Imagine if every year on the 7th of May, Germans held an annual commemoration of the defeat of the Nazi state, complete with Swastikas, anti-Semitic chants and slogans, and claims that the Volksdeutsche expelled from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary were the real victims.

That's the spectacle that takes place every May as Muslims in Israel chant and riot to protest their unsuccessful genocide of the indigenous Jewish minority.

And the media sympathetically covers this repulsive spectacle of historical obliviousness, of a regional majority responsible for multiple genocides, dressing up as the victims because their invasion of Israel ended in a stalemate, rather than the intended genocidal purge of the Jews.

The revisionist Muslim history of Israel ethnically cleanses the thousands of years of history of the original Jewish inhabitants and a thousand years of persecution under Muslim rule.

It leaves out the massacres and atrocities carried out by the Muslim invaders against the Jewish inhabitants in the 20th century, including the Hebron Massacre, and the Nazi collaboration of their leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem. Instead it begins and ends with Deir Yassin and angry old women holding up oversized housekeys while reminiscing about the good times they had massacring Jews.

There are about as many Jewish refugees from the Muslim world, as there are Muslim refugees from Israel. The difference is that the Jewish refugees were a minority fleeing the violence of a brutal majority, while the Muslim refugees were a regional majority making a strategic withdrawal in response to calls from the leaders of invading Arab countries to pull out so they could kill the Jews.

"We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down," Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Said had promised

There's your Nakba. Go wave your fake giant housekeys in Baghdad.

The Nakbaites thought that they were going to be the beneficiaries of a genocide carried out by the armies of seven Muslim nations. Instead they had to settle down in Syria, Jordan and elsewhere around the region. An easy thing to do since they are the same people, speak the same language and share the same culture. The difference between a Jordanian Arab and a Jordanian Palestinian is a few miles and about twenty-five years.

Many of the "Palestinians" had migrated to Israel less than a century ago to take advantage of the economic boom created by Jewish and British investment after the fall of Ottoman colonial rule. Since then they migrated on to other booms in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where they quickly made a nuisance of themselves and were at times expelled. Do the Kuwaiti Palestinians (or Kuwaitistinians) hold an annual Nakba to commemorate the 400,000 expelled from Kuwait by the Kuwaitis? Instead they humbly apologized to Kuwait for supporting Saddam Hussein. The way that they ought to apologize to Israel for supporting the attempted Muslim genocide of the Jews.

Israel, like Kuwait, should refuse to have any relations with the PLO until such an apology is made.

The Nakba commemorations are only possible in a culture with no sense of responsibility. A religion which has killed more people and wiped out more cultures than Stalin and Hitler combined, but still remains convinced that it is the victim. A victim of their own failed genocidal war. The Nakba is really the Nakbacide. A dream of mass murder that was frustrated when their victims fought back

The Nakba is a tiresome reminder that Muslims don't want peace. That they're not mature enough to handle it. What they really want is to rehash grievances and sullenly plot another genocide, instead of coming to terms with the consequences of their own actions.

Had the Israeli War of Independence been fought between local Jews and Muslims, the Nakba circus might not be as bankrupt as it is. But it was actually a war fought between local Jews and the armies of seven Muslim nations, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Syria, overseen by two British commanders. Despite all this, the Arab Muslim invaders still failed to do more than seize half of Jerusalem, and Gaza, Judea and Samaria. And that's what really gnaws at them.

The ugly truth of the Nakba is that it blunted the nationalistic ambitions of Arab Muslims who, like ISIS, dreamed of replacing the Ottoman Empire with an Islamic State. Losing a war to a European world power wouldn't have hurt as much as losing a war to a despised regional minority.

Yahood. Lower than a dog. Yahood. Transformed into apes and pigs in the Koran. Yahood. A despised minority in every Muslim country. And then the Yahoods, the sons of apes and pigs, somehow beat back seven Muslim armies and took back lands that had been conquered by the Caliphs making a mockery of Mohammed's manifest destiny.

In Islamic culture time never passes. The words, "You Lost a War, Get Over It", have no meaning. Arab Muslims still think Spain is theirs. Every time they see a European army, they mutter about the Crusades. Jews are greeted with chants of "Khaybar ya Yahood" recalling Mohammed's massacre of the Jews, a historical event that is what the Nakba only claims to be.

Nothing is ever forgotten. Old hatreds are nurtured into violent rages that cannot be calmed by any treaty. The purpose of hate is hate. The purpose of Nakba is Nakba.

The Muslim world has no history. It has pervasive myths that feed the Muslim need for self-glorification and victimization. Muslim history is one long cry of "Mine, Mine, Mine" and "Give it Back". Millions of Arab Muslims believe that they discovered America, that European science was stolen from them, that the entire world used to be Muslim, that Neil Armstrong heard the Islamic call to prayer on the moon, that Jacques Cousteau converted to Islam and that the Koran invented light bulbs. The common denominator of these and Nakbacide is a sense of boundless entitlement.

When Muslims win a war, it's because Allah is on their side. When they lose a war, it's because they were undermined, cheated and betrayed. The other side didn't play fair. And then come the cries of, "We Want a Do Over" and, "Mine, Mine, Mine! Give it Back!" Followed by oaths of vengeance, ululating cries of old women who just got done drowning their own daughters, Hashish crazed mobs torching flags that they bought for just that purpose, and old men gritting their teeth at the camera.

What a glorious Nakba it was, same time again next year?

Anti-Israel activists like to say that Israel is an idea that became a country and Palestine is a country that became an idea. But it's actually the other way around. Israel is a country that was reborn after many centuries of occupation and repression. Palestine is an idea that was never a country and was kept around for its malicious usefulness.

Their fictional Palestinian identity, with its imagined roots in a country they hardly ever lived in, has turned millions of people into the militias of Israel's neighboring enemies. Their flags and chants about statehood hide the fact that they are nothing more than proxies of countries which deny them citizenship because it makes them into better weapons, not just against Israel, but against each other. When an Arab Muslim country wants some thugs to smash in the heads of protesters, some cheap labor or even cheaper reason to get their people all worked up, they bring in the faux Palestinians, with their keffiyahs, their Arab-Socialist tricolor flags, and their chronic unemployment.

The historical irony, is that it is the very gullibility of these military colonists, their willingness to accept a Palestinian identity, that keeps them displaced in the countries they live in. Had they demanded the right to be citizens of Jordan, Syria or Lebanon-- international pressure would have given them a new life.

Instead by embracing the dubious honor of continuing the Jihad against the Jews, they trapped themselves in a no man's land of their own making. As long as they remain willing to be killers, sacrificing their own children to the fiery moloch of the bomb vest, then they will be eternal pariahs in their own countries.   

The "Palestinians" are their own curse. They are suffering the self-inflicted punishment for their own crimes. It is their hatred for the Jews that torments them and humiliates them. They eagerly die for their own sins. Their misery is the living embodiment of their own evil. They suffer because they cannot let go of their bigotry, their greed, and their illusory honor.

Daniel Greenfield is a conservative columnist and investigative reporter.  He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine at the above link.

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  1. Anonymous18/5/20

    The Palestinians and Muslims in general will never stop being the crazy,
    hateful people they have always been. The Israeli Jews are intelligent,
    industrious, creative with love for their children and hope for the
    future. In numerous talks with serious Jews, I suggested that they
    just buy Tasmania and do Zion in a good area. No sale (with eyeroll).
    OK, I’m not Jewish, so not able/permitted to understand.

    It’s such a waste of these precious kids. Take as many old buildings
    and rebuild them there, tons of holy dirt; whatever. What a wondrous
    gift of Peace to these and their children.


  2. I've never felt much sympathy for them. Especially those living in Gaza. They had multiple opportunities to turn that little strip of land into a paradise, but they were too consumed by envy and hatred of the Jews just a few short miles away. Just imagine what could have been possible with all the Billions thrown at Gaza over the years! Instead, they chose to build attack tunnels and bunkers, missiles and suicide vests. Instead of their children striving to be independent and productive, they teach them that the greatest aspiration to to die in jihad against the Jews.

    They dug a huge pit, filled it with excrement, jumped in and then plead their sorry state to the world. Sorry, no thanks! Some common sense from my grandmother is warranted here:
    When you're in a hole, STOP DIGGING!
    Clean up your OWN MESS!

    1. Indeed. They really should have been told that since they have a seacoast, they ought to jump in the sea and wash their own excrement off.

  3. I would also blame the Arab States and the UNRWA for the plight of the Falastin Arabs and their descendants. UNRWA's open-ended mandate partly excused the Arab states from naturalizing the victims of an-Nakhba, while the Arab states found that keeping the Falastin Arabs and their offspring stateless down to the fourth anf fifth generation allowed them to keep the Arab street at a boiling point against an outside enemy.

    Since the Arab states always use the Palestinian Plight as an excuse to trash a US diplomatic mission from time to time, I think it should become an obligatory diplomatic talking point that if you exclude Jordan and Israel itself, the USA has given property-holding, voting rights, public-office-eligible citizenship to more victims of an-Nakhba than any seven Arabic-speaking states combinedl and lost count of the descendants due to our 14th Amendment which makes someone born in the USA and subject to its jurisdiction a citizen.

  4. One point that should also have been emphasized: In 1947, when the Jews were attacked by seven Arab nations, they were also attacked by the local Arabs. This had been going on since around 1921 if not earlier. The local Arabs (many of whom were very recent migrants from Egypt, Syria and elsewhere) were not victims who happened to be in the wrong place when others attacked the Jews. They were themselves aggressors intent on genocide. When they departed, many of them should have been regarded not as "refugees," but as fugitives who fled only after their attempted mass murder proved unsuccessful.

  5. When I am reminded of the continuing hostility to the state of Israel, the desire to see its destruction and the characterization of the state's creation and existence as a nakba, it makes me wish that these Jew haters were really given something about which to cry.

  6. Anonymous20/5/20

    Muslims are generally so myopic that you cannot talk with them on any matter. Civil discourse with those fk'ers is nearly non-existent and if you insist upon having your way about things, even minor stuff, they typically get angry and emotional and then murderously revengeful.

    I wouldn't take them if I could own them free or charge. Completely worthless, living liabilities.

  7. Arab autonomy in Palestine exists for more than 20 years, on the territory of the Gaza Strip and in areas A & B. All Jews were expelled from there long ago.

    100 years of residence of two peoples on a narrow strip of land proved that Jews and Arabs can not and should not live in one country. Every nation must live in its own country. This is the essence of the UN decision on the partition of Palestine.

    In 1952, Jews rashly presented the Arabs with Israeli citizenship.
    A two states solution is meaningless without changing citizenship of Israeli Arabs.
    The winner does not give his land and citizenship to the defeated enemy.
    It is necessary to initiate a referendum on the issue:
    Separation of Jews from Arabs on the basis of citizenship.
    Citizenship ✡️ of a Jewish State - for Jews <-//-> Citizenship ☪️ of an Arab State (without an army) - for Arabs.
    The party that will organize a referendum will double its attendance in the Knesset.

    After 2 million Arabs become citizens of their state (without an army), they will pay taxes ( income tax and health tax ) in Ramallah and gradually all Arabs will be absorbed in Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, Jericho, Abu Dis, Bethlehem, Gaza etc.


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