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Home US Election What Trump and the GOP Need To Do By Election Day

What Trump and the GOP Need To Do By Election Day

Between the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the crime rates, the country is a mess. And when the country is a mess, voters respond by kicking out whoever is in power.

In 2016, Republicans were running as insurgents. Now they're running as incumbents.

Election Day is coming up and Republicans need to make a better case than they have until now. The Republican case suffers from overcomplicated arguments, references to things that non-conservatives aren't familiar with, and mixed messaging on key areas like the pandemic and crime.

The core argument must be that the key crises are caused by Democrats and being managed by Republicans.

1. The pandemic's worst death tolls took place in blue states and cities like New York. Republicans have failed to seriously challenge Cuomo's record which is a huge mistake because, aside from Biden considering him for Attorney General, Cuomo is prepping for a potential future presidential run.

But the bigger issue is that Republicans have failed to properly place blame for the death toll.

Every time Democrats bring out that 200,000+ number, Republican messaging should have been that the death toll was caused by Democrats and based out of Democrat states and cities before it migrated.

If any particular element leads to a Republican defeat, it will be this one.

Republicans have done a better job of managing the pandemic than Democrats. And if Republicans at the national level don't attack Democrat mismanagement of the pandemic, they'll lose. If Republicans had devoted a fraction of the effort expended on Burisma to the death tolls, especially of nursing home patients in blue states, this election would be a cakewalk.

2. Democrats want to shift responsibility from local areas to the federal government to manage the pandemic and impose lockdowns, even though they've failed to manage the pandemic locally.

Just like in California or Oregon, areas that aren't in crisis will be forced into crisis mode. 

Every single place in the country will be forced to lobby Washington D.C. and follow its orders.

It's a simple message and yet Republicans seem incapable of communicating it at a national level.

3. Crime and violence are out of control because Democrats kicked off a wave of pro-crime decriminalization programs, freed prisoners, and supported race riots.

Republicans have done better on messaging here, but there are still too many mixed messages, especially when it comes to the 1994 crime bill. 

"Democrats support crime. Republicans fight crime."

It's a traditional, simple, and effective message. Why aren't we hearing it? 

4. The last time Biden was in charge of a recovery, the country spent eight years in a recession.

Republicans have done better on economy messaging, and President Trump, in particular, came out strong at the last debate, but there's still often a lack of a simple, coherent message. 

The public's core concerns on the pandemic, the economy, and crime, three leading issues, are going to decide the election.

Scandals, like Hunter Biden's laptop, can help, but most people are going to vote based on their own interests. And people's interests are raw and close to the surface now. All the stuff that makes for good social media churn, adds value, but people worried about their jobs, their businesses, and their lives are only going to care so much about it. 

The Democrats trashed the country. Digging up their dirt weakens them, but it's not going to stop them.

Republicans are being held back by internal conflicts, especially when it comes to the pandemic, but these conflicts can't get in the way of delivering a straight and simple message to undecided voters.

Internal conflicts should stay internal. When they spill over into mixed messaging, then Republicans sound incoherent or untrustworthy. You don't win elections by dismissing people's concerns, ask Hillary how well that worked in 2016, but by tapping into them and offering an answer. 

There's only so much time left for deploying focused, coherent messages. 


5. If Democrats take the Senate and the White House, they're not just going to pack the Supreme Court, but the House and Senate by adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. And then they're going to Californicate the country and transform it into a one-party state run out of D.C., San Fran and New York. 

In light of that, losing the Senate should be unacceptable for anyone who doesn't like that scenario. 

It doesn't matter how bad some Republican Senate candidates are. Anyone who counsels having Democrats take the Senate as a valid "conservative" option is no different than the Never Trumpers who insist that "principle" demands that President Trump lose so the Republican party can be rebuilt.

The cost of Republicans losing the White House and/or the Senate is the end of America.

No Republican Senate member, no matter how awful of a RINO he might be, is worse than that.


  1. I sincerely hope they listen to this.. you are absolutely right. So much is at stake.

  2. The very last sentence has a major fault. The problem with RINOs is that they vote with the Dems.

  3. Anonymous26/10/20

    Here we are again, at the last minute, facing the
    stark epiphany that Dem con artists are misleading
    the American sheeple. Who could have foreseen it?

    All the sophisticated Repub chess moves don’t work.
    Daniel’s points: Blue City crime, virus, riots,
    hate America, etc. are correct. Dems use complete
    unity of message; laced with fear, hate, to whip
    masses into hysteria. Sadly, it works.

    Trump gets all this. How many other Republicans?


  4. Aisla Sinclair Portland27/10/20

    Trump is blameless, had he got just a bit of help from his useless party hierarchy ; he'd be walking this election.
    For two years, they had every chance to consign the evil Dems to history's recycling bin.
    Just took a few old insiders to formally offer to dismantle the swamp surfing caste.
    How?.. linked with a Tulsi Gabbard type on the left to jointly get the Clinton's jailed, Schiff and Strzok , Brennan and Comey types jailed or executed.
    The coup against the constition merited a historically terminating reckoning. This was treason.
    What did we get? Paul Ryan FFS.
    Look. The evil Dems want power, what the hell else are such vermin as Omar and Pelosi going to do for a living if they can't cream off the state?
    Sadly, never get the idea that we want power enough to prevent what the Dems intend to do.
    Trump ought to win. How useless easy and violently lunatic do his opponents have to be?
    And that it's not certain that he will? How bad have WE been in sorting the left?

    1. Anonymous28/10/20

      Dear Aisla; Please see my mention to your
      comment below in “Dear Personality Critic”.

  5. Anonymous27/10/20

    If Trump loses this election, it will be entirely due to his personality. Nearly everyone I know who intends to vote for Biden aren't doing so because they like Biden or favor his stance on the issues. They will do so because they dislike Trump, and when you ask them why they will talk about his tweets, his name-calling, his self-aggrandizing nature, and apparent arrogance. The sad fact is that a sizeable portion of the American electorate votes for fairly superficial reasons. For some it even comes down to a matter of a candidate's personal appearance (which is why we have image makers to craft every aspect of a candidate's public persona). I don't imagine Trump was likely to take anyone's advice on shaping his public persona, and it may cost him the election.

    1. Anonymous28/10/20

      Dear Personality Critic;
      Some RINOs say that putting ketchup on steak,
      two scoops of ice cream, twitter disqualify
      Trump’s presidential “gravitas”. That’s crazy.

      Consider the timid Bushes, Romney, who shriveled
      like salted snails when faced with criticism.

      Think of our President as an attorney or bodyguard
      to protect against “enemies foreign and domestic”.
      Trump’s amazing courage and perseverance kept him
      and America alive while opposed by both parties,
      media, academia, tech, swamp.

      Your opinion belongs with the Commie/Islamists.
      Aisla Sinclair Portland (above) has the right
      idea. If we are lucky and virtuous enough to
      deserve Trump for another term, our beautifully
      designed Republic will be home to our Free and
      Brave children. God bless America.


    2. Anonymous30/10/20

      My opinion "belongs with the Commie/Islamists"? You're just as bad as all the Democrats who shout "racist" at Trump. Just as Ben Shapiro said, I'll be holding my nose and vote for Trump. I approve of his policies, but the man himself apparently has no self-awareness of how people view him, or if he does, he doesn't care. I stand by my comment, which is that if Trump loses this election it will be his own character flaws on daily display that will be his undoing.

    3. Anonymous2/11/20

      Dear Personality Critic;
      Thanks for your clarification; I could have been
      too harsh. Glad you appreciate his policies and
      achievements. Many good conservatives share your
      distaste. For all I know, I wouldn’t like working
      for him.

      But perspective, please! By 2016 Republicans had
      been disappointed by so many “polite losers”.
      They either lost elections, or if elected, failed
      in messaging and action to reverse the steady
      leftward creep and foreign giveaways. Exceptions:
      Eisenhower, Reagan, maybe Nixon.

      Do you think Trump is “unpleasant”? Think of the
      savage assaults on Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas,
      Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, both Bushes, Neil
      Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh. Too bad the scrappy
      Trump makes you clutch your pearls. National and
      world politics is a tough game, high stakes.

      I’m proud of the tough guy who Makes America Great



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