Home videos Essential People and Non-Essential Governments - a Conversation
Home videos Essential People and Non-Essential Governments - a Conversation

Essential People and Non-Essential Governments - a Conversation

 Last week, I took part in the Freedom Center's Webinar series. My topic was, "Essential Rights and Non-Essential Governments."

And you can see talk and the question and answer session here.

While governments presume to decide which of us is or isn't essential, government is non-essential, and it is our rights that are truly essential.

Stay tuned for future Teach-Ins for the Twenty-First Century events.


  1. Anonymous1/5/20

    Talking with Leftists about government and society comes to the same
    sticking points. I say that a man living a free life is motivated to
    act in his rational self interest, including non-initiation of force
    and good ethics. Natural cooperation of such actors results in a
    creative, positive sum game. Leftists maintain the need for a “Center”
    containing expertise and power. The Center can and should overrule
    individuals who do not follow correct or optimal practices.

    This shows up in funny ways. My smart German friend and I were
    remodeling his home when I suggested how we could install a cabinet.
    It was a new idea I invented on the spot. He rejected it so quickly,
    I asked why. “We’ve never done it like that.” Despite intelligence,
    he couldn’t create freely. He needed authority.

    Leftists see life like designing a spacecraft. All systems need to
    be tested and integrated. Checklists need to be written and
    exercised for all eventualities. Sound like our endless laws at all
    levels? All problems and situations can’t be solved in advance.

    Life at its most joyous, creative, productive is spontaneous! The
    spark of freedom can’t be explained to a mental slave. The vast
    majority of free and good men should never allow crushing state



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