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America's Newest Muslim Martyr is a Monster

The road to the Supreme Court for the country’s newest Muslim martyr began with an Alabama tractor. It was a long way from County Road 62 in Alabama to One First Street, NE, in Washington, DC. And it all began in the summer of ’95 when a Selma mom gave her daughter $6 and never saw her again.

While the frantic mother tried to find out what happened to her daughter, Domineque Hakim
Marcelle Ray promised to help. He offered to put up fliers for the missing 15-year-old girl and put out a reward. Hakim kept on checking with Tiffany’s mother to learn if any clues had turned up in her disappearance.

Hakim had a very good reason for his helpfulness.

On the evening of July 15, as her mother was getting ready to head home, Hakim and one of his friends picked up Tiffany Harville.

Hakim drove her out near Highway 41, and raped her while she pleaded, “God, God, help me. Please help me, God.”

When Tiffany threatened to tell her mother what he had done, he slashed her throat.

Hakim then made off with her purse and the $6 her mother gave her. Then, with her daughter’s blood on his hands, he showed up to tell her mother how much he cared and offered to put up fliers.

In August, a farmer was clearing land in a field in Dallas County and stumbled on Tiffany’s body. By then the teenager’s body was too badly decomposed to find out exactly how many times Hakim had stabbed her, but forensic examination showed that she had been stabbed a dozen times through the skull.

Three times, Hakim’s knife had entered Tiffany’s brain.

Defensive wounds showed that the 15-year-old girl had fought long and hard for her life. There wasn’t enough soft tissue left to show the marks on her flesh, but marks remained on her wrists and her bones.

Hakim had hacked her to death while she had fought desperately to survive.

It took two years to bring him to justice, but not before Hakim tried every trick in the book. Including accusing another man of the crime. In 1997, Hakim signed a statement, blaming another man and three other women for the attack. When his partner confessed, then eventually he did too.

A year before murdering Tiffany, Hakim had shot and killed Reinhard Mabins, a 13-year-old boy, and Ernest, his older brother. He was convicted of all three murders. The killing of the Mabins boys earned Hakim life in prison, while Tiffany’s rape and murder put the monster on Death Row.

As was typical, Hakim’s lawyers tried every trick to get him off the hook. His father hadn’t loved him, his mother was too busy to spend time with him and he hadn’t understood how serious the case was.

Finally, there was one last card to play. And Hakim’s lawyers took that card to the Supreme Court.

At the last minute, Hakim wanted his Imam with him in the death chamber. Yusef Maisonet, the imam of Masjid As Salaam, was not familiar with the safety protocols of the death penalty process, and was not allowed to be in the actual chamber.

The case went up to the courts, up to the Supreme Court, which turned Hakim down.

Instead Imam Maisonet met with Hakim before the monster was put down and taught him how to die like a good Muslim. Then he watched, along with the monster’s lawyers, from the viewing room as Hakim recited the Shahada, “la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah”, declaring the supremacy of Allah and Mohammed, before the monster joined his prophet in wherever hell murderers and rapists go to.

And with those words, Hakim became America’s next great Muslim martyr.

“He knew of the important fact to have Allah on your tongue and heart to recite the shahada over and he died with his right index finger extended bearing witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger,” Imam Maisonet posted on Facebook.

"Domineque Hakim Marcel Ray was executed by the State of Alabama & denied his request to have his imam present. His final request was to AT LEAST have a proper Muslim burial. We can help make that happen," Linda Sarsour tweeted.

Hakim had buried Tiffany in a field, with no word to her mother where she could visit her daughter. GoFundMe, which has frequently deplatformed conservatives, had no problem with helping Imam Maisonet raise money to keep Hakim from “buried in the prison cemetery with no ritual or care or love.”

“In grief for Domineque, in anger at our cruel system of ‘justice,’” the GoFundMe missive by Jen Marlowe, a “human rights activist” concluded. There was no mention of Tiffany or grief for her.

Shortly thereafter, Sarsour crowed that the funding goal had been met. “Thank u 4 reminding me of the goodness left in this world.”

Linda Sarsour had repeatedly praised her prophet, Mohammed. Hakim had raped a 15-year-old girl. Mohammed had raped a 7-year-old, among many other girls and women. Hakim had killed three people. Mohammed had massacred thousands. This is what “goodness” looks like in Islam.

CAIR had campaigned extensively for Hakim. “It was a Muslim whose rights were tragically violated,” CAIR’s Alabama board chair complained.

Latino Muslims of Texas urged its members, “please consider giving to this worthy cause. The brother's imam is our Latino Muslim brother, Imam Yusef Maisonet.”

The New York Times accused the Supreme Court of joining President Trump in sending a negative message to Muslims. The four leftist justices had, of course, dissented in favor of Hakim.

The pro-Hakim legal case rests heavily on the suitability of Imam Yusef Maisonet to operate within the security protocols of a death chamber. And few questions were asked about who he was.

Even though he runs a mosque in Alabama, Imam Maisonet’s Facebook page appears to list him as a resident of Cairo, Egypt. His Facebook page includes a call to free the Al Jazeera propogandists arrested in Egypt for their work in support of Muslim Brotherhood terror. Al Jazeera is the state propaganda network of Qatar and the Islamic terror state is a major backer of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Maisonet also reposted a quote in support of Islamism by Necmettin Erkaban.

Erkaban was a racist Turkish Islamist leader with links to the Muslim Brotherhood who had called for the Islamization of Turkey and then the entire planet. He was considered an inspiration by Islamist terrorist figures and was notorious for spewing rabid hatred toward Jews and other non-Muslims.

Imam Maisonet had also posted a statement by Sheikh Salih al Fawzan urging Muslims to take on government positions in non-Muslim countries in order to Islamize them. “If there is a country that needs change (correction/fixing), and a chance to guide the people (to Islam, to that which is correct etc) enter into working with the country’s government.”

The Sheikh is best known for endorsing the enslavement of non-Muslims. “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam."

And any Muslim who disagrees, “is an infidel.”

All of these should raise serious questions about Imam Maisonet. The pro-Hakim media has insisted that the question is purely a matter of religious freedom. But Alabama has argued that it’s a security issue.

And even a cursory glance at Imam Maisonet’s Islamic influences raise serious security issues.

Meanwhile, as money pours in for Hakim, Tiffany Harville and the Mabins boys have been forgotten. There are no impassioned tributes to the two African-American boys murdered by Hakim.

If you go out to Pineview Memory Gardens, you can find the grave of Reinhard Dwayne Mabins, a thirteen-year-old African-American boy, and his brother, Ernest Elijah Lee Jr.

The two boys share a single grave.

In his Selma Middle School yearbook photo, Reinhard is smiling shyly at the camera. In his Selma High School yearbook photo, Ernest is drawing a mountain. “Ernest Mabins… artist at work,” the title states.

While Muslims and leftists teamed up to send their Muslim killer off in style, it is unknown who paid for that one grave for two boys in Selma.

The media insists that Hakim had been deprived of his rights because he was a Muslim. The truth is that his victims were deprived of all their rights, while he was showered with privileges because he was a Muslim.

And Tiffany, who cried “God, God, help me. Please help me, God”, as Hakim was raping her, has had her prayer eclipsed in the media by her rapist’s chant of the supremacy of Allah and Mohammed.

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine at the above link.

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  1. Koran, chapter 8, paragraph 12:

    “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message:

    I will terrorize the unbelievers.

    Therefore smite them on their necks
    and every joint and incapacitate them.

    Strike off their heads and cut off
    each of their fingers and toes.”


    Koran, chapter 8, paragraph 39:

    “So fight them [the infidels] until
    there is no more fitnah
    [disbelief of non-Muslims] and
    all [people in the world] submit
    to the religion of Allah alone.”


    Koran, chapter 8, paragraph 59:

    “The infidels [non-Muslims] should not
    think that they can get away from us.

    Prepare against them whatever
    weapons you can muster, so that
    you may terrorize them. They
    are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”


    Michael B. Oren said:

    “Negotiating with a representative of
    the Libyan pirates in [year] 1786 [CE],
    Thomas Jefferson was told that the
    Quran commanded the destruction of
    all non-believers, Americans included.”

    SOURCE: Ally (page 41)
    by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador
    of Israel to the United States),
    year 2015 CE, Random House, New York

    Who are the Palestinians?



  2. Thanks again for another well written article on how bad things are.

  3. G****** the Media to hell.

  4. Voco Veritas21/2/19

    Hakim's behavior is condoned by islam which proves islam is neither a religion nor is it peaceful.
    Hakim's supporters call him a victim yet HE MURDERED at least 3 innocent children that we know of while offering no sympathy for the REAL victims who were MURDERED by that animal or for their families who will never see their children again in this life. This proves his supporters to be sick, twisted followers of the satanic cult known as islam.
    The quotes from the koran (MPSBUI) above prove it is incompatible with our Constitution. Therefore, in accordance with the McCarran Act, no muslim should be allowed to enter the USA and those who must be deported.

  5. Terrible, what can I say. So many evil people in America, willing to support this horror.... scary. Thanks for this Sultan Knish.

  6. They waited much too long to execute him. The punishment must be swift and final if society values innocent human life.

  7. I've read that there are good muslims as well as bad muslims. Don't you have to follow the Koran to actually be a muslim? If that's the case then I can't understand how there could be good muslims since the Koran preaches Kill The Infidel of which I am one.

  8. Anonymous21/2/19

    This killer was a twisted and evil man, but our society is just as twisted and evil. Thank God the Alabama justice system worked as it should have. The rabid hate that exists in our country says it is going to get increasingly scary out in the coming months.

  9. Anonymous21/2/19

    The principle of Nasikh says that any peaceful writings from Mecca in the first part of the Koran are superseded by the violent writings from Medina in the last half of the Koran. The principle of Taqqiya says that any lie or subterfuge is acceptable while the infidels outnumber Muslims or are in authority, as long as the goal is pursuing Islam theocratic rule.

  10. Anonymous21/2/19

    All islams,(mooslimes), are moderate or good until they blow you up with an IED.

  11. Anonymous22/2/19

    Just as well. If he had been buried in the prison yard he would not be available to piss on.

  12. I can understand the left's objection since rape and murder of children, of infidels, by a Muslim, isn't actually a crime in Islam. At most it entails paying a fee to the family but usually not. So in the eyes of the democrats, this is a grave miscarriage. When sharia comes to the sanctuary states they can remedy this glitch in the system

  13. Hakim got no more and no less than anyone else that has walked The Green Mile.

  14. Anonymous24/2/19

    I believe in the U.S.Constitution, support and once upon a time defended it for a bit. So, here comes the big “but”!
    How are 6th Amendment guarantees of a fair and speedy trial sustained when 22-years transpires between conviction and carrying out of sentence. How was “due process” or “equal protection under the law” served in this case? When does a lengthy appeals process become “cruel and unusual punishment” when it places a convicted person in some suspended state of life. Especially when the conviction was based on facts “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
    Intent here isn’t to tread a well used slippery slope but rather to comment on the sometime abuse of the system via legal “jujitsu”. Common sense is on extended leave with pay.

  15. Turn her and all the other "ISIS Brides" to Assad's forces.

  16. Nobody in Alabama that can eradicate this shitstain????

  17. Islam is far more than a mere "religion." It is a way of government, of society, of conforming to the orders of imams and others whose lust for power compels them to lord over all people. Islam basically means "submission." Islam is ALIEN TO WESTERN WAYS and must not be allowed to infest the USA.

    If Revolutionary War Two is required to prevent Muslims from corrupting Western societies and cultures and to rid the USA of traitors then let the much-needed revolt begin.


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