Home recent Democrats Were For Riots Before They Were Against Them
Home recent Democrats Were For Riots Before They Were Against Them

Democrats Were For Riots Before They Were Against Them

In 2018, the media was writing up glowing stories about the hundreds of Women’s March members who were engaging in "direct action” to disrupt the Senate’s Kavanaugh hearings.

Hundreds of members from the radical leftist group had invaded the hearings and were arrested. Their travel expenses and bail for the disruptions were covered by the Women’s March. 

Radicals from the March and other leftist groups blocked hallways, shouted down Senate members, and draped protest banners from balconies. Democrats cheered them on.

When a leftist mob assailed the Supreme Court, pounding on the doors, MSNBC called it an “extraordinary moment” and praised the crowd, “besieging the Supreme Court” and “confronting senators”.

"If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them," Rep. Maxine Waters had urged earlier that year.

Later, the Democrat House member told MSNBC, "They’re going to absolutely harass them".

In 2020, Black Lives Matter rioters vandalized the Lincoln Memorial and the WW2 Memorial, along with statues of Gandhi, General Kosciuszko, and Andrew Jackson. The racist thugs marched through the city starting fires, including at a historic church, and tried to besiege the White House. Attempts by federal law enforcement to fight BLM terrorism were falsely denounced as a brutal attack on “peaceful protesters”, and as “militarism” and “fascism”.

Democrat House members took to proposing bills to protect the racist mobs from law enforcement. Meanwhile the BLM mob besieged the White House and battled Secret Service personnel, allegedly forcing the evacuation of President Trump and his family to a bunker.

This was the new normal enthusiastically supported by Democrats and the media.

A bail fund backed by Senator Kamala Harris and Biden campaign staffers focused on helping the rioters and looters get out of prison. Along with any other criminals along for the ride.

Violent protests, including those targeting public officials and legislative bodies, had been championed and normalized by Democrats and their media over the last four years. That included the harassment of officials, property destruction, and assaulting law enforcement.

Now, as the Democrats expect to take power, they suddenly decided that rioting is bad.

Before the Save America protest even began, the same Washington D.C. authorities who had championed and protected the Black Lives Matter riots, prepared for a crackdown.

“We want the military, we want troops from out of state out of Washington, D.C.,” Mayor Muriel Bowser had ranted when BLM was attacking national memorials and the White House.

“We will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents or cause destruction in our city,” Bowser now insisted, demanding that the National Guard come out to stop the protests.

Unless they're Democrats, she failed to mention.

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine had responded to the Black Lives Matter assault by condemning law enforcement. He had issued a statement falsely accusing President Trump of "responding to nonviolent demonstration with war-like tactics".

"We —the Mayor, the Council, OAG, and MPD—must commit to standing in between our community and the boot of tyranny. And we must act on this commitment. We must start by promising to defend our residents from harm while they engage in peaceful, nonviolent protest.”

"My level of anxiety is high. My preparation is even more intense than that," Racine was telling the media before the pro-Trump Save America rally now.

The double standard was obvious and blatant. The Democrats and media had cheered Black Lives Matter violent protests. They had colluded in previous invasions of Congress and the harassment of elected officials. But now they wanted a violent riot they could condemn.

And such a riot would helpfully put to bed any further questions about a rigged election.

After a massive peaceful rally by Save America protesters, who had been addressed by President Trump, a smaller group marched on Congress. The MPD however reacted very differently than it had to previous Black Lives Matter and four years of leftist rallies.

In the resulting confrontation, a number of fringe elements, Neo-Nazis, Groypers, Boogaloo Bois, a leftist-libertarian anarchist group that collaborates with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, took the opportunity to cause damage and stage photo-ops for the media. Unfortunately some legitimate conservative protesters who had entered the building were caught in the violence.

But the media stars of the confrontation were not conservatives and were anti-Trump.

One picture showed Tim ‘Baked Alaska’ Gionet, a former Black Lives Matter supporter and BuzzFeed employee, who has a history of circulating around the Groypers and aligning with the alt-right. Another appeared to show Matthew Heimbach, formerly with the National Socialist Movement, an alleged Neo-Nazi leader, who had previously argued in court that his actions were President Trump’s fault and that Trump should be held legally liable.

Much as in Charlottesville, marginal figures who were hostile to President Trump, to Republicans, and to conservatives, had taken center stage at the behest of the media.

The purpose of the entire circus was to provide a propaganda opportunity for the Left.

The outrage over the protests is a farce coming from a political movement that advocated terrorizing Republican elected officials, that aided invasions of Congress, and that supported the Black Lives Matter riots which, aside from terrorizing D.C., also wrecked much of the country.

Why is broken glass on Capitol Hill so much more precious than the broken glass that ended the dreams of store owners in Kenosha? Where was all the outrage, the tears wept for our country when Black Lives Matter thugs were prying open shops around the country, looting them, and assaulting their owners on a scale so vast it racked up $2 billion in damages?

“Please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo had barked while his news network showed rioting and looting in New York.

Riots are obviously wrong. Except that Democrats and the media decided that wasn’t true.

Martin Luther King's infamous quote, "a riot is the language of the unheard", popped up in Time, USA Today, and on CNN. “Violence was critical to the success of the 1960s civil rights movement,” a Washington Post op-ed argued. The AP urged reporters to use "uprising" instead of "riot" to describe the violence, while suggesting that protests can be violent and that reporting should not focus on the "property destruction”, but instead on the “underlying grievance".

A subsidiary of one of the big 5 publishers put out a book titled, "In Defense of Looting."

You can’t normalize political violence and then expect it to be a one-sided affair. After months in which BLM mobs attacked a federal courthouse in Portland, throwing fireworks and shining lasers in the eyes of law enforcement personnel, toppled statues across the country, and injured hundreds of police officers, the Democrats and their media are suddenly outraged.

How, in the midst of all this rioting, could anyone get the idea that rioting is okay?

Laws only work when they apply to everyone. When violence is okay for some, but not for others, then a violent struggle ensues until a totalitarian monopoly on violence is achieved.

Or until we come to our senses.

There’s little question as to which side of the political spectrum has championed and mainstreamed violence for over a century. The very different fate of Kluxers and the Weathermen, trailer parks for the former and academic careers for the latter, show which side finds political violence not only acceptable, but praiseworthy. And this is no different.

Contrary to the media’s spin, Republicans have never normalized violence. And Republican political power doesn’t depend on political terror and violence. Leftist power invariably does.

The Left began a new age of political violence in 2016. It can turn it off anytime it wants to.

The problem is that it won’t, and an illiberal partisan media and accompanying cultural establishment will never dare to suggest that maybe there should be fewer riots and threats.

And that means the violence will escalate. Opportunists will seize the moment to play agent provocateurs, creating memorable images for media propagandists to justify a crackdown.

The protesters in D.C. had a legitimate grievance. And they still do. The outrage over stolen elections won’t be suppressed this way. The mass movement in D.C. is the true resistance.

There is a great deal of irony in quoting "a riot is the language of the unheard" to describe the race riots of a movement with unlimited political and corporate backing, whose message is heard all the time, but not to address a movement that is genuinely unheard. Before the fighting started, there was virtually no media coverage of President Trump’s speech and the rally.

Press conferences that mention election fraud aren’t aired. Articles and videos questioning the election are censored. That is the true voice of the unheard who are more so than ever.

Democrats and the media normalized violence when they were in the opposition and now want to normalize the suppression of political protests and speech as they expect to take power.

But media spin isn’t real life. And it’s a lot easier to break a country than to put it back together.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

This article first appeared exclusively at Front Page Magazine.


  1. Anonymous7/1/21

    Yesterday and today, I looked in vain for truth
    until your article, Daniel. It must be said; the
    Capitol Attack was a Planned False Flag by the
    Left to end the Stolen Election Issue and Disgrace
    President Trump.

    “Trump Supporter Riot” over and over by politicians
    of all Parties, News Propagandists, Commentators.
    We’ve just had ruinous, murderous violence by clearly
    leftist mobs everywhere for a year. American
    patriots marched with flags, kids, and sang the
    Anthem. So, if Antifa/BLM thugs wear MAGA caps
    while rioting in DC, they’re all “Trump Supporters”?

    The DC Cops and Swamp have them all on video and
    ID’d. But they’d rather frame a Veteran from
    Peoria than one of Soros’ Boys.

    Trump is telling the all-important Truth, yet I’ve
    not heard anyone proudly stand with him, except you.
    I fear the great part of the DC Establishment is
    the enemy of America as envisioned by the Founders.
    Realization by a large Public is the first step back.


  2. What happened yesterday certainly wasn't nice, but we once fought a revolution because citizens weren't allowed representation -- a circumstance that 18th-century patriots equated with tyranny. How then should 21st-century patriots respond when -- after being repeatedly maligned and persecuted for four years -- they've had their representation stolen from them? For the answer, I refer you to Thomas Jefferson.

  3. Anonymous8/1/21

    how about schumer theratening gorsuch and kavanaugh

  4. We can pray that their self-righteousness and hubris weighs on them like great chains that they've forged and will some day find around their own necks. The author of Proverbs 16:18 will, once more, be found to be correct. "Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall."

  5. Oh here he goes again no middle ground with Daniel, the rednecks were bold boys and girls but don't forget the libtards were bold boys and girls too, blm and all that, one of these days Daniel you might realise that there is a middle ground, the right can be wrong as can the left, but tunnel vision does a really intelligent guy like you no favours whatsoever!.

    1. Of course there can be a middle ground and, as the article notes, some on the 'Right' are really bad news

    2. Yeah a small bit of condemnation but almost felt like it was from gritted teeth, well no doubt if we have another Las Vegas type mass shooting you will find some sort of blame for the left when there is many on the right (silent minority) who abhor the sickening gun culture that has consumed middle America, the mass shootings have been pretty scarce lately, touch wood, but we know its only a matter of time, and as the left screams gun control Daniel will no doubt find some excuse to justify the latest slaughter in whats suppose to be the greatest democracy in the world?.

    3. What does the Vegas shooting or other random acts of evil have to with anything?

      Most shootings in the US anyway take place in urban areas and involve gang members. It's why Chicago runs up the score every weekend.

      We could talk about the sickening gun culture in the ghetto. But somehow that's never an acceptable topic.

    4. Oh how Chicago always comes up, Illinois has such strict gun laws, any chance that the criminals were already armed to the teeth anyway well before the stricter gun laws came into place, not that criminals cant buy guns out of state anyway, criminals will buy guns, Chicago gang violence is a red herring and you know that!.

    5. Anonymous11/1/21

      Pompous Troll.

    6. Yeah, criminals will buy guns.

      Legally or illegally.

      Gangs are fighting each other with AKs and hand grenades in Sweden.

  6. As a conservative who twice voted for TRump, I am sad and angry at the actions of those who broke into the Capitol. It cannot be excused. Five people are dead. One of them is a Capitol Police officer, and as a retired DEA agent, I am very upset about that.

    At the same time, the hypocrisy of the media and the left is stunning. Where were they when the "mostly peaceful" protesters were burning Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and other cities?

    I still don't discount the possibility that some of these rioters were Antifa in disguise, but we don't know that yet as far as those who have been identified are concerned. Whoever was involved and whatever their affiliation or motivation, this was wrong. It was criminal and must be punished. We are conservatives. We are supposed to stand for law and order. And we don't break into our Capitol. God help this great country.

    1. There may have been some antifa, but there were clear alt-righters there

      A bunch of the people seemed to have been allowed in or followed along without using basic common sense

      And that's a problem

      If you're breaking through police lines and into one of the most secured sites in the country, it won't end well

      Leftists can do it and get away with it.

  7. Anonymous9/1/21

    Thanks Daniel, as usual Clean & Clear.
    Mike Mckee

  8. AislaS9/1/21

    Exactly as you say, Mr Greenfield.
    The craven progressive elite now have a polycentric idea of hitherto shared principles such as " all are equal under the law" and "only legally registered voters are counted".
    In the last four years,they've had no policies. Just hatred and malicious intent to overturn and destroy the Deplorables, the rubes of flyover country.
    Breathtaking levels of hypocrisy and brute double dealing gave led to an election being stolen in plain sight.
    And they expect to get away with this?
    Your article brilliantly compares and contrasts. The crux is the bit where their side gets to riot, maim and systematically assail all resistance to their demonic madness....and we who aren't fooled are intended to be cowed and just take it
    Afraid not.
    Wednesday was a toytown bunfight compared to what's surely to come.
    "Freedoms just another name for nothing left to lose"
    Works both ways lefties.....you broke it, we'll fix you.

  9. After a summer and autumn of Kamala Harris egging on the Antifa and BLM mobs, Biden's remarks about "thugs" and "insurrection" sounds like a dweller in a glass house throwing stones.

    Somebody with wisdom, tact, respect for difference, and vision might pull us back from the brink. But I see such leadership lacking on both sides.

  10. Anonymous9/1/21

    When they say it's time to heal, what they really mean is that it's time to heel.

  11. Anonymous9/1/21

    Unfortunately the media has focused on a couple of the most visible individuals who are allegedly Trump supporters who also happen to have a few screws loose. They're being used to paint everyone at the rally as Trump-inspired rioters. I see Obama chimed in to repeat Biden's claim that BLM protestors doing the same thing would have been treated much more harshly. An unarmed woman was killed. What could be more harsh than that?

    1. Anonymous10/1/21

      Screw-loose supporters, like Amerosa, Billy Bush, Bolton, Michael Cohen, Scaramucci,
      and dozens of holdover White House spies
      and saboteurs?

      Trump quickly fired them, unlike W., who lacked
      the guts, and Obama/Clinton who recruited the


  12. Anonymous10/1/21

    ״toppled statues across the country״ ״confederate memorials״. This is a better description.....Initially, activists targeted monuments to the Confederate States of America, its leaders and its military. As the scope of the protests broadened to include other forms of systemic racism, many statues of Christopher Columbus in the United States were removed, as he participated in abuses against Native Americans and his arrival in the Americas was the beginning of the genocide of Native American people.[3] Statues of Junípero Serra, Juan de Oñate and Kit Carson, also involved in mistreatment of Native Americans, were also torn down or removed. Monuments to many other local figures connected with racism were also removed. Several statues of American slaveowners were also vandalized or removed, including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and Francis Scott Key.[4][5][6] Some pro-Union or anti-slavery monuments were also targeted, as they were seen to embody disrespectful attitudes towards Native Americans or the enslaved. In one case, a statue of abolitionist Hans Christian Heg was torn down.[7] By October 2020, over a hundred Confederate symbols had been "removed, relocated or renamed," as the Huffington Post put it, based on data from the Southern Poverty Law Center.[8]

    1. Ah those confederates, Abe Lincoln and General Grant

  13. As well as an Abolitionist, and that monster Stevie Ray Vaughn.

  14. Linda13/1/21

    The Capitol riot couldn't have turned out better for the Dems if they themselves had planned it. Wait ~ they did. They got what they wanted ~ the entire public buying their lies & turning against DJT + another faux impeachment.

    1. Anonymous14/1/21

      Right on, Linda. The lie masters and media
      accomplices accuse DJT of their habitual
      crimes. Did the public sleep through years
      of Dem crime and violence? While DJT made
      stunning progress for all of us? Ye Gods.



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