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The Left's Manufactured Muslim Crisis

Men and women, some whose clothes were still marked with gray ash, walked dazedly toward Union Square. Many did not know what to do or where to go. So they kept on walking. They knew the country was under attack, but they did not know how bad it was or what might still be heading for them.

Behind them lay a changed city and thousands of American dead. Ahead was the bronze statue of George Washington, facing into the devastation and raising his hand to lead his men forward in victory. Around its base, with the destruction of the World Trade Center as their backdrop, leftists had set up shop, coloring anti-war posters even while rescue workers were risking their lives at Ground Zero.

In the coming days, the statue of Washington would be repeatedly vandalized by leftists drawing peace signs and “No War” and “War is Not the Answer” slogans on it. But that moment crystallized my realization that while Muslim terrorists had carried out the attack, it was the left we would have to fight.

While some New Yorkers had gone to help the victims of Islamic terrorists, the left had rushed to aid the terrorists. Unlike the rest of us, they were not shocked or horrified by the attack. They were treasonously working on ways to spin the murder of thousands of Americans to protect the enemy.

The greatest obstacle to defeating Islamic terrorism is still the left.

The left helped create Islamic terrorism; its immigration policies import terrorism while its civil rights arm obstructs efforts to prevent it and its anti-war rallies attack any effort to fight it. In America, in Europe and in Israel, and around the world, to get at Islamic terrorists, you have to go through the left.

When a Muslim terrorist comes to America, it’s the left that agitates to admit him. Before he kills, it’s the left that fights to protect him from the FBI. Afterward, leftists offer to be his lawyers. The left creates the crisis and then it fights against any effort to deal with it except through surrender and appeasement.

Islamic violence against non-Muslims predated the left. But it’s the left that made it our problem. Islamic terrorism in America or France exists because of Muslim immigration. And the left is obsessed with finding new ways to import more Muslims. Merkel is praised for opening up a Europe already under siege by Islamic terror, Sharia police, no-go zones and sex grooming and groping gangs, to millions.

The left feverishly demands that the whole world follow her lead. Bill Gates would like America to be just like Germany. Israel’s deranged Labor Party leader Herzog urged the Jewish State to open its doors.

And then, after the next round of stabbings, car burnings and terror attacks, they blame the West for not “integrating” the un-integratable millions who had no more interest in being integrated than their leftist patrons do in moving to Pakistan and praying to Allah on a threadbare rug. But “integration” is a euphemism for a raft of leftist agenda items from social services spending to punishing hate speech (though never that of the Imams crying for blood and death, but only of their native victims) to a foreign policy based on appeasement and surrender. Islamic terrorists kill and leftists profit from the carnage.

The ongoing threat of Islamic terrorism is a manufactured crisis that the left cultivates because that gives it power. In a world without 9/11, the Obama presidency would never have existed. Neither would the Arab Spring and the resulting migration and wholesale transformation of Western countries.

In the UK, Labour used Muslim immigration as a deliberate political program to “change the country.” In Israel, Labor struck an illegal deal with Arafat that put sizable portions of the country under the control of terrorists while forcing the Jewish State into a series of concessions to terrorists and the left. The same fundamental pattern of Labour and Labor and the whole left is behind the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Muslim terrorism creates pressure that the left uses to achieve policy goals. Even when it can’t win elections, Muslim terrorism allows the left to create a crisis and then to set an agenda.

The left’s patronage of Islamic terrorists for its own political purposes follows a thread back to the origin of Islamic terrorism. Islamic violence against non-Muslims dates back to the founding of Islam, but the tactics of modern Islamic terrorism owe as much to Lenin as they do to Mohammed.

Today’s Islamic terrorist is the product of traditional Islamic theology and Soviet tactics. The USSR did not intend to create Al Qaeda, but they provided training and doctrine to terrorists from the Muslim world. The “secular” and “progressive” terrorists of the left either grew Islamist, like Arafat, or their tactics were copied and expanded on, like the PFLP, by a new generation of Islamic terrorists.

The earlier phase of Islamic organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, had been inspired by fascists who were seeking to use them in their own wars. Over this layer of secret societies plotting takeovers and building networks of front groups, the Soviet Union added the terror tactics that had been employed by the left. And the leftist mad bomber became the Muslim suicide bomber. Terrorism in the Muslim world has evolved from functioning as a Third World proxy army for the left, in much the same way as guerrillas and terrorists from Asia, Africa and Latin America had, to a diaspora whose migrations lend a domestic terror arm to a Western left whose own spiteful activists have grown unwilling to put their lives on the line and go beyond tweeting words to throwing bombs.

With the Muslim Brotherhood, the origin organization of Al Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas, among many others, so tightly integrated into the American and European left that it is often hard to see where one begins and the other ends, Islam has become the militant arm of the purportedly secular left. Western leftists and Islamists have formed the same poisonous relationship as Middle Eastern leftists and Islamists did leading to the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Arab Spring. Leftists expected Islamists to do the dirty work while they would take over. Instead the Islamists won and killed them.

Having learned nothing from the Hitler-Stalin pact, the left has replayed the same betrayal with the Mohammed-Stalin pact in the Middle East and now in the West. But the end of the Mohammed-Stalin pact will not be a Socialist totalitarian utopia, but an Islamic theocracy of slaves, terror and death.

On September 11, I saw with my own eyes how eager and willing leftists were to rush to the aid of Islamic terrorists even while their fellow Americans were dying. Nothing has changed. Every Islamic act of brutality is met with lies and spin, with mass distraction and deception by the treasonous left. Every effort to fight Islamic terrorists is sabotaged, undermined and protested by the enemy within.

Since September 11, the left has trashed the FBI’s counterterrorism and has now succeeded in destroying the NYPD’s counterrorism while transforming the FDNY into an affirmative action project. What the September 11 hijackers could never accomplish on their own, the leftists did for them by defeating the three forces that had stood against Islamic terrorists on that day. And it would not surprise me at all if some of the “No War” scribblers have gone on to play an influential role in that treason.

The left has crippled domestic and international counterterrorism. American soldiers are not allowed to shoot terrorists and the FBI and NYPD can’t monitor mosques or even be taught what to look for. Islamic terrorism has achieved unprecedented influence and power under Obama. ISIS has created the first functioning caliphate and Iran marches toward the first Jihadist nuclear bomb. The mass Muslim migration is beginning a process that will Islamize Europe far more rapidly than anyone expects.

The Jihad would not be a significant threat without the collaboration of the left. Without the left standing in the way, it’s a problem that could be solved in a matter of years. With the aid of the left, it threatens human civilization with a dark age that will erase our culture, our future and our freedom.

We cannot defeat Islam without defeating the left. That is the lesson I learned on September 11. It is a lesson that appears truer every single year as the left finds new ways to endanger us all.


  1. The only thing I disagree with in this excellent essay is the apparent assumption that the Left naively believes that support for Islam will ultimately help bring about some sort of secular socialist utopia. I think the long-term aim of the more sophisticated Leftists is the destruction of Western civilization and society and its replacement with Islamic theocracy - not immediately, not within the lifetimes of people now in middle age, but maybe within a century or so. The Left has given up its old dreams and now only wants to destroy the civilization that gave it birth. How else to explain the blatant indifference to Islamic treatment of women, dissenters and minorities, and the frantic urge to import this sort of barbarism into the West?

  2. Anonymous29/1/16

    911 was a lot of things, but it succeeded to put fear into people. We will see the technology used in that event again to do other dastardly deeds.

    God has his army and Lucifer has his. All those who support or have sympathies for evil will succumb in the end. It seems like we live in a parallel universe sometimes with some of the people around us. The chasm grows ever wider and one must decided who's side you will be on. Fence sitting will not be optional.

    Your reap what you sow and it will get ugly, but Isaiah tells us in Ch. 66 what to expect and verse 24 sums up what will happen to those who would fight against Him.

    Daniel, you're are a rock.

  3. Really? No comments, did you just put this up?

    "We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst."
    C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

    Born in 1950 I sometimes feel that when I was born America already had the knife in her back. There was a time when I thought that I would be fighting for my country, within my country. I'd wonder if I'm going to be to old soon but for the example of Samuel Whittenmore in my home town.

    There's a lot wrong with the Republican Party, a lot wrong, but the Democrats are seriously going to choose between a Socialist and the imminently indictable Hillary Clinton? What are the odds that Obie will have to pardon her just to get her on the ballot? A modern Civil War isn't the worst thing there is. I think.

  4. Anonymous29/1/16

    "We cannot defeat Islam without defeating the left. That is the lesson I learned on September 11."

    They noticed just as fast, maybe faster. That's why they were so quick off the mark with anti-anti-Islamofascism.

  5. AesopFan29/1/16

    I did not see, or did not remember, the Leftists and their anti-war canards at 9/11, but their prior and subsequent behavior is certainly in accord with Daniel's thesis.

  6. Just a common 'tater30/1/16

    Unfortunately, you are not only accurate in your description of the left supporting Islamic terror, you barely scratched the surface. The left and the soft-brained thinking that has infected our society not only supported the 9/11 attacks, they made it possible.

    From the detailed analyses that I have read, one thing stands out clearly. Even within the FBI, NYPD, and the NYFD, turf war bickering (as in unions), quashing of investigations, and worrying about terrorists "rights" paralyzed our investigations, blocked deportations, and just plain stupidity left us wide open for this.

    This stuff most clearly started when FDR started packing his cabinet and these leftists followed by packing our government agencies full of leftists. The Stalin loving bureaucrats and leftists in general stood arm in arm in protecting and supporting Nazis until their beloved comrade was attacked. Churchill and FDR were stupid enough to rescue Stalin from his own devices. We were rewarded for this by the spies giving Stalin the A and H bombs. But who got demonized for this? McCarthy for calling them out on this.

    Carter, Clinton, and BHO have done more to destroy our country than anyone. Yet our over fed, over entertained, and over indoctrinated citizens are more worried about Obama phones and EBT cards than whether they will get taken out by a Mumbai, Nairobi, or similar attack.

    I have no idea what it will take to get America awake and back to the ability to fight like we did in WWII. We had lost that ability to see, think, and act accordingly by the time Korea hit. It has been all down hill since.

    If we do have enough people wake up and demand action, and action occurs, I doubt that it will be fun or pretty. I doubt that any of the current self-declared candidates for CINC have what it would take to start in the right direction, either. The worst part is, the people that need to read this and act on it don't and won't. Good luck to us.

    Nonetheless, thank you for writing this.

  7. The Left and Islam have a strange codependency upon each other - at the same time embodying what each other hate and love the most.

    1. Anonymous1/2/16

      What they have in common is the absolute love of absolute power. The left has no real core static dogma - it is all change and power; the pursuit of an ever increasingly radical and shifting ideal, combined with totalitarian rule. As they are lacking an actual static conviction, you'd be surprised how unimportant the contrast is between the current "beliefs" of leftism and those of unchanging Islam. The left can always change its beliefs (look at how transgenderism has trumped feminism). What it really holds to is the love of raw power, and it recognizes in Islam a kindred and much more practiced totalitarian spirit. A bully always admires another more brutal bully.
      - Metro

    2. Metro1/2/16

      What they have in common is the absolute love of absolute power. The left has no real core static dogma - it is all change and power; the pursuit of an ever increasingly radical and shifting ideal, combined with totalitarian rule. As they are lacking an actual static conviction, you'd be surprised how unimportant the contrast is between the current "beliefs" of leftism and those of unchanging Islam. The left can always change its beliefs (look at how transgenderism has trumped feminism). What it really holds to is the love of raw power, and it recognizes in Islam a kindred and much more practiced totalitarian spirit. A bully always admires another more brutal bully.

  8. The Left is not only nasty, but also dangerously stupid:

  9. Anonymous30/1/16

    What you describe Mr. Sultan, is an existential threat to freedom. And the threat includes enemies both foreign and domestic, and domestically from both sides of the aisle. That is why Trump is garnering such a large following. Reasonable people want something done; something that hasn't been attempted by those in power to date. It really is a mental illness, a sickness when one opens their home to infestation by all sorts of vermin, disease and pestilence that does not care one lick who it will attack and kill. Just sick!

  10. The globalist oligarchy has its vanguard class: islamic (and other) peasant immigrants. World feudalism is their endgame.

  11. This article is so devastatingly TRUE. The Islam-enabling Left is our main enemy.

  12. I've been saying for years that the left lives out, vicariously, its murderous rage through the atrocities perpetrated by Muslims.

  13. I reiterate, the left latches on to whatever "cause" generates the most energy for them. Currently, it's Muslam, the leftist super-tool which has superseded everything else, including blacks, women's rights, gay rights, animal rights, the environment, child protection, everything. Leftists recognize Muslam, unconsciously, as the epitome of self-loathing and faux victimhood as manifested on this planet. It is a self/other flagellating, self/other sodomizing, self/other masturbating sort of mutual exploitation agreement between the two. The left holds up Muslam like a cross before the vampire it's made of us in its own mind and Muslam holds up the left as a mirror of self-loathing to us and sneers to us that we are it. Essentially, the left uses Muslam as the tool to fulfill, energize and perpetuate its neurotic sanctimony, grandiosity and narcissism. Muslam is their drug of choice. They cannot put it down. It's the cobra they picked up and can't put down because the moment they drop it, it will bite them. Thus, they must juggle it until it bites and kills them. And, it will.

  14. As strong an indictment of the political left as I've seen. Now, if we could somehow have them read it. But, they would not believe it. They are scorpions; they'll sting and kill the very thing that keeps them alive. Because they're scorpions.

  15. Anonymous31/1/16

    "Vicious Snake" by Al Wilson.
    ( An inside view of Europestan )

    On her way to work one morning
    Down the path along side the lake
    A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake
    His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
    "Poor thing," she cried, "I'll take you in and I'll take care of you"
    "Take me in tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven's sake
    Take me in, tender woman," sighed the snake
    She wrapped him all cozy in a comforter of silk
    And laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk
    She hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived
    She found that pretty snake she'd taken to had bee revived
    "Take me in, tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven's sake
    Take me in, tender woman," sighed the snake
    She clutched him to her bosom, "You're so beautiful," she cried
    "But if I hadn't brought you in by now you might have died"
    She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
    Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite
    "Take me in, tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven's sake
    Take me in, tender woman," sighed the snake
    "I saved you," cried the woman
    "And you've bitten me, but why?
    You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die"
    "Oh shut up, silly woman," said the reptile with a grin
    "You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
    "Take me in, tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven's sake
    Take me in, tender woman," sighed the snake

  16. Anonymous31/1/16

    have had to confront this ugly truth since around 2003 when I came to same conclusions- and I began to understand how a nation could de-volve into civil war, brother fighting brother. - Most of my own family and the largest percentage of my friends (some now former friends b/c they can't tolerate, acknowledge, face,reality or truth [or me] anymore) are still WAY LEFT- completely duped- hope-a-doped.
    It makes me sad to see, my heart broke a thousand times. I cannot un-see or un-know what I found in looking to understand what happened 911 (and know I know it began way before that). Thank you for always putting to succinct words what I am also thinking much better than I could

  17. gstarr31/1/16

    The Left never seems to understand that, in thinking they can manage the Islamists, they too will eventually be on the menu.

  18. I believe the Oligarchs are hoping the Muslims and the rest of the world will destroy each other in a bloody, entertaining (to the oligarchy) battle that will drain all valuables from the people until the only ones standing are those same oligarchs. The want to remove the undesirables from the Earth and what better way than to get them to destroy one another?

  19. Anonymous1/2/16

    Hitler's Long Shadow over Israel

    Why do so many Arabs sound like Nazis when they talk about Jews? The answer lay buried for decades in the archives of the Third Reich. Then a generation of younger German scholars expanded their attention beyond the death camps of Europe to Hitler's activities in the Middle East. What they discovered: it was Hitler who financed the modern jihadi movement.

    Nazi-Arab collaboration was crucial to the Final Solution. The Third Reich financed and trained the Muslim Brothers of Palestine and Egypt in terrorism and focused their anti-modernity rage on Jews. One of the first people Hitler told about his plans to kill Europe's Jews was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, the infamous mufti of Jerusalem, Yasser Arafat's cousin. Hitler and the mufti shook hands on a plan to exterminate all the Jews of the Middle East. The Reich preserved the memo, the minutes, and a photo of their famous handshake.


  20. Anonymous1/2/16

    Alubarika Hussein O
    alubarika: blessing, from al-barakah (Arabic البركة)
    source: wikipedia
    entry: yoruba language
    (in Arabic influence. Some loan words)
    blessing for who?

  21. What is the left? Destruction, emptiness, nothingness.

  22. A couple of days after 9/11 I attended a dinner party where I was lectured by liberals on how it was all America’s fault. It was disgusting and it turned my stomach. Some of these people had been friends. I couldn’t believe what had happened to them. I no longer see any of them if I can avoid it.

  23. Anonymous1/2/16

    But who is jerking whose chain? Is the left jerking the chain of islamic-nazism? Or are they nothing but paid for collaborators of islamic-nazism? How many leftists are on the islamic-nazi payroll? Either directly or thru petrodollars laundered thru other NGO's? It would be interesting to see who or what is funding the ACLU or SPLC these days.

    1. Anonymous2/2/16

      These wanting power have plenty of useful idiots to select from.

      Go to frontpagemag.com and click on "networks". You'll find many strange bedfellows.

  24. Although I agree with your assessment that Herzog is "deranged," I have to be the bearer of bad news here:

    Many in the quasi-right are also just as deranged. :-/

  25. Anonymous2/2/16

    The Leftist Islamist Alliance (LLL) - far more dangerous than the KKK.

  26. Would it be possible for you to give me a link to something --- anything --- that gives an explanation for the Left's fanatical commitment to unceasing revolution in spite of all of its grotesque historical consequences? What can possibly be the motivation that keeps this going in so many people all over the world?

  27. Y. Ben-David2/2/16

    Bud Fox-
    The answer is that they think "this time we will get it right!". For instance, Lenin devoted years to studying the failure of the Paris Commune in 1871. Thus, he thought in 1918 he would get it right. Well, he didn't. These people live in a world of theory and so when things don't work out, they try to revise the theory. To admit they were wrong is simply too painful for them.

  28. Anonymous2/2/16

    Agreed. Put simply, the greatest danger to the world is the Democratic Party in America.

  29. Anonymous3/2/16

    In answer to Bud Fox's question, and in disagreement with anonymous above but in agreement with Y. Ben-David, I would say that our history is an account of Man's rebellion against God and His authority, trying to replace His creation with "something better", because by our reckoning, God didn't get it right the first time, and we think we can do better.

    First on the agenda, of course, is to declare that God is dead, so we can get on with the business of being our own gods. Once a person believes that, they pretty much can justify any horrible means toward a "better" end.

  30. Anonymous4/2/16

    The islamisation of Australia started well before 9/11 and perhaps as early as 1970's. The introduction of multi-cultural policies by conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (PM 1975 to 1983) was a deliberate and successful attempt by this champagne socialist to change the cultural makeup of Australia forever. Most conservatives consider Fraser a traitor. The socialist Labor Party and communist Greens both wish to annihilate western culture using immigration and consider him a hero.
    During the 1980's thousands of moslems from Tripoli, Sidon and Tyre, being put into working class neighbourhoods of Sydney. Christians were not welcome and most of them went to Canada and the United States. Unlike the Italians and Greeks before them, moslems never integrated and their descendants live on welfare to this day.
    The neighbourhoods invaded became replicas of islamic countries. Huge mosques dominated the landscape, the locals were pushed out, women stopped wearing shorts/skirts on summers days for fear of assault, shop keepers no longer spoke English, Lebanese gangs openly sold heroin and other drugs. After 9/11 they became politically active. Moslem women started wearing headgear and men wore long shirts and grew beards. Many of these areas became no-go suburbs for police or non-moslems.
    Insults from these new "citizens" were quick to follow. When an imman in their new Saudi funded mosque told the leftist Prime Minister that Australian women and girls were "uncovered meat" the left wing press ignored the abuse.
    The left is ashamed of the success of Western civilisation and seek to destroy it. Even when eventually they are enslaved, or getting their heads cut off, no doubt they will still be insisting that islam is a religion of peace.

  31. Ray Fleischman5/2/16

    Mr. Knish:
    "Leftists expected Islamists to do the dirty work while they would take over. Instead the Islamists won and killed them." I can not think of a better column than if you would put names and tell the story of the Leftists in Egypt that helped bring Morrissey into power only to wind up executed for their trouble. History is filled with dead useful idiots that nobody knows about, it might help to bring back some of our Countrymen who have followed the wrong piper.

  32. I agree with Anonymous above who attributed our current predicament (set forth with exceeding clarity herein by our host) to man's rebellion against God; and truly, it has always been the case that man wishes to be his own little god -- note Protagoras' "man is the measure," and before him, Eve, who thought it a keen idea to know essentially what God knows -- and Adam who stood beside her, failing his role of leader to protect her from the lie that it was good to depart from God's loving rule.
    So here we are.
    But zooming back in from the big picture, this current predicament affords each of us a prodding to confront our own persistence to maintain autonomy. Because while the days are growing darker, we must put our houses in order before the light goes out.

  33. Anonymous8/2/16

    "Because while the days are growing darker, we must put our houses in order before the light goes out." Yes... think long on this:
    Night is coming... long,dark,cold night.
    It is Scriptural. In the end times (if they haven't already begun, you surely can see them from here) - the ultimate war occurs; Good vs. evil. For the godless left, and the false godded moslems; their deception and depraved disobedience to God's law is complete. They are simply doing what their baser natures - as intended by demons - compel them to do. As it is the desire of their hearts, God has given them over to it...
    There is a reason, I've explained to the youngsters who've asked; why there is no representation of America (or, Australia, et al) in end times prophetic Scriptures. It is because they won't "exist". Sure, the land mass and some population will still be there, but there will be no power to project, per se. American leadership has turned its back on God... so...
    But still for some unknown reason, the arrogance of TPTB believe this nation will escape the coming wrath... if only they had spent a bit more time in the Word, instead of the world...
    Time is ticking away... many of us will not go quietly into the night.
    But, the fact is... we still are going into the night. Ready or not, here it comes... - Grandpa


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