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The Price of Privilege

A proposal has been making its way through the social justice sewer system to have white people pay a 5% privilege tax.

That would be a lot cheaper than the current wealth redistribution built into the tax system.

In 2004, black people made up 12% of the population and 20% of those who didn’t file taxes at all. It was estimated that 50.7% of African American households, 52% of Hispanic households and 37% of white households paid no income taxes.

The numbers would likely have only gotten worse after the recession, which destroyed large numbers of African-American jobs, and the Obama years, which traded social welfare for economic progress,

An otherwise equal tax system with a 5% white privilege tax would be an enormous improvement.

How do you calculate the income losses for a white student shut out of college by affirmative action or a white business owner’s income losses due to preferential business programs aimed at minorities?

The white student would happily pay that 5% to be allowed to go to college instead of being told that more diverse students with worse grades will cut ahead of him in line because they are “disadvantaged”. It would be easier for the white business owner to calculate in a fixed privilege tax for an otherwise competitive market than the intangible forms of diversity discrimination that rig the game.

A 5% white privilege tax would be far too honest. The real tax is hidden and much higher.

But the white privilege tax does raise all sorts of fascinating questions. How do you calculate it? It can’t be by appearing or identifying as a minority. Such an unfair performative system would allow Rachel Dolezal, aka Nkechi Diallo, to escape paying her white privilege tax after unfairly exploiting her white privilege to head the NAACP.

If white people can just braid their hair in dreadlocks and spend a week in a tanning salon before renaming themselves Mkesi Daluboo or Willami Clintonoo, what good is a white privilege tax?

The only fair way to do it is with a DNA test.

Commercially available DNA tests make it easy to calculate the percentage of European and more diversely non-European ancestry. Every taxpayer could establish the exact diversity of his ancestry and determine his privilege tax that way.

The results would be interesting.

The average African-American is around a quarter European. That means he would be required to pay a 1.25% white privilege tax. Obama’s white privilege tax would be at least 2.5%. It would have been higher, but Africans have less European ancestry, with its accompanying white privilege, than African-Americans, even though they were never actually enslaved in the United States.

Henry Louis Gates Jr, the Obama pal who blamed racism for his confrontation with police, has 50% European ancestry. That will be a 2.5% white privilege tax. Please.

Latinos in this country average around 70 percent European ancestry. That’s a 3.5% white privilege tax.

The minority taxpayer likely to end up with the lowest white privilege tax would be Asian-American. Asian-Americans have some of the highest economic performance around, but they are also untainted by the evil curse of white privilege having no European ancestry whatsoever.

But Asian-Americans do have high intermarriage rates so before long their children, like much of the population of the United States, will end up with European ancestry and white privilege.

Is there an alternative to this madness?

We could make the white privilege tax performative so that Rachel Dolezal would pay zero white privilege tax while Clarence Thomas would pay 5 percent.

The wealthy white boy in dreadlocks who lights up at Bob Marley tribute concerts and denounces our “unjust, racist society” would be free of his white privilege tax while his fellow African-American student who is poor, works hard and speaks like William F. Buckley would be hit with the full privilege tax bill.

If race is just a social construct then we might as well be honest about rewarding obnoxious behavior.

Rachel Dolezal can run the NAACP, teach a useless identity politics course, sell hideous identity politics art, then go on food stamps after her fraud is exposed, and write a book blaming racism. The social construct we’re rewarding here is not race, but obnoxious and exploitative behavior.

And anyone can be obnoxious.

We can punish white privilege based on DNA tests or based on behavior. But the vast majority of Americans have European ancestry. And those who have the least European ancestry also have the least history of oppression. The mad social justice impulse to eradicate “whiteness” is a campaign to eradicate America. The only people who could be pure of “white privilege” are the newest immigrants from cultures that were too far away, xenophobic or homogenous to have European ancestry.

Only Japan or Saudi Arabia can be truly free of white privilege.

Either that or we follow the sordid tradition of punishing ideas of race. We can tax people for being insufficiently stereotypical. We can harm those who strive to succeed to benefit the Al Sharpton and Rachel Dolezal shakedown crew who monetize the failures of communities for their own profit.

There is one more option.

We can be Americans. We are, as President Trump said, “one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God.”

The civil war and the civil rights movement were both made possible by that common understanding of nationhood and origin. But the sad legacy of the civil rights movement is that it descended into divisive Black Nationalist movements that rejected a common nationhood and into radical leftist politics that rejected religion, while, in the Obama style, appropriating its dramatic gestures and oratorical force.

Take away any national commonality and you are left with quarreling tribes using bloc voting, group alliances and aggrieved narratives to lay claim to power and privilege.

Anti-racism has become a narrow tribal campaign that invokes diversity to appear universal. Its goal is not a more united country, but a more successfully divided one. The strange alliance of white leftists who want to destroy “whiteness” to create a truly universal society and Black Nationalists who want a tribal society can only result in a nation that is less united and more divided along the lines of race.

So why not levy a 5% white privilege tax? Every racist movement blames its abuses on its victims. It calls its greed, justice and its hatred, love of its own people. It makes up for its insecurity with anger.

That is all the social justice movements of the left have to offer us. They campaign against racism with more racism. A toxic mix of narcissistic self-pity, angry insecurity and entitled greed lurks under their pseudointellectual identity politics. The men who founded this nation were not perfect, but they believed in being better than they were. The leftists riding the nuclear bomb of identity politics down through the clouds to a radioactive utopia of utter misery believe only in making it worse.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder was right. We are a nation of cowards on race. And that is what he, and the other racists and radicals, are counting on. We are too afraid to defy those who divide us.

Too afraid to stand up to him and to all those like him who have been passing off racism as progress, too afraid of false accusations of racism by racists like him and too afraid to rebuild this country as a united nation rather than a collection of intersectional tribes allied against the idea of a common racial enemy.

We can be one nation. Or we can start charging racial taxes. The choice is ours.


  1. Anonymous16/3/17

    Absolutely top notch article!

  2. An amusing post, Daniel, but I think the SJW brigade is dead serious about a 5% white privilege tax. It isn't specified, to my knowledge, that it would be above and beyond federal and state personal income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and so on. A "white privilege" tax would be imposed also, I think, above and beyond a black reparations tax imposed on all whites (documented or not) whether or not they had ancestors who fought on the Southern side during the Civil War (most of those men did not own slaves, they couldn't afford them). I can just hear it now when Congress announces a "White Privilege" tax called "MinorityCare": "You can keep your white privilege, if a federal discrimination test establishes that you're not an authentic melanin-deprived person."

  3. Of course our own former president Obama's entire black heritage isn't from the American experience at all. His black parentage never experienced the seeming horror of the American experience. His 'blackness' is no more American Kwame Nkruma was.

  4. How is this not a type of Jizyah? Condoning a wrong only leads to more wrongdoing.

  5. If you thin that 5% is in place of rather than in addition - you must not understand the US tax system.

  6. D.D.Mao16/3/17

    This is either very entertaining satire on the proposed agenda of the progressive state or you are continuing to throw red meat to the Trump conspiracy flying monkey brigade.

    This stands about as much chance of passing with President Trump as the repeal of Obamacare did under it's name sake.

    1. Impudent Warwick19/3/17

      Trump would veto, sure. But Jerry Brown will be all over this crap.

  7. How will the Leftists come to the conclusion that their worldview is wrong?

    Well, to begin with, they must be confronted with the truths in this article. Thanks for posting.

  8. and what about the Irish and Scottish who were started and enslaved by the crown in the 16 & 17 hundreds?

  9. Anonymous17/3/17

    I think that rather than throwing good money after bad, we white people should self identify as black. More specifically as black and moslem. That levels the playing field.

  10. I Thought we are paying white privilege taxes. A successful person is penalized with property, income, estate and what ever tax the authorities can come up with.

  11. Anonymous17/3/17

    Obviously those who can't do teach

    But worse than that is the idea of pushing kids into feeling guilty. I was shown this video produced by PBS called "Being 12 http://www.wnyc.org/story/people-sometimes-think-im-supposed-talk-ghetto-whatever-kids-race/(one reason I like seeing the president gut the NEA), and it's appalling that kids are told to feel guilty about-being born white.

  12. Anonymous17/3/17

    It doesn´t matter what you give them, true leftists despise charity they only value what they take by force, it builds group cohesion, like those unaccompanied minors from exotic lands do when they go gang raping…

  13. Anonymous20/3/17

    A "white privilege tax"?

    Simply put, HELL NO!

  14. Anonymous20/3/17

    I will identify as a Neptunian!! Haven't decided yet if I will be a Blue Neptunian or a Purple Neptunian...maybe I'll be a trans-blue-purple Neptunian. I'll make that decision based on which will garner the most free benefits!!! Yay for me!!!!

    Neptunians are a humanoid species from the planet Neptune. Neptunians have pig-like noses, purple skin, and four arms. Their hair is usually black, but can also be dark blue (2ACV13), violet (4ACV09) and brown (4ACV17). Because of their many arms, they are usually masters of coordination and can use all four arms simultaneously. This gives them an edge in terms of multi-tasking and dexterity. The Neptunians make up a fair share of Earth's alien population, and they have their own quarter in New New York, called Little Neptune. Little Neptune has its own foodshops and other stores. Neptunian cooking is quite famous, and is furtherly promoted by the most prominent member of the Neptunian people, Elzar.

    Many Neptunians are in the service of Robot Santa Claus, but they are constantly mistreated by him. This forces them to take desperate measures in order to survive. Because Santa doesn't feed them, these Neptunians are a lot smaller than their compatriots on Earth, rendering them of similar proportions to the mythical elves who serve the less homicidal, more traditional Santa.

  15. Anonymous21/3/17

    What is it that provokes a shame reaction when we are accused of achieving/earning too much, or having a pale complexion? I suspect it is early indoctrination by child care or teacher. I'd call that child abuse.



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