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Good vs. Evil in the Supreme Court

A few months after lefty activists crowded Washington D.C. for the Women’s March, activists from many of those same organizations went to bat for a serial rapist and murderer.

Ledell Lee’s victims were all women. While he was on trial for the rape and murder of Debra Reese, the testimony of three of his rape victims was presented. Lee had made a habit of knocking on doors and asking to borrow some tools to see whether a woman’s husband might be home.

Debra Reese called her mother and told her that a strange man had tried to borrow some tools. A few minutes later, Ledell Lee had beaten her to death with a tire thumper. Marks on her neck showed that the former baby boutique worker had also been strangled.

Then Lee headed out to spend the $300 he had stolen from her.

Three years earlier, Ledell Lee had attacked a 17-year-old girl while she was rocking her 3-month old niece to sleep. Lee hit her, dragged her out of the house, held her head under water until she lost consciousness and raped her.

A year after that atrocity, Ledell Lee attacked a 50-year-old woman walking home from the grocery store. He strangled her repeatedly, dragged her to the back of a building and raped her.

When Lee was caught after murdering Debra Reese, the evidence tied him to these assaults and two murders. He was convicted of two rapes and sentenced to death for his crimes against Debra Reese. Justice would be done. But first justice had to elbow past the ACLU and the pro-crime lobby.

In a Supreme Court dissent written on April 20, 2017, Justice Breyer whined, “Why now?” "The state is rushing to put him to death," complained Nina Morrison of the badly misnamed Innocence Project.

But it’s her client who rushed to put his victims to death. Ledell Lee had committed his crimes in the first years of the nineties. His youngest victim is now in her forties. Arkansas had let him live for decades.

Three other Supreme Court justices, feminist heroines Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor, also clamored for a serial rapist.

Midazolam, a medication approved for sedating infants, has a “risk of severe pain”, Sotomayor wailed. The “wise Latina” failed to clarify whether it’s more painful than being beaten to death with a tire thumper, being strangled behind a school building or being held underwater until you pass out.

Any and all of these alternative methods of execution should have been offered to Ledell Lee.

Despite the panicked warnings by agonized human rights activists about the suffering that Ledell Lee might experience if Midazolam were used, it took the left’s latest monster two minutes to lose consciousness. There was nothing to show that the murderer and rapist had suffered as he died.

The objections to Midazolam were a sham. The pro-crime lobby has worked to cut off the supply of drugs that might be used to execute murderers. Demanding more tests and filing new appeals was a slimy scheme by the pro-crime lobby to run out the clock until the Midazolam expired.

And then Arkansas wouldn’t have been able to execute Lee no matter the results.

The pro-crime lobby has pursued a cynical game of cutting off the supply of reliable drugs thereby forcing states to use medications not intended for that purpose. And then filing suit to complain that the medications being used are not intended for that purpose. But the Supreme Court didn’t bite.

Justice Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote. And a monster died.

The left loved Ledell Lee as it loves all its monsters. The ACLU and Innocence Project filing tenderly dwells on Lee’s victimhood. We are told that he repeated eight grade and his mother smoked when she was pregnant. But despite Lee’s supposed retardation, he was cunning enough to scout houses, contrive a pretext for finding out if women were home alone and then raping and murdering them. Despite his time in special education, he managed to conduct a rape and murder spree for three years.

The pro-crime lobby would have us believe that Ledell Lee is smart enough to rape and kill, but too stupid to die.

The stupidity defense has become the new insanity defense. Every killer on death row is suddenly diagnosed with lead poisoning, fetal alcohol syndrome and mental retardation. Once you hear an ACLU lawyer argue that his murderer is too stupid to die, you know that he’s guilty as hell.

The case of Ledell Lee showed us again what was at stake in the Gorsuch battle. Legal debates sometimes seem abstract. And yet they are as real as a teenage girl being dragged out of her sister’s home into the woods, a woman being strangled behind a school and a housewife being beaten to death with the tool that her husband gave her to protect her.

The left is a pro-crime lobby. Behind the empty theater of its sham feminism and pink rallies, it is on the side of the rapists and the murderers. It is on the side of Ledell Lee and all the other monsters like him.

"If the six of you had been in that conversation, you would have come away not saying, oh these are some thugs or superpredators that I can’t relate to,” Obama smugly boasted. The left prides itself on relating to “superpredators”. It empathizes with Ledell Lee and not his victims.

That’s what Obama’s justices did. That’s what anyone else he appointed would have done.

Gorsuch’s successful appointment to the Supreme Court won justice for the women whom Ledell Lee raped and murdered. Over the objections of the pro-crime Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg and Breyer.

In a small moment, Justice Gorsuch stood up for justice and against the pro-crime lobby. He brought closure to the victims and their families. He made sure that Arkansas was allowed to do the right thing.

"With his first vote, the Supreme Court’s newest member sent a man to die," the New York Times sneered.

But the Times, as usual, is wrong. With his first vote, Justice Gorsuch helped put down a monster.

During his trial, Ledell Lee’s lawyer asked who were we to decide when someone dies.

“I will tell you who we are," the prosecutor replied. "We are the hunted."

We are the hunted. The monsters that the left shields, protects and promotes are hunting us on the streets and in our homes. When they are caught, the left frees them. When they are sentenced, the left fights for them. It builds sanctuary cities to protect them and ties the hands of the police who fight them.

Everyone who has been a victim of crime knows what Lee’s prosecutor meant. The left stands with the hunters, the robbers, the rapists, the killers and looters. Justice Gorsuch stood with the hunted.

The left stands with them. He stood with us.


  1. D.D.Mao18/5/17

    This sympathy for the killer by the left has been going on as long as I can remember. Starting back in the 50's they constantly reported anti-death penalty protesters outside prison walls the day of an execution. Every accused killer for the past 50 + years has had the death penalty is inhuman torture or their defense team relates to their abused childhood at their trial in an attempt to avoid the death penalty. For some like Charles Manson and his family this synthetic sympathy tact worked.

    But this article isn't about Ledell Lee is it? It's about Justice Gorsuch and a back handed salute to President Trump for appointing him to the Supreme Court. I'll grant you it was his most intelligent move in his young administration. However if the President doesn't appoint second tier advisors at the State Department and the Defense Department or appoint Ambassadors to China, Japan or South Korea among others his impulsiveness and incompetence in foreign affairs will continue. Then Daniel and Trumps followers will need to rely on the sob defense during his self made manufactured crisis.

  2. Anonymous18/5/17

    Stop "medicalizing" executions with injections of drugs. Put the executee in sealed room and fill it with nitrogen. It's a painless way to die.

  3. I agree there is no justice for victims. How do you justify a man in Arizona who took his two year old daughter out in the desert, poured gas on her and set her on fire, to get even with his wife for divorcing him. When I read that one years ago, I was so enraged I had to stagger out of the room and calm myself down. Why these people get any mercy at all is beyond my comprehension. The guy will probably never be executed and sits on death row in Arizona. There are real monsters and they need to be removed from this world.

  4. Infidel18/5/17

    Why don't they just give them an OD level injection of opiates? That would be painless.

    1. You are missing the point. The point of the left is to not execute them at all. They don't care whether it is painless.

  5. Anonymous18/5/17


    He looks evil. Demonic really.

  6. How very sad that many women had to suffer with this monster even after the first victim and they were still trying to get him off the hook...

  7. Anonymous18/5/17

    Justice Gorsuch may be one of the few good things to come from the Trump administration.

    As time goes on, it becomes clearer by the day who favors chaos and prejudicial ill will and who stands on the side of law and order. The chasm grows larger each day and eventually everyone will have to make a choice on who they stand with (God's laws or by force/chaos (Lucifer).

    Thanks for exposing yet another example of how evil people operate. You're not alone - http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/04/times-editorial-board-accuses-justice-gorsuch-of-murder.php.

  8. Anonymous18/5/17

    Our murderer engendered support from The Left which found attenuating circumstances for his Evil behavior and while I feel no compassion for our monster of the day, it is the underpinning raison d'etre guiding Progressive thought and feigned compassion that raises the hair on the back of my neck. To some important extent there is probably a genetic component to Sociopathy and the reason stems from survival successes in most of human history. You're out with the community hoeing away for next years porridge needs when you spot a gathering of Vandals on a hill that outnumber the number of souls in your village. All of the community gathers their weapons, and prepare for battle to save the community, the lives of their children and their wife...but you, as a high IQ Sociopath, know that the battle outcome is already determined...so you run like hell and hide. Your wife and kids would slow you down and endanger your chances. Genetics however have helped you because you do not love them as much as yourself and, indeed, do not really love them at all . The wife is a hard worker and sex object, the children may soon be of some use and satisfy the desire to reproduce your wonderful self, but you do not love anyone who is not you...so running is easy except for the annoyance of losing next years crop. So what has this to do with our happy murderer ? Well, nothing but it does explain the Progressive. Using your money, the P can support pet projects that bring status, pretending to have values can have the same effect...but a P cannot actually grasp the meaning of values but must learn to understand how this concept affects others. You cannot change the mind of a P because they are unable to understand or recognize reality except the one that they construct with its own set of Agenda revolving around the self. The P connects dots and proclaims a 'reality' but it is most often devoid of cause and effect or Logos. Hillary some years ago
    announced a study group to define ethics/ morality so that she could be more effective in helping peoples needs...she was admitting that she had neither in doing this and, like most P, is an evolved animal but not really human. There is no nobility among the Sociopathic, no search for the perfection of Christ or Sir Lancelot, no construction of buildings or philosophy except nihilism and deconstruction. The Animal can only use the attainments of man for personal gain or tear down civilization which is hated because they can never be a part of something outside of themselves. So, excuse criminals and say that we cannot execute them because that is not who we are...which means we do not value life if we allow murderers to survive. Give health care to all, minimum wages, free college etc. debasing the value to all except the P Sociopath who gains money , power and prestige in some form from this vapid redistribution of wealth and life. These people are living Zombies among us, not human really and they will destroy you for a good headline as the individual normal human is an affront to their very being. Today, a DWI killed and maimed in NYC and we must choke on the memory of De Blasio , a Sociopath, classifying drunk illegals as too low a crime to be deported. In the coming melt downs, Sociopathic people tend to hold down jobs that allow them to be activists and spend time destroying civilization while normal people work and have families and people other than themselves to care about so they are always on the defense...Open borders to destroy a culture, the active acceptance of the animal cult of Islam, the hatred of Individual Freedom which is difficult to control, the bringing of Ebola patients into our country, etc etc is the work of an incomplete human and they will always want to destroy you..

    1. Anonymous18/5/17

      You are my new best friend!!

  9. Anonymous18/5/17

    By the way...your excellent essay re what the Left and the OFA are doing was a hit and 'borrowed' all day by others..

  10. you don't even need to seal the room. Put a Full face mask on the executee fed with compressed air. Shift to 100% nitrogen at an overpressure and the felon just falls asleep without pain. Keep the N2 running until the cardiac monitor is flat-line for 5 minutes. Done.

    Anyone who has taken Confine Space Safety training knows how to kill someone painlessly.

  11. Why so worried about potential pain to the condemned in an execution? In some ways, the idea of keelhauling, or drawing and quartering the worst of the worst is maybe an idea for te times. It could serve as a deterrent, at least to some. It sounds cruel, and unusual, but somehow appropriate. Or they could be executed in the manner of their own treatment of those they murdered, and over the same period of elapsed time. Deterrence, or at least retribution/retaliation.

  12. As a former anesthesiologist, now retired, I can say with absolute certainty that there are many completely painless way to execute someone with injected medications. The legal controversy over method has been whipped up by the Left not only because they are pro crime and pro criminals but also because deep down, many of them are pro evil. Proof of the latter comes from their immediate resort to violence when anyone dares to speak out against their malevolent authoritarian agenda.

  13. First the edbiz establishment are allowed to set up our educational system with special classes for special needs kids and then they wonder why their social engineering results in people like this guy and many others who never learned to see a world beyond their fingertips.

  14. Anonymous19/5/17

    God bless Donald Trump for nominating and fighting for Gorsuch. Hopefully Ginsburg's seat will become vacant very soon and Trump will be able to appoint another Conservative to the Court.

  15. That's fantastic to hear about this Gorsuch. Finally, some sanity.

    One thing that still confuses me is the leftist women who defend and advocate for monsters like this Ledell Lee. These are the same types of females (and sometimes the same specific individuals) who are constantly whining and marching for (supposedly) women's rights and complaining about "the patriarchy" and how awful men are and how oppressed they are by them and blah, blah, blah.

    Why doesn't anyone ever ask them how they reconcile all of that with their passionate defense and even excusing of violent criminals like Lee? I don't understand this. Any insight would be appreciated.

  16. Infidel19/5/17

    One of my earliest memories of political issues was whether the state should execute Caryl Chessman. My Mom was strongly against execution. My Dad was too smart to say anything. I can't remember my own opinion, even then I think I was ambivalent, probably strange that a little kid wasn't opposed to the death penalty.

    Now all these years later, the debate about this issue still rages on.

  17. What a difference one voice and one mind can make in the pursuit of justice for the victims. Good article, Daniel. We knew we could count on you to lay it all out so factually.

  18. Anonymous19/5/17

    A true story, skillfully told, affects more opinions than do statistics and theories. Thank you, Daniel, for recognizing and using this wisdom.


  19. ColoComment19/5/17

    As a long-time pet owner, many times I have accompanied dogs and cats to the vet clinic, and have stood by, with my hand on their flank, while they took their last breaths. If a veterinarian can put down a dog or cat in a matter of minutes, without pain or any physical evidence even of discomfort, why does it prove so difficult to arrange the death of someone convicted of committing a crime so heinous that he/she is deemed to have forfeited their right to human life?
    In jurisdictions where the death penalty is afforded by law, it should not be this difficult to achieve.

  20. Anonymous23/5/17

    IIRC, the Soviets found the .32acp to be an effective and efficient method of execution at Katyn Wood.

  21. Anonymous23/5/17

    the Left would have applauded his mother aborting him, but they weep at his execution.


  22. The bigger question is why the Republican House does not impeach those who voted for the killer.

    A few years of that would fix this crap.

  23. Anonymous24/5/17

    Ginsburg is 85 years old. She can't last much longer

  24. Jason in KT7/6/17

    The Democrat party found that they could advance Communism under the guise of "champion of the downtrodden." Unfortunately for them, they ran out of actual downtrodden, which is why they support any freakish cause that wags itself in the face of society. In the most egregious example of intellectual laziness in human history, they have simply set themselves in opposition to whatever the Right wants. Republicans are evil, therefore whatever they oppose must be defended.

  25. Anonymous7/7/17

    What's wrong with firing squads?


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