing says “proud Americans” fighting for “every American” like a secretive organization that doesn’t list its staff and appears to be funded by a foreign billionaire.

Wyss co-founded Synthes, a medical device manufacturer focused on repairing broken bones. In 2010, Synthes pled guilty to illegally experimenting on patients: its president, and its spine division president and two other executives were sentenced to prison. Even though a manager testified that Wyss had made the decision not to go through clinical trials, and owned half the company, he was not charged and has gone on funding the extreme causes of the Left.

The 5 Americans who died were not so lucky. Some of the dead, like Barbara Marcelino, showed signs of the cement used by Wyss’ company, in their lungs.

Wyss’ Hub Project has poured its money into everything from Democrat redistricting efforts to automatic voter registration with a massive impact on our elections. But this time the Hub appears to be focused on playing defense for Democrats against GOP investigations.

“Our goal is to go on offense against the new House majority,” said Zac Petkanas, Hillary’s former rapid response director, and a political strategist now working on behalf of Courage for America, bragged. “We are going to be pointing out the things that those investigations are distracting from.”

And who better to distract Americans from those investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals than a shadowy dark money group allegedly funded by a foreign billionaire?

NBC News has reported that Courage for America has a “seven-figure budget and support from the Hub Project, a giant Democratic dark money network, the group plans a robust operation including polling, paid advertising and social media campaigns, along with traditional opposition research and communications.”

But what NBC didn’t bother to mention was that the Hub Project appears to have been set up by the Wyss Foundation. A complaint by Americans for Public Trust noted in a filing that the Hub Project’s business plan “recommended that the group ‘be solely funded by the Wyss Foundation at the outset’ and that it would work behind the scenes to “dramatically shift the public debate and policy positions of core decision makers.”

Courage for America wants to target the Republican House majority and help Democrats fight off investigations into scandals like Hunter Biden and his foreign business operations.

GOP members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee have found 50 countries where the Biden family has looked into doing business. And they also intend to investigate Joe Biden’s role in some of those ventures. These hearings will potentially look into everything from Hunter’s Chinese-backed cobalt mine deal to a Russian oligarch. And the Democrats will defend against allegations that Biden, his brother and his son engaged in dubious business deals with shady foreign tycoons by turning to yet another shady foreign tycoon.

“The American people need to be introduced and educated about the extremist agenda of this new House and also who these members are,” CFA’s Petkanas blustered.

The CFA is so open that its site doesn’t even mention Petkanas, or Naveed Shah: its spokesman. Not only are CFA’s donors secret, but so are its staff and leadership. Instead of listing its staff, CFA references its “council” to divert attention from who is running the show.

That’s suspicious behavior for an organization that claims that it’s all about transparency. CFA is even working with another group calling itself the Congressional Integrity Project which vows to expose the “reality behind Republicans’ politically motivated oversight and investigations targeting President Biden and Democrats.” Nothing says integrity like a dark money machine helping Biden and his cronies intimidate elected officials investigating his corrupt activities.

The level of coordination between CFA, CIP and the Biden administration was revealed when the Washington Post mentioned that, “while the CIP is not formally tied to the White House, its leaders have spoken with President Biden’s aides and it recently brought on Jeff Peck, a former chief-of-staff to Biden from his time in the Senate.”

Biden appears to be covertly coordinating with a dark money machine group funded by a foreign billionaire to stop investigations into his dealings with foreign business interests.

If that’s not impeachable conduct, what is?

“These are sham investigations,” Kyle Herrig of CIP fumed. “We’re going to leave no stone unturned. No one has done the investigative research we’ve done on these investigators. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

“We have a multimillion-dollar budget, and we’re staffing up with a team of researchers and communicators,” he warned.

Where does that “multimillion-dollar budget” come from?

Dark money means that no one knows. The Washington Examiner couldn’t find anyone at CIP’s supposed offices and its spokesperson wouldn’t even provide a name.

This plot to fight investigations into corruption and abuses by the Biden administration has only revived questions about Wyss and his money machine. And the legality of his ongoing efforts to influence our political system for the benefit of the Democrats and the Left.

This is the phenomenon discussed in Internal Radical Service by David Horowitz and John Perazzo. The pamphlet from the David Horowitz Freedom Center began our project of exposing the abuses of the tax code by the political operations of the Left. While the IRS investigates conservative nonprofits on behalf of its allies in the White House, it allows leftists foundations and nonprofits, especially those allied with Biden, to flout the law and corrupt our system.

Biden’s effort to obstruct the investigations into the family business rely on a tangled network that includes David Brock’s Facts First USA, which we previously investigated, and groups which appear to derive their support from a foreign billionaire. This is the definition of corruption.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous30/12/22

    If Republicans ever get around to investigating
    Biden corruption, it'll sound like an accountant
    explain arcane stuff. Meanwhile, Dems will attack
    with TikTokesque glee. Remember how Obama made
    McCain and Romney look like the fools they were?

    Reagan and Breitbart understood; Trump understands.
    Can you imagine our team scoring a victory like
    Watergate? Me neither. Hope I'm wrong.


  2. Synthes today is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, one of Klaus Schwab's Top 100 Strategic Partners. Wyss is a huge shareholder in Johnson & Johnson stock.


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