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Hallel Yaffa Ariel, a 13-year-old girl, was asleep when she was murdered in her own bedroom. She had just graduated 8th grade. It was her summer vacation and she was taking it easy. The Muslim terrorist who broke into her bedroom stabbed her over and over again. Eventually he slit her throat.

The mattress that she slept on was soaked in blood. Her room with its casual teenage disarray, clothes
tossed around carelessly, was stained red with the last gush of life from the girl who had played there, danced there and dreamed of the future that would never be hers.

The murder happened in Israel, but Hallel was an American citizen. Her government not only failed to protect her, it financed her bloody death. And it will go on rewarding her killer’s family.

Muslim terrorists in Israel, no matter which specific Islamic terrorist group they claim allegiance to, whether they are described as members of a cell or lone wolves, have their attacks funded by the terrorist administration of the Palestinian Authority which provides salaries to terrorists and their families. The Palestinian Authority is funded almost entirely by foreign aid, most of it from us. Obama insisted that Abbas, the terror boss of the Palestinian Authority, had “renounced violence”. This would have come as news to Abbas who boasted, “There is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas.” Last month, an Abbas adviser had said, “Every place you find an Israeli, slit his throat.”

That’s what Mohammed Tarayrah, the Muslim terrorist who murdered Hallel in her bedroom, did.

The core components of the Palestinian Authority, including its official news agency, called him a “martyr”. Mohammed’s mother, who will be richly rewarded by the Palestinian Authority and its international financiers, for her son’s horrific crime, said, "My son is a hero. He made me proud.”

At her funeral, Hallel Yaffa Ariel’s mother tried to hug her daughter one last time. “Halleli, goodbye, sweetie. Have one last hug from mom.”

The United States has officially condemned Hallel’s murder. Its current government however will do nothing to stop the Palestinian Authority from funding terrorism. Instead it will continue using its power to fight for the same cause as Abbas and Mohammed. Hallel was not the first American to be murdered by Muslim terrorists this year. She was the seventh.

As many Americans have been killed by Muslim terrorists in Israel this year as were killed in Iraq. It’s a grim milestone that the media doesn’t talk about. The Palestinian Authority is ISIS with better press.

This year’s American victims included Taylor Force, an Iraq War veteran visiting Israel who was stabbed to death on a street during Biden’s visit and Tuvya Weisman, who ran to stop a terrorist in a supermarket only to be butchered, and whose murder was met with a call by the State Department “for all sides to reject violence”. This cynical and devious moral equivalence is typical of our diplomats. The Palestinian Authority praised Taylor Force’s killer as a “martyr” and its news organization claimed that it “did everything it could and applied national and political pressure to the other side so they would transfer the Martyr's body” for his official wedding to the 72 virgins.

The “Palestinian” terrorists of Islam are our own ISIS and we are funding their horrifying crimes.

The “Palestinian” cause has no historical, moral or legal validity. It represents nothing except terrorism. It will never represent anything except terrorism. The brutal murder of Hallel was not an aberration. It is the perfect embodiment of the death cult that is the so-called “Palestinian” cause.

On Facebook, Mohammed wrote, “Death is a right and I am asking for my right to die.” He got his wish. Now it’s time for the corrupt and violent system that created him to join him.

Death is all that the “Palestinian” cause is or will ever be. There will be no solution, no two states living peacefully side by side. The only thing that aid to the Palestinian Authority finances is the murder of little girls.

Not peace, justice, progress or political change. Just children murdered in their beds by a death cult.

The BDS hate movement demands a boycott of Israel. It’s time instead for us to divest from Palestine. Divestment isn’t hard.

Do not donate to a charity that cooperates with the Palestinian Authority or conducts any work in PA controlled territory. Do not donate to any groups that provide grants or funding to these charities. Examples include UNICEF, Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps, United Way and many others.

To the extent that there is an economy in the territories of ’67 Israel controlled by Islamic terrorists, it’s based around non-profits funded by us ranging all the way from the UN down to small local groups. The Palestinian Authority is a giant welfare state that subsidizes domestic and international terrorism.

It’s time to defund it.

That means working for the end of any foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, as well as to UNRWA, the UN agency that is the major component of the terrorist welfare state. Divestment should be total and complete. We have long held to the principle that there is no such thing as charity when it comes to terrorists. Instead we regard donating to charities controlled by terrorists as funding terrorism.

It’s time to apply this fundamental principle to the Palestinian Authority and all its funders. “Palestinian” Islamic terrorism will not stop with negotiations. We’ve tried that and it failed. This terrorism isn’t caused by despair, but is bought and paid for by financial incentives. Cut off the money and terrorism dies. Stop the money that promotes and rewards it and it will wither in the darkness.

The only thing that all the optimistic rhetoric about peace has led to is the murder of 13-year-old girls. Funding terrorism will never stop terrorism. Only defunding it can.

Pundits claim that the terrorists feel “hopeless”. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have a great deal of hope. They hope for the suffering of their victims, for the triumph of their cause and for 72 virgins in paradise. By fighting them we can take away their first hope, by defunding them we can take away their second hope and leave them with nothing but their false faith in Allah’s whorehouse.

And if belief in Allah’s whorehouse and its 90-foot-tall virgins were enough to motivate Islamic terrorism, the Palestinian Authority wouldn’t be spending $130 million a year on payments to terrorists.

Your average Muslim terrorism might be crazy, but he isn’t stupid. He isn’t killing anyone for free.

We’re the ones who are paying Muslims to kill us in the hopes that funding terrorists will lead to peace. That makes us both crazy and stupid.

Divesting from Palestine means pushing our politicians to stop all funding into areas under Palestinian Authority control until the terror group stops financing terrorism. It means not donating to any charities that do work in those same territories or doing business with companies that operate there.

The supporters of the “Palestinian” cause have made boycotts of Israel into their new tactic. They should be made to choke on it. Israel actually has an economy. Its people work for a living. Their Islamic terrorist enemies don’t. Instead they remain entirely dependent on a welfare state that we fund. BDS for Israel can never succeed. BDS for Palestine can go for a narrow and vulnerable choke point.

Divest from “Palestine” and it, along with its bands of murderers and killers, ceases to exist.

Terrorism can be over, if we want it to be. All we have to do is be willing to cut up its credit card.


  1. Proving the Jewishness of the Land of Israel:


  2. Brilliant! How come nobody thought of the slogan?

    And thank you for the gory details: the exact obscene amount of US and other donations to the savages.

    I knew Hallel personally, a beautiful, charming, special girl. And then look at the demented, crooked look of her killer, one among so many... really time to divest. How will you call this again: BDS Fakestine? BDS Frankenstine?

  3. Infidel10/7/16

    I think you are correct.

  4. I am huge fan of para-militar-izing any community in Yesha that wants it. Up to an including giving them any weapons they want and the authority and freedom to use them however they like including pursuing terrorists offensively. For every 'palestinian' teenager who murders an innocent child we should lob a shoulder fired missile into his home town. We didn't ask for this war but by god we'll finish it.

  5. JULevineRN10/7/16

    As long as Hamas and the PLO Charters contain a message that says that the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews is its main reason for being, peace can't happen. Until the Palestinians admit that their leaders are corrupt and whose only interest is staying in power and remaining rich, nothing will change. If the Palestinians were handed a state tomorrow, it would fail as they have no infrastructure, no economy of their own, and no actual government. All they have are a bunch of self-centred, egotistical, rotten to the core men currently in charge of their futures.

  6. Anonymous10/7/16

    Daniel, the story of Hallel, her brutal murderer, his vulturesque mother waiting for OUR silver to drop into her palm sickens us who have a conscience AND a brain. Yes, pray that no penny of aid should flow to any OIC nation. Good luck with that.

    Islam is the virtuoso of Takiyya by photoshopping baby corpses, kindergartens built on command posts, acting the victim. Easy enough for "the World" to see us equally bad.

    Sadly, we Israelis and Americans hinder our combat effectiveness by "clean fighting". We just provoke scorn and heightened aggression. Islam just loves a weak enemy.


  7. Problem is with the heading, it uses the same false terminology. There is no "palestine" nor are there "palestinians." It should be divest from arabs occupying the land of Israel. Or divest from hamas, or divest from abbas, or something, but not to use the language of the enemy and anti-semites.

  8. Typo: Your average Muslim terrorism.........(m=t)
    The flow of western idot's free money to the PA as a continuous hypodermic needle infusing drugs makes it impossible for these cash addicts to ever stand on their own two legs to build a viable state. They much prefer almost peace negotiating or rather because of "settlements"not negotiating with a large enough number of murders to stay in the international news as poor victims seeing no alternative to killing Israeli civilians, over ever getting a real state of their own.

  9. Anonymous11/7/16

    So long as Jews are slaughtered, the wold is silent as it has always been in the past.

  10. Anonymous11/7/16

    Talking about 'the' peaceful religion...


  11. Anonymous11/7/16

    Palestine is a problem with no good end to it. I'm afraid if their funding stops, since they can't support themselves, that they will starve and seek "refugee" status in Europe and the US... and BO will grant it. Which will be even worse. What is the answer?

  12. So very well said, and so sad that it needs to be repeated over and over again. "Progressive" ignorance, with its needingly blindness of moral clarity, holding hands with theocratic, kleptocratic butchers is the reality of "Hope" and "Change".
    R.I.P. critical thinking skills.

    It's allowed bullying to thrive and shows how well terrorism pays, with their so-called "leaders" joining the Billionaires club.

  13. Many parallels in the paragraph below can be drawn between the PA and the very similar hate groups operating in the USA. One, in specific, is BLM, funded by Media Matters, George Soros, et al, and BLM's equivocators and cheerleaders in the Oval Office, DOJ, Washington D.C. and MSM. All strive to squelch the truth and whitewash evil.

    "Muslim terrorists in Israel, no matter which specific Islamic terrorist group they claim allegiance to, whether they are described as members of a cell or lone wolves, have their attacks funded by the terrorist administration of the Palestinian Authority which provides salaries to terrorists and their families. The Palestinian Authority is funded almost entirely by foreign aid, most of it from us. Obama insisted that Abbas, the terror boss of the Palestinian Authority, had “renounced violence”. This would have come as news to Abbas who boasted, 'There is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas.' Last month, an Abbas adviser had said, 'Every place you find an Israeli, slit his throat.'"

  14. THE ANTI-U.N.
    The matter of funding would be important, if only intelligent people acted with intelligence. We look at cause and effect, and we know that there is a valid reason for hopelessness. It is called undereducation. If the UN wanted to help the Arab living in Israel, they would see to it that this money spent there was used to pay for quality education and a just government. They would ask for an honest accounting of the money given to the people. They would sponsor training programs for underprivileged kids who could learn a trade if their primary education did not lead to a university.
    But, the UN has a simple solution, which is the easy way out; Throw money at it. They don't care to solve the real problems of the world, only to maintain a country free from the war that would spread to other neighboring nations. They need not fear aggression from Israel against Jordan or Egypt. They are finally not at war. Syria could erupt as could Lebanon, but that would be caused by internal problems and Israel has wisely shied away from interference there, even if the fighting has extended itself up to her borders.
    The UN has not helped, only fueled wars. Maybe Bosnia, Serbia, and Albania have reaped a benefit, but the rest of the world has paid through the nose. The days the UN has left are numbered. The idea was noble, but it was another League of Nations type effort and fails to take into account the people factor. We are always going to be greedy, and some will always try to steal.

  15. Anonymous11/7/16

    Poor girl, I almost wonder if she was deliberately targeted by this muslim scum. RIP Hallel Yaffa Ariel. My condolences to her family. Why are US tax dollars going to support islamic, terrorist, apartheid states/entities like Pakistan (spit) or the PA (spit again)?

  16. Thank you for the article. We should immediately stop all aid to not only the Palestinians, but also to all bloody, murdering tyrannies of which the Palestinians are an Islam driven, rank example.

    But as long as the Left wing has a voice in American politics, we will continue to see Americans' hard earned money grabbed at gun point at tax time and turned over by Washington bureaucrats to a wide variety of tyrants and police states, all of which the Left wing embraces.

    And in my view, the GOP as currently constituted, that is thoroughly intellectually and morally cowardly, will not lift a finger to put s stop to it.

  17. I love this idea; however, I already don't send any money to the charities you mention.
    And my government takes my money at the point of a gun, then insults me for wanting a say in how it is used.

  18. Anonymous12/7/16

    Sultan, what is the possibility of getting a comprehensive list?

    I quit donating to United Way many years ago. We have little voice or recourse nowadays how things are run other than pulling funding. Although, at this stage, there’s nothing to stop the billionaires from doing whatever they please regardless how many boycotters there are. But, here’s the point, and why I am not donating to any charity I don’t know for sure where the money goes, and it is the same reason I have stopped shopping at Target - what I do or don’t do will not impact anything except my own integrity. I know. Since integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking, I can live with myself knowing I still have it.

  19. Anonymous12/7/16

    Good read in which two historical responses came to immediate mind. The first I’ll paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt by saying; “If you squeeze their purse strings, their hearts and minds will follow.”
    The second is more to the point of one side seeking a solution; “…We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” Golda Meir
    My personal view is that peace will only be achieved when in defeat, Muslims petition for unconditional peace. As for Arabs, I’m of further mind that whether salaam or shalom, Arabs and Israelis have more in common to unite than divide.
    But then by nature I'm an optimist.

  20. Infidel13/7/16

    That seems to be the main thing that needs doing.

    I suspect lawfare against the terrorists on many fronts would also help, suing for their financial assets.

  21. Just a common 'tater14/7/16

    Thank you for addressing this horrendous murder of a child. Our MSM is missing in action, or rather inaction.

    To say that the majority of us that read your blog are appalled at the lack of concern for this murder by our politicians, the UN, and the MSM is an understatement.

    As far as I can see, the only way for the average American to divest from "Palestine," the PA, the PLO, and the rest of that crowd is for us to divest ourselves from our PC politicians in DC. People need to quit voting the same self-serving bunch of thieves and hacks back into office ad nauseum and in perpetuity.

  22. Why is there a Palestine? Why is there a Palestinian authority?

    This exosts because we have decided we need American miney and goodwill to survive in a hostile world. Before the Americans we decided we needed French money and goodwill to survive in a hostile world. And before the French we decided we needed British money and goodwill to survive in a hostile world.

    Curiously, whichever power we decided to sell ourselves to, would decide that they always wanted something for their beneficience. Those somethings regularly involved losing our lives or enduring humiliations. But when one has been a ghetto Jew for so long, one loses all self respect and so while we feel slightly bad for the Jews eaten up by the meat grinder, its all for the greater good since the rest of us (meaning the court Jews) get to continue breathing.

    One of the other curious things that happens with a beneficient power, is that their enemies become our enemies. Which only reinforces our certainty of needing that beneficiary, after all, look how many people hate us.

    Why is Iran our enemy? What do they havd to do with us? Nothing. They may as well be on the other side of the world, but we are American allies, which makes the Russians and the Iranians our enemies. We cannot nuke these people for threatening to burn us all alive, because it is not in Americas interests, but we also get to be "little Satan" even tho our immediate enemies, the Sunnis, are their major enemeis.

    And because it is in American interest, and we are taking American money, we had to go along with this disgusting "peace proposal".

    We get about a billion dollars a year, most of it can only be used to purchase second rate American weapons and systems. Technically we could build our own if we really wanted to, given the advances in robotics, we coild even build up a major industrial base, and we could certainly fund our weapons research by selling our own goods, but right now we cant so much as modify purchased American planes (the Lavi) because we'll get our American aid cut off.

    And as a bonus, the average US citizen views us as parasites that control their government.

    We could rule the middle east. We could be the defining super power in this region. We could become the cultural center of everything in a thousand miles. But because of our own wretched insecurity we hamstring ourselves and enslave ourselves to whatever master is willing to give us some moldy scraps.

  23. VA Rancher14/7/16

    This is a brilliant, elegant, logical, and well thought out solution. In point of fact this theory would even be repeatable as their are other similar organizations which could be ended the same way... Unfortunately it will never happen because those of the liberal/progressive mindset simply cannot comprehend it.

    I pray for the parents of MS Ariel... nobody deserves that.

    Unfortunately I believe it will take something so offensive, so damaging to the world, in order to shift the main focus of public opinion against islam so hard that it becomes an us or them equation... This I fear will be the REAL WWIII... And it will be ugly.

    Be well sir.


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