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When Muslims Burn Jews Alive

The world was outraged when ISIS burned a man in a cage, but Muslim terrorists have been burning Jews alive with little outrage and less attention.

This war, in which cars and buses are torched with families still inside, is not the work of a tiny minority of extremists. Its perpetrators have the support of the Palestinian Authority. Some have been set free from Israeli prisons through the intervention of the PA, Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry.

Last week Inbar, a young mother of three, was burned over 15 percent of her body after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at her car in Jerusalem. Despite her injuries, she was one of the lucky ones.

Last year Ayala Shapira, an 11-year-old girl, was on the way home from math class. Her parents were driving her back to the village of El Matan (God’s Gift) when Muslim terrorists threw firebombs at their car. The bomb smashed through the window and landed on her lap setting her hair and clothes on fire.

“I just saw something burning fly at us and suddenly everything exploded,” Ayala would later say.

The 11-year-old girl reached into the fire to open her seatbelt and rolled on the ground to put out the flames, but she still suffered third-degree burns over 40 percent of her face and upper body.

Some children attacked by firebomb wielding Muslim terrorists were not so lucky.

Rachel Weiss and her three sons, Netanel, 3, Rafael, 2, and Efraim, 10 months, burned together on a passenger bus, with the young mother throwing herself over her children to try and protect them.

All four were buried together in one grave.

Two American passengers, Sandy and Dov Bloom, were also riding the bus to Jerusalem. They had left their children with their grandparents. The Molotov cocktails set them on fire. Sandy was pushed into Elisha’s spring, named after the Biblical prophet who had healed the waters, renamed Ain es-Sultan by the Muslim invaders seeking to honor their own murderous tyrant in place of the ancient prophet.

The Muslim terrorists had mixed glue and gasoline so that the burning mixture would stick to the skin of their victims. It took years of surgery for the American couple to begin the road to recovery.

Mahmoud Kharbish and Juma'a Adem, the perpetrators of the brutal attack, were freed by Israel under pressure from Obama and Kerry to bring the PLO back to the negotiating table. Along with the other freed terrorists, they were hailed as heroes by President Abbas and were eligible for monthly salaries.

The Moses family was driving on a pre-holiday shopping trip before Passover when their car was struck by a Muslim firebomb. Ofra Moses, who was five-months pregnant, wasn’t able to get her seatbelt open and burned to death. It took her 5-year-old son Tal another three months to die of his burns.

His 8-year-old sister Adi suffered severe burns as her father rolled her burning body in the sand to put out the flames. “I looked in the direction of our car and watched as my mother burned in front of my eyes,” she recalls.

She still remembers lying bandaged while her little brother screamed in pain in the next room.

Mohammad Daoud, the Muslim terrorist who did this to the family, was given two life sentences and an additional 72 years. But when the PLO demanded his release, Obama and Kerry forced Israel to comply.

Israelis who kill Muslims are considered pariahs. Muslims who burn Jews to death are glorified as heroes. And there are many such aspiring heroes, eager for a Palestinian Authority salary funded by American and European foreign aid and a “Get Out of Jail Free” card dispensed by Obama and Kerry.

Last week alone, there were over a dozen firebomb attacks. This year so far there were 102 firebomb attacks. Even the Intifada itself began when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at Israeli soldiers. Over the next four years, there were 3,600 firebomb attacks. Burning Jews to death is what Palestine is all about.

And then there are the Arson Jihad forest fires which can threaten entire neighborhoods. The latest such fire, which forced the evacuation of hundreds of people in a Jerusalem neighborhood, was traced back to two firebombs. Two earlier forest fires last month had also been traced back to firebombs.

But to the State Department, throwing firebombs at Jews is no big deal.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki argued that throwing a Molotov cocktail is not terrorism and offered condolences to an attacker who was shot while throwing a firebomb and then buried in a Hamas headband. The Weiss and Moses families might disagree, but few of them survived to argue their case.

And in any case, the administration isn’t listening.

An administration that contrived the release of the monsters who torched the Weiss and Moses families is not likely to consider burning Jews alive to be terrorism.

But the Muslim Arson Jihad has also targeted Jews beyond Israel’s borders.

In Montreal, Sleiman El-Merhebi and Simon Zogheib threw a firebomb through the window of a Jewish school library before Passover destroying 15,000 books. Yousef Sandouga threw a Molotov cocktail at the window of the Edmonton Beth Shalom (House of Peace) synagogue, but instead set himself on fire.

Last year, Molotov cocktails were thrown at synagogues in France, Germany and Brussels. Two years earlier, in a foreboding preview of the massacre of Jews in a Kosher deli before the Sabbath (described by Obama as zealots who “randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris”), another Kosher supermarket was bombed by two men in black. Last year, it was finally burned to the ground.

In New York City, a year before September 11, Muslims threw firebombs at a synagogue in the Bronx. “A bias-motivated attempt to firebomb a synagogue?” the New York Times asked. “Or a misguided message critical of Israeli policies against Palestinians?”

It is tempting to reduce Islamic terror to a response to the rebirth of Israel, as the New York Times did, but Muslims did not begin burning Jews to death in the twentieth century. The Jewish cemetery of old Oufrane in Morocco is a field of lonely broken stones. Among all the other shattered graves of their people, lie the ashes of fifty martyrs, Jews who had been burned to death for refusing to convert to Islam in 1790. In the same year that the Jews of Newport had thanked George Washington for his role in bringing about a nation “generously affording to all liberty of conscience”, Muslims were still burning Jews to death for their conscience and their faith.

The Fifty Martyrs of Ourfrane were not aberrations. The Jews of Morocco, and those of many other places, lived under a law which decreed that they could be burned to death at the word of a Muslim.

In 1875, as Alexander Graham Bell was inventing the telephone, Jews were being burned to death under Islamic law in Iran. Over a century later, Ayatollah Khomeini told his followers, "Killing is a form of mercy... sometimes a person cannot be reformed unless he is cut up and burnt... you must kill, burn and lock up those in opposition."

Khomeini meant it literally. The origins of the Islamic Revolution of Iran lay in the Cinema Rex fire in which Islamic terrorists launched a false flag operation, locked the doors of the movie theater because of its blasphemous nature and set it on fire killing four hundred people.

This is an Islamic state of mind that has never gone away.

One of the Muslim terrorists behind the Bali bombings, which killed over 200 people in Indonesia, shouted, “Allahu Akbar” and “Burn the Jews” before his verdict was read.

Savages worship fire for its primal destructive power. Whether burning books, buildings or people, the ability to destroy is their idea of a spiritual experience. Islam swept across civilizations like a fire, burning people and libraries, destroying ideas and cultures, leaving behind slavery and despair in its wake.

The fires are burning again from Iraq to Israel. Firebombs are flying into synagogues across Europe. The great hatred of Islam burns in the hearts of a billion bigots. Death and fire follow in their wake.

But the world is only outraged when Muslims die. It is not outraged when Muslims kill. When Muslims burn Jews or massacre Christians, it shrugs and moves on. And this is also true of many Jews.


  1. I believe your last line should read "and this is true of many kapos".
    If there is a Jew alive who still supports Obama, or who continues spouting the "land for peace" drivel, to call them kapos is actually being kind.

  2. Is this the time to revive the old Papal line:

    "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius."

    against these murderous vermin?

    If not, when?


  3. Mahmoud Kharbish and Juma'a Adem, the perpetrators of the brutal attack, were freed by Israel under pressure from Obama and Kerry to bring the PLO back to the negotiating table

    Mohammad Daoud, the Muslim terrorist who did this to the family, was given two life sentences and an additional 72 years. But when the PLO demanded his release, Obama and Kerry forced Israel to comply.

    Seems like the death penalty might do something to prevent these scenarios.

  4. Molech is worshiped in many ways. Today, babies are burned in saline solution abortions.

  5. Anonymous9/8/15

    Mohammedanism or Islam (Tr. Submission) has been a continuous barbaric bloodbath since its inception except for the first few years before Mohammed began the doctrine of jihad in Medina.

    Scientist Dr. Bill Warner has analyzed and created graphs and maps that reveal the true history of Mohammedanism and its bloody spread through war/jihad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y

    Very enlightening. It seems there is no difference in the attacks of Palestinians, the atrocities and genocides of ISIS and Boko Haram, or in 'classical golden age Islam' or in early Islam while Mohammed was still alive and kicking - none whatsoever.

    Islam is a cult because it is coercive and threatens death to those who leave.
    Islam is a violent, racist, misogynist, supremacist, human rights abusive hate group due to:
    - its constant jihad/war/conflict,
    - its hatred of Jews,
    - its subjugation and abuse of women,
    - its subjugation, elimination/genocide of other religions

    All these human rights abuses and aggressions are built-in, traditional doctrines of its core texts and its history and actions through the centuries. Atrocities are typical of Islam, not aberrations or anomalies.

    I just hate it that the children of Israel are in the way of this evil centuries-long jihad.

    Sibyl S.

  6. Anonymous9/8/15

    Don't you know, that Jewish blood is cheap to the erev rav just as it is to the rest of the nations.

  7. Anonymous9/8/15

    The world will try to make the Jews be more guilty for not letting themselves be killed faster.

  8. Anonymous9/8/15

    This is Halevi. The government of israel lets these things happen. That includes Netanyahu. He talks a lot but initiates very little action.

  9. It's extremely interesting that while this new holocaust is going on, our anti-semite leaders bury their heads in the sand. No surprise there I guess as "kill the Jews" is not a new mantra by any stretch of the imagination. It should be noted that I am personally sickened by every self loathing Jew that supports the Jew hater in the White House as well as all who follow suit of any persuasion. The intent is overt and obvious and one only has to look in his eyes as the venom flies out as to his real feelings about Israel and Jews in general.

    Sorry for the digression above, but let's go back to the burning of the Jews for a moment. As all know, Mike Huckabee stated that the Iran agreement was tantamount to "marching the Jews to the ovens" and the end result that is sure to come would be squarely on the shoulders of Obama and his Anti-Semite brethren.

    Of course, the loony left as well as the Jew hating RINOs (who in this case openly revealed their true hatred of the Jews) and let's not forget the self loathing Jews here went into a tizzy as to how sad it was the he lowered himself to comparing the Iran deal to Hitler and worse the holocaust itself. But think about this for a moment.

    I for one assume Iran does in fact already have a rudimentary bomb and if not is on the very verge of it. As such, what would be the end result if they lobbed it over the border? My guess. millions of Jews incinerated! Is that not the same as "marching them to the ovens?"

  10. Gstarr9/8/15

    I am amazed that the synagogues are not burning here......yet.

    If it begins Obama, Kerry and Hillary will wring their hands, act "deeply concerned" (a nod to an earlier article of yours Daniel) and go about the more important business of selling our country out.

  11. The Ishmaelites know that they are Avraham's bastards no matter how much they try to distort history and that truth and for this fact they hate Isaac's seed most.

  12. Anonymous9/8/15

    it is time.

  13. Anonymous9/8/15

    If any crime deserves the death penalty it's these crimes. It might even have a preventative effect because they all muslim terrorists won't be able to count on being released before their death sentence is carried out.

    Q: What do the modern state of Israel and India have in common?

    A: two things, the year in which they were founded and 65 years of unending izlamic-nazi terrorism.


  14. The government of israel lets these things happen. That includes Netanyahu. He talks a lot but initiates very little action.

    The problem is that we still need rule of law.

    So far, I haven't seen any evidence that the firebombing in the Arab town was done by Jews, but if it was, even though the govt. is not fulfilling its obligations, we still can't degenerate into chaos.

    A sticky mess.

  15. The State Department might as well be working for the enemy, and maybe it is.

  16. Anonymous10/8/15

    I don't know if Obama is the biggest idiot on the planet or if he's a bought-and-paid-for representative of the terrorists. Probably quite a bit of both. Either way, the result is the same - until he leaves office, the US is acting as the greatest force for evil the world has known.

  17. Anonymous10/8/15

    Israel should say:

    No more land for peace and no concessions to terrorists.

    From now on, terrorists will lose land for each violent act.
    - I square acre in Jerusalem for every murder by a Palestinian.
    - I square mile of Gaza or West Bank for each terrorist attack that kills more than one Israeli.
    Name the acres and streets within the re-claimed* territory for the people who were killed.

    *Both Gaza and West Bank are legally Jewish Palestine or Israel, and are illegally occupied. Arab Palestine is Jordan.

    Sibyl S.

  18. Just a common 'tater11/8/15

    Very sobering and unfortunately, America sleeps while Jews (and other "infidels") burn. Obviously, we learned nothing from WWII. We forgot the lessons learned from the war against the Barbary Pirates in the early 1800's.

    In my opinion, every president and congress after Harry Truman has kowtowed to the middle east oil sheiks and have supported Israel only minimally if at all. The mainstream "watchdog" press has done nothing to bring this subservience to light.

    Of course, when your major advertisers and major stockholders wear checkerboards, I guess that is what you get. I really wonder who funds these super PAC's.

    I used to think that we should be more even-handed in our (USA) dealings with the Arabs, and not play favorites (e.g., "the Jews"). Now that I have paid closer attention to the real (as opposed to the "popular") history, lived through 9/11 and its aftermath, I can see that we have bent over backwards, put on blinders, plugged our ears, and ignored the facts regarding our so-called "Allies and Friends."

    The truth is, we have allowed ourselves to get sucked into the Arabs' internecine battles when the only people we should have supported are the only ones not run by a bunch of fanatics and despots. In fact, we seem bent on pulling the rug out from under our only real friends in the Middle East.

    If what is currently occurring in the UK and Eurabia is a clue to our future, Ft. Hood and a few other places are just the beginning. You, Steve Emerson, and a handful of others have tried to awaken America to our perils, but with little success. OPEC oil money, leftist "progressive" politics, leftist school indoctrination, and a complicit press are all part of the problem.

    When it comes to real issues that affect the lives and futures of Americans, what is really key information and critical knowledge? That Jews and Christians are burning or how big the Kardashian Boobs and Butts are? Go to any mainstream news site (including Fox) and you will see.

  19. Michael B. Oren said:

    “Negotiating with a representative of the Libyan pirates in [year] 1786, Thomas Jefferson was told that the Quran commanded the destruction of all non-believers, Americans included.”

    SOURCE: Ally (page 41) by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador of Israel to the United States), year 2015 CE, Random House, New York

  20. Michael B. Oren said:

    “The dangers became apparent in September 2000 as a Black Hawk helicopter transported me and my combat gear across the West Bank. The previous night, I looked out from our Jerusalem balcony and saw crimson fireworks bursting over the West Bank. Arafat had recently met with President Clinton and Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David and turned down their offer of Palestinian statehood in Gaza, virtually all of the West Bank, and half of Jerusalem.

    The Palestinians were now celebrating the failure of peace.”

    SOURCE: Ally (page 35) by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador of Israel to the United States), year 2015 CE, Random House, New York

  21. Cornelius Tacticus, the famous Jew-hating Roman historian who lived from year 56 CE (approximately) to year 120 CE said:

    “Much of Judea is thickly studded with villages, and the Jews have towns as well.
    Their capital is Jerusalem. Here stood their Temple with its boundless riches.”

    The Western World (page 141) by Pearson Custom Publishing, year 2009 CE

    The Histories by Tacitus, The Jews (Book 5), paragraph 8 of 13.


    {1} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jews trace their historical origins to the Land of Israel.

    {2} Muslims are LYING when they deny that Jerusalem is the historical capital of the Jewish state.

    {3} Muslims are LYING when they deny that the Jewish Temple existed in Jerusalem.

    {4} Notice that Tacticus mentioned Judea, NOT Palestine.

    PS: www.camera.org

  22. **************************************************
    Hypocrisy of the Anti-Israel BDS Movement
    by Mr. Cohen, 2015 June 7, updated 2015 June 8

    In year 2012 CE, the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report revealed 17 countries that still practice or tolerate slavery: Algeria, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Kuwait, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Madagascar, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and Cuba.

    Notice that NONE of these 17 countries suffers the wrath of the BDS movement, no matter how guilty they are of practicing slavery.

    Also notice that most of these countries are MUSLIM, which means that the Far-Left-dominated news media will NEVER give them the criticism they deserve, because the Far-Leftists are the loyal allies of the Muslims.

    Last but not least, the Far-Left-dominated BDS movement will NEVER target these counties with boycotts, because the Far-Leftists are the loyal allies of the Muslims.

    According to the year 2014 CE Freedom in the World Report, the ten most oppressive countries in the world are: Central African Republic, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Eritrea, Syria, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan.

    Notice that NONE of these ten countries is suffers the wrath of the BDS movement, no matter how much they oppress their own citizens.

    Since year 1950 CE, China has occupied the land of Tibet and murdered around one million Tibetans. Does China suffer the wrath of the BDS movement? NO!

    Russia invaded Georgia in year 2008 CE.
    Russia invaded Ukraine in year 2014 CE.
    Is Russian boycotted by the BDS movement?
    NO! And it never will be.











    The evil TERRORISTS ISIS are all Anti-United States of America Everything / Anti-Israel-Yisrael / Anti-Zionism / Very Antisemitism / Anti-Christian and Jewish People!!

    Am Yisrael Chai FOREVERMORE!! Happy Shabbat Shalom Everyone!!

    Love and Shalom,

    Kristi Ann


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