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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Evil Lives Matter

In 1978, Deana Bowdoin, an Arizona State University college student, was raped and strangled. It would take thirty years to trace the murder to Clarence Wayne Dixon, a serial rapist whose criminal record began when he attacked a 15-year-old girl with a pipe.

By the time Deana’s murder was traced to him, Dixon was already in prison for kidnapping and raping another ASU college student.

He should have already been locked up during Deanna's murder because he had assaulted a 15-year-old girl with a pipe, telling her, “Nice evening, isn’t it?”, but future Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor deemed him "not guilty by reason of insanity".

Two days before the monster was supposed to go to a psychiatric hospital, he raped and murdered Deanna.

Former Justice O'Connor's shameful opposition to the death penalty should be seen in the context of Deana's murder. While O’Connor made headlines when she falsely suggested that the death penalty is unfair, it was her failure to hold Dixon accountable that was truly unfair.

Over 40 years later, Dixon’s defenders have gone back to claiming that he’s mentally unfit and that executing him is cruel and unusual punishment, but the true cruel and unusual punishment is the one suffered by Deana’s family who had to wait this many decades to see justice.

“Deana was a beautiful person, inside and out. She was only 21 and in her last semester at ASU when she was violently taken from my family. The last forty-four plus years of reliving Deana’s brutal murder as well as enduring the trial and appellate litigation has been nothing short of horrific for our family. As victims, the Arizona Constitution guarantees a prompt and final conclusion of this matter. Our parents wanted nothing more than to ultimately see justice for Deana. Unfortunately, they both passed away before punishment could be imposed," her sister stated.

The true cruel and unusual punishment was inflicted by a justice system on the family members of the victim because it has been unnaturally rigged by leftists to protect criminals over victims.

Deana, had she lived, would be in her late fifties today. The young girl would have started a family, built a career, and made an impact on the world.

Unfortunately she never had that chance.

Clarence Wayne Dixon has gone on living all these decades. He grew old under the care of the state. His apologists claimed that he couldn’t be executed because he had been declared legally blind or found to be suffering from this physical or mental ailment or that. His lawyers insisted that his determined pursuit of a bad legal strategy proved that he was crazy.

The Washington Post ran an op-ed claiming that Republicans don't really care about life because they didn't spare the monster who raped and killed a girl.

Complaining about the leaked draft of the Supreme Court striking down Roe v. Wade, the op-ed insists that "ultimately, it isn’t about valuing human life but about how much each human life is worth. And in Arizona, a convict’s life seems to have very little value."

Evil Lives Matter.

Dixon placed so little value on human life that he took it casually. His defenders are equally casual about murdering babies. But they claim that defending a murderer while rallying for the right to kill babies means that they are the ones who truly value human life.

No, we don’t believe that all human life has value regardless of the individual. That’s a collectivist fallacy. The lives of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Clarence Wayne Dixon, all now fortunately dead, do not equate to the life of a single baby taken at a Planned Parenthood baby parts plant, let alone that of the millions who have perished in this gruesome way.

Believing in the value of life means fighting against those who would take lives.

The Washington Post op-ed complains that “Arizona’s Republican attorney general, Mark Brnovich” has "conservative values” that “don’t line up quite the same way. Brnovich is antiabortion, yes, but since the start of this year, he has been locked on a mission to resume executions — making Dixon and Atwood his first targets."

Frank Jarvis Atwood, a pedophile cokehead, who was out on parole for abducting an 8-year-old boy, kidnapped Vicki Lynne Hoskinson, an 8-year-old girl. He was then seen with blood on him. Despite having the best legal representation that his father’s money could buy, including a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Atwood’s people claim that he never had a fair shake, and invented a new controversy over the potential use of a gas chamber.

Atwood, who is Greek Orthodox, had a mother who was Jewish by birth, and the media tried to transform him into the victim because he was offered a choice between gas and a lethal injection. The pedophile killer’s legal team also complained that due to his back issues he couldn’t be strapped to a gurney because “every second on that table will be agonizing.”

It’s been thirty-eight years since the murder. Every second of it was agonizing for Vicki’s family.

Meanwhile Frank Atwood has obtained several degrees, including one in comparative religion, gotten married, and written six books. Now the son of a cable company president from Brentwood will once again have his turn to play the victim. We’ll be told, over and over again, that he will have to be taken to the death chamber in a wheelchair.

Outside the prison where Dixon was being executed, protesters gathered waving, “All Life is Precious” signs. All life is precious except the lives of innocent men, women, and children.

“It would offend humanity to execute Mr. Dixon," a filing on behalf of Deana's killer claimed.

On the contrary, it would have offended humanity not to execute him.

To say that life is precious while doing nothing to protect it is how we once again became a nation with skyrocketing murder rates where criminals are no longer locked up.

Deana and Vicki were murdered by monsters who should have been in jail, but weren’t.

Thanks to Sandra Day O’Connor, Dixon was roaming on the loose after a violent assault, and thanks to California’s broken justice system, Atwood was out on parole even after his parents asked for it to be withdrawn. A young woman and a girl are dead who should have been alive.

The same thing is happening all over the country. Most of the killers whose crimes are sending homicide rates through the roof will never face justice. And that is why the killing will go on.

Conservatives believe life is precious and are willing to defend the lives of the innocent against the ravages of evil men. Leftists however believe that only evil lives matter.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous18/5/22

    A brilliant piece of writing, as usual.

  2. Anonymous18/5/22

    At the least, citizens should be protected
    from criminals. The State may confine or kill
    the offenders, according to law and justice.
    Vigilantism is the only alternative.


  3. AislaPS19/5/22

    Here in the UK, I well remember some do gooding, know nothing criminologist/ apologist/ biographer and liberal luvvie on the radio way back.
    Her speciality was retrospectively accounting for evildoers, simply indifferent to the victims they'd piled up.
    Her reason for so doing was simple, and at least she said it
    The victims are silent, they yield no grants . The evildoers bring publishers, black arts of psychiatry and legal payments with them.
    So who do you think serves my interest to write of, research and wring my damp hankies over?
    I paraphrase. But that was the gist.
    Evil pays. Until it doesn't, we expect nothing less.

    1. at least that was honest, most of them are not nearly this self-aware or open about their motives

  4. These idiots are not against the death penalty except for the criminals. They are all for the death penalty for the victims. Thus, their egregious, murderous, pathological, ghoulish duplicity ...

  5. No one is against the death penalty. They're either for the death penalty for the criminal or for the victim. There is no in between. Attempted, virtue-signaling fence sitting is evil and leads to more murders and rapes. I simply call people "liars" who tell me they're against the death penalty. The delusion of the left is that they can sit on that fence and not get involved. They can't. Pick a side.



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