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The Plot Against Democracy

Here’s the good news.

It’s 2017 and Republicans control the White House, the Senate, the House and more statewide offices than you can shake a big bundle of fake news papers at. And, potentially soon, a Supreme Court that takes its guidelines from the Constitution not Das Kapital and the National Social Justice Party.

Here’s the bad news, Republicans are still Republicans.

The media throws some chum in the water and sits back and watches the bloody fun as Republicans go after Republicans for the entertainment of their enemies. Scandals are manufactured and then strategically aimed to divide and conquer Republicans. But the real target is the conservative agenda.

At the heart of the controversy over all these manufactured fake news scandals are two vital questions.

1. Was the last presidential election legitimate?

2. Should anyone to the right of the left be able to govern?

The left has answered “No” to both questions. The first question was answered in the negative because the second answer was “Never”.

Republicans have varied reactions to Trump. Leftists have only one reaction to anyone to the right of them. It’s the same reaction you get if you send an ISIS member into Temple Beth Shalom. If President Kasich were in the White House, you would be reading in the Washington Post how he singlehandedly brought back the Klan, causes Bursitis and is secretly doing the bidding of the Brazilians.

It’s a swamp of innuendo based on anonymous sources, investigations fed by illegal eavesdropping, scandals in which the outrage comes before the evidence whose purpose is to overturn an election. These aren’t investigations. They’re a coup by the losing side that refuses to admit it lost a presidential election. The coup isn’t just aimed at President Trump or any single member of his administration.

It’s aimed at America, at democracy and at any policy to the right of free entitlements and no freedoms.

If you believe in free speech, the right to keep what you earn, freedom of conscience, free elections, a free press, rule of the people by the people, Plymouth Rock, a little piece of paper out of Independence Hall, emancipation, reason, art, literature, history and civil rights, the coup is aimed at you.

The three things that Republicans don’t get, in order of descending importance, are that the left hates anyone to the right, that it wants absolute power and that it will do anything to destroy its enemies.

Yes, the left really hates you. It doesn’t care that you’re socially liberal and fiscally conservative or the other way around. It doesn’t care if you agree with it on 99.9% of the issues. It will still hang you from a lamppost in Portland or Berkeley because of that 0.1%. If you doubt that, look at how many Communists survived Stalin and Mao. Or how Joe Lieberman went from the vice presidential nominee to a right-wing extremist because he believed that terrorism was a bad thing or how Joe Manchin is an honorary Republican because he does controversial things like vote to approve a president’s cabinet nominees.

There’s no room in the Democrat Party for democrats. There sure as hell isn’t any for Republicans.

The left is obsessed with political purity. It wants absolute power. There is no room in there for compromise. Either you are with them or you are the enemy. And fair game for anything.

There are two things at stake here. A conservative political agenda and free elections. Any complicity with the coup undermines both. If the results of a presidential election can be retroactively annulled by powerful political interests in the establishment and the media, we lose free elections. People stop voting. Many of those people will be conservatives, independents or otherwise to the right of the left.

No conservative agenda will ever be passed without conservative solidarity. Until the left gets the message that it will never overturn the results of this last election, it will keep trying. Conservatives can squash this fascist fantasy only by making it clear that there will never be an impeachment and that they will respond to investigations the way that Rep. Elijah Cummings did to the investigation of Benghazi.

The leftist faction lecturing Republicans about decency, national security and the rule of laws punches political opponents in the face, creates back channels to Islamic terrorists in Iran, smuggles billions to fund their terror, and sends the IRS after political opponents. Is their moral authority worth anything?

Republicans can follow the rules and eat their own. And then maybe when they’ve hung each other to show what noble souls they are, the media will recognize their goodness. It’s never worked before. But there’s always a last time. Just ask the last man through the gulag gates.


  1. Anonymous9/6/17

    Amen and amen. The Founders were trying to get away from all of this and to live their lives as they saw fit in a free country enjoying their God-given liberty.

    Choice is antithetical to these evil people. You didn't vote for them, so they will make you pay just like another individual who spreading chaos throughout the land.

    This isn't about right and left, it's about right and wrong. God set up this country through inspired individuals and it's up to us to keep that freedom for others.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Daniel!

  2. The Left is already "all in" and left themselves no room to move. They've accepted subversion, misrepresentation, conspiracy, lawlessness, and identity militancy. About all that remains is for them to start shooting.

  3. Anybody know, what name Russian Communist Party had before 1917, when they overthrow Legitimate government and started terror? It was Russian Social-DEMOCRATIC Workers Party.

  4. Infidel9/6/17

    Reminded me of how the conservatives in Germany during the early 1930s underestimated the threat to them from the National Socialists.

  5. Democracy is mob rule anyway, and a dirty word. This was SUPPOSED to be a Constitutional Republic.

  6. D.D.Mao10/6/17

    Back in 2010 the GOP said they needed the House to get anything done........DONE. In 2014 it was "We need the Senate also to pass legislation"........DONE. In 2016 it was we need the White House to get anything passed......DONE. Well now they have all three and we can see how little has been accomplished or even attempted with any seriousness. Because of this ineptness I've read recently that members of the GOP Congress plan on running for re-election in 2018 on the platform of making the media the villain. Why not they can't run on accomplishments and Hillary isn't on the ballot.

    The Republican Party is going through the motions propping up the administration that can't exert self control nor has any knowledge of how to pass legislation. Who can't even conduct an intel meeting with a foreign adversary without leaking classified information. The President is his own worst enemy with his tweeter account attacking Gold Star Families and the Mayor of London after a terrorist attack after which no Republican member of either branch of Congress want to attempt to defend him yet you ask us to? Chris Christie and Rep. Ryan suggest "The President is an outsider" with a steep learning curve. Yet he either takes advice solely from family members or his gut intuition and he gets his information from television. He obviously don't want to learn! Drain the Swamp? He can't even control the swamp internally in the White House from leaks and petty fighting. The Comey incident is proof that he isn't even good at firing people.

    Donald Trump ran one of the most divisive campaigns both in the primary and general election ever with his adolescent schoolyard insults so I have no sympathy for him. As far as impeachment. The 25th Amendment covers the President being incapacitated NOT him being incompetent. You show me a conservative and I'll support him but I refuse to support an incompetent,corrupt or lazy politician whether he be in the Executive or Legislative branch simply because he has an "R" after his name and in order to keep the majority. America made the same mistake before with Obama and lets face it today neither party is looking out for the people. If we keep electing these leaders and blindly stick by them it will unfortunately will lead to the "Mutual Assured Destruction of America. Or maybe H.L.Mencken was right when he stated......"The common people know what they want and they deserve to get it good and hard."

  7. We either unite and stand together against this Leftist threat to our country or we will hang separately at the hands of these totalitarians. The Communists have totally taken over the leadership and political mechanisms of the Democrat Party. They demand absolute solidarity with their Marxist political platform or you have no place in the Democrat Party. I am enjoying the division and infighting going on in the Democrat Party right now. They are reaping what they have sown. May it utterly destroy them. We cannot allow them to unite around their new Marxist agenda. There enough low IQ and low information voters in this country that will fall for this agenda lock, stock, and barrel to vote them into power. True Americans will choose death over tyranny, any kind of tyranny. We will be free people or die trying.

  8. Thank you for the article.

    "Yes, the left really hates you." The Left is nihilist, hates and fears values as such, and therefore not only hates us but hates life itself.

    The 20th century, communism in Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Lefts's philosophy leads straight to concentration camps, secret police, midnight show trials, summary executions.

    The battle for our society is on. If we don't win, the next stop is socialist slavery and death for any who dare disagree.

  9. Your point about necessary legitimacy of elections is a good one. In the midst of all their boilerplate blowback, the fact that we now have, once again, an elected President needs to be reinforced through all the subterfuge of media noise and confusion. If elections go down, we go down. It is that simple. Thanks, Daniel, for reminding us of that.
    Nevertheless, we ourselves, Republicans, need to fulfill our responsibilities in governance and citizenship. There is work that must be done to maintain and retain a democratic-republic. We can leave all the heavy lifting up to our exective office. Because he is a President, not a king.

  10. When you have no ideas, when you've failed so badly in every way, and when you fear you've lost political power for the foreseeable future, what strategy do you have left? Obstruct, intimidate, silence your enemy's voices, spread fake news to sway the less-informed, insult, mock, boycott, violently demonstrate, rewrite history. You do whatever it takes, no matter how low or unpatriotic, to hold on to the fleeting power you once had. Your access to other people's wealth depends upon your success.

  11. Daniel, as always a brilliant and succinct account of what is going on.

    This is why I have long since stopped trying to have a reasonable debate with anyone remotely to the left. It ALWAYS ends the same way. I get talked over, shouted down, and finally told how racist, (___)phobic, insensitive to the poor, bigoted I am. So I just learned to accept the fact that they hate me and there is nothing, short of converting to socialism (which I will never do), that will change that.

    That being said, conservatives do very little, if anything at all, to reverse things. It is a characteristic mistake of conservatives to believe that all they have to do is vote every four years and that will solve the problem. Sorry to be the one to burst their bubble, but that is only the beginning Once you achieve success you must keep fighting to maintain it.

    The left know that. They work 24/7 to maintain their power when they win, and to defeat the opponent when they lose. Look at what's happening right now. Prez Trump is practically fighting this fight on his own. Where are we? Why aren't we marching in support of our president? Oh, no. Conservatives don't do that.
    It's not who we are. We voted. We did our bit.

    I really thing it's about time we stopped being squeamish about "being like them" and sitting on our butts and took a page from the left's book if we want to continue to have a say in the future of this country.

  12. Anonymous10/6/17

    Great take on the Republican DNA, Daniel. I would say they lack a grasp of context; "situational awareness"; "street smarts". There they were, bickering about Trump's etiquette, before the election, while Dems played every dirty trick.

    I think many Republicans' virtue signalling is playing the "good loser"! How noble of them! When Trump charged across the finish line, they were dragged along too. Now having won their offices, by way of apology, the least they can do is to fail.

    Winning elections to restore our Republic to the Freedom and Opportunity envisioned by our Founders is truly noble. Come on, Republicans!


  13. "It doesn’t care if you agree with it on 99.9% of the issues. It will still hang you from a lamppost in Portland or Berkeley because of that 0.1%."

    And that is why Democrats march in lockstep, afraid to deviate from the Reid/Pelosi "marching orders." The slightest indication that a "rogue" Democrat might just, maybe, do some independent thinking on an issue, is anathema, and grounds for shunning.
    ...in that sense, they have the advantage on the Republicans (or whatever they want to call themselves these days), who still have some semblance of variety in their proposed solutions to perceived problems. And therefore find it difficult, if not impossible, to coalesce around a single "repeal and replace" bill, for example.
    The best solution is to remove the ever-more-deeply-penetrating tentacles of national government from the nooks and crannies of our lives, so that none of them, it matters not which party, can impose their own preferences on a country of 300+ million individuals.

  14. Y. Ben-David11/6/17

    I am afraid that people don't understand that the problem in the US (and democratic Europe, too, for that matter) is NOT political, i.e. the Democrats are bad and the Republicans are immature. No. The problem is there is a MORAL ROT that affects the whole system, R's and D's together. I would attribute this to an aggressive secularism that makes people forget that character and a belief in moral accountability are vital to having a healthy society. It has been stated that Bill Clinton was the first President to have the belief that "what's right is what you can get away with". Actually, JFK was really a true believer in that, but in his era, indiscretions were still hidden from the public based on the view that "hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue". Today, everyone is quite open about their libertine lifestyles. Even the traditional religions in the US are falling all over themselves to be "open-minded" and "non-judgmental" (the Pope is a good example). The political rot across the board is simply a manifestation of this disease. Therefore, it is not enough to preach to the Republican leadership to get their act together. There has to be a fundamental reassessment of the moral values that the society has. Frankly, I don't see ANYONE talking about this.

  15. Infidel11/6/17

    On a current events tangent, a classical liberal politician in my old city, who is on the one hand accused of supporting sanctuary cities, on the other hand, is accused of being alt-right for enforcing building codes (similar to the situation in Oakland where dozens of people were burned to death in a rat trap because building codes weren't enforced).

    Classical liberals are in a difficult position, trying to appease the radical left, which gets them criticism from conservatives, but then getting annihilated by the radical left for even the minimal attempt at responsible governance.

  16. Anonymous11/6/17

    So we are expected to believe that a bunch of ruskies with some crappy lenovo desktops between power outages and not-really-broad-band internet connection have somehow flipped American elections without anyone noticing until ballot counting day. Well, well, well…Mr. Comey should be fired if only for utter incompetence, and maybe Nancy Mccain could find the ruskies (the hackers not the ladies of the night) and offer them a consulting job for the DNC¡

  17. They've moved from making excuses for communists to being communists.

  18. Daniel, I agree with your analysis. But the conclusion I reach is different. If Republicans must take the actions you are suggesting, it will only slow the rate of decay. If both parties act with same malice the Democrats are demonstrating, the US as we know it is over. I would far sooner we preserve a part of the country by have an amicable split - red states go one way, blue states go another.

  19. Daniel, Brilliant and best discussion yet! How do we get you in D.C. to bewitch them with the truth? Now they are are going after Jeff Sessions. It is insanity!!

  20. Anonymous12/6/17

    Daniel- excellent article. Having reviewed all the comments to date - some just are not up to snuff - and miss Daniel's point; We are fighting evil.

    The first post by Anonymous gets it, and wrote a very good comment.

    Y.Ben David has by far, the best comment, and a true and correct summery of the cause of the ROT - a moral decay of the underpinnings of our society; which Daniel has often addressed.

    I commend to all reading Daniel's articles to refer to those two excellent comments.

    Thank you, Daniel - and thank you Y.Ben David. Well said.

  21. Clorinda said: "Prez Trump is practically fighting this fight on his own. Where are we? Why aren't we marching in support of our president? Oh, no. Conservatives don't do that.
    It's not who we are. We voted. We did our bit."

    And those of use willing to fight the Progressive Leftist tools are labeled as all the -isms, -ists, blah, blah, by our own.

    Trump was only a chance to right the ship. A slim chance but the jury is still out.

    We are [[[Hard Right]]] not <<>> as so many want to label us. Get trained and get ready should the Leftists coup succeed.

  22. D.D.Mao12/6/17

    "Fighting evil" is another of those empty phrases to defend blind unrelenting loyalty when there is nothing else to say commendable about it's leaders. It's an empty phrase because it doesn't give any intellectual reason for supporting the leader except emotion. Emotion that in it's vagueness lets the recipient imagine their own vision of what constitutes evil. But President Trump supporters from the beginning sold their candidate on vagueness and as the "better of two evils"...."a binary choice." Being a binary choice doesn't involve principles nor thinking on the voters part simply following the herd. After all if you can easily set principles aside in order to attain a goal they weren't principles as much as they were postures.Following principles and values is portrayed as being noble and nihilist by the author while Trump working for what you want resonates. To put it simply principles are not a means to an end while postures bend easily.

    Blind loyalty isn't a Conservative virtue nor is it patriotic. It's not even good politics. Doubling down on left tactics only will get the GOP where the left is today. Out of any branch of the federal government and losing over 1000 elected government positions nation wide over the past eight years. Being a responsible Conservative involves more on our part than kneejerk support and kneecapping the opposition. You can use all the cliche's or empty rhetoric you want in an attempt to hold your 37% approval but "Flight 93" still crashed.

  23. Anonymous13/6/17

    Most excellent, Daniel. I would suggest one friendly amendment, though: the Left hates us because we stand in their way, keeping them from seizing the absolute, Godlike power they lust for. In other words, Whittaker Chambers was right -- with communists, we are dealing with the original temptation of mankind: "Ye shall be as gods."

    All else follows from that. Including their inevitable resort to tyranny in order to control the rest of us. But we're in a worse spot than ever, because the powers of the Surveillance State are now so vast and all-encompassing that there will soon be no escape. Nowhere to run to. I have friends who dream of bolting this clambake and going to a Caribbean island: but if the Left seizes the power of America, what Caribbean island could defy them?

  24. Anonymous13/6/17

    I feel that in the end it will all be for nought. The dems are what they are and they won't be deterred until we are shooting at each other. They're too far down the path to turn back now. No we will have to have a great deal of bloodshed before they change course....

  25. Anonymous22/7/18

    I'm afraid you guys are far from the truth here. You have to have a two party system (or more) to have a democracy. Any talk of revolution, stopping people from voting, rounding up Democrats and shooting them or locking them up, is a step towards fascism.


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