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Who Runs March for Our Lives?

Follow the money.

It’s a strange political fact, but nearly every major anti-gun group has been a front group. The NRA is maligned 24/7 and yet it’s completely obvious whom it represents. Despite the efforts to tie it to everyone from firearms manufacturers to the Russians (if you can’t tie any random Republican thing to the Russians these days, you won’t be working at the Washington Post or CNN for very long), it represents its five million members. Anti-gun groups tend to represent shadowy networks.

Take Everytown, the noisiest and most dishonest anti-gun group on the scene. The one consistent thing about anti-gun groups is that that they are usually the opposite of what their name says they are.

Everytown for Gun Safety was formed out of two other groups: Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Both are actually front groups for Michael Bloomberg, the lefty billionaire and former boss of the Big Apple, who used New York City resources to host at least one of its websites.

So Everytown is really New York City.

March for Our Lives is on every cable channel, but who runs it? The photogenic teen fronts are out front. But it’s obvious to everyone that a bunch of teens don’t have the resources and skills to coordinate a nationwide movement. Instead it’s the experienced activists who are actually running things.

The March for Our Lives Fund is incorporated as a 501(c)(4). Donations to 501(c)(4) groups are not tax- deductible. And they don’t have to disclose donors. That’s why they’re a great dark money conduit.

But the March for Our Lives website suggests that donors who want to make a tax-deductible donation should write a check to the “March For Our Lives—Everytown Support Fund”. How will Bloomberg’s organization provide support for the supposed student group?

Why have two March for Our Lives Fund, one dark and one light? And why is one being routed through the godfather of the gun control lobby?

When it comes to March for Our Lives, the questions never end.

The March for Our Lives permit application was filed by Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women's March Los Angeles Foundation. This wasn’t just a little bit of professional activist assistance.

The application lists Katz as the “Person in Charge of Event”.

Katz is a former Dancing With the Stars and current Bill Maher producer. She’s also the former owner of Talent Central, a Los Angeles talent agency, The leaked application lists her as the president of the March for Our Lives Fund.

Media contacts for March for Our Lives are being handled by 42 West. The agency is a full service PR firm operating out of New York and Los Angeles that represents major celebrities. 42 West was supposedly recommended by George Clooney who was one of a number of major celebrity donors.

Where did all those millions of dollars go? Good question.

“They’re being directed by people with knowledge of how to responsibly spend this money and it’s going to be very transparent. Every penny is going to be accounted for," Jeff Kasky, the father of one of the students, claimed.

Who are those people? A leaked document reveals that the March for Our Lives Action Fund is actually overseen by six directors and is incorporated in Delaware.

So far we have Los Angeles, New York and Delaware, but not Florida.

Donations are being directed to, “March For Our Lives Fund, 16130 Ventura Blvd Ste 320, Encino, CA 91435.” That matches the listed office address on the application for the Wishnow Ross Warsavsky & Company. The tax firm appears to have no website.

The six directors lean toward Los Angeles.

There's Aileen Adams, the head of Do Good LA, who had served as the Deputy Mayor for the Office of Strategic Partnerships for Los Angeles. Adams was also UCLA's Vice Provost for Strategic Alliances.

Nor is she the only UCLA person on the list.

There's also George Kieffer, chair of UCLA's Board of Regents, who was named one of the most influential lawyers in California. He also held a variety of other political positions and headed the California State Protocol Foundation which funds expenses for Governor Jerry Brown.

Then there’s Nina Vinik who serves as the Program Director for the Gun Violence Prevention Program at the Joyce Foundation. The Joyce Foundation has been notable for its gun control efforts and it’s not surprising to find it here. The Joyce Foundation also set up the anti-gun Fund for a Safer Future.

One story claims that, "Several members of the Fund for a Safer Future are organizing internally to explore new ways of engagement in the wake of Parkland.” Another states that the Joyce Foundation, “funds research to help grantees understand how different audiences think about the issue. It's up to grantees to come up with tactics.” After Parkland, Nina wrote a militant editorial using some very familiar talking points, like, “Maybe it’s time to ask the Supreme Court about the rights of the Parkland parents to see their kids grow up.” The Joyce Foundation and Nina are based out of Chicago.

Over in Washington D.C., there's Vernetta Walker of BoardSource acting as the fund’s Secretary and Jeri Rhodes of the Friends Committee on National Legislation acting as its Treasurer.

And then out of Madison, Wisconsin, comes Melissa Scholz.

Florida is notably absent from the roll call. Instead the organization, one of a number of seeming incarnations of the March for Our Lives brand, draws on established activist talent from the usual places, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. There’s nothing particularly local about it.

March for Our Lives is funded by Hollywood celebs, it’s led by a Hollywood producer and its finances are routed through an obscure tax firm in the Valley. Its treasurer and secretary are Washington D.C. pros. And a top funder of gun control agendas is also one of its directors.

None of this has much to do with Parkland. The mass shooting by a mentally ill man who should have been committed and arrested long before he carried out his massacre was a political opportunity.

Now that opportunity is being exploited to the hilt by a professional class of political activists.

Gun control activists wring their hands over the NRA. They claim that a special interest lobby is illegitimately thwarting the “will of the people”. Yet it’s the anti-gun groups that are invariably false fronts. It’s very clear who runs the NRA. But the latest fake anti-NRA group is a nebulous shadow. Out front are the high school students and out back are the professional activists.

And who is really behind the whole thing? Hollywood celebs, Bloomberg, a network of organizations?

We know who supports the NRA. You can see NRA stickers on car windows even in the bluest cities in the country. But who really supports the anti-gun political network? You’ll need to spend hours sorting through paperwork, following the trail, comparing addresses and researching names, to even get a hint.

That’s what an illegitimate lobby thwarting the will of the people really looks like.

Instead of March for Our Lives, maybe it’s time to March for the Truth?

Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article previously appeared at the Center's Front Page Magazine.

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  1. The first venue where I have seen someone digging away at these obvious discrepancies. They are glaring. Great work!.

  2. Infidel25/3/18

    This anti-gun thing is a strange example of mass hysteria.

    The main practical public safety problem is illegal weapons in high crime urban areas, the most effective tactics are stop and frisk and traffic stops in those areas. Yet those are the very tactics most opposed by the left.

    They campaign for new laws, but object to enforcing the existing laws.

    1. Anonymous4/4/18

      Stop and Frisk may be effective but is also unconstitutional. To quote Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” I do NOT give up my Liberty.

  3. Jay Dee25/3/18

    Oh we've seen this sort of propaganda before. Go watch the 1935 film, "Triumph of The Will". Even the "Power salutes" are the same.

  4. Anonymous25/3/18

    And not a singe mention by any of them of the failures of government at every level to stop the Parkland shooter before he went on his spree. Not one single attempt to reconcile their irrational notion that we must give those same government agencies even more power and us less. It's beyond insane.

  5. Daniel details the true powers behind the March, the career "activists" and the neon names from Celebrityville. They aren't the photogenic kids; who're just the window-dressing, pawns of the Progressives. "But it’s obvious to everyone that a bunch of teens don’t have the resources and skills to coordinate a nationwide movement." Nor have they the real world experience or the brains; they're specialty is texting and passing notes in class and doing televised Hogge rants and clenched fists. The March is as much a fraud as was the Women's March on Inauguration Day, whose chief spokesman was Linda Sarsour,the hijab-wearing, Jew-hating Islamist from Brooklyn. After guns, the next thing the students will demand is restrictions on the First Amendment,on speech itself, just as exists in Britain now, in which Britons have been lectured on the necessity of snitching to the police on anyone found reading "Islamophobic" websites. In this case, snitching on anyone caught perusing NRA or pro-Second Amendment sites.

  6. Anonymous25/3/18

    Leftism on guns and schools 101: treat kids like adults and adults like kids.

  7. Great column. Thanks for telling the truth in the age of Media psychological warfare.

  8. And "They" are starting to hint at repealing the Second Amendment, which, the "students" being the force behind the "March for Our Lives" protests, is an indictment of the public education system for failing to accurately teach the purpose of the Constitution and the original intent on the Founders.

    Were the Second Amendment repealed, or even if it never existed, the Federal Government would still be restricted from the purview of gun control. Well, that was the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution.

    James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution,” was initially opposed to the idea of a “Bill of Rights” being amended to the Constitution. Not that he was opposed to the provisions of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights. Madison’s view was that if a power was not specifically enumerated in the Constitution, then it was not within the purview of the new central government, and therefore, the addition of a bill of rights would be redundant. Madison stated, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined...”

    Still, knowing a government’s tendency to usurp powers not specifically denied it, the faction demanding that a bill of rights be amended to the Constitution (The Anti-federalists) stood their ground, and The Bill of Rights was amended to the Constitution, and their vision of limited government enshrined in the Tenth Amendment, which declares that “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Not only is the power to restrict the ownership of firearms not enumerated within the text of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights specifically prohibits the FedGov from doing so. So, the next time you hear a collectivist fanticize over the idea of repealing the Second Amendment, you know you are listening to someone that either does not understand the system of government the Founders created for us, or someone who is attempting to deceive you.

    Article VI of the Constitution requires government officials to take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those who would urge the government to exceed its constitutional authority in pursuance of preferred agendas, are among those the framers of the Article spoke of as “domestic enemies.”

    1. Thank you for this- it’s a keeper and I will share. It really brings up the point of what are students being taught regarding the constitution.

  9. The National Rifle Association is our -- i.e.: Gun-folk -- civil rights activist and advocacy organization, like the NAACP for Black folk or the ADL for Jewish folk. As such, we expect it to be as energetic in fighting haters of our right of arms, as the ADL is in fighting anti-Semitism.

  10. This is quality journalism!

  11. Anonymous25/3/18

    When this article was first published it named the lefty organization that is paying this students travel expenses. That info has been scrubbed since then. Maybe with some digging we can find it again. There was a photo too of the student and lefty packing supplies.


  12. They had photos from a Cincinnati March yesterday. The headlines screamed Thousands Attend March. The crowd didn't look bigger than a few hundred. Nothing is being mentioned about the resource officer who saved lives by killing a gunman at a school. That entire movement is a joke, and now they are using kids.

  13. Anonymous25/3/18

    "The six directors learn toward Los Angeles." What does that mean?

  14. Anonymous25/3/18

    This secret gun control conglomerate are all pro gun for themselves. Their agenda is to take from others what they have and keep for themselves--to be enforced by government hired guns. It's despicably evil! --Ron W

  15. GenEarly25/3/18

    Yet, with money and organizing they turn out the crowds or mobs as needed from Occupy Wall St. to BLM to this current crop of progressive Marxist led useful idiots, mostly democRat anti- Trumpers.

  16. moderated...how can i forget

    The NRA has been selling out the American gun owner for over 100 years. They actively supported the NFA in 1934, the Gun Control Act in 1968 and the oppositely named Firearm Owners' Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) which removed the right of Americans to purchase new automatic or AOW weapons, a clear violation of the Second Amendment.

    All of this was done with the cooperation of the sellout Progressive owned and run Republican Party as well.

  17. I have an idea. How about a March for THEIR Lives. A march to protest abortion on a whim. “Maybe it’s time to ask the Supreme Court about the rights of the the innocent, defenseless unborn to live and grow up.”

    Well? How about it, you leftist gun-phobes, who are so concerned about The Children? I mean, in order to see our children grow up we must allow them to be born first, right?

    No. I didn't think so. I'm sure by now, true to that peculiar brand of consistency that characterizes you, you're all screaming at me for being so misogynistic.

  18. Do you have a link to the source material?

  19. Anonymous25/3/18

    Awesome work. Thanks. Sickening traitors all.
    from the land of O

  20. Anonymous26/3/18

    I believe Barry Soetoro and Valerie Jarrett, along with George Soros, are behind the Deep State. Barry belongs in Ft. Leavenworth 25 to Life for sedition and treason!

  21. The IRS seemed to approve their 501c4 status pretty damn quickly.

  22. sound awake26/3/18

    they dont care about life

    if they did the 14th amendment as its currently written would be in their sights

    not the 2nd

  23. I think, it's a great free fun trip, or a party, if you want, for majority of those people.

  24. Excellent work. Makes you realize how much they rely on Citizens United while decrying Citizens United as anathema to democracy.

  25. https://nypost.com/2018/03/26/parkland-massacre-survivors-vow-to-continue-fight-for-gun-control/
    Notice the Cuban flag she wears, ( a commie).

  26. Dave Wruck said...

    “And not a singe mention by any of them of the failures of government at every level to stop the Parkland shooter before he went on his spree. Not one single attempt to reconcile their irrational notion that we must give those same government agencies even more power and us less. It's beyond insane.”

    It’s not insane, Mr. Wruck, it’s evil. The last thing on these fanatics’ minds is reducing casualties from gunfire. They’re communists who see black and brown criminals as their clients, allies, and foot soldiers.

  27. There are over 370 "mental disorders" listed in the latest version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.) The list includes "Tobacco Addiction Disorder" among other equally mundane and ridiculous so-called "mental illnesses."
    If the DSM is the standard by which politicians wishes to remove our rights to own guns, then I'd guess 90% of the American people could probably be classified with a mental disorder of one kind or another.

  28. Mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin..

    Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    Deceptive Transformation: The Truth of Soviet Influence in America and Gun Control...The idea of using mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin, and the social sciences, or the studying of human behavior has its roots in early twentieth century Russia when Ivan Pavlov developed his "classical conditioning" theories. In fact, Pavlov was disturbed that Vladimir Lenin would use these conditioning methods against the people in order to get them to accept communism.

  29. Anonymous26/3/18

    I went on the March; and no, I'm not a liberal. I don't care who organized it or who paid whom in the shadows. Unless the deaths of 17 (more) kids was bogus, that's all I need to know.

    Is there no perspective on how horrific such shootings are and how urgently a solution is needed that transcends petty politics?

    1. Perspective????

      How about this. A weapon is an inanimate object, incapable of independent action.
      It takes a person to operate it.
      The person who would use in this way is obviously mentally unstable.
      So the perspective is that the person's doing these horrible things are mentally ill.

  30. Anonymous27/3/18

    Enjoy your stay in fantasyland.

  31. Spurwing Plover27/3/18

    Someone else is pulling the strings persons like George Soros,Micheal Bloomberg,Etc and the CFR,DNC and the UN as well

  32. Anonymous27/3/18

    "Is there no perspective on how horrific such shootings are and how urgently a solution is needed that transcends petty politics?"

    The focus of this article is that the organizers of the march are not seeking a solution to the shootings. Which is why you should care about who organized it and not be distracted from what is needed to pursue actual solutions.

  33. Anonymous27/3/18

    To the person above who thought their 501 status got through too quick, I say they've had this planned for a loooong time. They just needed the right set of circumstances to set the wheels in motion. And that means mass killing.

  34. Henry27/3/18

    "The six directors learn toward Los Angeles." What does that mean?”

    LEAN, not learn. It means that a majority or plurality (though not all) are from LA.

  35. the people in hollywood all have guards that carry guns..are they going to have those taken away

  36. Anonymous28/3/18

    All the money lines the pockets of the organizers.

  37. These people are beneath contempt. They hide in the shadows and work their ways to take away our freedom, then express outrage that we would dare to criticize the adorable widdle kiddles who are trying to make a better world! They're like terrorists cowering behind human shields as they spread destruction. A pox on them and all they are attempting to accomplish.

  38. The bodyguards for all Hollywood and NYC corporate officials, producers, directors, actors, and actresses should immediately turn in all their weapons and carry feather dusters from now on. Likewise for the protectors of Silicon Valley tycoons and George Soros. Antifa and BLM thugs need to disarm, too, and turn in their other gear as well .

  39. D.D.Mao1/4/18

    I can easily find the hypocrisy in that the same supposed adults today that were in the streets in the 60's as KIDS protesting the Vietnam War and Civil Rights now find it convenient to simply dismiss these kids as "frauds" and "pawns". They felt the need to express their views were important back then but when their current views are opposed they don't debate the pro's and con's but simply to be discredited. I'm not saying the current kids views are right I'm simply saying that they are as much involved in what is happening as our generation was in the Vietnam War. Don't dismiss their First Amendment rights away so casually because they challenge your Second Amendment rights. The Right has adopted our parents views of calling anyone who opposes our views names and cursing them. If the Second Amendment is a good law (and I believe it is) then open discussion won't do any harm.

  40. There is nothing worse than a Liberal Nam Vet, who should know better. There is no open discussion with the Communist Left. Everyone knows that. It's either their way or nothing. So, they will get nothing. A ban on bump-stocks is a joke. Just like blaming the NRA for some dirt bag killing people. There is no pro or con side to taking rights away from law abiding citizens. School resource officers has always been and always will be the only safe answer because bad guys will always get guns.

  41. Anonymous3/4/18

    The anthem "Monster" by Steppenwolf is genuine... even if you're not into classic rock, just read the lyrics


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