Home Black Lives Matter culture war Lincoln recent Statues of Lincoln are Being Torn Down Because He Hanged Rapists and Child Killers
Home Black Lives Matter culture war Lincoln recent Statues of Lincoln are Being Torn Down Because He Hanged Rapists and Child Killers

Statues of Lincoln are Being Torn Down Because He Hanged Rapists and Child Killers

The names of small children don't often appear on monuments, but Edward Baumler's name is there among those of many other children who were murdered in the massacre at Milford.

Edward was only 3 years old when he was shot to death by Dakota raiders. His brother, Heinrich, who died alongside him, killed with a tomahawk, was 7 years old.

Their baby sister was murdered with an arrow.

The Baumler children were among a dozen other children, and twice as many women, killed by the tribal child murderers and rapists who assaulted the immigrant German township of Milford.

Now a statue of President Lincoln was toppled in Portland and the University of Wisconsin-Madison student government voted to remove his statue because he punished the killers of Milford’s children and the killers of the other seventy children under 10 years old.

The massacre at Milford was not unique. Entire communities were wiped out by bands of Indians pretending they had come asking for water. Women and girls as young as twelve years old were raped, mutilated, and murdered. Little boys were beaten to death. Survivors hid in piles of corpses, awaiting death while surrounded by the dead bodies of their loved ones.

Minnesota settlements in the 1860s were a haven for German, Norwegian, and other immigrants who had fled political oppression and limited opportunities to come to America. They had little to do with the causes of the conflict between the Dakota and the United States.

The Dakota massacres were so easily accomplished because the German and Norwegian settlers, unlike the English settlers of another era, were unarmed and weren’t ready to fight. That’s why the “warriors” initially avoided attacking the local fort and instead went after them.

When Little Crow’s War ended, trials were held and 303 fighters were sentenced to be hanged.

President Lincoln was uncomfortable with the speedy trials and the large number of tribal fighters who would have been executed. Despite heavy political pressure from survivors and Minesottans, he personally decided to review the trial records for every single case.

Lincoln had been a talented lawyer, but he was in the middle of the Civil War, and there were 303 cases. The Union depended on the support of Minnesota, and of the German immigrant community, who played a major role in the fighting, to pursue and win the war with the South.

Nevertheless, Lincoln personally reviewed the trial records for each case, and commuted the sentences of 88% of the convicted tribal fighters, agreeing to hang only 39 of them.

The men whose hanging Lincoln approved were both the worst of the lot and those whose guilt he believed absolutely proven. He discarded those who had participated in the general fighting and selected those who had attacked small farms and committed atrocities against individuals, especially women and children. In this, he relied on the testimony of survivors and other fighters because the perpetrators had boasted of the crimes committed against women and children.

As he told the Senate, he had first ordered “the execution of such as had been proved guilty of violating females” and then those “proven to have participated in massacres”.

Even though Lincoln had been as liberal as he could possibly be and more, the hangings still weighed on him. He offered a last minute pardon to another of the condemned men, issued a special warning not to hang yet another man, and warned that the other prisoners should not be subjected to “unlawful violence”. And in the end, only 38 of the convicted were hanged.

Lincoln’s liberal approach met with outrage in Minnesota. 1862 was an election year and Republicans paid the price. Told that the election would have gone better without his pardons and commutations, he retorted, “I would not hang men for votes.”

Now in Portland, leftist rioters declared an “Indigenous Day of Rage" for Columbus Day and tore down a statue of President Lincoln, along with one of President Theodore Roosevelt, and smashed up the Oregon Historical Society.

They spray painted "Dakota 38" on the Lincoln statue in support of the child-killers and rapists.

A member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's student government has claimed that President Lincoln's statue should be removed because "he ordered the largest execution on American soil: 38 Dakota peoples."

In truth, Lincoln limited the scope of the executions as much as possible. He resisted political pressure from survivors, the military, abolitionists, his own party, and the entire state. In the middle of the most decisive war the country had ever known, he personally spent time poring over transcripts of court records and commuted and pardoned every one he could.

But no amount of liberalism is ever enough for the radicals and racists who hate America.

The campaign against Lincoln isn’t new.

Even before the Emancipation Monument had been taken down in Boston, the 38 rapists and child killers had been used by leftists to attack Lincoln’s legacy. Black Lives Matter racists had vandalized statues of Lincoln in Buffalo, New York, Sioux City, Iowa, and other Democrat cities.

This isn’t about litigating a conflict that took place over a century and a half ago.

Little Crow’s War was typical of many such conflicts, the familiar factors, greed, rage, and radically different worldviews, were all there and led to deadly results. Lincoln, in equally familiar fashion, deplored the violence, but had trouble grappling with the reality of the military conflicts he was repeatedly thrust into, and unable to make the reforms that had caused him to run for public office, substituting for them with speeches and gestures that were both grand and hollow.

That was the tragedy of his career and of the entire awful era that claimed so many lives.

Lincoln was morally serious in the granular, but incapable of bringing that moral seriousness to bear on the tactics and resolution of the Civil War. The Dakota trials was typical of Lincoln at his most morally granular, weighing the lives of the accused men heavily while so many died elsewhere. But, looking at those court records, Lincoln felt a sense of control. In a massive conflict that was raging beyond any control, he could do justice to these particular lives.

The Lincoln statue vandals claim that they want “justice”. But that would include justice for Edward Baumler, his brother and his baby sister. And the many other children killed then.

It would include justice for a young mother who carried the decomposing corpse of her child for over two months, for children who watched their brothers and sisters beaten to death before their eyes, and for every horror and atrocity committed in Little Crow’s War.

Nearly entire families, many of them immigrant, were wiped out through treachery. Others left behind descendants that are keeping their stories and their fight for justice alive today.

History is complex. There was a great deal of unfairness in the collision between the settlers from the east and the west who had both crossed an ocean and found a bountiful new land.

The simplistic narrative pitting “indigenous people” against “settlers” is wrong and was always so. The German settlers massacred in Minnesota were the same sort of immigrants that leftists claim to advocate for today, and their killers were sometimes not even Indian, but like so many “Indians” today, descendants of settlers, slaves, and immigrants who could pass for Indian.

Unarmed immigrants, many of them fleeing persecution, came to the door for Indians asking for water. And then the butchery began. Men who called themselves warriors beat little boys to death, the bodies of little girls were found stripped naked, and that is what the Left celebrates.

That is what the toppling of Abraham Lincoln’s statues is about.

The topplers claim that President Lincoln represents injustice. They would rather not discuss the sort of justice they have in mind. The fallen children can speak to that as well as the fallen statues. They want to tear down Lincoln, and put up 38 rapists and child killers in his place.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


  1. I hate the livestock rustler Lincoln for other reasons

    1. Anonymous20/10/20

      Lincoln was the greatest man of the last 1000yrs. You're a degenerate.

      Jonty Dee

  2. Anonymous19/10/20

    History, as taught, has names, dates, events,
    boundaries. Today, include catchy graphics and
    animations; PBS pabulum. Boring and forgettable.
    Heaven forbid that we shock the snowflakes with
    the blood and guts that dominated everywhere and

    Peaceful and free society has always been a rare
    exception; INCLUDING today. Santayana implores
    us to learn how thoughtful men built islands of
    sanity amid brutal totalitarian hells.


    1. If only Rod Serling were alive. Imagine him writing a Twilight Zone episode where Antifa or BLM radicals are transported back in time after tearing down a statue of Lincoln to Minnesota of 1862 to witness those massacres first hand. But I doubt the script would ever pass the first reading and be buried in some television producers trash bin.

    2. Anonymous21/10/20

      Thanks, Bjorn: Lofty and deserved praise
      to both Serling and Lincoln. So much
      value in seeing the past as it was, not
      the shallow presentism of today’s arrogant,
      violent moralists. Charlie

  3. Another great piece, clearly demonstrating the lack of historical understanding of these misfits. But, for that matter, they could care less what the real history is because the vast majority know as little about American history as to they. The real issue is the system of education in America. It's now a racket for the teacher's unions, and a scam and a con on America!

  4. Anonymous20/10/20

    When 'Americans' start tearing down Lincoln's statues then you know it's the beginning of the end. America could be forgiven any sin because it provided us him, her greatest son.

    If Lincoln ran for office today there would not be sufficient collective perspicacity to identify or appreciate his genius nor sufficient prurient content of his life to sustain any interest.

    America is obviously finished. We will now enter a new Dark Age whose length may be interminable. Only God can now save us.

    Jonty Dee

  5. Anonymous20/10/20

    I have always believed that people should get exactly what they ask for in life for the only thing left and remaining, for those of us who oppose this kind of thing, is to simply get rid of these marxists by what ever method it takes.

    They want to destroy this nation and kill those who disagree with them so we would be wise to eradicate them down to the last nose ring and tattoo and comment. Send them to Hell, a brave new world, where they can spew their BS and hatred throughout eternity.

  6. Anonymous20/10/20

    I have always believed that people should get exactly what they ask for in life for the only thing left and remaining, for those of us who oppose this kind of thing, is to simply get rid of these marxists by what ever method it takes.

    They want to destroy this nation and kill those who disagree with them so we would be wise to eradicate them down to the last nose ring and tattoo and comment. Send them to Hell, a brave new world, where they can spew their BS and hatred throughout eternity.

  7. Alicia PS21/10/20

    If the Left Progressive " little monsters" had ever confused a telescope with a microscope , then had Significant Carer mix lenses and have them look at history from the wrong end?
    That would be akin to their amoral, entitled and ignorant idiocy that they endlessly display.
    Our fault. We sent them to Mooniversity, left them saddled with debt to fund Bezos or Soros.
    We didn't care what Zinn and Zen mystery doulahs peddled on a sonecure, a tenure.
    So they know nothing. Not even what sex they are, not even what pronoun to use for themselves.
    Yet they know what temperature will show for Vanuatu in 2048.
    As I say.Our fault.
    Get biblical, girls. Isa 24.1-13.

  8. Anonymous21/10/20

    You won't hear me refer to "indigenous people" in the context used by leftists. Depending on which anthropologists you read, the first "Americans" were Asians who crossed the land bridge at the Bering Strait sometime between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago. We are all either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. Am I more American than you because I can trace my lineage to the 17th century? Of course not. The term Native American used with regard to what were formerly called American Indians is a way of claiming special status. In my view you are a Native American if you were born here; you can't be any more American than that, no matter how far back your family lineage goes.

  9. I live in another part of the world and observe with interest what is happening in the United States, I had to study the history of your country in more detail. It is very interesting to read the opinions of bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Daniel Greenfield needs to do his home work, and explain what lead to the Dakota doing what they did in 1862, tell both sides, only we are the true indigenous people, talk about racist I bet you you would find good in Hitler

    1. Anonymous28/10/20

      Instead you defend rapists and child killers.
      The Indians fought an intolerant war of racial extermination against the White settlers simply because they were White, and defenseless.
      They were little different than the Nazis you cite.


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