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Biden is More Dangerous Than Ever

In a tremendous surge of popularity, Biden's approval rating has shot up so much that only 56% of Democrats don't want him to run for reelection.

That's down from 75%.

Biden’s rising popularity among Democrats isn’t due to his inflation bill quadrupling the audit chances of Americans, his trillion dollar bailout of Harvard lesbian poetry studies majors, let alone taking out the defunct head of Al Qaeda, but to calling half the country “semi-fascists”.

Instead of a victory lap celebrating accomplishments like the 87,000 new IRS personnel to pay for more subsidies for Tesla owners and working families being on the hook for $2K so that Yale Law grads don’t have to pay their debts the way any other president would, he’s on a hate tour.

Biden briefly interrupted his perpetual Delaware vacation to show up at a high school gym near D.C. for his biggest rally of the year and warn that “Trump and the extreme MAGA Republicans have made their choice — to go backwards full of anger, violence, hate, and division. But we’ve chosen a different path forward, the future, unity, hope and optimism.”

Just to add to the "unity, hope and optimism" of declaring that half the country was hateful and divisive, the failed leader who had just dispatched the FBI to raid his political opponent, claimed that Republicans pose "a threat to our very democracy.”

You can't have democracy if there's another party running.

Biden’s hopeful optimistic and unified future has no Republicans or political opponents in it. That’s hopeful and optimistic for him, not so much for most of the country which wants him out.

National approval of Biden is down to 38%.

Democrat approval of Biden is rising though as he calls his political enemies “semi-fascist” in between sending the FBI to raid their homes and taunts them that he has F-15 jets and they don’t. Telling your political opponents that you can use the Air Force to go after them the way you can the FBI isn’t “semi-fascism”: it’s full-on unfiltered torchlight parade in a stadium fascism.

And Democrats love it enough so that only half, instead of three-quarters, want Biden gone.

Biden understands that his party’s radical base cares a lot less about policy and legislative victories than the culture war. They’ll demand and take more government money, but what they really want in a teleprompter figurehead is a fascist who will justify fascist suppression of political opponents by shouting about fascism. Rage and hate are all that moves them.

He might be a senile egomaniac, but Biden is under few illusions about his electability.

Given a choice between a small turtle, a pack of cigarettes, a 1989 faded copy of Sports Illustrated, and Joe Biden, nobody would vote for him. The only reason anyone who isn’t directly related to or profiting from Biden has ever voted for him is to vote against somebody else.

Biden survived the primaries by hiding out among a roster of radicals, incompetents and unlikeables. Democrats didn’t so much vote for him, as they voted to stop Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttgieg and Michael Bloomberg. Given a choice between Bernie, Warren, Bloomberg, and having to listen to 40 candidates wrangle on three stages, the guy who was the second banana under Obama seemed like a reasonable compromise in a bad election.

In the general election, Biden hid out while the media and leftist groups did their dirty work. However many votes he got, no one actually voted for him, they voted against Trump.

Any wonder that Biden’s midterm and expected ‘24 strategy, should his last remaining brain cells carry him that far, is to run against Trump? He can’t run on his own popularity, his electability or anything except what he’s not. The trouble is that enough Americans have found out what he is that they’re less likely to vote for an empty space to stave off something else.

But it’s all Biden has.

Never has there been a presidential candidate more hopeless than Biden. But that also makes him the most dangerous of candidates. Politically, Biden has nothing to lose. His own people keep telling him that he’s unelectable and shouldn’t even consider trying to run again. He’s a lame duck whose only hope for survival is to wage a civil war against Republicans.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Biden can only be a viable candidate if he runs against Trump or rather the idea of Trump: the crazed demon lurking in the heads of his base and the paranoid pinata in the culture war. Get people angry and frightened enough and they may stop thinking entirely and vote for anyone.

Even a guy with a 38% approval rating whose big accomplishment is less food and more audits.

The Democrats and their media keep dropping buzzwords like “authoritarianism” and “threat to democracy”. Biden accuses Republicans of “semi-fascism” and being filled with “anger, violence, hate, and division”, but his political tactics are those of totalitarian regimes which manufacture domestic political threats to divert attention from the government’s failures.

Like every Latin American dictator, Biden wants to change the subject from the economy (the top concern for everyone except Democrats whose priorities are still abortion and solar panels, and finding ways to power abortions with solar panels) to purging his political opponents. Unlike Xi, he can’t invade Taiwan and unlike Putin, he can’t invade Ukraine. Americans aren’t up for a war and Biden, who opposed getting Bin Laden, is too much of a coward to fight someone who can fight back.

That just leaves a civil war. And that polls much better with his base than any other kind of war.

Biden understands what his base wants. Electric cars, equity, killing babies and free college courses on how electrocuting babies with electric cars can bring about equity matter less than the raw seething hatred that the party’s demented base feels for the other half of the country.

Leftist accusations are always projection. When Biden states that Republicans are full of “anger, violence, hate, and division”, he’s accurately describing his own political movement which will be satisfied with nothing less than locking up or shooting everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs.

That, more than anything else, is wokeness. Everything else is a shibboleth.

Obama and Biden were both pretending to be something they’re not. Obama was pretending that he wasn’t a racist radical to fool moderates. Biden is pretending that he is to fool the radicals. That makes Biden more dangerous than Obama. Obama didn’t need to prove himself to the extremist base: Biden does. And the only way to prove himself is to fight even harder.

2020 was a unique time when the country was either shut down or in the middle of race riots, caught in a massive crime wave and catastrophic panic. People were encouraged to turn on each other over racism or masks. The aftermath of the election had Biden being sworn into office while surrounded by thousands of troops in a militarized city. Biden’s only hope for being more than a one-term footnote is to break the country just as badly all over again.

This is the beginning.

Contrary to media propaganda, there’s no economic comeback. The policy victories are destructive, but limited. Biden’s comeback consists of openly going to war on Republicans. From the Mar-a-Lago raid to denouncing half the country as “semi-fascists” and threatening them with F-15s, Biden is using the rhetoric of civil war to stay in power.

Biden, a corrupt senile nothing, has clung to various forms of government power since 1971 because it paid better than managing a swimming pool. Even barely able to assemble a sentence, he’s not about to abandon that 50-year legacy without a fight. Unable and unwilling to save America, he’s ready to destroy it and unleash a civil war if it will keep him in power.

History makes us think of dictators as big men, but they were often little men in big costumes. Their hunger for power came from inferiority complexes, chips on their shoulders, and a creeping sense of inadequacy. The only reason people stopped thinking of them as comical is because they wielded absolute power and unleashed a bloody tide of destruction.

And then no one was laughing anymore.

The difference between pathetic and evil lies in the successful use of power. School shooters are pathetic until they manage to kill a dozen kids. The underwear bomber was a joke, but if he had taken down a passenger jet, no one would be laughing. People have been laughing at Biden his entire life. And his inflated ego is tired of it. He may not have much of a brain left, but when you’re already the president, you don’t need much of one to destroy America.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. His handlers are a lot more dangerous, though. Imagine sacrificing a country in order to put someone into the presidency they really want... Oh wait. Their goal WAS to sacrifice a country in the first place. Never mind!

  2. Anonymous7/9/22

    Noble Native Americans wastefully stampeded
    bison over a cliff. Stalin had his Holodomor,
    Mao his "Great Leap", Pol Pot his "Relocation".
    And Obiden/Fauci/Xi had Covid. Millions of
    lives, Trillions in lost resources and products,
    Trillions of Man-Years in Lost Opportunity.

    Rahm Emanuel said, "Never let a Crisis go to
    Waste". The Evil Left knew they couldn't win
    against Orange Man on merit, so they destroyed
    the entire world.

    Success and denial worked splendidly in 2020.
    This time, it'll be worse.


  3. Anonymous8/9/22

    the baby boomers have hardly had to sacrifice a thing in their lives. Now near their end they want us all to start sacrificing....


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