Home Democrats Fake Hate Crimes Race Racism Dems Blame Trump for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes by Minorities
Home Democrats Fake Hate Crimes Race Racism Dems Blame Trump for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes by Minorities

Dems Blame Trump for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes by Minorities

The video shows an Asian woman running through a subway station in Chinatown before being ambushed by a young black man who begins punching and kicking her.

Now Senate Democrats have cited the incident in Senate Resolution 580 which condemns the terms “Wuhan Virus” and “Chinese Virus”, that correctly describe the origin of the pandemic, as likely to lead to “Asian Americans being harassed, assaulted, and scapegoated.”

While the resolution is clearly aimed at President Trump, who has insisted on describing the virus as the “Chinese Virus”, and at conservatives who have resisted the WHO’s efforts to obscure the origins of the outbreak in the People’s Republic of China, a survey of the anti-Asian attacks, including those cited by Democrats, tells a different story.

The resolution describes the subway attack as part of the “incidents of anti-Asian violence occurring in March 2020… a woman wearing a mask was kicked and punched at a New York City subway station.”

The attack actually happened in February. The woman seems to have been wearing a scarf, not a mask. She’s also wearing a parka with a fur-trimmed hood suggesting winter attire, not coronavirus protection. Her attacker on the video makes no mention of the coronavirus, that comes from an unverified claim on Twitter. The attack appears to be the sort of random violence that happens far too often in New York.

And the African-American man who assaulted her was probably not a Trump supporter.

The Senate Democrat resolution goes on to mention that, "2 children and 2 adults were stabbed at a wholesale grocery in Midland, Texas."

Jose L. Gomez III, the perpetrator, was stopped by an off-duty Border Patrol Agent. That’s the organization targeted by some of the Senate Democrats who signed on to S. Res. 580, especially Senator Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Ramirez, a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School, an ex-Marine, and Border Patrol Agent, who prevented Gomez from killing anybody, is everything that Democrats oppose.

Gomez did claim that he went on the stabbing spree because he thought the Chinese family was spreading the virus. And then he began punching guards in prison. He’s probably not a Trump supporter.

"A couple was assaulted and robbed by a group of attackers in Philadelphia," the Senate Democrat resolution continues. The Twitter user who had posted the original video, before his account was suspended, described it as, “Asian kids were stomped and punched by a herd of black kids, this is so disturbing the amount of Racial violence we have to endure is so heartbreaking. This happened in a subway in Philadelphia. Don’t look away, this is the reality for us in Western countries.”

It's an ugly scene, but unclear that it has anything to do with the coronavirus. Like the first video, it just seems to be the pervasive reality in some urban areas. It was happening often enough before the virus.

Democrats have empowered criminals, handcuffed law enforcement, and fought to prevent the prosecution of thugs who carry out violent attacks like the ones that take place in these videos. Democrats can’t push pro-crime agendas like giving 17-year-olds a pass for violent attacks while describing them as “justice-involved youth”, and then feign outrage when they beat up an Asian couple.

President Trump didn’t cause the Philly subway attack. Calling the virus, the “Wuhan Virus” didn’t do it. Pro-crime policies by the Democrats running Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are entirely to blame.

The final incident cited in the resolution, of a teenager being attacked in school, can’t be investigated because no names, and not even the location of the school, have been released or named in the stories.

But a survey of the violent assaults on Asian people that have been attributed to fear of the pandemic makes it abundantly clear that they’re not coming from Trump supporters obsessed with wording.

A video that does show an attack on an Asian woman motivated by the coronavirus features a mask-wearing African-American woman on a subway car near Chinatown in Manhattan. Another attack in Manhattan was carried out by a minority perpetrator, of unknown race, wearing a surgical mask, and shouting, “You’re infected China boy, you need to get off the train.”

Nicholas Theodore of Harlem was arrested for spitting and threatening to shoot an Asian man in a Brooklyn subway station, while yelling, "You f–king Chinese spreading the coronavirus!" Yet another video from a Brooklyn subway confrontation shows a black man spraying an Asian man with Febreeze.

Of the 3 violent assaults on Asian people in May listed by the ADL, two took place in New York and one in Pasadena. All were carried out by black men. The Pasadena attacker appears to be a homeless man who had been previously arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for spitting on a woman.

The deadly weapon part came about because he was infected with tuberculosis.

Neither the locales nor the perps fit the profiles of Trump supporters who care what he calls the virus.

Of the three violent attacks in April, one took place in New York, one in New Jersey, and one in Chesapeake, Virginia. The one assault which caused physical harm involved African-American teenage girls assaulting a middle aged woman on an Edison, NJ bus badly enough that she needed stitches.

Most of the anti-Asian attacks took place in March. The majority of the attacks happened in New York, though there was one in Naperville that involved two white women. An assault on a subway train in Brooklyn appeared to be a robbery attempt by a homeless man who shouted racial slurs at his victim.

The perpetrator had allegedly been arrested nearly 100 times.

An Asian woman walking in Manhattan was assaulted by a Bronx resident who shouted slurs at her. When the attacker was arrested, the police found drug paraphernalia in her possession.

Raoul Ramos, pushed an Asian man and his son in Queens, New York.

A rapper posted a video of an elderly Asian woman being chased with a bottle of Purell in Miami.

A 13-year-old boy in New York repeatedly spat on an Asian man.

These incidents are ugly, but, like most hate crimes, have been taking place in Democrat enclaves. The perpetrators, if they bother to vote, are probably Democrats. The assaults are part of the ugly climate of casual violence that has been unleashed by pro-crime Democrat politicians like Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Everyone, even the dumbest people around, knows where the Wuhan Virus originated.

If Senator Kamala Harris, and allies like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to stop crimes like these, they need to stop parroting propaganda from Communist China and get tough on crime. Senate Resolution 580 will do nothing to stop assaults on Asian-Americans in New York City. All it offers is hollow politically correct virtue signaling while trying to silence any discussion of China’s misdeeds.

The violent attacks make it obvious that hate crimes are not fundamentally distinct from other crimes. A violent hate crime is most often just an assault or a robbery accompanied by slurs. The solution isn’t to fight hate crimes, it’s to fight crime. Real hate crimes are the work of criminals who say something racist.

The Senate Democrat resolution seeks to muzzle free speech while undermining our foreign policy. Playing the language police will do absolutely nothing to stop violent assaults by subway thugs.

The only beneficiaries of Senate Resolution 580 will be China’s Communist Party.

It’s also yet another cynical effort to blame violent attacks in New York City on President Trump.

Anti-Asian violent attacks, like anti-Semitic violent attacks, are largely being carried out by the same people and in the same areas. The Democrats need to stop blaming Trump and Republicans for racist violence being carried out in their cities and by their voters, and start taking responsibility themselves.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Anonymous26/5/20

    Of course, thugs target “Asians” (Chinese, Korean,
    Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Burmese, Laotians,
    Mongolian, Cambodian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian).
    “Asians” are smaller, study and work harder, are
    likely to have money, valuables, credit cards.

    Who are the patriotic attackers? They are “Youth”.

    Who are the reporters? NABJ (National Association
    of Black Journalists, 4,000 members). NAHJ (National
    Association of Hispanic Journalists, 2,300 members).
    Go ahead; look for NAWJ.


  2. One of the things I've found amazing in recent years is the Asian American community, which has been an economically, intellectually and socially successful, a totally integrated community in America, generally vote for Democrats.

    One legislator I've talked to in Ohio, a second generation American of Asian descent, who was in the leadership of the Democrat party. His family were owners of a successful manufacturing plant. Why Democrats? I've never been able to figure that out. However, this may be the turning point, just as I think recent years has made American Jews decide it’s time to turn FDR’s picture to the wall and move on to reality. This is not their parents or grandparents Democrat party.


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