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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is Not Our Problem

The Syrian refugee crisis that the media bleats about is not a crisis. And the Syrian refugees it champions are often neither Syrians nor refugees. Fake Syrian passports are cheaper than an EU politician’s virtue and easier to come by. Just about anyone who speaks enough Arabic to pass the scrutiny of a European bureaucrat can come with his two wives in tow and take a turn on the carousel of their welfare state.

Or on our welfare state which pays Christian and Jewish groups to bring the Muslim terrorists of tomorrow to our towns and cities. And their gratitude will be as short-lived as our budgets.

The head of a UNHCR camp called Syrian refugees "The most difficult refugees I've ever seen. In Bulgaria, they complained that there were no jobs. In Sweden, they took off their clothes to protest that it was too cold.

In Italy, Muslim African “refugees” rejected pasta and demanded food from their own countries. But the cruel Europeans who “mistreat” migrants set up a kitchen in Calais with imported spices cooked by a Michelin chef determined to give them the stir-fried rabbit and lamb meatballs they’re used to. There are also mobile phone charging stations so the destitute refugees can check on their Facebook accounts.

It had to be done because the refugees in Italy were throwing rocks at police while demanding free wifi.

This is the tawdry sense of entitlement of the Syrian Muslim refugee that the media champions.

Hussein said: "We have the feeling that the aid workers are heartless." (He) lives in a trailer that cost $3,000. The air-conditioner runs with electricity he is tapping from the Italian hospital. The water for his tea is from canisters provided by UNICEF. He hasn't worked, paid or thanked anyone for any of it.”

And why would he? He’s entitled to it by virtue of his superiority as a Muslim and our inferiority as infidels. There is no sense of gratitude. Only constant demands as if the people who drove out their own Christians and Jews have some moral claim on the charity of the Christians and Jews of the West.

The media howls that the Syrian refugee crisis is our fault. That is a lie.

What is happening in Syria is a religious civil war fought over the same ideologies as the ones practiced by the vast majority of the refugees. This is an Islamic war fought to determine which branch of Islam will be supreme. It is not a war that started last week or last year, but 1,400 years ago.

We can’t make it go away by overthrowing Assad or supporting him, by giving out candy or taking in refugees. This conflict is in the cultural DNA of Islam. It is not going anywhere.

This war is not our fault. It is their fault.

There are Christian and non-Muslim minorities who are genuine refugees, but the two Muslim sects whose militias are murdering each other are not victims, they are perpetrators. Just because Sunnis are running from a Shiite militia or Shiites from a Sunni militia right now doesn’t make them victims.

The moment that their side’s militia wins and begins slaughtering the other side, the oppressed will become the oppressors. Such shifts have already taken place countless times in this conflict.

The refugees aren’t fleeing a dictator, they’re fleeing each other while carrying the hateful ideologies that caused this bloodshed with them.

We aren’t taking in people fleeing the civil war. We’re taking in their civil war and giving it a good home.

The Tsarnaevs left behind their old war with the Russian infidels to begin a new phase of it against the American infidels. The children of the Syrian Muslim refugees we’re taking in will be raised in a faith and a culture that will cause them to play out the same old patterns that led to the current tragedy.

There are already Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans fighting each other in Greece. Muslim migrants are murdering Christian refugees on the journey over. And this is only the beginning.

The ranks of the refugees include possible war criminals like Abu Hussein, the commander of a Free Syrian Army militia named the Falcons of the Tribe of the Prophet Mohammed, who controls portions of a UNHCR refugee camp and threatens to kill aid workers when they won’t give him what he wants.

The bleeding hearts of Europe and America want to take in the cute kiddies, but they’ll be getting the Husseins instead who will be running neighborhoods in London, Paris and Toronto. And then the kindly natives will notice that their daughters are coming home late and wonder what is happening to them.

Syria will happen to them. Just as Pakistan and Afghanistan happened to the British girls victimized by the Muslim sex grooming gangs in the UK. Just as Saudi Arabia happened to us on September 11.

A popular meme claims that the UK has taken in only enough refugees to fit on a subway train. My question to the meme spreaders is how would they like to be on that train, wedged between the terrorists, the sex groomers and the Sunnis and Shiites trying to reach across and throttle each other.

We are told that the Syrian refugees “stir the conscience” of the world; certainly not the Muslim world. The Saudis don’t want them. Jordan and Turkey have resentfully set up refugee camps without actually offering permanent legal status to them the way that Europe, Canada and America are expected to.

What do Muslim countries know about the Syrian Civil War that we don’t?

The Saudis, Jordanians and Turks have their own problems. They don’t want to import the Syrian Civil War into their own borders. Only Western countries are stupid enough to do that.

The Syrian refugee crisis is a voluntary crisis. It would go away in a snap with secure borders and rapid deportations. The fake Syrians would stay home if they knew that their fake passport wouldn’t earn them a train ride to Germany’s Hartz welfare state, but a memorable trip to the Syrian Civil War.

Even announcing such a policy would lead to a rapid wave of self-deportations by finicky refugees for whom Bulgarian jobs, Italian food and Swedish weather aren’t good enough.

Plenty of Syrian refugees returned on their own from the Zaatari camp in Jordan when they saw that there weren’t enough treats for them. They went back to Syria from Turkey and even Europe when they didn’t find life to their liking. If they were really facing death back home, they would have stayed. There were no Jews going back to Germany during the Holocaust because they couldn’t find jobs in New York. Nobody goes home to a genocide. They go home because they were economic migrants, not refugees.

The crisis here is caused by the magnet of Western welfare states. Get rid of the magnet and you get rid of the crisis. Stop letting migrants who show up stay and there will be no more photogenic rafts filled with “starving” and “desperate” people who pay thousands of dollars to get to Europe and then complain about the food and the weather. Put up border fences and the “hikers” will go back home.

Keeping the doors open intensifies the crisis. It’s the sympathy of the bleeding hearts that leads to dead children whose parents are willing to risk their lives for their own economic goals. The left creates the crisis and then indicts everyone else for refusing to accept its solution that would make it even worse.

The “humanitarian catastrophe” in which the migrants use their children as photogenic human shields would go away if the doors were closed to everyone except real refugees who were not part of this war. The only thing that taking in fake refugees does is attract more of them and that empowers the left which uses dead children for its power and profit at more places than just Planned Parenthood.

Slovakia has announced that it will only take in Christian refugees and that’s the right thing to do. Christians are the real victims of this Muslim conflict. The vast majority of the refugees, many of whom aren’t even Syrians, aren’t. The rest of Europe should use Slovakia’s refugee policy as a model.


  1. Anonymous8/9/15

    I could not agree more. Look at all the designer clothes and the attitudes.....

  2. Anonymous8/9/15

    I told one of my libtarded, sanctimonious Christian "friends" that if he wants to fund izlamic nazism let him empty his bank accounts to do so rather than those of the US taxpayer. It's just too bad him and his family can't experience izlamic nazism up close and personal the way the dwindling population of kafur in any izlamic nazi state does.

  3. Great article, pity none of the progressives will bother reading or even considering what is said within. I have had conversations with Christians who really believe that Islam is just the same as Christianity, this includes priests. I really despair sometimes and would love to emigrate but my wife's health makes that all but impossible, unless I was a multi millionaire of course. Even if we could emigrate where would we go the progressives seem to rule and want to import Islamic violence in every Western country.

  4. I don't think these are simple villagers. Rather the fact that they had the thousands of Euros to spend for travel and bribes suggest that they came from the radicalized cites and will recreate those 'angry streets' in Europe.

    I just wish everyone would stop calling it immigration. It's 'Colonization', and illegal colonization at that. Here and in Europe. Seeing what's happening to Europe though, makes me a lttle happier about our Latin invaders.

  5. Hamas and the Arabs euphemistically referred to as "Palestinians" have long perfected the "dead baby photo Jihad", now the Left Hashtag mob is trying it out too - and it works. It's the worst pornography there is:

  6. I expect this eager assistance to the Islamisers of Europe from the left Politicians, but now the conservative "Leaders" seem to be out-doing them, especially Angela Merkel who must be condemned ! (and she is, by Germans like myself - and I am faaaaaaaaaaaaar from alone in this).

  7. Anonymous9/9/15

    Agree with your truthful post. We live in a time where there is no common sense and the public can easily be swayed. The powers create the tumult and the public becomes the pawn. This era of liberalism and political correctness, being kind and compassionate to evil makes sense to them, because today there is no difference between good and bad. The era of pure chaos in these end of days.

  8. Some of these facts I didn't even know. Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

  9. Our problem here is Obama, whose deranged foreign policy led to this upheaval. Underlying that is another problem, clueless or ideologically twisted American voters. If America had just stood aside and let the world go its way, the results would have been bad enough. However, we have been empowering terrorists and terrorist nations more directly of late. So we can't escape responsibility, in some form, for true refugees. Clearly, that can't justify bringing in new immigrants who are hostile to America. Some are hostile and others not. I doubt we have the means or will now to screen them properly. Maybe we citizens can convince our authorities that this wave of immigrants would vote for Republicans.

  10. Anonymous9/9/15

    Why doesn't Frontpagemag.com take comments anymore?????????????

  11. Anonymous9/9/15

    In Canada the United Church is spearheading a mission to find only "Palestinian refugees" who have some vendetta against Israel - that is how politically selective and manipulative the Left has become - they do not care about real Christian and other minorities who are the real victims - they want to point fingers at and punish their real targets - Western conservatives and Israel/Jews who dare defend their own against the same terrorists as ISIS produces – terrorist butchers who are the reason why people are fleeing – some are, as stated, fleeing to take down Europe and the West in a stealth jihad that is being encouraged and promoted by the Left. When pictures emerged of jihadists eating the hearts of their slain victims, those on the Left did not give a darn – go figure!!

  12. I Think Europe has earned it rightfully!!!
    1. The "refugees" see how Europe justifies the Philistines no matter what so they think that they as an arabs are entitled to demand from Europe what she preach Israel.
    2. Islam is an ideology and the core of the ideology is "muslim is a true believer, the only genuine kind and as one he has the right to do or demand anything from an unbeliever no matter how un in moral he might be.
    you can see clearly that each argument link to the other!

  13. Let me get this straight: In order to atone for the sins of the Holocaust, Germany proposes to import to the EU millions of historically hostile, unassimilable, and virulently anti-Semitic people, likely driving out the last remaining Jews and rendering the Continent "Judenrein" once and for all. Oy Vey. Somewhere Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler are dancing a victory jig and doing shots of schnapps (but only drinking the really good stuff they've been saving for a special occasion just like this).

  14. Bravo, and expect to be arrested anytime soon for daring to publish uncomfortable truths, aka hate speech.

  15. In
    Australia our PM knows his parties survival is at stake, many Aussies are sick to death of the Muslims we have in enclaves like Lakemba, a Sydney surburb, sick & tired of the constant demands and they only make up 2.5pc of the population and especially the rort of halal food scam on the Aussie public _ I and many others lobby the gov at every opportunity to halt all Muslim immigration. the PM will take the most deserving ie minorities ..Christians .. and you should hear the usual Islamic voices complain .. too bad...we have seen what the UK, France, Sweden etc have turned into...and dont want that in OZ! I often use your articles as well as many other well know ppl like Robert Spencer, EmProf Bernard Lewis, etc as reference to point out the dangers of Muslim immigration. Tks...

    1. Yeah, which Prime Minister? I'm not so sure about the new one - he's a CINO - 'Conservative In Name Only'. Until he proves otherwise to me. I think he got the position by indicating in the party room that he'll be 'opinion poll' friendly, which means caving to the leftist squeaky wheel.

  16. Diana, that's good to hear. Thank you.

  17. Y. Ben-David10/9/15

    Martin Gale-
    To put what you are saying in a different form......Germans feels guilty for the Holocaust, so in order to make up for it they support the Palestinians and bring in hundreds of thousands of Arabs. Note that even when the Germans do "teshuva" (i.e. repent) we Jews still end up on their wrong side....but they do have a lot in common with their new Arab neighbors, when you think about it......

  18. Anonymous10/9/15

    Amazing article. But, sadly, it will be our problem now:


    I wish there were some way to stop this suicidal insanity.

    King Western Man

  19. Muslims are not the most dangerous people to western civilization, but ignorant progressives (redundant I know) who will allow this travesty to fester and boil over. Europe and America cannot afford to take in "refugees" who have a history of anti-American Anti-Semite radicalism of hate and a join or die deity they worship. These are not refugees, but opportunists. ** There are likely some legit refuges, but as always other ruin for those really in need. **

  20. Anonymous14/9/15

    The media may be cherry picking the interviews, but the refugees exhibit entitlement plus, 'seeking a better life', the choice of resorts? Scandinavia or Germany.

  21. Anonymous15/9/15

    I've never thought of it that way. Brings a new perspective to light.

  22. Wow, I would kiss you if I could! This is EXACTLY what is going on and I agree with you 100%. They should print this on every major news site.

  23. Anonymous16/9/15

    I wonder how the good people in Minneapolis feel about all those Muslim refugees that Clinton imported. Or how do the people around Dearborn feel about the members of the religion of peace. Every day I see more and more Muslims in northern Virginia. These people will not become Americans any more than the Muslims in France, UK, or Germany became good citizens there. They are simply Muslims who reside in those countries, apart and distinct spreading the same cancer that destroyed the regions they dominate.

    I think we should accept fewer refugeesfrom this area of the world than Saudi Arabia accepts. I would note they are constructing a massive fortified barrier along their border with Iraq and Kuwait, no doubt to welcome these folks.



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