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The Invasion of Canada

Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. 1,477 people live in this little corner of Quebec with its apple orchards, elderberry fields and small wineries. But now 400 migrants can cross the border in a single day.

On the other side of the border is New York. There the language is English. In Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, the language of choice is French. But these days you’re a more likely to hear Arabic, Urdu or Haitian French being spoken here as Roxham Road fills with clots of migrants scampering out of America.

They’re not the leftist American celebs who threaten to leave for Canada if their side doesn’t win the election. Instead they’re the illegal and dubiously legal who got the message from President Trump.

The overloaded Mounties at the border crossing are being forced to cope with the jabbering illegals, grifters and fake refugees of Trump’s migrant surge. But where Obama’s migrant surge swelled America’s southern border with incoming migrants, Trump’s migrant surge is expelling them north.

The Syrians, or anyone claiming to be, are coming. So are the Sudanese, Somalis and Haitians. This is an informal border crossing and so the rules that might protect Canada from this horde don’t apply. Quebec has become the weakest link in the Canadian border with the vast majority of border migrants invading the “True North” through vulnerable points like the dead end of Roxham Road.

The same thing is happening in Emerson, a town of 689 people named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, near Minnesota whose Somali settler population is invading and victimizing this peaceful community. At night Somalis can be seen walking up to Emerson to take advantage of a new country and her people.

In a town where once no one locked their doors, locals now check their bolts and turn out the lights. And then they wake up to the nightmare of migrant mobs pounding on their doors and peering through their windows in the middle of the night.

"They banged pretty hard, then 'ring ring ring' the doorbell," a mother of two young girls said. "It was scary."

Muhammad, a Somali migrant, heard that President Trump had deported a bunch of Somali asylum seekers. And so he headed for Emerson with ten others. He claims he no longer feels secure in America. And he wants to bring the rest of his family along.

Unfortunately, Muhammad and all those like him feel all too secure invading Canada.

At Hemmingford, a Quebec town near New York with less than 1,000 people, Syrians, Yemenis, Bangladeshis, Sudanese and Turks swarm to get across. Women in burkas and hijabs ignore the commands to stop. Before they used to furtively cross the border at night. Now they openly march across it in broad daylight. They know that the Canadian authorities can’t do anything to stop them.

“They heard Justin Trudeau on the radio saying Canada would continue to welcome people being excluded under Trump’s policies and they took it literally, and they came,” a lawyer for a Syrian migrant clan said.

Just as migrants had reacted to Obama’s signal to come, they are reacting to Trump’s signal by going.

The Border Patrol watches as a horde of illegal aliens from Syria, Haiti and anywhere else head for Trudeauland. "Our mission isn't to prevent people from leaving," an operator is quoted as saying.

There are plenty of Haitians heading down Roxham Road after the Department of Homeland Security told the 58,706 Haitians in the Temporary Protected Status program to move along. TPS is one of those gimmicks that the government uses to boost immigration in a backhanded fashion.

Seven years ago, Haiti suffered an earthquake. Obama’s DHS announced that there would be no more deportations. Haitian illegal aliens instantly and magically became “quake refugees” even though they had been living in America when the quake happened. Trump’s DHS warned that the free ride was over.

And so it’s on to Canada.

The number of Mountie interceptions in Quebec tripled since Trump took office. The Mounties may always get their man, but they’re getting far too many of them these days. More than they can handle.

"Our agents are in a state of crisis right now,” the president of the Customs and Immigration Union said.

But they’re the victims of a broken Trudeau regime that puts migrants first and Canadians last. And the Mounties have been turned into a delivery service for bringing illegals and their luggage to Canada. A hundred soldiers have been dispatched, not to stop the illegals, but to put up housing for them.

"Our role is limited to putting up tents with a rigid floor and installing heating and lighting," Major Yves Desbiens said. When that’s done, some members of the Canadian Amy will stay on as the maintenance crew for the invaders. So much for the Army’s proud motto, ‘We stand on guard for thee.’

Who stands on guard for Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, for Hemmingford and Emerson? And for Canada?

In days gone by, armies kept invaders out of a country instead of accommodating them. But under Prime Minister Trudeau, the Canadian military is there to facilitate the invasion of Canada.

The arrests are a formality. The invading horde ignores the signs and warnings by officers to turn back. They’re arrested, given food and put on a bus along with their luggage to Montreal. There they can expect free health care and a $650 check. And clamorous demands for social services and housing.

The Olympic Stadium opened in more hopeful times for the ’76 Summer Olympics. These days “The Big Owe”, the stadium that nearly broke Montreal houses an even bigger and more expensive disaster. The $1.5 billion Olympic debt was paid off a decade ago after a long thirty years. Now the doughnut shaped arena swarms with freeloading migrants sleeping, eating and hosing off in the team locker showers.

The stadium plan comes down to Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. Coderre had blamed the migrant swarm on President Trump’s immigration policies. But it’s the fault of Trudeau and Coderre’s migration policies. If your neighbor locks his door and you don’t, is it his fault if squatters break into your house?

"The City of Montreal welcomes Haitian refugees," Coderre had tweeted. "You can count on our full collaboration."

Collaboration was all too appropriate of a word.

Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil insisted that everything was fine. "We can handle it. There is not one ministry that is concerned about that — the federal government is not concerned about it."

Weil was echoing Angela Merkel’s delusional mass migrant coping slogan of, “Wir schaffen das.”

And what is there to be concerned about? Except that the Canadian crisis keeps getting worse.

In July, 50 people were arriving a day. Now it’s between 250 to 300. At Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, there was a 1000% increase in under two months. 700 have been crammed into the Big Owe. And Quebec will be on the hook for them even longer than for the stadium they’re living in. It will always owe them.

"There is no work for people in Quebec," a native resident complained. "There are no good jobs and we don't have money for the old people."

Meanwhile Syrian migrants have become a burden on Montreal schools which have been forced to hire specialized teachers. While back in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, lunch had to be provided for 900 migrants. In Emerson, government officials wanted to house migrants in the town’s ice skating ring.

Trudeau’s government has dismissed the idea that there might be a problem. And for good reason.

When Trudeau took over he named the President of the Canadian Somali Congress as Minister of Immigration. Ahmed Hussen, the new Minister of Immigration, had come to Canada as a Somali refugee.

Hussen had consistently insisted that there was no crisis while ignoring reports warning that there was.

The door to Canada was pried open from the inside. And only Canadians can take it out of Trudeau and Hussen’s hands and close it again. Under the conservative Harper government, Canada had sane immigration policies while America was suffering under the scourge of Obama’s illegal border surge. Now the governments have changed and the surge has shifted with them.

Canada’s crisis reminds us that illegal immigration is not an inescapable problem. It’s a product of government policies. We can solve all. All it takes is leaders with the political will to do it.

Borders exist to protect a country. We see that in Europe. We see it in America and Canada. And leaders who refuse to protect the border are really refusing to protect the nation that it represents.


  1. I so dearly love watching this. All sanctimonious preaching and preening from the liberal Canucks over the years.... Now they have to put their money where there mouth is.

  2. Just a common 'tater19/8/17

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield for covering this. The MSM, even Fox has really been quiet about this.

    To our Canadian neighbors: You need to send your current administration packing. Vote them out.

    To President Trump: Please do not give up. The people that voted for you still support you. We want you to protect us and close that cheese cloth border of ours. Send the fake refugees packing. We can help our neighbors like Haiti where they live and help them build a country if they want.

    Otherwise, good luck up north. I hope you like the new batch of invaders. Maybe you will wake up and discover that either your elections are rigged, or that you really did vote in a clown that does not have your best interests at hear.

    Support President Trump. He may need to get his act together better, but we need to have his back.

  3. If you where a Somali a Haitian or a fake/Syrian living in a country with no prospect of a liveable life ever (thanks to the ideology or political system you voluntary or involuntary bow to), what would you do? The only way we can really stop the flow is shipping them back, improbable due to their numbers, or killing them all (not very humane). We tried bettering their circumstance on a local level but the aid money was stolen by endemic corrupt leaders, we helped them after wars or earthquakes, which when it brought some measure of relief only made them procreate in larger numbers causing overburdening of their inadequate support systems making many migrate to greener pastures, ours. Their migrating is like the law of communicating vessels they flow from dire & poor to fat & rich till levelled out. All this also happened before we where with 7.5 billion on this planet and the results are always the same: the empire the barbarians flee to, crumbles and collapses. The alternative would turn the keepers of the empire into monsters who after keeping the migrants out by mass murder would destroy each other and their precious society which would also result in total collapse. For us, living at the edge of the time of destruction of our oh so comfortable but never flawless society it's hard but new empires shall rise in time, some better some worse and the same cycle shall come to be.

  4. Anonymous19/8/17

    I wonder if the aged and infirm will be sunsetted to make way for the new Moslem masters of Canada?

  5. Thanks for this, another clear and telling report, Mr Greenfield.
    The invasion of Canada has begun at its peaceful borders of civilised people, promoted by Canada's own insane white Islamobama. It beggars belief how entire Nations not only invite the Barbarian but actually pay him to destroy their land and Society.

  6. Sounds like a good thing to me. Now, after people in Canada always look down on us and call us racist, let's see how long it takes them to rebel against the flood of people who will probably never work and expect Canada to take care of them and their entire extended families. Liberal leaders are just plain nuts.

  7. They can even make it here to Ireland, a little Island off the European continent...in the last few years, more and more Africans, Middle Easterns and Asians have appeared on our streets and even seem to outnumber natives in many areas...This has happened very fast and I for one do NOT like the consequences...we have a housing crisis, medical crisis, schools crisis...

  8. A nightmare manifested in reality.

  9. canada could take instruction from the chinese.
    they are civilizing, as much as possible and for the good of china, of course, parts of africa which produce or could be made able to produce, exports for china.
    if canada could bring some modernization to african groups who escape to the west, such as composting toilets and agricultural improvements and jobs in the potential exporting businesses, perhaps the flow of escapees could be slowed or even reversed.

    it is a pipe dream perhaps, but study the chinese methods and learn from them.
    in the long run you can protect canadians from these rapists and benefits takers while fixing some of the problems at the source.
    it will be as much benefit to canada as to the africans.

    as to the middle east, the american government has made such a mess there that canada cannot do any good.
    one hopes that the russians may do good in the middle east.
    only they have the power and the proximity.

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  11. Infidel20/8/17

    I have come to like some of the Canadian people recently, those I am speaking of are quite level-headed and reasonable. So I am denied even the pleasure of Schadenfreude.

    There are a lot of open spaces in Canada, I wonder how well the immigrants will handle the freezing cold winters. Probably they will stay indoors in well-heated subsidized housing.

    We could give anyone who wants to leave a free bus ticket to Canada, like the authorities in some jurisdictions give their homeless and street criminals free bus tickets to San Francisco. Seen it even in my old city: Marin County would take their miscreants over the bridge and drop them in the neighborhood.

  12. Anonymous20/8/17

    oh I got to clap my hands and laugh.. good on Trump ! you Canucks so richly derseve this ...hope 500,000 go across your borders .

  13. Canada is actually a great solution, but only if the authorities there have the guts to send them all from the border crossings straight to the vast, empty areas of Canada in the Yukon, Manitoba, Saskatchwan etc Give them basics and they will learn to manage like the Eskimos did, but better, becausee there are natural resources there that they can build an economy with. Israel sent new immigrants in the 1950s straight to the unpopulated Negev and Galilee, so it has a precedent. Jewish immigrants to America also found themselves in places like Galveston. And they did well after a shaky start. Once the migrants are there, perhaps we can pay the Palestinian Arabs to join them. They speak the same language, and I don't just mean Arabic.

  14. Anonymous21/8/17

    Trudeau to asylum seekers: Crossing border illegally won't fast track immigration

  15. Soon they will have their weekly terror attacks. The far left of Sweden runs the country and it is clear they are utterly clueless to the fact they have lost control of their country in a mere 15 years. That will be Canada's fate. It will also be ours if we do not wake up.

  16. Start electing candidates that won't tolerate this total disregard for the wishes of it's citizens.

  17. Mark Matis22/8/17

    But surely they welcome these new "citizens" with open arms! After all, they are merely aspiring to work those jobs that Bob and Doug McKenzie simply won't do.

    Although over here South of the Border, I do note that none of them are willing to work that 10-foot vibrating pole for Cankles. THAT job is only for Huma. And only because her imam ordered her to do it.

  18. Anonymous26/8/17

    It is so sad that the western world, cannot or does not want to see what all of theres so clles refugees are doing,it beggars belief that our civilised societies take in the muslim faith to their homelands, as they get srtonger in size they will demand more from each and every country they are in, hardly any of them work, but exist on the free handouts of western society.
    Wake up the wesern world, stop allof this mass imigration of so called refugees and take note of where they come from and why.
    Why the hell are we saving all of them and pushing them on to Italy and greece, what is up with governments of the day we are all too PC to say anything against it due to being branded racist, itsnot the race its the muslim faith that is not fit for western societies.

  19. Anonymous28/8/17

    Angelical male muslims are causing problems in Canada! Would you believe that? The likes of those in ‘Drone’ , the 2016 movie produced in Canada (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5352846/). Did you miss it? Don´t. You will learn the new chapter of leftist gospel on how degenerated we are and how traitor is the new patriot. Warning! Have some antacid at hand.


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