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Sunday, January 24, 2021

The D.C. Occupation Will Continue Until Democracy is Saved

On a cold, windy day with a small group of spectators watching from behind barbed wire, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. swore another in a long series of false oaths before his motorcade passed between a long row of soldiers with their backs to him looking outward for threats.

No inauguration has been this empty in a century of American history. And at no inauguration have the spectators been outnumbered by a raw display of armed force. American presidents have been inaugurated in wartime and during actual national emergencies with a better turnout.

Through world wars and wars on terror, Washington D.C. has remained a national capital where the hundreds of millions of taxpayers who labor to pay for its grand edifices, free museums, and lavish lifestyles could briefly come to enjoy a little of the life lived by the ruling class in the Imperial City. Now the ruling class has made it clear that it doesn’t want peasants entering D.C.

Even as Biden’s team prepped the executive orders that would end the national emergency at the border and shut down construction of the wall, new walls topped by razor wire were rising across the imperial city. The new Fortress of Government sealed off two miles of the National Mall and parts of downtown D.C. and filled it with more soldiers than are deployed in Iraq.

The Secret Service designated green and red zones. Some 25,000 National Guard members were dispatched from Vermont, Maine, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Arkansas, Missouri, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Colorado to prepare for a fake invasion that never came. But the armored vehicles and heavy weaponry did come. President Trump had wanted a military parade that would show America’s strength to the world. Biden held his own military parade to intimidate his fellow Americans.

Democrats had deployed more soldiers in D.C. than they had in Iraq and Afghanistan while authorizing them to use lethal force and investigating their politics before the deployment. The radical leftists who had resisted using the military to fight terrorism or secure the border from invasion were eager to deploy the military against the people of the United States of America.

The handfuls of ordinary people who arrived, as Americans always do, to attend the inauguration of a new president were confronted with heavy weapons and barbed wire.

D.C. had become a Baghdad and Berlin of checkpoints, choking off access to much of the city, closing roads, bridges, and metro stations. Soldiers could be seen on every corner, and the 25,000 troops were bolstered by 4,000 Marshalls, and a motley crew of local forces, including 200 members of the NYPD, 40 members of the Chicago police, New Jersey and Maryland state troopers, Miami-Dade cops, and other law enforcement officers who were needed back home.

24 people were shot in Chicago this weekend and murders are already up 125% this year in New York City. Those officers could have done more good at home, but Democrats don’t care about murder victims in urban areas, instead redeploying officers to D.C. in a show of force.

Biden took office in a city under military occupation whose businesses were closed and boarded up. The D.C. government had tried to force hotels to shut down. The hotels didn’t close, but there were hardly any people. Instead the hotels were filled with soldiers tramping through their lobbies. Any tourists that did come found nothing to see except barricades and barbed wire.

Sometimes what you don’t see is more important than what you do see.

Filling D.C. with soldiers meant that no one was going to measure Biden’s crowds. The only crowds were heavily armed and had been ordered to come. The complete lack of enthusiasm for the new one-party state that was getting its Mussolini on was the dog that didn’t bark.

Questioning Biden’s election has been deemed to be incitement. It’s enough to get you censored, deplatformed, and fired by the companies standing behind him. The election challenges have been used as the pretext for a military occupation of Washington D.C. But the cloud of a disputed election, like the winter clouds overhead, still hung over the inauguration.

There were no crowds, just soldiers. After the military and police contingent, the second largest group there for the inauguration weren’t Biden’s civilian supporters, but his propagandists. With few people, the media had to work twice as hard to manufacture the illusion that this was a popular leader taking office instead of a usurper imposed by Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the rest of the political, cultural, and economic oligarchy which owns the media on America.

CNN, a subsidiary of AT&T, had already gushed about, "Joe Biden's arms embracing America". MSNBC, a subsidiary of Comcast, compared Biden to God. "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." The only wounds being bound up were those of the ruling class which had temporarily lost electoral power to an army of flyover country workers and peasants, only to reclaim it with sedition, wiretapping, abuse of power, billions of dollars, and soldiers in the street.

Popular leaders, elected or unelected, might have troops in their cities, but they also have adoring crowds to cheer them on. Biden’s only cheers were coming from employees of huge corporations whose jobs depend on praising him as the greatest thing since SuperPACs.

Biden couldn’t manage the cheering crowds that greeted even the most mediocre presidents on their arrival. The band might as well have struck up a rousing chorus of, “Hail to the Thief.”

Jokes like that are all but illegal these days even though they were ubiquitous during the Bush and Trump administrations. But jokes only need to be banned when they’re too close to the truth. The hysterical fascist theater with troops in the streets and fawning praise on the lips of the press are all efforts to overcompensate for the hollow man taking a false oath on a bible.

This isn’t the pageantry of Stalin or Hitler. It’s the weary theater of Brezhnev, a senescent leader of a decaying regime being propped up by desperate threats of force by the nomenklatura. Even though the media has told us more about Biden’s dogs than it has about any of the Americans killed by Islamic terrorists enabled by the open borders that Biden just reinstated, no one cares.

Biden isn’t a charismatic leader. He isn’t moving the cause forward. He’s a placeholder for a ruling class that wants homes in Dupont Circle that it buys by selling out America to China, by ruining our economy with environmental consulting gigs and racial contract quotas, and for all the manifold ways which the swamp is coming back as Biden’s wetlands restoration project.

“Hail to the Thief” is as much their anthem as it is Biden’s. They fought to keep hold of D.C., the center of their power base not because they care about its history or that of this country, but because it’s where they network, collaborate, and do their dirty little deals at our expense.

The troops in the street are their warning to the rest of the country about who is really in charge.

And it isn’t Joe Jr, who, along with his criminal family, will be allowed to dip their beaks in cash and cocaine until they’re sopping wet, along with every aide, staffer, and associate. Biden will be fawned over, his idiot wife will be dubbed a doctor, and the investigations involving his son and brother will be swiftly dropped. And when the time is right, Kamala Harris will step into his place.

When the Soviet Union was entering its last days, one leader quickly made way for another. The parade of old Communist hacks in their dotage became a procession of political funerals. Generations after the revolution and the purges, the only thing anyone in Moscow believed in was the power and decadence of the ruling class. That and the threat America posed to them.

These are still the only three things that Washington D.C.’s ruling class believes in anymore.

Democrats and their media claim that this charade is a “victory for democracy”.

"We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it, would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy. And this effort very nearly succeeded. But while democracy can be periodically delayed, it can never be permanently defeated," Amanda Gorman, the Harvard youth poetess, sonorously recited her tin-eared Maoist verses at the inauguration.

But where is this democracy? Where are the adoring crowds, the joyous mobs celebrating and the people cheering the tremendous victory of the democracy of Google, Facebook, Amazon, AT&T, Comcast and their D.C. lobbyists and associates over the Rust Belt and the flyovers?

Biden and the Democrats celebrated their democratic victory with barbed wire, troops in the streets, political terror, and the threat of even more political repression to come.

"There is a broader societal issue that is going to take years to detox the disinformation," Ben Rhodes, the Obama adviser who had boasted of creating a media echo chamber, ranted on Comcast's MSNBC. On that same state TV news network, John Brennan warned that "because of this growth of polarization in the United States" members of the Biden team would be "moving in laser-like fashion" to "root out an insidious threat to our democracy".

Democracy is in a state of permanent emergency that requires locking down D.C., filling it with soldiers, walls, and barbed wire, and investigating political crimes. And D.C. will do everything it can to end the threat that Americans pose to democracy even if its ruling class has to live in its green zone surrounded by troops and barbed wire until democracy is saved from Americans.

Biden, we are told by the political interests and corporations advocating this, is incredibly popular. But the crowds of his devotees can’t be allowed to come to Washington D.C. Anyone who doubts that Biden is incredibly popular is inciting violence and will have to be rooted out as an insidious threat to our democracy. The more people doubt Biden’s popularity, the longer D.C. will have to be under military occupation until finally no one doubts his legitimacy in office.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

This article first appeared exclusively at Front Page Magazine.


  1. Biden’s campaign and subsequent “election” always reminded me of an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series entitled Patterns of Force. Biden is John Gill but our version doesn’t look like it will end as well.

  2. Come on Daniel, you know very well that the U.S. of A. is a constitutional republic, not a democracy which is just a fancy word for mob rule.

    1. Yes, technically (on paper), the U.S. of A. is a constitutional republic, but from a practical standpoint - it's becoming closer and closer to being just a plain old democracy. And you're right as to what that's just a fancy word for...

  3. Anonymous24/1/21

    When you lose the support and compliance of 80 million armed citizens then you've already lost. You just don't know it yet. But you will. Been there - done that. Got my "Romanian Tour 1989" t-shirt.
    Remember - the "All Powerful Surveillance State" is an illusion. Use it to your advantage.

  4. Thank you for a brilliant description of the Country I am living in now, not to be confused with the Country I was born into and lived in before the State took over. We might as well be renamed ChinAmerica.

  5. Anonymous24/1/21

    Daniel, this was so very tough to read. Even more than most of your articles. How can America continue after this fraudulent theft of our Presidency? God help us.

    Thank you Daniel. You describe for us with perfect sight what we have difficulty seeing through the fog of lies.

    1. We've been through bad times before. The important thing to remember is that history doesn't move in a straight line.

    2. So very very true. We don't see over the horizon very well either.
      A fine piece of writing, as always.

  6. Think about it, the guy that got more votes than any presidential candidate in history in a “legitimate” election needs 25,000 troops at his inauguration. Ironic when you break it down that those who hate old white dudes chose the oldest white dude ever to be President.

    As one writer said: that was no insurrection just folk complaining about their government


  7. Pistol Pete24/1/21

    We all know about the selections - What we should be looking at is the enslavement of the entire human race or whatever title they have for those already in the process of having their dna rewitten via the jab. Cash, cash is what they are after. Digital currency is digital slavery. Use cash, insist on cash. What I do with my money is nobodies business. I no longer accept plastic in my brick and mortar. We must decentralize, produce locally, shop locally. Make made in Texas or made in South Dakota or whatever American local be the acme and envy of the world. Use cash, if they control what you spend where you spend it, if you are even allowed to spend it or if your social credit score falls below a certain level $$ will be deducted from your account whenever they desire. Moments away from becoming a prison planet.

  8. Anonymous24/1/21

    The main domestic terrorists were the ones inside the wire.

  9. barebones24/1/21

    When I attended high school in 1950's. I was taught that the USA is a republic NOT a democracy! A democracy is a form of ochlocracy and is a precursor to socialism and ultimately communism.

    The political history of the USA reflects that progression! Democracy is a chimera disguised as egalitarianism, an impossible, foolish quest championed by those who seek to enslave.

  10. Anonymous24/1/21

    What I find most interesting is the contrast between the reaction of the Washington elitists to having the Capitol invaded by a few dozen nutcases (shock and fear) versus their response to the riots in Seattle, Portland, etc., (anemic by some, encouraged by others). It's a clear demonstration that our political leaders have become the American version of an aristocracy as out of touch with the American people as Marie Antoinette was with the French citizenry.

    1. Well, the violent antics were perpetrated on the Capitol building where elected officials were, and they were threatened.

      The actions by those violent perpetrators do amount to an 'insurrection.'

      I think that Trump should be held responsible for sedition, and insurrection. He did not walk,'march', with the people, and did not respond right away when the violence happened.

  11. Anonymous24/1/21

    Once again, like millions before you, this article is simply a chronicling of the demise of our nation, therefore, it is irrelevant to every American. We already know that the nation has fallen and it cannot ever be restored because the power was willingly handed over to the Democrats. The failure to create robust barriers to prevent election fraud and the failure to ensure that the votes were counted by honest people is indicative that Trump was the greatest Deep State Player of all!!!

  12. Ailsa24/1/21

    Great description, glad I never saw it.
    Biden as Brezhnev in a Green Zone with red lines that Obama says must not be crossed.
    Until we do so.
    They stole an election, glad we put a snake in the laundry bag they took.
    History demands that they pay for all this. Let's make sure that they do.

  13. william williams24/1/21

    The coveted Doctor of Education degree is perhaps the most noble of all doctorates!

  14. Anonymous24/1/21

    Kid and dog psychology shows sure signs of guilt
    when confronting the kid/dog. The thieves and
    accomplices can’t hide it either. Arrogance can’t
    hide their lack of shame. Blatant vote cheating
    will only increase before 2022, locking in Democrat
    hell forever.

    We’ll never know who’s on our side if Patriots don’t
    cut traitorous Republicans loose now. Leave Mitt,
    Lindsay, Jeff, Turtle with their lefty social buds.
    Trump’s big problem was finding dependable, loyal
    officers and allies. Clinton and Obama didn’t have
    that problem in the critter-infested swamp.

    Attract and vet from the vast majority of loyal
    Americans. They have every skill and motivation to
    serve our country and people. Drive out the crooks.


  15. Anonymous25/1/21

    The problem, superbly framed. The solution is growing across America's 31,000 small towns like a prairie fire. https://TacticalCivics.com

    1. Prarie Fire was the title of a phamphlet published by The Weathermen. Coincidence?

  16. Anonymous27/1/21

    We can't vote our way out of this

  17. Put people in DC who are interested in saving our REPUBIC.



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