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The War Against the Jewish Trees

You might think that the obstacles to peace are the rockets from Gaza and the brutal murders of Jews.

You might be foolish enough to think that the obstacles are the ordinary Muslims who taunted and beat Adelle Banita-Bennett, suddenly widowed at 22, trying to escape the Muslim terrorist who had just murdered her husband.

You might think that it’s the fact that a majority of Muslims in ’67 Israel spit on the Two-State Solution and that PLO boss Abbas rejected the Oslo Accords in a speech at the United Nations.

And you would be wrong.

None of those things are obstacles to peace. If they were, surely the media would have told us so.

The real threats are the fig, palm and carob trees around a hiking path near Jerusalem. The true threat to peace comes from the pine trees that shade the kids playing in the water in a Ma'ale Adumim park.

The pine tree, you see, is a Jewish tree.

As anti-Israel activist Michael Davis accuses, “This foreign tree displaced the olive trees of the indigenous population.” The “indigenous” population he mentions were the Muslim conquerors while the “foreigners” are the Jewish indigenous population who were planting the “foreign” Jerusalem pine trees that are mentioned in the Bible by that notorious foreigner, the Prophet Isaiah.

The trees of Israel were displaced not by the Jews, but by the Ottoman Caliphate building a railroad to the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Charcoal for Allah’s magic railroad consumed what few forests existed in Israel under Muslim rule and every tenth fruit bearing tree. Then the Zionists, in addition to planting trees, also thumbed their noses at the Caliphate and blew up its holy railroad.

No one cuts down forests for charcoal and the train no longer runs through Israel to Medina anymore.

 But facts, like trees, are obstacles to peace. And if we’re ever going to have peace, we need to do something about the Jewish facts and the Jewish trees. And the Jews who produce facts and trees.

According to the anti-Israel hate group T’ruah, the trees planted by the Jewish National Fund block peace. According to T'ruah head Jill Jacobs, planting trees in '67 Israel violates Jewish “values.”

Jacobs, who sits on J Street’s Rabbinic cabinet and backed the Iran deal that lets the terror state get nukes and fund Hezbollah and Hamas, claims that it's the Jewish arboreal menace that is "getting in the way of a secure future for Israel.” It’s the trees, not the nukes, that are the problem.

“Is a park in Ma’alei Adumim an impediment to peace?” asks the CEO of JNF. Obviously he isn’t very familiar with the Islamic position on the evil ways of Jewish trees.

Does not the holy Hadith, which is also incorporated into the Hamas charter, declare, “The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

How are Muslims supposed to kill the Jews… if the damn Jews keep planting trees to hide behind?

Especially these Jewish trees which are Islamically notorious for their sympathy to the Jewish people.

71% of Muslims in ’67 Israel agree with the “Kill the Jews” Hadith. Only 1 in 3 accepts the Two-State Solution.  But it all depends on the willingness of the trees to cooperate in the anti-Semitic Jihad.

In the recent suicide bombing in Maaleh Adumim, the terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar,” but only managed to injure one police officer. The photos show plenty of trees, but none of them seemed to have warned the Muslim terrorist where the Jews were hiding. The trees let the terrorist down.

Maybe it’s because they were the “trees of the Jews.”

The former Grand Mufti of Egypt warned that "Jews are planting Gharqad trees all over the West Bank" so they can hide from the Muslims carrying out their peaceful Islamic rock-and-tree Holocaust.

The Gharqad tree is the boxthorn, not the pine, but if the Jews managed to make the Jerusalem pine into a foreign “Jewish” tree, who is to say that they haven’t managed to subvert other trees as well?

The Muslim resistance fighters of Hamas recently arrested a dolphin who was caught spying for the Jewish State. Hezbollah busted an eagle working for the Jews, Sudan took down a spy vulture and Egypt arrested a Zionist duck (or possibly a Zionist stork). Iran nabbed 14 squirrels for spying for Israel.

And with squirrels, it’s just a hop and a skip to the trees.

Now that the boxthorn and the pine tree have converted to Judaism, what happens if the carob tree puts on a Yarmulke and the olive tree gets a Bar Mitzvah? If all the trees turn against the Muslims, that just leaves them with the rocks as their only friends, and with the way they’ve been mistreating them by throwing them at the Jews, the rocks might not stick around to help in the holy Hadith Holocaust.

So you can see why the JNF planting Jewish trees in those parts of Israel which were part of the Palestinian state since 1967, 1973 or 1993 or never, represents a real obstacle to peace.

Peace being a euphemism for dead Jews.

BDS has boycotted Jewish produce. Now it’s reached the final frontier of boycotting Jewish trees. After all Jewish produce comes from Jewish trees. You can’t fight Jewish oranges without fighting Jewish orange trees. You’ve got to deforest the green Jewish presence beyond the Green Line, root and branch.

There’s only one answer; the horticultural cleansing of Israel to get rid of the Jewish tree problem.

Tree BDS is the future of BDS. Get rid of all the trees. Turn the land back to a desert. Cut down the “foreign” Jerusalem pines and plant indigenous Hamas rockets on their stumps. T’ruah claims that it’s fighting Jewish tree settlements. Maybe the Jews have taken to settling in the trees.

 “It’s an educational opportunity to get the Jewish community to think about where their donations go, and to start asking questions to make sure we’re putting our tzedakha in line with our values,” Jill Jacobs of T’ruah says.

Jill Jacobs’ last “educational opportunity” involved calling on Americans to “repent” for hurting Al Qaeda terrorists. Hating Jewish trees and defending Muslim terrorists are sensible values that show a respect for the Islamic belief that Jewish trees interfere with the holy murderous work of Muslim terrorists.

And yet, despite the Muslim arson attacks that have torched entire forests, the trees of Israel live. And despite the Muslim terror attacks that have taken so many Jewish lives, the Jews of Israel endure.

"And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them," the Prophet Isaiah said. "They shall not build, and another inhabit, they shall not plant, and another eat; for as the days of a tree shall be the days of My people."

“They will not toil in vain, nor bear children to fall to terror.”

While the Muslim colonists and their accomplices plot against the Jews and their trees, it was a higher authority that put both the Jews and the trees there to hold back the desert, physical and spiritual.

As C.S. Jarvis, the British governor of the Sinai, wrote, “The Arab is sometimes called the Son of the Desert, but as Palmer said, this is a misnomer as in most cases he is the Father of the Desert, having created it himself and the arid waste in which he lives and on which practically nothing will grow is the direct result of his appalling indolence, combined with his simian trait of destroying everything he does not understand.”

“A great part of the country in which he now ekes out his haphazard existence was at one time fairly productive and prosperous and, by failing to repair damage done by wear and tear of weather and by wantonly wreaking conduits and cisterns he was too lazy to use, he has succeeded in creating a sun-scorched treeless desert which will remain wilderness as long as he encumbers the land,” he added.

Jarvis wrote that the Bedouin likes rocks, but that the “sight of a tree appears to incense him and he is not happy until he has destroyed it utterly by snapping off its branches and burning its trunk through to the core.” The same thing is happening today with Bedouins and Jewish trees in the anti-tree Jihad.

Or as the poet Joseph Brodsky wrote, “The East is a catastrophe of dust. Green is found only on the banners of the prophet. Nothing grows here, except mustaches… all these turbans and beards, uniforms for heads possessed by only one idea... massacre... ‘I massacre, therefore I exist.’”

This is the terrible logic of the desert. The terrible logic of Islam and its leftist accomplices. The Jews know they exist, because they create. Their enemies know that they exist, because they destroy.
In the war between the tree and the desert, the Jews have taken the side of the tree while their enemies fight to bring back the desert.

BDS battling “Jewish” trees gets down to the root of the true anti-Israel and anti-Jewish agenda. Kill the trees. Kill the Jews. And leave behind a barren spiritual and physical desert ruled by the destroyers.


  1. BitterClinger29/10/15

    Magnificent Mr. Greenfield, absolutely superb.

  2. You're the greatest political writer alive today. What can we do to help your work?

  3. Wait, wait, don't tell me, it's the trees! I knew it! It's been the trees all along, the perfect camouflage for Israeli spy squirrels, with itty bitty GoPros!

  4. The Cypress is the national tree of next door Lebanon. It's a, ahem, pine tree, conifer, whatever. Entirely indigenous.

  5. Dear Empress Trudy. Sorry, but the national tree of Lebanon is the cedar. You really went out on a limb to suggest otherwise.

  6. Anonymous30/10/15

    It's amazing how the insanity of izlamic beliefs seems to be contagious. As it seems to have infected the lieberal left and their toadies in the enemedia.

  7. Anonymous30/10/15

    A good column with which I can find nothing to disagree.

    To enlarge on the point, I'd like to add that we will not change Arab "culture", nor will we reform Islam. But neither of those will reform as long as places like Saudi Arabia and the Wahabbi "government" are Western protectorates. Nor will anything change as long as the West does ANY business with the likes of Iran.

    This is what we've been doing for decades. Shooting ourselves in the foot.

  8. "Peace being a euphemism for dead Jews." Peace as in rest in peace.

    I'm surprised they haven't boycotted sabras little "s" and large "S"

    Speaking of which, hope all is well with you. Stay safe and please pray for my safety. I really need it at this time.

  9. Very interesting article, but you are obviously a Zio and therefore, cant be taken seriously. The statement by a Saudi cleric is well known that the Israelis are frantically planting boxthorn trees in their gardens against their coming destruction. Therefore, to rid ourselves of the Jews,
    we must get rid of the boxthorn tree.

    Many trees have died because of fungal infections and we in
    Saudi Arabia are now working on a way of wiping out the boxthorn tree. We will do it. Incidentally, I know of several Jews who are anxiously wearing boxthorn tree on their t-shirts or small plastic boxthorns on the front of
    their cars. If anyone wishes to buy a t-shirt, its only
    ninety dollars, not that it will do you any good, but get one before the price goes up andcontact me on estelleb@talktalk.net

  10. look forward to seeing something about Kurdistan. Why dont those supporting a free palestine support a free kurdistan. See article in Kurdistan Tribune, an online newspaper. Kurdistan is the largest ethnic group in the world without its own homeland and they have been fighting for independence since the end of the Ottoman Empire circa 1918. They are part of the Umma and should have the support of other Arab states. Bring this fact up in your discussions on the Israel Palestinian question

  11. Anonymous27/7/16

    If we can broadcast to the rest of the world that Muslims hate trees and burn them down whenever possible, that will drive another fracture into the political Left that bends over backward so hard to love the Muslims. Choose: women's rights, or love-the-Muslims; children's rights or love-the-Muslims; save the environment or love-the-Muslims.


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