Home immigration Islam New York Terrorism Blood on the Left's Hands in Manhattan
Home immigration Islam New York Terrorism Blood on the Left's Hands in Manhattan

Blood on the Left's Hands in Manhattan

Earlier this year, a final settlement was reached in the war on the NYPD’s counterterrorist Islamic surveillance. The Manhattan courtroom where the lawfare effort to dismantle the NYPD’s ability to stop terrorist attacks was heard is blocks away from the site of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in New York.

Walk two blocks down to City Hall. And then head down Chambers to the West Side Highway. That’s where the terrorist attack that killed eight people ended when an NYPD officer shot the terrorist. If he had kept going down the West Side Highway, instead of crashing into a school bus, he would have eventually been within attack range of the 9/11 Memorial. And maybe that was his original plan.

But his message was very clear. He shouted it as he left the truck with which he murdered 8 people.

“Allahu Akbar”. These were the last words on the Flight 93 flight recorder. Mohamed Atta had advised his fellow 9/11 hijackers to, “Shout, 'Allahu Akbar,' because it strikes fear in the hearts of the infidels.”

Sayfullo Saipov, the Muslim terrorist who carried out the latest attack, was just listening to Atta’s advice. The 16th anniversary of the attacks has passed, but the hatred of Allah’s killers burns as hot as ever.

And the attack carried clear echoes of 9/11.

Saipov had listed an address in Paterson, NJ. Paterson, known to the locals as ‘Paterstine’ for its sizable Islamic community, is where the PLO terror flag flies over City Hall and where Islamic terrorist sympathizers celebrated after their compatriots murdered thousands on 9/11.

Paterson is also where 6 of the 9/11 hijackers lived.

The attack by the Muslim settler from Uzbekistan was almost identical to previous Car Jihad attacks in Europe. Right down to using a fake firearm. But New York City had avoided the non-stop terror wave that engulfed Paris and other European cities thanks to the hard work of the NYPD.

But every time the NYPD broke up an Islamic terror plot, the media and its leftist allies would howl that the racist police had entrapped another innocent mentally ill Muslim. When the Newburgh Four plotted to bomb synagogues in the Bronx, the media was in their corner. HBO even aired The Newburgh Sting, a piece of propaganda whitewashing the terrorists. The revisionist documentary played at the Tribeca Film Festival. And Tribeca is the site of the latest Islamic terrorist attack.

Linda Sarsour, the leading Islamic activist on the left, defended Ahmed Ferhani, who had also plotted to blow up a synagogue, and Shahawar Matin Siraj, who was convicted of plotting to blow up a Manhattan subway station, as victims of NYPD entrapment.

But it’s hard to think of a NYPD or FBI terror bust in New York that the media didn’t undermine. The Nation and the Guardian led the lynch mob. But soon CBS, The Atlantic and the New York Times joined in. All the Muslim terrorists that the NYPD had stopped were really immature and easily manipulated young men. The plots had been invented by paid informants. And it didn’t stop there.

For the last four years, the ACLU and other pro-terror groups had waged an effective lawfare campaign to cripple the NYPD’s counterterrorism. And they succeeded. The NYPD’s ability to send informants into mosques was handicapped. New York cops were now required to consider the “impact” of informants on mosques after Islamist groups claimed that their presence discouraged mosque attendance. The approvals required made it much harder to use one of the more effective terror prevention tools.

The Demographics Unit, one of the most important big picture intel tools for the NYPD, was shut down. But that wasn’t enough. Even when the NYPD agreed to a settlement, Judge Charles S. Haight Jr. insisted that it didn’t go far enough to protect “law-abiding Muslims and believers in Islam who live, move and have their being in this city.”

Sayfullo Saipov moved his being and the truck it was in over the bodies of New Yorkers leaving tire tracks over corpses. The Manhattan attack, like every Islamic attack before it, could have been stopped. But the NYPD’s hands had been tied. And the left had done the tying. It defended every Islamic terrorist that the NYPD had arrested. And prevented the NYPD from investigating mosques and radicalization.

Now it has what it really wanted. Dead Americans. And it has their blood on its manicured fingers.

The Uzbeki Islamic terrorist had listed an address in Paterson, New Jersey. The NYPD had come under attack for conducting surveillance in New Jersey. One of the targets was a mosque in Paterson. The Uzbeki Muslim terrorist also links back to Florida. The media has largely ignored or tried to cover up the string of Islamic terrorist attacks linked to Florida, from the Pulse Massacre in Orlando, to the latest Islamic terrorist plot to bomb the Dolphin Mall on Black Friday.

Sayfullo Saipov had come here in 2010. In that short amount of time he managed to amass criminal records in Pennsylvania and Missouri for traffic offenses. After stints in at least three other states, he went on a killing spree that took eight lives and wounded as well as traumatized countless others.

Dem leaders in New York are already rolling out the standard messages urging everyone to go back to life as usual. Mayor Bill de Blasio called the attack “cowardly”. But the attack wasn’t cowardly. It was vicious and murderous. It’s Bill de Blasio and the other politicians who crippled the NYPD because they were afraid of political pressure from Linda Sarsour and CAIR who are the real cowards.

They are cowards with blood on their hands.

The New York media’s first response after the attack was to try and blame road rage. Before long, you will see it running the standardized “Muslims fear backlash” stories that are a staple of every effort to sweep the latest Islamic terrorist attack under the rug along with the blood and the bodies.

Islamic terrorists like Sayfullo Saipov are able to do what they do because they have a long list of collaborators like the ACLU, Democrat politicians, Federal judges and the mainstream media.

While law enforcement fights a desperate battle to stop the next Saipov, the men and women tracking the terrorists know that if they get their man, the media will make them the villains. Just ask the good people who brought down Ahmed Ferhani, James Cromitie, Shahawar Matin Siraj and so many others.

Sane societies celebrate those who risk their lives to keep them safe. The leftist culture machine does everything it can to destroy them and to aid the Islamic butchers who run over pedestrians for Allah.

The way to stop the next Saipov is to untie the NYPD’s hands.

After every shooting, the left insists that anyone who opposes gun control wants people to die. But guns don’t hop off the shelf and shoot people. And trucks don’t run over pedestrians on their own.

Islamic terrorists drive them into crowds, over pedestrians and cyclists, in London, Nice, in Berlin, in Jerusalem and in New York City. And leftists who refuse to stop them might as well be behind the wheel.

Leftists who would rather control the police than the Islamic terrorists want people to die.


  1. Anonymous2/11/17

    It isn't just leftists who have blood on their hands, but all Muslims and Muslim communities, mosques, and Muslim organizations of any kind that refuse to cooperate and help law enforcement stop these atrocities. The main stream media, leftist in general and Muslims seem to be intent on setting up a third world cesspool in this country. What is really scary is that they seem to be succeeding.

  2. Thank you for the truth, Mr Greenfield...your blog is a first stop online for me.

  3. Start taking out the mosques. There are no moderate Muslims. They all want us dead. Their beliefs won't allow anything else. Tear down the mosques and either put the Muslims in camps or deport them, including those who were born here because they are brainwashed. It's the only way.

  4. "Blood on the left' hands..."

    Ah, I knew I could not be the only one to notice this inconvenient truth. Thank you, Daniel.

    Yes, the left have as much innocent blood on their hands as Sayfullo Saipov, and all the rest of his jihadist brothers.

    Gun-phobes keep bleating about how 2nd A defenders want people to die. As usual, they are projecting. It's the left - yes, the self-described non-hateful, anti-violence, tolerant left - who want people to die. Why, I don't exactly know. I mean, logic begs that their desire to do away with the abhorred white western culture will eventually lead to their own destruction at the hands of the anti-white Islam. Then again, we all know that there is neither reason, nor logic, among the left.

    Personally, I am convinced that the left are determined to wipe the abhorred white western culture at any price (i.e., even their own destruction).

    You think I exaggerate? Please yourselves. But before you tut-tut my theory, remember Sherlock Holmes'own words: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” There you have it.

    By aiding and abetting radical Islam, white western leftists will eventually be standing in Islam's crosshairs (process of elimination, and all that). The laws of self-preservation would dismiss that as impossible. What's left is the improbable - that white western leftists would willingly give their life to exterminate their own culture and race. But however improbable that may sound, the fact is that left keep doing it. They keep feeding the crocodile hoping he will eat them last. Therefore, the improbable must be the truth.

  5. D.D.Mao3/11/17

    Well it looks like the GOP has completed it's metamorphosis into the party of Trump and his politics of paranoia when his followers want mosques closed and Muslims citizens deported. As columnist J.J.McCullough wrote not long ago "When one seeks an identity out of insecurity, one will inevitably seek shortcuts to knowledge. To be genuinely contrarian is impressive, as it usually reflects a mind full of independent thoughts and creative insight, but today far to many of us rush toward eccentric and unpopular opinions because they promise a quick identity as someone edgy and interesting. They are delivered in forms that are easy to consume and regurgitate. They come off as conspiracy theories, tautological slogans and memes. Such things offer the dopamine thrill of being contrary but are actually just unconvincing masks of ignorance." Do any of you in this post literate alternative reality bubble really believe these violations of the constitution (which you profess to follow) will go through the courts then you don't need an autopsy you need an exorcism !

    People are entitled to their anger, and they are entitled to support President Trump. But they aren't entitled to take Conservatism reinvent it's meaning and attach to it whatever cause or character they happen to identify with. Conservatism is a philosophy or political movement it ISN'T a political party. It has no organization, no elected leaders and NO POWER TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING. It deals in ides and principles that don't need any more up dating than the Constitution does. The Conservative movement is NOT monolithic it encompasses libertarians, Neo-Conservatives, Palo-Conservatives economic and social minded conservatives among others in our big tent. Nor is it mercurial in that it changes it's governing philosophy depending on emotions or demagoguery. Conservatives are basically skeptical of human nature so we aren't looking for nor expecting "purity" or the "second coming of Reagan" in a candidate. Candidates usually run for office with the intentions of making things better for people. Conservatives run to protect and preserve the principles and traditions that founded our great nation. On limited government and shrinking the administrative state. This ideology needless to say doesn't attract many voters. If there is a failure in Conservatism it lies with the politician who supposedly expound themselves as being followers of Conservatism and failed NOT in the philosophy of Conservatism itself.

  6. Anonymous5/11/17

    Despite all pseudo intellectual verbiage the plain truth is that with no Mosques and no Moslems there would be almost no terror activities.

  7. Ah yeah after two more mass shootings Wallmart qualifies because anyone outside of the USA thinks that 3 people dead an ex amount injured is a mass shooting, and here we go 26 dead at a church in Texas where was your good man with a gun its Texas after all?

    All thats good about "Merica" is off shoot by this pathetic attempt to justify and amendment that is so god damn out of date that all it will ever do is slaughter American lives, a baboon can surely figure out that you have a serious god damn problem with your 2nd amendment, when is the next slaughter next week maybe, and those of us in Europe can worry about the Jihadi nuts but we certainly don't have to worry about guns outside of criminals and the Jihadi's!

  8. Pa. D: A good man in Texas shot the shooter. Without his gun more would have died. Why are Europeans so self-righteous? Are you from the part of Europe we saved or the part we kicked the crap out of to save you? Ridiculous. You won't have a country left before too long. There is no problem with the 2nd Amendment. Only Democrat psychos and mentally ill people. This guy got an illegal weapon. With his background he could not legally own a weapon.

  9. None of this is inevitable. I know this because no other country endures this pace of mass carnage like America. It is uniquely and tragically American. As long as our nation chooses to flood the county with dangerous weapons and consciously let those weapons fall into the hands of dangerous people, these killings will not abate."

    How right you are Chris Murphy " It is uniquely and tragically American"

  10. Oh and the irony of all this is that many of those slaughtered in Vegas and Texas were you know the so called good guys with a gun!.


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