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Home Democrats Hillary Clinton Russiagate US Election The Democrats' Dolchstosslegende

The Democrats' Dolchstosslegende

The Democrats went into the election certain that they were going to win. The New York Times rated Hillary’s chances at 93%. The Huffington Post raised that to 98%. That was still too modest for Obama campaign manager David Plouffe who predicted a 100% likelihood of Hillary winning.

It wasn’t strategy or statistics that made the Dems think that victory was certain. It was ideology.

Obama had spent two terms telling them that they were on the “right side of history”. The more the Dems swung left, the closer to the right side of history they were. Their leftist views were naturally superior. They were based on science while their opponents were superstitious buffoons. They were enlightened while their enemies were bigots. They were smart and conservatives were dumb.

Delusions of superiority had convinced them that Republicans couldn’t win an honest election. When Bush won, it was because his brother and the Supreme Court had rigged the election. The Republican victories that swept much of the country were only due to voter suppression and redistricting.

The Democrats had allowed themselves to believe that they were so innately superior that they couldn’t lose an election except through fraud or dirty tricks. The humiliating defeats of McGovern, Carter, Mondale and Dukakis were all in the past. They had gone so far to the left that they couldn’t lose.

They had confused ideology with electability. The fallacy of fanatics is the conviction that their beliefs explain reality. And that following their beliefs must therefore lead to a successful outcome.

Leftists had convinced themselves that winning elections was an inevitable as the success of ObamaCare and the rejuvenation of the economy. Their media became a propaganda echo chamber filled with their own assurances of inevitable victory. But ObamaCare failed, the economy lingered and Trump won.

Instead of realizing that they had been lying to themselves, they seized on conspiracy theories.

Convinced of their natural superiority, members of the Master Party believed that their subjective contempt for Republicans in general and Trump specifically was an objective truth. It wasn’t that they despised conservatives. No, conservatives were inherently despicable. And Trump was so despicable and so absurd that he just had to lose. It was inconceivable that he couldn’t have lost. So he had lost.

Human beings don’t react well to having their egomaniacal fantasies come apart around them.

After losing World War I, many Germans seized on the Dolchstosslegende or the Stab-in-the-Back theory to explain what happened. The German military didn’t lose the war. It was undermined and stabbed in the back. Otherwise, despite the collapse of its allies and the entry of the United States, it would have won. The Nazis rode the Dolchstosslegende all the way into power. And to an even more devastating defeat in an even more devastating war all while trying to disprove the fact that America, the United Kingdom, France and Russia really could beat them in a war once there were no more Jews in Germany.

You can deny reality, but reality always wins.

Unsurprisingly, the Dolchstosslegende was most popular with German military leaders. Likewise the Democrat Dolchstosslegende arose from the ranks of Hillary’s campaign leaders. It’s those in charge of the losing team who have the most incentive to blame anyone and everyone else. The Nazis blamed a long list of people including the Jews. The Democrats blamed everyone from the FBI to the Russians.

Hillary has become another Hindenburg touting her own Dolchstosslegende. Her latest book, ‘What Happpened’, will put the Dolchstosslegende into print. It will list everyone who lost the election for her. ‘What Happened’ may be an awkward title, but calling it ‘Mein Kampaign’ might have been a bit much.

The Hillary Dolchstosslegende tearing apart our country passes itself off as patriotism. The Nazis claimed that they were patriots too. But Dolchstosslegendes aren’t patriotic. They’re exercises in divisiveness by losers who don’t want to take responsibility for their stupidity, incompetence and hypocrisy.

Hillary went from pressing a reset button with one of Putin’s minions to a posthumous political campaign claiming that Putin had rigged the election. Never mind that even if Russian hackers did leak Podesta’s emails, less than 1% of Americans have any idea who Podesta is or cared about the contents of his chats. But Podesta’s emails embarrassed the future promoters of the Dolchstosslegende.

And that’s why the Dolchstosslegende’s humiliated inventors are obsessed with their own emails.

John Podesta and Robby Mook had formulated the Russian Dolchstosslegende after her defeat. Podesta and Mook, like General Ludendorff and Hindenburg had the most need to assign failure elsewhere. And millions of loyalists were eager to be convinced that they had not truly been defeated.

The Clinton campaign was as big of a disaster as the Hindenburg Program. Both were Socialist projects that substituted technocracy for common sense leading to utter disaster. Rather than admit that their plan didn’t work, Hindenburg and Ludendorff blamed the defeat on the battlefield and misery at home on a conspiracy. The Nazis then tried to prove that a Socialist militarized industry could work once you got rid of all the possible conspirators. After killing six millions Jews, National Socialism still didn’t work.

Meanwhile Clintonworld had been trying to prove that Hillary’s ’08 loss to Obama was a fluke. They proved it by rigging the Dem primaries only to have Hillary lose the general election. And so out came more excuses. Hillary was an unbeatable candidate. The left was unbeatable. It was a conspiracy.

The myths of the undefeated Germany and the undefeated Democrats were rooted in a false conviction of superiority. A populace glutted on an endless diet of propaganda found it inconceivable that they had lost. As a dog returns to its vomit, the Democrats began licking the propaganda out of their media sewer twice as hard. They ate up the lies that they hadn’t lost, the promises that they would soon reclaim what was rightfully theirs and that everyone who had conspired against them would soon be punished.

Then they turned to street violence and attempted coups… because those worked so well in Germany.

At the maddest there are the ravings of Twitter experts who promise that the intelligence community will shortly be rounding up and executing all the traitors. But even the mainstream media, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times feed their readers a poisonous glut of the Dolchstosslegende.

It’s bad for the Democrats and it’s worse for the democracy.

Instead of learning from their defeat, an entire political party, its elected officials and a sizable portion of its base have convinced themselves once again that a presidential election was illegitimate. They have staked their hopes on a coup, ranging from military intervention to impeachment, to undo it all.

Instead of questioning the superiority of their leftist ideology, they have doubled down on it. Like the National Socialists, the Socialist supporters of the far left have turned to street violence, they fantasize about military coups and media coups, without caring about the damage that they are doing to America.

The Democrats believed that they would win the election because their left-wing politics were absolutely right. Now they are convinced that they will pull off their coup because they are even more fanatically left-wing in 2017 than they were in 2016. This same logic led the Nazis to destroy Germany. And the Democrats have learned absolutely nothing about the dangers of delusional fanaticism.

They were told that they are on the right side of history. And if the right side of history requires wrecking the political process, a coup and a civil war, they are willing to pay it. Just as in the election, they can’t lose because they’re on the right side of history. Wherever they end up must be utopia.

They are willing to destroy everything rather than question their delusions of superiority.

The Soviet Union attributed all its setbacks to sabotage, rather than policy failures. Muslims continue to believe that they lost their last Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, due to an assortment of conspiracies from the Jews and the Freemasons. The Dolchstosslegende is as ubiquitous as it is destructive. It is seductive because it tells us the lie that we most wish to believe in our darkest hour.

The lie is that we did nothing wrong and do not need to change.

The Democrats’ Dolchstosslegende is the surest way of turning 2020 into a repeat of 2016.


  1. Infidel24/9/17

    Very good. Excellent. Etc.

    Best article I've seen making the analogy between post-WW1 Germany and the present situation.

    Would make an interesting psychological as well as historical study.

  2. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
    I respectfully disagree with this sentence:"The Democrats had allowed themselves to believe that they were so innately superior that they couldn’t lose an election except through fraud or dirty tricks."
    I believe that they had allowed themselves to believe that they were so innately superior that: any means justifies the end which results in a liberal win therefore multiple voting, absenty fraud, early voting manipulation, illegal voting and bribes would win the day much the same as it had in '08 and that they would again win through THEIR OWN fraud and dirty tricks.
    Problem is that they just didn't steal enough—and they're pissed!

  3. At the heart of every paranoid fantasy is small cadre of people who know it's a paranoid fantasy. But they are smart enough to exploit it. "Democrats" broadly are as you say, deluded. And yet every day evidence stacks up that they knew they had to steal or rig the election.

  4. Anonymous24/9/17

    Yes, I agree with all of your analysis,
    Arrogance and pomposity are hollow character traits,
    Traits that when embraced and amplified make it unlikely, if not impossible, for those affected to ever achieve wisdom.

    But also;
    "It wasn’t strategy or statistics that made the Dems think that victory was certain. It was ideology."
    Simply knowledge of how corrupt our political system has become and that they had developed and honed their skills at 'winning' elections to the point that to them, it was inconceivable that a candidate from outside of the Ruling Party could win.

  5. Anonymous24/9/17

    Yes, I agree with all of your analysis,
    Arrogance and pomposity are hollow character traits,
    Traits that when embraced and amplified make it unlikely, if not impossible, for those affected to ever achieve wisdom.

    But also;
    "It wasn’t strategy or statistics that made the Dems think that victory was certain. It was ideology."
    Simply knowledge of how corrupt our political system has become and that they had developed and honed their skills at 'winning' elections to the point that to them, it was inconceivable that a candidate from outside of the Ruling Party could win.

  6. Again...it's all here in Daniel's "Nutshell."
    This should be read more than once, that's for sure!

    ...and by many, I will add.

  7. Anonymous24/9/17

    "... losers who don’t want to take responsibility for their stupidity, incompetence and hypocrisy."

    Plus thievery, selling out her country for donations and gives new meaning to being corrupt.

  8. Then I say "Carry on, dear Party". Let them drown in the sewer of history with all their other komrades.

  9. In the process they will destroy the movie industry and the media and pro football and basketball because people are so tired of hearing they are bigots and racists from rich people who are even more racist. The left is just full of idiots. There are millions and millions of people in the silent majority that elected Trump who go to bed each night praying for Civil War just to get rid of these idiots. The left better hope they don't get what they ask for. Sure, blacks can burn and loot their own neighborhoods. No one cares except the decent people in the neighborhood who lose stores and cars and self-pride as outsiders destroy their neighborhoods and don't care why. When the rioters try to move to surrounding areas things will get bad for them because there are people out there who should be chained to trees just to eat...and they are waiting for their chance to be turned lose on the left and it's anarchists. The left still hasn't figured out Trump takes down anyone who messes with him. The midterms will see the final end of the Democrats and Republicans who should be Democrats. They walked right into the trap and were too stupid to see it coming. Hollywood can't depend on remakes of Stephen King movies forever. They lost half their audience and viewers. Everywhere I go now in hospitals, truck stops, or whatever, I see Fox News...none of the others. They are too dumb to see their own demise. And the list of things Hillary blames is almost as long as the dead list associated with the Clintons. Most by headshots and plane crashes.

  10. Seems a realistic assessment of the Democratic party and its current form. Many in the party understand they went to far left. Most want Hillary to disappear as rebranding will be tough with her in the spotlight

  11. Anonymous24/9/17


    Rich Kozlovich

  12. Anonymous24/9/17

    The so-called Russia narrative is the clever Dem response to Podesta's email account being hacked. That is my own interpretation of what is going on here. The Dem leaders created this narrative to deflect from Podesta/Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/the Clintons and maybe on up to the big o, knowing that the rank-and-file would fall for it because it explains why Helliary lost a race that she had 100% chance of winning. It is easier to blame others than to accept responsibility and change yourself.

    Podesta responded to a phishing scam. They got his password, downloaded his emails, sent them to Wikileaks and Wikileaks released them. The content of the emails exposed, among other culpable things, that the Dems and the media were in cahoots. In October, the liberal media responded by saying this is one big fat nothing. But, by December, that story morphed into the Russia hacking. They just used this so-called "Russia scandal" to deflect from the tawdry goings-on of the liberal media and the DNC. It was like they were saying, "OK, we now admit that Russia hacked into Podesta's emails, but...it is actually much worse than that: Russia hacked into our election and, through nefarious Russian cyber-technology/psychology tricks manipulated Democratic voters to vote for President Trump." Like I read somewhere, Putin apparently hypnotically mesmerized Clinton voters to pull the wrong lever.

    What's ironic about this story is that, while the liberal media scoffs at Alex Jones, this conspiracy theory is coming from The NY Times (a former newspaper), the Washington Post, TIME magazine, NPR, etc.

    King Western Man

  13. Daniel never misses hitting the nail squarely on the head!

  14. The best line in the whole article: "You can deny reality, but reality always wins." Sooner or later. And in spades. Hillary is learning that the hard way. Loss of election. Loss of influence. Loss of book sales. Loss of supporters and allies. Good riddance to the loser. From an awkward, homely college student no self-respecting man would want a blind date with to a symbolic icon of consummate, self-pitying, aging failure after years of pursuing power for power's sake, that's her theme. I wonder what will be written on her tombstone.

  15. Anonymous24/9/17

    Great piece. Here in GB we have just the same flight from reality by the losers in the Brexit vote. Which coincidentally happens to be the left or the corporate so called conservative in name only.
    Everyone I know understands exactly what we voted for and yet the progressive media, the BBC and even most of our MPs are convinced of another reality in which we actually voted to remain in the EU.
    As in the US this is a delusion that is not going to end well. The loser again will be the democratic tradition
    Dave S

  16. I was certain Clinton would lose early on in the primary campaign. She was barnstorming through red states promises massive new gun control laws. I knew right then they were totally tone deaf and had no ability to win outside liberal enclaves.

  17. I can't indulge in any schadenfreude from the fact that reality always wins in the long run because of the collateral damage done before it occurs. Yes Nazi Germany got it's comeuppance and so did the Soviet Union destroy itself but only after millions died in both cases.I just wish it didn't have to be so damn bloody for humanity to learn the hard way (or not)! I just wonder where this latest "rinse and repeat" with the Democrats and the left is going and how much more violent it will get.

  18. With all the democratic party’s true history, their murders, etc. and so much more crime and grief, and danger to America, which democrats are responsible for, I have come to think of them at the “Trail of Tears” democratic party, an extremely correct descriptive, for those who know about that 190 year “Trail of Tears”. I look forward to when they are decertified, and declared outlawed, along with their hate, crime and racism, one way or another, to the limit of what is legal under our brilliant Constitution.

    There is nothing wrong with hate, mind you, when directed to actual true evil, and is inarguably appropriate. To hate evil is actually repeatedly declared “divine”, and well so. But skin color can never be such a cause, nor by itself ignorance, either, especially when not one’s own fault, but others sinister medaling. But evil behavior of the greatest measures, torture, murder, rape above all as war, and terrorizing, must never be tolerated, as America has demonstrated amply, in great sacrifice to our own, through the ages, both domestically, and internationally.

    As I have reviewed anew history in America, I suspect the Kennedy men (now especially defacto Republicans), paid the same price of the ultimate hero, by recognizing a same wrong as the Republican hero Lincoln recognized and paid, in correcting that wrong with the only right way they knew how. Think of it, both Jack and Bobby went tooth and nail after the fierce and evil false-reason hating democrats, and both were murdered. If not that reason, why would both be eliminated, in vengeance? Both, not only one!!! And history records, openly, why Lincoln was murdered. But the commission couldn’t admit openly the reason for the Kennedys, so they played DUMB! Otherwise, at the least the democrats would have been finished, finally a long time ago, wouldn’t they? And what about Hillary’s “Trail of Tears”? Perhaps more? Since we know the swamp is deep and deceitful, how much else?

    If you really think of the times, then and now, all the times, the emotions, the depths, consistency before and since (planned parenthood, deeper than just Sanger-think e.g. eugenics, by hitler.) Truth be told, that party has become so dark, sinister, and just plain filthy, they now are considered just socialists-wanna be communists losers. See here http://www.frontpagemag.com/point/267931/new-poll-shows-democrats-are-new-socialist-party-daniel-greenfield

    Consistency applies to their Godless license, on continuous display. This party is a subversive, treasonous, third column, a danger to America. They only ever think of “Amerika” always last, (themselves as the superior ones first), as a gold mine to be seized as a pirate does his booty. They sicken all who have no mind of their own, no education, by brainwashing in schools where they “give” corrupt revisionist education in the manner they want to keep as many in a state of classic ‘FUBAR’ as an enlightened human citizen. Yes, the young can’t be Einstein’s but they are only playing life in a giant sandbox, having nothing to do with realities that are real life.

    Some people can learn by other means than pain, but when the hell comes, very many will learn best, by pain. Trouble is, it will mostly involve the others among us, who mostly learned by discipline, principles and diligence. To better and conveniently, have some short illustrations of those who will learn the hard way, and hurt us all while lacking in discipline, one can view short 3 minute excursions into one form of hell-ignorance and utter Godlessness.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CdfsCz1oKo Mark Dice The Common Sense Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oHwaSs0HsE Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMHjq7Pw6tY Celebrities Always Know What's Best

    Notice that all the demonstrated guilty evils of the ages of the democrats, are falsely called out against the Republicans, as Alinsky and Goebbels advised them!

  19. Anonymous26/9/17


    I agree with you. When I read Daniel's statement that the democrats believed they couldn't lose an honest election, my first thought (before seeing your comment)was "Democrats don't do honest elections."

    They are totally invested in the ends justifying the means, and they don't mind it a bit if the means break a few heads.

    Somewhat off-topic, but the writing got me thinking what might have happened if the Germans and Italians had instead forged their renewed ambitions on a more inclusive us versus them basis in place of blaming the Jews. The people that fascism and Nazism drove out provided a fair amount of influence in both the war effort and the post-WWII world structure.

  20. Anonymous26/9/17

    "Reality is everything that doesn't go away when you stop believing in it."


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