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Surrendering to ISIS is the Only Way to Defeat It

If you’re keeping score, freeing Islamic terrorists from Gitmo does not play into the hands of ISIS. Neither does bringing Syrians, many of whom sympathize with Islamic terrorists, into our country. And aiding the Muslim Brotherhood parent organization of ISIS does not play into the Islamic group’s hands.

However if you use the words “Islamic terrorism” or even milder derivatives such as “radical Islamic terrorism”, you are playing into the hands of ISIS. If you call for closer law enforcement scrutiny of Muslim areas before they turn into Molenbeek style no-go zones or suggest ending the stream of new immigrant recruits to ISIS in San Bernardino, Paris or Brussels, you are also playing into the hands of ISIS.

And if you carpet bomb ISIS, destroy its headquarters and training camps, you’re just playing into its hands. According to Obama and his experts, who have wrecked the Middle East, what ISIS fears most is that we’ll ignore it and let it go about its business. And what it wants most is for us to utterly destroy it.

Tens of thousands of Muslim refugees make us safer. But using the words “Muslim terrorism” endangers us. The more Muslims we bring to America, the faster we’ll beat ISIS. As long as we don’t call it the Islamic State or ISIS or ISIL, but follow Secretary of State John Kerry’s lead in calling it Daesh.

Because terrorism has no religion. Even when it’s shouting, “Allahu Akbar”.

Obama initially tried to defeat ISIS by ignoring it. This cunning approach allowed ISIS to seize large chunks of Iraq and Syria. He tried calling ISIS a J.V. team in line with his claim that, “We defeat them in part by saying you are not strong, you are weak”. Unimpressed, ISIS seized Mosul. It was still attached to the old-fashioned way of proving it was strong by actually winning land and wars.

Europe and the United States decided to prove that we were not at war with Islam by taking in as many Muslims as we could. Instead of leading to less terrorism, taking in more Muslims led to more terrorism.

Every single counterintuitive strategy for defeating Islamic terrorism has been tried. And it has failed. Overthrowing “dictators” turned entire countries into terrorist training camps. Bringing Islamists to power in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia led directly to attacks on American diplomatic facilities. The Muslim Brotherhood showed no gratitude to its State Department allies. Instead its militias and forces either aided the attackers or stood by and watched while taking bets on the outcome.

Islamic terrorism has followed an intuitive pattern of cause and effect. There’s a reason that the counterintuitive strategies for fighting Islamic terrorism by not fighting Islamic terrorism don’t work. They make no sense. Instead they all depend on convincing Muslims, from the local Imam to Jihadist organizations, to aid us instead of attack us by showing what nice people we are. Meanwhile they also insist that we can’t use the words “Islamic terrorism” because Muslims are ticking time bombs who will join Al Qaeda and ISIS the moment we associate terrorism with the I-word.

There are contradictions there that you can drive a tank through.

The counterintuitive strategy assumes that Islamic terrorism will only exist if we use the I-word, that totalitarian Jihadist movements want democracy and that our best allies for fighting Islamic terrorism are people from the same places where Islamic terrorism is a runaway success. And that we should duplicate the demographics of the countries where Islamic terrorism thrives in order to defeat it.

The West’s counterterrorism strategy makes less sense than the ravings of most mental patients. The only thing more insane than the counterintuitive strategy for defeating Islamic terrorism is the insistence that the intuitive strategy of keeping terrorists out and killing them is what terrorists want.

If you believe the experts, then Islamic terrorists want us to stop them from entering Europe, America, Canada and Australia. They crave having their terrorists profiled by law enforcement on the way to their latest attack. And they wish we would just carpet bomb them as hard as we can right now.

When ISIS shoots up Paris or Brussels, it’s not really trying to kill infidels for Allah. Instead it’s setting a cunning trap for us. If we react by ending the flow of migrants and preventing the next attack, ISIS wins. If we police Muslim no-go zones, then ISIS also wins. If we deport potential terrorists, ISIS still wins.

But if we let ISIS carry out another successful attack, then ISIS loses. And we win. What do we win?

It depends. A concert hall full of corpses. Marathon runners with severed limbs. Families fleeing the airport through a haze of smoke. Only by letting ISIS kill us, do we have any hope of beating ISIS.

Politicians and experts claim that ISIS is insane. It’s not insane. It’s evil. Its goals are clear and comprehensible. The objectives of the Islamic State are easy to intuitively grasp. Our leaders and experts are the ones who are out of their minds. They may or may not be evil, but they are utterly insane. And they have projected their madness on Islamic terrorists who are downright rational compared to them.

Unlike our leaders, Islamic terrorists don’t confuse victory and defeat. They aren’t afraid that they’ll win. They don’t want us to kill them or deport them. They don’t care whether we call them ISIS or Daesh. They don’t derive their Islamic legitimacy from John Kerry or a State Department Twitter account. They get it from the Koran and the entire rotting corpus of Islamic law that they seek to impose on the world.

Our leaders are the ones who are afraid of winning. They distrust the morality of armed force and borders. They disguise that distrust behind convoluted arguments and counterintuitive rationales. Entire intellectual systems are constructed to explain why defeating ISIS is exactly what ISIS wants.

After the San Bernardino shootings, Obama insisted that, “Our success won’t depend on tough talk or abandoning our values... That’s what groups like ISIL are hoping for.” But ISIS does not care whether Obama talks tough, even if it’s only his version of tough talk in which he puffs out his chest and says things like, ”You are not strong, you are weak.” It is not interested in Obama’s “right side of history” distortion of American values either.

ISIS is not trying to be counterintuitive. It’s fighting to win. And our leaders are fighting as hard as they can to lose.

The counterintuitive strategy is not meant to fight terror, but to convince the populace that winning is actually losing and losing is actually winning. The worse we lose, the better our plan is working. And when we have completely lost everything then we’ll have the terrorists right where we want them.

Just ask the dead of Brussels, Paris, New York and a hundred other places.

This isn’t a plan to win. It’s a plan to confuse the issue while losing. It’s a plan to convince everyone that what looks like appeasement, defeatism, surrender and collaboration with the enemy is really a brilliant counterintuitive plan that is the only possible path to a lasting victory over Islamic terrorism.

But intuitive beats counterintuitive. Winning intuitively beats losing counterintuitively. Counterintuitively dead terrorists multiply, but intuitively they stay dead. Counterintuitively, not discussing the problem is the best way to solve it. Intuitively, you solve a problem by facing it. Counterintuitively, collaborating with the enemy is patriotism. Intuitively, it’s treason.


  1. Anonymous30/3/16

    The twitter share button does not work. Brilliant article. 😐

  2. Our political leaders are just as dangerous as Islamic Terrorists; talk about enablers. We need to stop the liberal, progressive bulls**t just as much as ISIS. A war on two fronts.

    1. This article proves that liberalism is a mental disease

    2. It's again liberal psychosis.... Guns kill... Not bad people will guns... Killing rabid dogs is evil but killing unborn babies is heroic.. Religion can't be taught and pushed in school unless it's Islam... Words written in chalk can cause physical and mental anguish get BLM protests (riots) are a right..."woe to those who call good evil and evil good"

  3. Infidel31/3/16

    I think the practical way to think about the terrorists is as evil (like you said). Even the Bhagavad Gita says there is a time when the enemy should be killed, if I understand it correctly. And again, as you said, projecting our crazy western values onto the terrorists is a disastrous mistake. Most people don't seem to be aware of what they are doing when they are projecting.

  4. Great! Another amazing example of the left's embrace of Orwell's "newspeak".

  5. Zuckerberg admonishes us to love them into submission. Is this a nightmare? Will someone please wake me? Please?!

    1. Maybe good ole Suckaturd should go to Syria and have a face to face huh fest with good ole Al Bagdadi... Hope it don't cause so much excitement Mark loses his head

  6. as usual, a totally brilliant work. i don't know how Daniel keeps doing this every time. Daniel seems to be the best kept secret on Earth. I wish people would Tweet or do whatever it takes to help proliferate the most brilliant living analyst

  7. The west has no coherent anti terrorism strategy. It simply isn't present. They are torn between treating it as a policing issue and a social disease - neither of which it actually IS. So they will continue with half measures and quarter measures the same as any other liberal democracy does with such things, declaring it a 'manageable long term objective' like poverty or teen pregnancy. And it will create more "Issues Industries" designed not only to maintain that status quo but to forward a lie that it's working. And course it will not. What WILL happen is a slow process of continually setting the water-level of acceptable atrocities.

  8. I'm reminded of Neville Chamberlain and the Nazis. But even he was not inviting large numbers of Nazis to live in the UK.

  9. gstarr31/3/16

    According to Obama and Hillary doing the things that play into the hands of ISIS is also "not who we are" and "are not our values."

    To sum up Mr. Greenfield's excellent article the new path to victory for the Left regarding ISIS, and all Islamic Terrorism is:

    Talk lofty and carry a limp stick!!

  10. Anonymous31/3/16

    The bunny said, "Not ALL foxes are like that!"

  11. good article...I've felt this way all along

    to support and expand on Infidel's line of thinking...

    to defeat an enemy, you have to do it on his terms

    trying to bring a 7th-century mentality up to our level to address him just ain't gonna work...

    our dumdums in charge would have no clue, as they have never negotiated, or even worked, for that matter

    hopefully, better luck next year

  12. This so-called "strategy" of Obama's makes perfect sense if you realize he's on the Islamists' side, and not ours. He did promise this in one of his two autobiographies.

  13. "Or as Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said, "If you kill your enemies, they win."
    You're obviously unaware of the fact that Justin Trudeau is a blithering idiot. The constant stupidity that spews out of his (which the above quote is an excellent example) childish mouth is an embarrassment to Canada. The only reason he was elected was because his last name is Trudeau which is a selling point to our brain dead voters who think that nice hair is all you need to be a Prime Minister.

  14. Anonymous31/3/16

    We win by getting on the moral high ground, i.e., being ‘noble’ but sore losers who let the other guys win out of kindness and compassion. Liberal insanity for ya.

  15. Anonymous31/3/16

    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Remember those slogans? If you don't, allow me to refresh your memory. They are taken from George Orwell's famous dystopian novel, 1984.

    They are the slogans used by INGSOC (English Socialist Party) in what Orwell describes as doublethink, or "the act of simultaneously acepting two mutually beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts." It's a form of mind control. By making people accept two contradictory beliefs as both correct goverment can get people switch from one emotion to anothe, depending on which one serves goverment's agenda at the moment.

    And that is exactly what we have in Obama's and the international left's surrealist way of "fighting terrorism." We win by not fighting it. We survive by getting killed by ISIS. We defend freedom and democracy by allowing ISIS to replace them with their oppressive and tyrannical theocracy.

    Liberal doublespeak is getting us all killed and will eventually culminate in the total victory of a caliphate-minded theocracy over Western values and principles,democracy and freedom.

    In other words, we win by being defeated. Yes, that's how sick the left is.

    I retired to bedlam.

  16. Anonymous1/4/16

    DP111 writes....

    Belgian vice PM acknowledges street celebrations following Brussels attacks


    This is evidence that imams have declared Belgium to have progressed from dar al Harb to dar al Islam.

    As of now, Muslims will oppose all Belgium’s forces, as illegal, and having no proper legal authority in the country, particularly over Muslims.
    Frankly, Belgium is seen as “submitted”. The only thing is that Belgium’s politicians dont know it yet.
    This is evidence that Muslims in France, even Muslim cops, no longer believe that France is dar al Harb, but is now dar al Islam. In Muslim eyes, France is now dar al Islam. French Muslim will increasingly refuse to comply or even respect French authority. Muslims see France as a submitted nation.


    We are rapidly moving to a serious conflict in Europe. Civil war – one that I have predicted for decades. Its a real shame that many innocents will quite unnecessarily be injured, because of blind attachment to egalitarian Pollyanna principals, that have no place in a fallen world.

    The only real military power in Europe is the USA. The only power that can cross all European borders – no questions asked. All European leaders know this.

    Europe does not know yet, but in this world, our only hope is Trump.

  17. Or as Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said, "If you kill your enemies, they win." I felt like laughing and crying at the same time when I read this. Justin Trudeau is an embarrassing dimwit who was elected because dumbded down Canucks still love his tyrant loving politically correct father Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Canucks thought he was groovy because he often wore a cravat or a zoot suit (I'm not kidding) and married a bi-polar flower child young enough to be his daughter. Justin is the fruit of their inbred loins. If the voters would have dragged themselves away from Hockey Night in Canada long enough to spend a little time keeping watch over the true north strong and free they would have learned that in his student days he was a fascist sympathizer then turned into a Stalin, Mao and Castro loving dimwit who first became PM when our economy was strong but a mess when he finally fortunately died sparing Canada further damage. Pierre and mass murderer Fidel actually became good friends with Fidel being a pall bearer at Pierres funeral. Too bad Fidel didn't trip and fall into the Trudeau crypt at the burial where the two idiots could spend eternity in hell together. Pictures of Justin and Fidel giving each other manly communist hugs exist. The brainless drivel that continues to spew out of his mouth not to mention his brain is never ending. He is actually removing Canadian troops from their bases to house unvettable Syrian refugees and is actually building on base mosques for them as well as supplying free korans and prayer rugs. Stay tuned for continuing Justin stupidity.

  18. Anonymous1/4/16

    You'd have have to be an insane leftist not to appreciate this article. One could submit a mathematical proof of the falsehood of victory through appeasement and the emporer would still be clothed.

  19. Big Bill2/4/16

    No European Muslims, no European bombings. Simple. We need to abandon our now-decades-long "Invade the World, Invite the World" policy.

  20. Anonymous2/4/16

    Or as Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said, "If you kill your enemies, they win."
    Where and when was this said? I cannot locate any online reference to this other than a couple of echo chambers where it looks like it was invented.

  21. Y. Ben-David3/4/16

    Although I can not remember who stated this, but it points out the absurdness of Obama's policies towards ISIS': "The Soviet Red Army played into Hitler's hands by sending their tanks into Berlin all the way to the Fuhrerbunker!".

  22. Part of the problem is that too many Westerners were taught that the Palestinians, the first group of Muslim terrorists anybody remembers with any clarity in living memory, were virtuous freedom fighters who were being "oppressed" by Israel, and were illegitimately compared to Native Indians and their struggles. The idiotic feel-good, LSD bad trip inspired "solutions" to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have simply grown legs and spread across the general mindset of how to deal with terrorists, because most idiot leftists believe that terrorists are only terrorists because America et al simply stuck their nose into the business of the respective countries, and that's why they're angry with the West. It's a super-simplistic, ridiculous, quasi-narcissistic mindset, and drug induced brain damage is almost as much to blame as regular leftist-sourced public education. When I was going to school in the 80s and 90s, I was aghast at the idiotic mindset and was told it was MY perception of things that was infantile and unprogressive and counterintuitive (Hello, NDP/Retired Hippie Land!) and that their ideas were the true path to Peace. So now we have several generations of brainwashed numbskulls that vote for other brainwashed numbskulls, that put in policies contrived by current or past users of LSD and MaryJane, and of course nowhere was this more of a problem than Socialist Europe. This is why Socialist Europe has a problem now. The people who voted the peaceniks into office literally cannot comprehend why their strategy isn't working. It literally cannot occur to them that there's a group of human beings to which their flowers-in-the-gunbarrels diplomacy won't work at all. They cannot think outside the box they have constructed around themselves. And that's just sad.

  23. Daniel, you are a great writer indeed- you know how to present something in a very effective way, and get the point across better than others! Bravo!. There is no way to understand this, except by going into the deep unconscious motivations of what seem, on the surface, perfectly reasonable people, but deep down, way down, are ignoramuses. How come? The way I see it: politicians are "power professionals" - their expertise is "power" - how to get it, how to keep it, how to expand it. There is no connection with actual reality, other than how to manipulate it, shape it, to get and retain power (for whatever psychological needs they serve in the individual). The madness that they engage in, is infectious, and what we have now is a world wide mental epidemic. Just like computers may infected with a "virus," so the mind may be infected. Madness indeed, as you indicate! This is not some throw away term, to put people down with, it is a description of what is happening. Hard to keep your own sanity in the midst of a mental epidemic. Being anchored spiritually is probably the best antidote, and you, Daniel, obviously are. Blessings upon you. There is no way to reason with the mentally infected - it goes on underneath what seems the most reasonable and "smart" exterior. The dangers are great. Oh, what times are ahead!

  24. They believe in equality. For us to defend ourselves would imply that we are better than them.

  25. One other thing not mentioned here is that the traitorous Western 'leaders' are still selling the idea that terrorism is a small, minor issue, comparing it to traffic accidents or some disease. Even calling it 'terrorism' instead of war is a way of minimizing the problem, and it really looks like they will get away with this lie until the mess gets much bigger and practically impossible to deal with.

    In addition, the Western 'elites' do seem to have a bit of a suicidal streak in them, both in the area of dealing with the Moslems and with the economy. They have to at least vaguely realize that they are in just as much danger as anyone else (Francois Hollande was inches away from getting his head blown off in the attack on Paris a few months ago.) Similarly, if they push on with socialism and dumbing down education, they will find themselves ruling over the ruins of modern technological civilization, maybe enjoying a bit of pleasure from what they can grab, but ultimately having it all crash down around them. What a bunch of nutcases!

  26. It was Bush the Lesser who destroyed the Middle East, not Barry the Kenyan.


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