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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Anger Privilege

If you want to know who has privilege in a society and who doesn’t, follow the anger.

There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re
angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about , or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels.

But if you’re angry that your job is going to China or that you just missed being killed in a Muslim suicide bombing, your anger is unacceptable.

Not all anger is created equal. Some anger is privileged rage.

If you hang up an effigy of a Democrat governor while protesting the lockdowns, you will lose your job. But if you topple statues, loot stores, or throw bricks at police, celebrities funded by corporations will help bail you out. Violence, like anger, is also a matter of privilege. Only some get to do it.

Public acts of violence are not a symptom of oppression, but of privilege.

Good anger gets you a gig as a CNN commentator. Bad anger gets you hounded out of your job. Good anger isn’t described as anger at all. Instead it’s linguistically whitewashed as “passionate” or “courageous”. Bad anger however is “worrying” or “dangerous”. Angry left-wing protesters “call out”, angry right-wing protesters “threaten”. Good anger is left-wing. Bad anger is right-wing.

Socially acceptable displays of anger, from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter riots to the anti-Trump marches to the furious campus protests, are invariably left-wing. They're never described as dangerous even when they trash, loot, kill, and burn cities to the ground. That's privilege.

Why were chants of “Lock her up” immoderate, but not Bush era cries of “Jail to the chief”? Why were Tea Party rallies “ominous” but throwing Molotov cocktails at cops is “courageous”? Why is killing Trump on stage the hottest thing to hit Shakespeare while a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask was hounded by everyone from the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri to the NAACP?

Not all anger is equal. Anger, like everything else, is ideologically coded. Left-wing anger is good because its ideological foundations are good. Right-wing anger is bad because its ideology is bad.

It’s not the level of anger, its intensity or its threatening nature that makes it good or bad.

And that is why the left so easily slips into violence. All its ideological ends are good. Therefore its means, from mass starvation to gulags to riots and tyranny, must be good. If I slash your tires because of your Obama bumper sticker”, I’m a monster. But if you key my car because of my Trump bumper sticker, you’re fighting racism and fascism. Your tactics might be in error, but your viewpoint isn’t.

There are no universal standards of behavior. Civility, like everything else, is ideologically limited.

Intersectionality frowns on expecting civil behavior from “oppressed” protesters. Asking that shrieking campus crybully not to scream threats in your face is “tone policing”. A black millionaire’s child at Yale is fighting for her “existence”, unlike the Pennsylvania coal miner, the Baltimore police officer and the Christian florist whose existences really are threatened.

Tone policing is how the anger of privileged leftists is protected while the frustration of their victims is suppressed. The existence of tone policing as a specific term to protect displays of left-wing anger shows the collapse of civility into anger privilege. Civility has been replaced by a political entitlement to anger.

The left prides itself on an unearned moral superiority (“When they go low, we go high”) reinforced by its own echo chamber even as it has become incapable of controlling its angry outbursts. The national tantrum after Trump’s victory has all but shut down the government, turned every media outlet into a non-stop feed of conspiracy theories and set off protests that quickly escalated into street violence.

But Trump Derangement Syndrome is a symptom of a problem with the left that existed before he was born and one that continues even in contexts where he isn't the issue. The left is an angry movement. It is animated by an outraged self-righteousness whose moral superiority doubles as dehumanization. And its machinery of culture glamorizes its anger. The media dresses up the seething rage so that the left never has to look at its demons in the mirror of its soul.

The left is as angry as ever. Campus riots and assassinations of Republican politicians are nothing new. What is changing is that its opponents are beginning to match its anger. The left still clings to the same anger it had when it was a theoretical movement with plans, but little impact on the country. The outrage at the left is no longer ideological. There are millions of people whose livelihoods were ruined, whose rights were taken away, whose land was seized, and whose children were turned against them. There are people whose small businesses have been shut down or burned to the ground.

The angry left has gained a great deal of power. It has used that power to wreck lives. But monopolies on anger only work in totalitarian states. In a free society, both sides are expected to control their anger and find terms on which to debate and settle issues. The left rejects civility and refuses to control its anger. The only settlement it will accept is absolute power. If an election doesn’t go its way, it will overturn the results. If someone offends it, he must be punished. Or there will be anger.

The angry left demands that everyone recognize the absolute righteousness of its anger as the basis for its power. This anger privilege, like tone policing, is often cast in terms of oppressed groups. But its anger isn’t in defiance of oppression, but in pursuit of oppression.

Anger privilege is used to silence opposition, to enforce illegal policies and to seize power. But the left’s monopolies on anger are cultural, not political. The entertainment industry and the media can enforce anger privilege norms through public shaming, but their smears can’t stop the consequences of the collapse of civility in public life. There are no monopolies on emotion.

When anger becomes the basis for political power, then it won’t stop with Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders. That’s what the left found out in the last election. Its phony pearl clutching was a reaction to the consequences of its destruction of civility. Its reaction to that show of anger by conservatives and independents was to escalate the conflict. Instead of being the opposition, the left became the “resistance”. Trump was simultaneously Hitler and a traitor. Republicans were evil beasts.

Anger has to go somewhere.

The left likes to think that its anger is good anger because it’s angry over the plight of illegal aliens, Muslim terrorists, transgender bathrooms, the lack of abortion in South Carolina, the minimum wage at Taco Bell, budget cuts, tax cuts, police arrests, drone strikes and all the other ways in which reality differs from its utopia. But all that anger isn’t the road to a better world, but to hate and violence.

Millions of leftists are told every day that Republicans are responsible for everything wrong with their lives, the country and the planet. Despite everything they do, all the petitions they sign, the marches they attend, the donations, the angry letters, the social media rants, Republicans continue to exist and even be elected to public office. Where does that anger go?

Either we have a political system based on existing laws and norms of civility. Or we have one based on coups and populist leftist anger. And there are already a whole bunch of those south of the border.

Leftist anger is a privileged bubble of entitlement that bursts every other election. Its choice is to try to understand the rest of the country or to intimidate, censor, oppress and eventually kill them.


  1. Anonymous31/5/20

    The best piece I've read since the death of Floyd. Thanks, Daniel, for putting into words what so many of us think.

  2. Anonymous31/5/20

    Daniel’s use of examples and memes makes the case.
    “Tone”, “Privilege”, “Resist” need no definition in
    our now world of explosive reaction. Academ-media
    programmed words are like post-hypnotic markers:
    attack inciters for libs; IED tripwires against

    Wander, as I once did, into a liberal discussion of
    affirmative action, naively utter “quota”, and
    you’ll see. (Not recommended.)


  3. Marlene31/5/20

    Accurate and clear as usual Daniel. Each little paragraph could stand alone as a commentary. Thank you.
    This struck me as the saddest part
    "There are millions of people whose livelihoods were ruined, whose rights were taken away, whose land was seized, and whose children were turned against them. There are people whose small businesses have been shut down or burned to the ground."

    And inside that statement - ..Children were turned against them.... (yes me and my kids were on opposite sides of the Wuhan Flu issue - me being cynical and untrusting of the Experts, wanting to open up by Easter, they being petrified of the virus, and at the same time being virtuous that they were saving lives, and a over-reaction was better than an under-reaction, even though many more millions would be adversely affected. Never before did I see the clash of cultural and historical ideology be so clear.)

    But to a deeper point on children turning against them; yes unless each of us was extremely careful to transmit our core beliefs in First Principles, The Founding of America, The Founders themselves (warts and all) the Declaration of Independence, Liberty, the Judeo-Christian value system, to our offspring, we will have lost them to the ideology and attraction to utopian ideals.

    Many of us who read your columns came from, as David Horowitz, left leaning backgrounds. Growing up in the 60's and 70's, we saw our parents & the establishment as "plastic" and rigid, and we misunderstood that their self-control, was actually good. We rebelled agains it and decided we were better people. We cared more, were kinder, were more in-touch with nature were non-violent and so blew up their system.
    Now as converts, looking back we see it was all about control of a different kind, and the violence was there, we just didn't see it as such.

    Converting to these conservative concepts take time to incorporate into oneself. So while our kids were small we were not the stalwart conservatives that we are today. Thus we did not pass on the value system and ideals that we now embrace.

    I fear the 1619 project will do irreparable damage and those in their 30's now raising children in the education system will only continue the trend to the left. The New York Times is like a plague on our culture & society. The rioting proves this point very clearly.

    All I can do is continue to plant seeds in my kids and grandkids. Instead of commenting and worrying over every issue we see differently, I have decided to pick a couple that are most important, and share my view on those over and over in the hope that something will stick. and who knows maybe when they turn 40 they will have their "come to the Light side" moment. Accept the 3R's of Conservatism and embrace it.

    Unfortunately their generation is at a disadvantage as social media is their source of information which includes the delusions that the MSM present as facts. So it will be an uphill battle.

    As this is the season of "revelations" and the receiving of Torah, I am struck by the fact that revelations is the theme each and every day regarding the Deep State and the "resistance"; the way the Deep State manifests in the field of Science and Health, and how this Wuhan Virus has revealed the dark side of Tyranny. I know we see it, I just hope & pray that those not so embedded in the left ideology will see it too!

  4. Anonymous31/5/20

    Great article!! You can expand the idea beyond Left and Right. This is how evil operates. Period. Whether it's jihadi, nazi, or communist version or simply motivation by greed, hatred and/or stupidity - the playbook is always the same. The goal is absolute power and domination over others, wrapped in self-righteous slogans that appeal to the basest of human instincts. And the means can be anything - lies, violence, murder, even genocide, and any and all of those means invariably justify the ultimate goal. The choice becomes one of morality more than politics.

  5. .... to intimidate, censor, oppress and to eventually kill (us) ....

    Bring it on.

  6. Thank you, Daniel. Concise and spot-on.
    Double standard unfortunately lives and is thriving. The question is, how do we starve the beast?

    1. stop conceding ground to it, legitimizing its anger as if it stems from a real problem

  7. You need to understand how these people think. They are virtuous, you are evil. Anything they say or want or propose is therefore justified. Anything you say or want or propose is pure evil, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, islamophobic, etc - you knuckle dragging, MAGA Trump supporter.

    1. Anonymous3/6/20

      Your take on their vindictive certainty does me a
      world of good; thank you! Past cherished friends
      and family, now hateful: recognize, defend against,
      leave behind. No other choices.


  8. At the riots in crown heights a Jewish man was knifed and killed. Did we burn cars and throw molotov cocktails? That is not who we are, where we come from and not helpful in any way. I asked a woman if when her son came home with his "purchases" did she high five him or give him hell. No answer!



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