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Europe’s Tolerance for Terrorists

Saleh Ali was one of 64,000 Syrian refugees living in the Netherlands. The vast majority, like Ali, are young men. And the largest number of these migrants spend their days idling in Amsterdam.

On Thursday morning, Saleh Ali took a walk to trendy Amstelveenseweg while wearing a keffiyah and waving a terrorist PLO flag. He stopped in front of a Jewish restaurant, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and began smashing the windows. The Amsterdam police stood by and watched quizzically until he was done. Then when he entered the restaurant, they finally called him out and arrested him.

And in two days he was back on the street.

Amsterdam is a very tolerant place. Not just of drugs or prostitution, but of Islamic violence.

Saleh Ali had lied about his past to get his temporary residence permit while claiming to be a refugee. He had combat training and had fought with Jihadists in and out of Syria. He told the police that he had been prepared to die in the attack on the restaurant and that he will continue engaging in violence.

But this information was kept secret until an anonymous source in the police department leaked it. The lawyer for HaCarmel, the restaurant that had been assaulted by the Islamic terrorist, issued a statement expressing outrage that the attacker who had pledged to commit more attacks was back on the street.

“It is incomprehensible and shocking that this man with a terrorist background, who claims to be prepared to commit violence, has been released,” wrote Herman Loonstein, a lawyer and Jewish civil rights activist. He warned that the attacker poses “a serious danger to society.”

And the prosecutor’s office took immediate action by filing a complaint against the restaurant’s lawyer. The Chief Officer of the Public Prosecution Service objected that, “sharing of information from the police interrogation report is ’inappropriate’". It’s inappropriate because it revealed that Saleh Ali should never have been in the Netherlands and that the authorities had stood around watching while a trained terrorist attacked a Jewish restaurant and then let him go even after he vowed to launch further attacks.

While the prosecutors went after the restaurant for exposing the terrorist past of the attacker, the attacker was headed back to court for an appearance before a three judge panel.

Saleh Ali wore camouflage to court. According to Matthys van Raalten, a conservative commentator, he told the court that, “he feels like a volcano that is waiting to erupt”. He had already informed an officer that “the attack on the kosher restaurant was only the “first step” and that a next step would come.

He refused to discuss what the next step would be.

So of course they let him go a second time.

“If we assume that this person is a danger to society, we will not just put this person on the street,” the Public Prosecution Service claimed. But what more could Saleh Ali possibly do to prove he’s a danger to society?

He’s a Jihadist with weapons training who staged a violent attack, expressed a willingness to die during the attack, and promised that he would carry out future attacks, both to the police and the court.

Ali showed off a Koran, threatened violence and so the authorities, as they often do, decided that he might be suffering from psychological problems. And so the court released him for three months while a psychiatrist and a psychologist take turns trying to exonerate him on the grounds of mental illness.

Mental illness is a popular defense for Islamic terrorists in Europe.

A Muslim terrorist stabbed four people at a train station near Munich while screaming, “Allahu Akbar”. He shouted that his victims were all “unbelievers” and, “Infidel, you must die”.

The German authorities blamed mental illness.

In Russia, Gyulchekhra Bobokulova beheaded a 4-year-old girl and displayed her head in the street while shouting, “Allahu Akbar. I hate democracy. I am a terrorist. I want you dead.”

The Russian authorities decided that this could only mean mental illness.

In France, Karim Cheurfi had been investigated for terrorism activities for months. The French police had questioned him about his threats to kill police officers. Finally he opened fire on police officers in the Champs-Élysées. ISIS claimed credit for the attack. So of course his former lawyer claimed that he wasn't an Islamic terrorist, but suffered from a “psychologically fragile character”.

When Kobili Traore attacked Sarah Halimi, the 66-year-old director of an Orthodox Jewish nursery in Paris, while shouting, "Allahu Akbar", the police refused to do anything until she was thrown out of a window. The authorities then tried to blame the Muslim killer’s actions on "psychiatric problems."

Abdellah rammed his car into three Chinese students near a campus in a suburb of Toulouse. He told the police, “I am on a mission” and revealed that he had planned the attack for a month. The prosecutor insisted that it wasn’t terrorism. "What matters in this case is the psychiatric profile,” he said.

And you can bet that by the time the farce is done, Saleh Ali will also have a “psychiatric profile”. Sympathetic shrinks will reveal that he has a “psychologically fragile character” because his mother didn’t love him and his father was unimpressed by his Jewish restaurant window smashing skills.

The video and the police leak undermined the plot to pass Saleh Ali off as another poor, mentally ill terrorist whom only cruel bigots would accuse of being an anti-Semitic Jihadist. But Saleh is still back on the street. The court warned him to stay away from the Jewish restaurant he had already attacked.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party, declared that the authorities are putting “innocent Dutch people in great danger by letting terrorists run around freely.”

And Saleh Ali is one of thousands of Syrian migrants who are being allowed to run around freely. The authorities did everything they could to cover up his attack. Not only did they let a Jihadist stay in the Netherlands, but the Amsterdam police watched as he smashed up a Jewish restaurant. Then he was released twice, despite vowing violence twice, and the only meaningful action in this case was taken against a Jewish civil rights activist who had revealed his terrorist past and his threats of future violence.

According to Ali’s lawyer, the terrorist won’t carry out future attacks in the Netherlands. And he will only use violence in “self-defense”. Like defending himself against the windows of a Jewish eatery. But according to the lawyer, Ali only smashed the windows when he got mad that the door was closed.

The anti-Semitic terrorist’s lawyer insisted that his client has nothing against Jews, but actually likes living in a place where different religions can co-exist. Of course his idea of interfaith coexistence is being able to practice his Islamic religious beliefs about attacking Jews while everyone in the Netherlands practices their secular religion of tolerating Islamic violence.

Saleh Ali’s case is one of many. It stands out because his attack was caught on video. And because the police leak told us the rare truth about an Islamic terrorist’s actual motivation before the authorities could begin dissecting his “psychologically fragile character”.

The Netherlands, like many European countries, has welcomed in Syrian refugees and other Muslim migrants. And then it’s done its best to cover up the violence that they brought with them.

Amsterdam’s authorities have behaved the way that the Cologne police did after the mass migrant sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve. The police did little to stop them and the authorities denied everything. It was only when police sources leaked the truth about the assaults that the authorities were forced to put on a show of doing something. And that’s just as true in Amsterdam and across Europe.

European governments would rather tolerate terrorists than fight them. The No-Go Zone isn’t just a place; it’s a state of mind. The No-Go Zone is anywhere that Islamic supremacism is asserted with no meaningful resistance from law enforcement. The No-Go Zone can appear at any moment near you.

It can be a Jewish restaurant in a trendy Dutch neighborhood or New Year’s Eve celebrations outside a German cathedral. It’s anywhere that Muslim violence is tolerated and protected from criticism.

Saleh Ali and all his fellow colonists know that the European authorities can’t and won’t resist them. Because they would rather tolerate terrorists than tolerate those who tell the truth about Islam.


  1. very good article and very true, Daniel.

  2. "What matters in this case is the psychiatric profile..." I've been saying for years that Islam creates a mental illness of all Muslims, Jihadist or not.

  3. Keep up on the Joneses with my free Modern Jihadscope:

  4. Infidel29/12/17

    I was trying to think what police in USA would do in a similar situation. I think they would at least call in to their supervisor for orders.

  5. Anonymous29/12/17

    If the so-called authorities admitted the jihadis are a problem, the cowards would have to do something about it.

  6. Anonymous29/12/17

    Had the owners of the restaurant tried to defend themselves, THAT, I can assure you, would not have been tolerated.

  7. I suspect both you and the police are correct. Saleh is mentally ill, and in addition he is evil. I have come to think that when a person has believed certain things over time, it affects the persons physical and mental behavior. Saleh is man of violence and evil to boot. But, then i repeat myself.

  8. All these Islam apologists and suck ups - regardless of their nationality - should be given the Darwin Award. Summa cum laude (trust me, it applies).

  9. As the insightful Canadian psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson, who studied the murderous regimes of the 20'th century (mainly the Nazis and the Soviets) notes -- it is not a problem of authorities or governments but rather a problem of the common people. A problem of knowingly living in lie, perpetuating a lie and actively sustaining a lie. The western Europeans see what is happening to their countries and still vote for governments that will make it worse. The policemen and prosecutors are all too happy to cover up the lies. History tells us that this does not end well.

  10. Thanks for reminding me about Modern Jihadscope Mr. Winslow. Terrific historical compression of the Jihad.

    Another fine piece of work Daniel. Happy Hanukkah and New Year! May the wind be always at your back and may you remain prolific. The Irishman.

  11. Anonymous31/12/17

    Glad we are a heavily armed country. Citizens must stay aware and vigilant ...rather like airline passengers -not the "security theatre" people - who've noted and caught the majority of problem passengers.
    Send the bad guys packing!
    By packing. :)

  12. Anonymous31/12/17

    Europe and the West are in a unilaterally-declared war: Muslims divide the entire world into the Dar-al-Islam (denoting regions where Islamic law prevails) and the Dar al-Harb (essentially all of the non-Islamic world). Muslims are exhorted to spread, to multiply, to conquer and to kill if needed to bring the non-Islamic world into a world caliphate.

    We know this, yet what passes for "leadership" in most countries of the West are actively facilitating the ascension of Islam, encouraging and facilitating their presence in our cultures, not for assimilation into the latter but for its conquest.

    Jan Sobieski (warrior King of Poland and victor of the Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman Empire in 1683) must be spinning in his grave to know that Europe has voluntarily ceded its lands to Islam with nary a sword thrust nor a harsh word.

    Armageddon is nigh.

  13. Anonymous2/1/18

    Destroy them where they live. Burn down their "countries" and salt the earth.
    Don't be too afraid to say it out loud - or too afraid publish this comment.

  14. Anonymous3/1/18

    there is nothing I can add to this powerful and truly magnificent article, the comments are also very to the point.
    "Political correctness" is killing our free societies, traditions and finally those of us that won't submit to a primitive, barbaric and bloodthirsty political system disguised as a "religion." Merkel, Macron, Juncker, Timmermans and all those traitors should be indicted for HIGH TREASON.

  15. Anonymous3/1/18

    Time after time, our "elected representatives" turn a blind eye to violent acts. The do this for fear of being called racists, islamophobes, etc.. These coward politicians don't have the back bone to stand up and fight for the people they claim to represent.

    My suggestion is to forget about any protection from scumbag politicians. Arm yourself and be ready and able to protect yourself, your family and your property if the need ever presents itself.

  16. Anonymous3/1/18

    It's amazing that someone (i.e. a Moslem) who has committed a crime and repeatedly threatened violence has been released basically on his own recognizance.
    I also wonder why his attack on a Kosher restaurant can't be considered a "hate crime", even though I despise the concept of hate crime because of its subjective nature.

  17. "Mental illness is a popular defense for Islamic terrorists in Europe."
    Funny isnt it Dan when there is yet another mass shooting massacre in good olde US of A all the shooters are mentally ill, well if you come from a gun stroking ammosexual background none of these rampage killers could ever be sane?.

  18. The Left is not well, not well at all, and when they meet someone who is unlike themselves, they are simply unable to make sense of it. To them, jihadis really are insane. And so are you and me. It's the only explanation that fits their alternative facts.


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