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In Europe, the Muslim Murder of Jews is a Mental Illness

Martin Colmans was selling furniture in the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam when he was stabbed in the thigh. His son, Sharon, ran out to help him and protect his mother and was stabbed in his back and chest. But he succeeded in preventing the stabber from getting to his mother, Orly.

Tarik Ghani, the Muslim man who stabbed him, ran a hookah shop in the market. The victim said that he noticed a sudden change in his attacker after he returned from the Middle East and was often seen, “reading the Koran.” “He stopped talking to us, shaved his head and prayed all the time. He also began giving us nasty looks.” Other vendors in the Cuyp market stated that Tarik hated Jews. There had been warnings that he might turn violent and attack someone. Those warnings were however disregarded.

Instead of sending him to prison, a Dutch judge sentenced Tarik to a year of psychiatric treatment. The Colmans had asked the judge to take his anti-Semitism into account, instead the judge accepted Tarik’s claim that he was mentally ill and had been hearing voices. There was no evidence for this claim.

"Many people who are psychotic read the Koran," a psychiatrist explained.

Tarik hadn’t been obsessively reading the Koran before the attack because he was a terrorist, but because he was psychotic.

Around the same time as a Dutch court was exempting Tarik from responsibility for his anti-Semitic attack, a French court was giving Kobili Traore another pass for the brutal murder of Sarah Halimi.

Sarah, the elderly head of a Jewish nursery school, was brutally attacked in her apartment. Her brother had said that the killer had previously called them, “dirty Jews”. The police had been called before the attack. They had heard Kobili loudly chanting verses from the Koran. Reinforcements were called, but the police did nothing. Meanwhile Kobili climbed through the window into Sarah’s apartment.

The Muslim beat her until her nightgown was covered in blood while shouting, “Allahu Akbar”, verses from the Koran and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Neighbors called the police and described what was going on. The police did nothing. At some point during the brutal assault, the killer crushed Sarah’s skull with a telephone. Finally, he shouted that his victim was “mad and about to commit suicide”.

And then he threw her out the window and returned to his apartment.

That was in 2017. Since then multiple courts have ruled that Kobili Traore was not responsible for his actions because cannabis had been found in his system. He had been smoking pot. And that had allegedly brought on some sort of psychotic episode that prevented him from being responsible for his actions. Like Tarik Ghani, he is likely to remain in a hospital until the shrinks decide to set him loose.

Kobili has had three psychiatric reviews, none of whom agree with each other, but all claim he was unfit.

But trying to belatedly make Sarah’s murder look like a suicide showed that he knew what he was doing. He had calculatedly cased her apartment early in the day and had calculated exactly where to drop her.

The cover-up of the murder began from before it even happened. Instead of taking Kobili to prison, the cops took him to a hospital. A urine test found cannabis in his system. And the narrative was set. And yet the killer admitted that he had been motivated by his hatred of Sarah’s Jewishness.

He told investigators, "When I saw the Torah and menorah in her home, I felt oppressed." By the Torah, he likely meant a copy of the bible in his victim's home. (His reference to the menorah that Jews light on Chanukah has been unhelpfully mistranslated as “chandelier” from the French by the media.)

The psychiatrist argued that Kobili could be both anti-Semitic and insane because "during delusional episodes among Muslims, an anti-Semitic theme is common." The psychiatrist was making the case that the killer wasn’t guilty because Muslims are inherently anti-Semitic, and he was acting on that inherent anti-Semitism, but wasn’t truly in control of his actions because he had smoked 10 joints beforehand.

Muslims are predisposed by their religion and culture to hate Jews, but Kobili would not have done so unless he had suffered a psychotic break. That argument simultaneously characterizes Muslims as anti-Semitic, while excusing anti-Semitic murders as a form of mental illness uniquely suffered by Muslims.

Homicidal Muslim anti-Semitism was diagnosed as a form of mental illness. Sarah had been killed because of “the fact that she was Jewish”, but the killer was not responsible for his actions.

Meanwhile, what Kobili did before the brutal murder, besides smoke pot, was ignored.

Before the murder, Kobili had visited the Omar Mosque in Paris whose previous imam, Mohammed Hammami, had been expelled from the country for promoting terrorism and anti-Semitism. The mosque had been set up by Tabligh Jamaat, an Islamist group at the center of terrorism in France. It’s been estimated that the majority of Islamic terrorists in France have been linked to the movement.

Many Tabligh Jamaat members joined Al Qaeda. That includes Zacarias Moussaoui, the 20th hijacker, and shoe bomber Richard Reid. Al Qaeda was able to use the Islamist organization as cover for its members. And it’s far from the only Islamic terrorist organization that Tabligh Jamaat has been associated with.

Tabligh Jamaat is also notorious for recruiting troubled young men and subjecting them to extensive brainwashing. In one report, a Malian, the same country of origin as the killer, described recruits being kept awake for long periods of chanting and praying until they lose touch with reality. That has ominous similarities to the behavior of Kobili Traore, obsessively chanting, on the night that he murdered Sarah.

Sarah’s killer had visited an anti-Semitic mosque linked to a cult-like Islamist movement that recruits troubled young men, as Kobili had been recruited in prison, and drives them into frenzies while teaching them that their duty is to conquer the world for Islam. And that’s exactly what Kobili did in Paris.

There is a tragic and ugly pattern.

In 2015, Farid Haddouche attacked Rabbi Acher Amoyal, his son, and another man, who were leaving a Marseilles synagogue on the Sabbath. Farid had shouted, "Allahu Akbar" and stabbed one of the men in the abdomen. He was deemed unfit to stand trial after a psychiatric evaluation even though his mother admitted that he had no history of mental illness. But he had been drunk at the time. Protests by the Jewish community eventually led to an actual trial and he was sentenced to four years in prison.

In 2003, SĂ©bastien Selam, a Jewish DJ, was stabbed to death by Adel Amastaibou. The Muslim killer told the cops that it was the will of Allah. He boasted to his mother, "I killed a Jew! I will go to paradise."

Prior to the murder, Adel had assaulted a Rabbi and threatened a pregnant Jewish woman. But he was found unfit to stand trial on account of mental illness.

Like Kobili, Adel had been getting high. His drug of choice though was hashish.

Adel was hospitalized, but in a foreshadowing of just how little that will mean in the cases of Kobili and Tarik, he was given passes to leave the hospital and go off to parties.

It’s not just in Europe where homicidal Islamic anti-Semitism gets a psychiatric pass. Ahmed Ferhani, who plotted to bomb a New York City synagogue, became a popular progressive cause. The Nation claimed that he was a mentally ill man who had been entrapped by the cops. After a suicide attempt, the Center for Constitutional Rights held a vigil on behalf of the murderous anti-Semite.

The toxic combination of substance abuse, Ferhani had sold drugs to finance the Islamic killing spree, allegations of mental illness, and a plot to kill Jews, is becoming ubiquitous. As is the general effort to whitewash lone Islamic terrorists as being mentally ill because their behavior appears irrational.

There can be a thin line between crazy and evil. And some behavior that isn’t aberrant in the Muslim world, for example Kobili’s fear of demons, can in our context resemble mental illness. But, as Jamie Glazov noted in his recent book, Jihadist Psychopath, there isn’t a necessary contradiction there.

The rush to exonerate killers on the grounds of mental illness because they have alcohol or cannabis in their system, because their brutal crimes defy reason, and because it is easier than following the links to places like the Omar Mosque that the authorities don’t want to go, is encouraging Islamic violence.

In 2016, in Strasbourg, France, Chalom Levy was stabbed by an attacker shouting, "Allahu Akbar". Levy was wearing a 'kippa', a Jewish religious skullcap on his head, and had been preparing for Shabbat.

Levy, who had previously rushed into a burning car to save a woman trapped inside, was able to fight off the attacker and run for help. His attempted killer was arrested outside a café, Levy had escaped to.

The authorities and the media rushed to describe the attacker as mentally ill. And indeed, he had previously spent time in a psychiatric hospital after he had stabbed another Jewish man in 2010.

Instead of sending him to prison, he had been deemed unfit to stand trial and had been hospitalized.

This is what happens when Muslims murdering Jews ceases to be a crime and instead becomes a mental problem that a bit of time playing with dolls, talking about your dreams, and gobbling pills can solve.

The time will come when the attempted killer will stab someone else. And they may not survive.

If, as Tarik’s psychiatrist claimed, “many people who are psychotic read the Koran” and, as Kobili’s shrink insisted, "during delusional episodes among Muslims, an anti-Semitic theme is common”, then there’s no meaningful distinction between Islamic terrorism and mental illness. And if you characterize terrorism against Jews as a form of mental illness, then no Muslim terrorist should ever go to jail.

Murdering Jews or anyone in the name of Islam is not a form of mental illness. It’s genocide.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

Thank you for reading.


  1. How about we just deem anyone reading the Koran as psychotic and institutionalize them? That way we could avoid those inconvenient murders.

  2. Anonymous12/12/19

    “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”
    How could anyone fail to understand what’s
    happening here?

    The one soiled sees and feels the conscious act;
    no benefit of doubt is remotely possible.

    The aggressor's action and result shows blatant
    intent confirmed by 1400 years of malice; lived
    and refined by Evil Islam. Killing weak humans
    for them is like swatting a bug.

    Bleating “genocide”, “antisemitism” just shows
    shameful weakness. The petty quarrels between
    America, Russia, China are tiny compared to
    their common foe. Stop avoiding the issue.
    While European cowards cringe, kill Islam
    everywhere, forever.


  3. Anonymous13/12/19

    These brutes know politicians/press will immediately declare them "mentally ill". Mass immigration policies flooded our countries with enemies who openly revile us and regularly unleash violence upon us. These fiends also know a small amount of hashish in their blood guarantees they will not be prosecuted. Yet we, the people, know these beasts for what they are because they only choose children, old women or old men to brutalise and demean. These cowards are scared to target our young, fit men, with good reason.

  4. Charlie is correct. Burma and China recognise the threat of Islam. We should learn from them. We are at war.

  5. .... Murdering Jews or anyone in the name of Islam is not a form of mental illness. It’s genocide ....

    Or it's both. The manifestation of evil that both calls itself and demands of us all, "Submission," makes a hesperophobic psychopath of its every votary.

    Islam is a cancer with Mankind that we will either cut out or it will kill us all.

  6. "Many people who are psychotic read the Koran,"

    The reverse also seems to be true.

  7. Anonymous14/12/19

    Three strikes and you're out? No. One strike and you're imprisoned forever. Period. No bleeding hearts need apply.

  8. Anonymous14/12/19

    What mosque isn't antisemitic? Dr. Bill Warner did a statistical survey of the incidence of antisemtism found in the ahadith and koran, he found it higher than that found in Mein Kampf.
    How do the French gendarmes know that Kobili didn't smoke his marijuana AFTER killing Ms. Sarah Halimi? If Kobili was pyschotic then why did he have the wherewithal to lie about Ms. Halimi committing suicide?

  9. Anonymous15/12/19

    And the music goes on; Jews sing the song of victims and expect the "good" citizens of whatever country to put their lives on the line and protect the Jews when Jews will never protect themselves. The last big protection was in Germany during 30's and 40's you know how that worked out. I have never understood and never will the why of not protecting yourself and seeking out those who attacked you and letting them understand the rule of turnabout being fair play.

  10. Europe needs a better class of judges. The deference given to rapists and murderers is simply insane. Europe's judges will destroy any respect the Europeans have for the rule of law. And that's hard to do. Compared to Americans, Europeans are compulsive rule-followers.

  11. Anonymous17/12/19

    DW said "Europe needs a better class of judges." I agree but how. The problem is twofold.

    Antifa in Europe now posts online the home addresses of judges or anyone in authority (cops, journalists, politicians, judges, real estate agents who sell rich houses, etc.) and then the antifa stormtroopers or izlamical gangs single out the victim's home and attack, assault, and intimidate the individual until they submit or die.

    Other judges or authorities do not punish this intimidation because they know they will in turn be individually targeted. And a cycle of control by intimidation with complete immunity from legal or public consequence becomes "part of normal modern life" (quote by mayor Con of London). In one recent case a female lawyer got tough on antifa and izlam gangs and was found hanging from a tree. The police said she committed "suicide".

    This is a leftwing and izlamical war on the West and politicians, media, academia, the cops and courts are all either corrupted, cowed into obedience or ideologically support the "cause". Daniel Greenfield over and over identifies one of the key reasons why this is being allowed to happen: public ignorance resulting from a totally corrupted media who controls all propaganda by suppressing information or spinning disinformation. The ordinary sheeple are so confused they can't tell their grass from their elbow so continue to graze on their Soma of choice (decadence is fun until the thugs arrive and wreck the party) and ignore it all. The only way any individual sheeple takes notice is when bricks smash through their own window or fists smash their own face. And then the media spins that they were white supremacists and committed "suicide".

    The only way this will end is then enough individuals feel the bricks or fists so band together and storm the Bastille of Globalist Elites which won't happen until the left/izlamicals attempt something so large in scale, destroying a city or property confiscation or mass arbitrary arrests that the sheeple will be forced to see with their own eyes and can no longer hide from the war being waged against them.


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