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Why Islam is a Religion of War

"He it is who has sent His Messenger (Mohammed) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam) to make it victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist." Koran 61:9

Islamic violence is a religious problem.

Islam derives meaning from physical supremacy, so war becomes an act of faith. To believe in Islam, is to have faith that it will conquer the entire world. And to be a true Muslim, is to feel called to aid in that global conquest, whether by providing money to the Jihadists or to become a Jihadist.

The fulfillment of Islam depends on the subjugation of non-Muslims so that violence against non-Muslims become the essence of religion.

When Hamas states that, “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah” or the ISIS rapists tell Yazidi girls that rape "draws them closer to Allah", they really do mean it.

They are not perverting a great religion, as our politicians claim, they are living it.

Everything they do is based on the Koran, the body of Islamic law and the greater history of Islam.

What the Ten Commandments are for the Jew, or the resurrection of Jesus is for the Christian--  the physical dominance of Islam is to the Muslim. It is the basis and fulfillment of his faith.

Jihad is the force that gives Islam meaning. It is the deepest expression of faith.

To its followers the validity of Islam is directly connected to its physical supremacy. As followers of the purported "final revelation" to mankind, Muslims not only have the obligation to conquer and subjugate the rest of the world, their religion is meaningful to the extent that they can carry on the work begun by Mohammed. The Jihadis who massacre non-Muslims are missionaries of their faith.

Anything that suggests Islam is not absolutely superior becomes blasphemy. When Muslims explode into outbursts of violent rage over seemingly petty things like a cartoon or a video, it is because to them, any loss of face for Islam is the worst kind of blasphemy because it challenges its supremacy.

Truth and power in Islam are identical. It is not a religion of the oppressed, but of the oppressors.

Mohammed's prophecies are validated by his conquests. The truth of Islam is seen in the expansion of Islam. When Muslims succeed in killing non-Muslims, they prove the truth of their religion.

That is why Muslim terrorists shout, "Allahu Akbar", "Allah is greater." The old Mohammedan taunt aimed at Jews was then directed at Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and all the world's religions. By killing their non-Muslim victims, the Muslims proved that Allah was greater than their gods. 

Islam is not only a tribal and materialistic religion, but it is closely linked to the honor-shame code of its Arab originators. Islam is not primarily an inward spiritual experience, but an outward expression of tribal honor. Its religious expression is the upholding of the honor of Islam and its expansion in the same exact ways as the honor and expansion of the tribe are upheld.

That is why Islam suffers from the classically tribal obsession of protecting "honor" by controlling women so that the blood of the tribe is not polluted by outsiders. That is why it is obsessed with any insult, real or imaginary to Mohammed, its theological tribal founder. And why it must continually expand its territory through conflict so that the tribe grows and so that the surplus sons don't stay behind to fight each other over tribal territory. This is true of Syria on a much larger scale.

Forcing non-Muslims into a submissive position affirms the truth and power of Islam. By causing infidels to "lose face", the Muslim fulfills the Koranic verse which promises that Allah had sent Mohammed to make Islam supreme over all religions. By contrast when Islam "loses face", an act of blasphemy has been committed, which can only be righted religiously by killing the non-Muslims, thereby forcing them to lose face and once again affirming the physical superiority of Islam.

This creates the cycle of violence, which is not the result of Christian or Jewish oppression, but of the need for Muslims to validate the truth of their faith by oppressing non-Muslims. To co-exist with non-Muslims is blasphemous for a Muslim, when his Koran proclaims "Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends" (Koran 5:51). Mohammed's final command was to ethnically cleanse the Jews and Christians of the Arabian Peninsula. ISIS sees itself as completing the work that he began.

Islam does not co-exist, for its followers its truth can only be found in conquering non-Muslims.

Whereas most religions can accept being in the inferior position because their fundamental faith in spiritual, rather than material-- Islam has little to it but the material. Even its paradise exists in the form of the sort of physical pleasures that its followers crave, fancy robes, exquisite banquets, golden couches, and of course that famed appeal to the dedicated Jihadist, "curvaceous virgins... and an overflowing cup" (Koran 78:33-34). Islamic Heaven is a grossly exaggerated version of the kind of loot that Mohammed's followers expected to find by following him in the first place, gold, jewels, silk, spices and young girls.

The gang of throat slitters who accompanied Mohammed on his massacres across the region were given a religious incentive that would transcend death.

Even if they died in battle and would not live to enjoy all the jewels, overflowing cups and girls-- the Koran promised it to them in heaven anyway. The gang of robbers, escaped slaves and ambitious desert rats trailed after Mohammed across sand dunes, their minds filled with the promises of rich loot from the caravans they were raiding. And in the feverish heat, the idea that they would receive even better loot if they were to die in battle, making death preferable to life, would have seemed plausible.

Out of such such petty greed and lust did Islam initially expand. Its code was that of the tribesman, to lose face or engage in vendetta. Except Islam's face and vendetta did not involve a single man or a clan, it came to involve over a billion people, who found meaning in working toward the final conquest of Islam. The global triumph of a desert raider's clumsily hammered together mass of Jewish and Christian beliefs and tribal customs and legends, and his own biography, used as a tool of conquest, forging temporary unities out of quarreling tribes and clans.

And now Islam's vendetta is worldwide. Every insecurity translates into a provocation. Every jealous impulse never satisfied explodes into violent rage. Every conflict for thousands of years breeds a new vendetta. Did Muslims once live somewhere? They must reclaim it, for to fail to do so is blasphemous and a betrayal of Mohammed's mission. Did Muslims never live somewhere? Then they must go there now, and raise up minarets and proclaim the superiority of Islam, for to do otherwise is a failure to expand the borders of the Ummah, which is a betrayal of Allah's will.

The very existence of people living free from Islamic dominion, is blasphemy. Blasphemy that must be remedied by bringing them under the rule of Islamic law.

Meanwhile people who were once under Islamic dominion living free of Islam, is worse than blasphemy, it is an insult and an attack on Islam. That is what is behind the Muslim homicidal obsession with Israel, which had until recently been in Muslim hands under the Ottoman Empire. However even nations such as Spain, which had been lost to the Ummah long ago, still inspire rage. The liberation of the Jews from Islamic dominion is a particularly sore point, but not the only one.

The intersection of Islam and Terrorism is the inevitable result of Islamic theology which is supremacist and materialist, which when combined with the honor-shame code of a tribal culture, drives it compulsively toward war and conquest.

The actions of non-Muslim nations serve only as variables to create a context within which the supremacism of Islam expresses itself. These contexts may vary as often as the justifications used in a ISIS video. But the context itself is irrelevant in the larger history and theology of Islam. Because in the end, the problem of Islamic violence is the problem of Islam.


  1. Common 'tater15/11/15

    You are so correct and so politically incorrect that it hurts. Our so called leaders and wannabee next in lines tend to pass around the soothing balms that the religion that must not be criticized really is the religion of peace.

    This is not to say that there are not westernized secular members of said religion located mainly in North America, but the polls show that there is massive support for the subjugation of non-members of said religion that cannot be criticized under pain of death or imprisonment, charges of inciting hatred, or for a hate crime.

    Funny, isn't it. One can put a crucifix in a bottle of urine, call it art, have the taxpayers pay for it, and yet the taxpayers cannot get it removed, no matter how much we protest. Or, one can put elephant poop on a painting of the Virgin Mary, and despite protests, the authorities are quick to jump in and protect the "rights" of the son-called "artist" to promote his works (probably also at taxpayer's expense).

    However, except for Texas, no one can dare to make any kind of picture of the prophet of said religion that we dare not criticize. Based upon the results of the Texas exposition, we should only try such things there, but it probably would get shut down if you tried it in Irving, even if it is in TX.

    We have seen the WTC attacked twice and finally destroyed, bombings in Argentina, England and Spain. gruesome massacres in Nairobi, Beslan, and Mumbai, endless intifada in Israel, and now the massacres in France (actually, this is about the third and most spectacular set).

    So far, only Trump and Carson seem to get it, maybe one of the other R's as well. But basically, we are being served up the same old pablum. As for France, a "massive" attack by 10 planes dropping 20 bombs. I realize that technology has changed, but really, 20 bombs? BHO sent 50 men over for boots on the ground?

    All I can say is this: The only way this milk-toast, 1/10th hearted, for show only response to such violence will change only when the family of some of the elites suffers the same ignominy as the rest of us for all the world to see. In the meantime we will see the same bought and paid for election results regardless of who runs with the same results.

  2. Anonymous15/11/15

    ... and therefore the only answer is war.

    We must grow a people ready to kill and risk being killed.

    ... are we ready to be warriors or are we already beaten?

    Can you and me use guns and bullets, or only piddle with pixels?

  3. Anonymous16/11/15

    "When Muslims succeed in killing non-Muslims, they disprove their religion."

    Is that a editing error or am I just not understanding?

  4. Ummah Ummah down dooby doo down down,
    Breaking heads is haaaard tooo do

  5. Anonymous16/11/15

    The leftists claim our balkanized societies are a dream come true. More like a nightmare.

    Homogenized cultures always produced better outcomes. The Islamist should be living with its own kind away from us. That way they can perfect their favourite version of hell on their own.

  6. "To its followers the validity of Islam is directly connected to its physical supremacy." But this is true of every totalitarian ideology : Nazism, Communism, Socialism, within a nation and in the nations they have conquered. Nazism and Communism were akin to religions for their elites. The partitioning of Poland, for example, by the Nazis and Soviets was an act of physical supremacy. "We're here, and what are you going to do about it? What can you do about it, short of getting yourself shot? We reign supreme, we occupy you, and you will learn to submit to our supremacy, or die." As Daniel points out, Islam differs in no fundamental way from the same policy.

    1. How is socialism totalitarian? We have socialism here in the states. The Scandinavian nations seem just fine to me. Quality of life, contentment, high living standards, economic prosperity, etc. I agree with the authors blog on Islam, I just disagree with those who think that socialism is some kind of evil, which liberals are trying to use in the subjugation of Americans and their freedom.

    2. Naturally my comment will be censored by the sites moderator because that's what an undemocratic and fascist mentality does. Prove me wrong please

  7. Anonymous16/11/15

    Thanks again Mr. Greenfield for expressing the ugly, unvarnished truth. I'd hope every US citizen would be reading your blog.

  8. Anonymous16/11/15

    The "problem of Islam" is the answer to to the question WHY occurs all that "horrible", "unexplainable", "barbaric" violence in Dar-al-Islam and in Dar-al-Harb. The incompetence or unwillingness to see and speak the truth, i.o.w. to make the link between quranic-based faith and jihad, between Islam and terrorism, constitutes the great hoax Western political and spiritual leaders are carrying forward. Even the Pope wrote in 2013 that " True Islam is free from violence ". And nowadays, just after the latest Islamic Paris massacre, he mumbled something like " I don't understand... What happened is difficult to explain ". We all heard the usual mantras of the political keaders in charge. Nothing has changed in their heads since Charly Hebdo, and Europe has just to wait for the next Islamic attempt. Repetita non juvant...

    Clelia&Eric, Eurabia italian Province

  9. It is 1933 all over again, people see and hear but remain blind and deaf to the reality of what goes and on top the left-wing media and the social-democrats are helping in puling the wool of ignorance and deceit over the populace's eyes. After 1400 years of Muslim violence no reformer of that ideology has come in sight and the few moderates are silenced to less than a whisper. If political correctness is not shed soon and with it the un-will to fight for freedom, all of 2000 years progress shall be lost.

  10. Anonymous16/11/15

    Competing or Completing? . ..."ISIS sees itself as competing the work that he began."

  11. Anonymous16/11/15

    @common 'tater
    you say:
    So far, only Trump and Carson seem to get it, maybe one of the other R's as well.

    Rick Santorum is still running for president.

    "What must we do to win? We must educate, engage, evangelize and ERADICATE."
    -- Rick Santorum

    Rick Santorum is one of the few politicians who has the courage to speak the truth, that Islam must be eradicated from the face of the Earth.
    Indeed, Rick Santorum is one of the few men in the world who has to courage to say "Eradicate Islam".

    From this article:
    The link above didn’t work at last check. Where did it go?
    my emphasis.

    From a link that still works:
    Here is another article that refers to the same speech.

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum called for the need to “evangelize” and “eradicate” parts of the Middle East and Islam because of what he called “Islamo-fascism” during a 2007 speech at the Second National Academic Freedom Conference in Washington D.C.
    Unquote – my emphasis

    Daniel Greenfield has used the work "De-Islamize".
    I consider that another way of saying that "Islam must be eradicated from the face of the Earth".
    Anyone who has read the Koran would know "eradicate" is what must be done.

  12. It's NOT a religion. It's a tribal political system of subjugation and conquest, which relies on unceasing fanaticism, often mistaken as the religious component. The West makes a fatal error by giving it credit as a religion. History shows and proves otherwise.

  13. Anonymous16/11/15

    Daniel Greenfield names the enemy - Islam.

  14. Islam <= The best argument for atheism.

  15. I agree that we are at the end point of this. We dont have much time left. But just what are we fighting for? I think that we have to fight for the right of exclusion. Look up the Orania community in South Africa. We need to fight for the right to create communities that exclude people based upon self defining criteria.

  16. Anonymous16/11/15

    Quite simply the best explanation of Islamic terrorism I've read yet. Thank you, Sultan Knish!

  17. All religion can be contorted and used horribly. It's just that Islam has the contortion baked in. Celebrated, even.

  18. Anonymous16/11/15

    Even if Islam and its billion adherents were to suddenly disappear off the face of the Earth today, the world would still have to face a more fundamental question. Will the world of the future be the New World Order one world government where there are no more nation-states or races or ethnicities - or will the world of the future be a world founded upon the principle of respect for individual sovereign nation-states, like Israel which declares itself to be the "nation-state of the Jewish people"? The megalomaniacal Globalist elite want to dictate to the people of the world, the Nationalists of the world want freedom for each nation-state to preserve their own race, ethnicity, religion and national identity.

    But good luck to Orania, because the Globalists have almost all the power, and if any nation-state looks like it might pose a real threat to the NWO then the Globalists will come crashing down on the head of that group or nation-state with the full weight of all of their international power.

  19. There are enough people who are discontented with how things are. They need to have their thoughts put into words. We need to build a coalition of whites, jews, christians and traditionalists who dont like where things are headed. What we need to have a dialogue on is coming up with legal entities other than the corporation for people to self define their own interests. As was written on this website on his article about deconstruction the issue is the right of definition.

  20. above, gdnctr said:

    "It's NOT a religion. It's a tribal political system of subjugation and conquest, which relies on unceasing fanaticism, often mistaken as the religious component. The West makes a fatal error by giving it credit as a religion. History shows and proves otherwise."

    If we could get people to understand what David Yerushalmi has demonstrated so well, i.e., that this tribal desert ideology is juridical in nature. Shariah is not a moral code, nor is it theological.

    At best Mohammed was an ambtious a caravan robber (probably suffering from an occipital lobe tumor which left him w/auditory hallucinations and urinary incontinence). While he was alive, the rules changed whimsically. Had the Jews not laughed at his attempts to syncretize his ideas with the Torah, would he have been so bent on revenge? Who knows.

    At any rate, after his death there was immediate internecine war, but the basic parasitical foundation, designed to conquer and subjugate the whole world, was set in motion. Think of Marxism with Allah as a convenient front man but with the complication of an intensely dysfunctional & divided obsession - poly perverse sexual behaviors on one side and puritanical laws on the other.

    In the end, Islam will implode. Its basic flaws won't permit any resilience to form. Meanwhile we'll have this insanely regressive Allah über alles.

    If Islam is a religion, then so was Hitler's Nazism, and for the same reasons.

  21. confused16/11/15

    so why did rambam say its part of the ultimate divine plan?

  22. Muslims who wish to stay in America (and Europe if they come to their senses) must adjure Islam. All the other must be deported, the mosques closed permanently and the practice/institutions of Islam proscribed.

  23. Qur'an 5:32 teaches more about the "religion of peace" than so-called "Islamic scholars" have been able to comprehend ... One's life may depend on an understanding of this passage. Take less than 8 minutes to view the teachings:


    A text, without a context, is nothing more than a pretext. I need not comment further on the perspectives of Islamic apologists. I much prefer leaving fools to practice their folly. No accolades should be accorded to acolytes.

    Warfare - Soviet style:

    The story (possibly apocryphal) is told regarding the Soviet adventure in Afghanistan. The Russians were having a particularly difficult time weeding out opposition leadership in a region of incursion. A commando raid was undertaken, and a prominent Islamic military leader was kidnapped. He was taken to a Soviet command post, where a surgical procedure was undertaken. He was later found in the outskirts of the city, his wounds bandaged. And his scrotum stuffed into his mouth. Henceforth, there was little opposition in the area ...

    I recommend Derek Hunter's column: "We Need to Care Less".
    Mizzou and France:

    Liberal Activists Upset Paris Terrorist Attacks Are Getting Attention, Not Mizzou Protests
    Derek Hunter, Contributor:


    Regardless of how you define "sin", I believe that it is "sinful" that the Mizzou protesters, many of whom are Black, have so little empathy for France, a country which had for so many years welcomed Black American culture when America was truly engaged in racism.

    (Dr.) Sandy Kramer

  24. "Whatever is hateful to you do not do to another--Judaism.

    "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you--Christianity.

    "Do what thou wilt but harm none--Wiccan creed

    Even secular humanists would honor these.

    And Islam? Your quote at the beginning pretty much says it all.


  25. Mashed Tater16/11/15

    Stand and fight, or perish on your knees.

  26. The Koran has more in common with Sun Tzu's The Art of War than with any religious work and there may be a reason for that; http://dennis-exciting-times.blogspot.com.au/2015/11/the-antichrist.html

  27. Anonymous17/11/15

    unfortunately, we still do not appreciate what the problem truly is... Human history has very few examples of religions who were simply to evil for any civilized society to tolerate...BUT, there have been a few. When society finally accepts 1400 years of evidence of the evil that is Islam, we will either surrender or we will actually begin to fight. If society wins, then Islam will join that select group of religions.

    MSG Grumpy

  28. Anonymous17/11/15

    Jihadis are the final ecowarriors, committed to reduce westerners’ carbon footprints drastically, wiping them out. Mother Gaia finally got some real help. Greenpeace, you are done. Seemingly even Russians are having some help with the global warming, jihadi style…

  29. ... And why it must continually expand its territory through conflict so that the tribe grows and so that the surplus sons don't stay behind to fight each other over tribal territory. Since modern warfare doesn't kill off enough sons, the surplus most be sent to the west so make war on on women and make more sons for the generation.

    Excellent insight.

  30. Anonymous18/11/15

    @ Dymphna
    Islam has been a blight on humanity for over a thousand years. If it hasn't imploded yet, what would make you believe it's going to implode now? I'd argue just the opposite, at no time in islam's history has it spread to more continents than it has today and that expansion is only increasing.

  31. a good explanation of the Islam mentality

    Once everyone else has been killed off, who will be there for the Islams to be pissed at?

    1. Killing each others, right now suni moslems killing shia, and vise versa.
      If we smart let there be war between saudi arabia and iran

  32. Anonymous20/11/15

    islam, is a CRIMINALLY SAVAGE POLITICAL AGENDA masquerading as a religion. DMH 04/2014

  33. Anonymous21/11/15

    If you want to imagine a future under Islam, imagine "a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

  34. This is a really important article for Westerners because it refutes the latest demands to separate the religion and the aggression. Its about the hizra that is occurring where Moslems are dispersing into the WEST to conquer them. thank you for this informative, thoughtful piece. I have shared it on FB.

  35. It is not radical Islam. It is Islam. Spengler explains Islam in a nutshell:

    "Jihad and Self-Sacrifice in Islam" By David P. Goldman February 16, 2015

    "There is no Grace in Islam, no miracle, no expiatory sacrifice, no expression of love for mankind such that each Muslim need not be a sacrifice. On the contrary, the concept of jihad, in which the congregation of Islam is also the army, states that every single Muslim must sacrifice himself personally. Jihad is the precise equivalent of the Lord's Supper in Christianity and the Jewish Sabbath, the defining expression of sacrifice that opens the prospect of eternity to the mortal believer. To ask Islam to become moderate, to reform, to become a peaceful religion of personal conscience is the precise equivalent of asking Catholics to abolish Mass."

    * * *

    "Revolt against usurpation, the revenge of the pure life of traditional society against the corrupt mores of the metropole, is the heart of Islam. ... Islam summons the tribes to unite against the oppressive empires to its West, to march out together and fight until their enemies, the Dar-al-Harb, exist no more."

    "In proud defiance of revealed religion, the destroyer of the tribes, Islam holds to the primal demand of self-sacrifice. The jihadi's self-immolation in war, symbolized by the drawing of blood and the bleeding of nature itself, is the fundamental act of worship. The immortality of the individual, put at risk by the encroachment of the metropole upon the life of the tribe, is regained through the revolt of the endangered tribes against the usurpation of the empire that forms its motivation."

  36. There is a canard raised that out of the billions of Muslims only a tiny percentage are violent Jihadis. This statement is true and totally useless.

    The vast majority of men are sheep. They will not voluntarily commit acts of violence. Even in the mass conscript armies of the 20th Century, most draftees were part of the tail, not the tooth. Even of the ones who wound up as infantry on the front lines, large numbers never fired their weapons.

    Islam is the problem. The world will never be peaceful until Islam has been extirpated.

    A totally Islamic world would be just as violent as the Middle East is now. If they can't fight infidels, they will declare each other to be heretics, and fight among themselves.

    The world will never be peaceful until Islam has been extirpated.

  37. 'Islamic violence is a religious problem.'

    All religion must rely on force in the end because of its very nature.
    Islam just does that much better than the others. It is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind.

  38. 'In the end, Islam will implode.'

    It has been 1400 years now. How long must we wait?


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