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Rabbis for Hamas, Obama and Iran

In 2008, Elliot Dorff joined Rabbis for Obama in their claim that Senator Obama would be a “leader in the fight against serious threats to Israel.”

Dorff, a Beverly Hills based clergyman, showed a deep grasp of geopolitical issues when he claimed that because of President Bush, “now the Taliban inhabit Iraq, where they never used to be.” This would have come as news to both the Taliban and Iraq. But Rabbis for Obama kept Dorff’s testimonial up because no one there seemed to know any better or know anything except how awful Israel is.

Like many of the Rabbis for Obama, Dorff was a left-wing radical who could be counted on to sign any letter attacking Israel. In 2010, he joined the unofficially nicknamed ‘Rabbis for Hamas’ by signing a letter demanding that Israel end the blockade of the genocidal Islamic terrorist group.

Elliot Dorff had also signed an earlier letter praising the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza, which led the area to be taken over by Hamas. But this was only to be expected from a member of J Street, serving on the anti-Israel group’s Rabbinic Cabinet Executive Council.

Now Elliot Dorff, who has never tired of being destructive and wrong, has signed on to yet another bad letter. After Rabbis for Obama and ‘Rabbis for Hamas’, he has signed on to ‘Rabbis for Iran’.

The letter in support of a deal that Obama admitted will give Iran zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb, is signed by many of the same Dorffs who had signed on to Rabbis for Obama and Rabbis for Hamas.

John Friedman of the Rabbinic Cabinet of the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, another left-wing anti-Israel group, signed all three letters. The “Alliance”, also known as Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, called on Israel to recognize Hamas, condemned Israel for taking out the co-founder of Hamas and described Muslim terrorist massacres of Jews as “resistance”.

Friedman had even participated in the “Fast for Gaza” in support of the Hamas-ruled territory.

Five of the vice chairs of Rabbis for Obama and nearly half its members had signed an earlier “Alliance” letter urging President Bush to conduct "constructive engagement" with Hamas.

Many of the Hamas Rabbis have returned to sign the letter in support of Iran’s nuclear enrichment deal. They include Sharon Kleinbaum, another radical member of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet Executive Council, who faced a member revolt over her extreme anti-Israel views which included reading the names of dead Hamas terrorists alongside Israeli casualties from the pulpit.

Sharon Kleinbaum supported providing space to Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and had also participated in the Fast for Gaza.

Burton Visotzky had signed on to Rabbis for Obama, Rabbis for Hamas and Rabbis for Iran. He was the National Co-Chair of Rabbis for Obama 2012, another member of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet Executive Council and had worked together with ISNA.

Visotzky (along with Dorff) even joined ISNA, an organization linked to funding of Hamas, in a letter in support of Obama’s pressure on Israel. Two other signatories of that letter, Paul Menitoff and Peter Knobel, had also signed on to Rabbis for Hamas and the current Rabbis for Iran letter.

Paul Menitoff had already become infamous for his 2002 letter to Bush calling for US troops to occupy Israel and demanding full scale sanctions on the Jewish State in support of a Palestinian Muslim terror state. While leftist clergy might be against the occupation of Iraq and the Israeli blockade of Hamas, some were disturbingly enthusiastic about an American occupation of Israel.

Menitoff is a co-chair of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet and was one of the 2012 Rabbis for Obama.

Jill Jacobs, the executive director of T'ruah (formerly Rabbis for Human Rights), yet another establishment left-wing anti-Israel group, has signed on to the Rabbis for Iran letter as well as the Rabbis for Hamas letter. She is another co-chair of the Rabbinic Cabinet of J Street.

Jacobs insisted that Jews needed to “repent” before Muslim terrorists and whined last year that her fellow liberal clergy were afraid to attack Israel “because they get slammed by their right-wing congregants”. She has accused Jews living in Jerusalem of being “settlers” and advocates an apartheid that excludes Jews from living in those parts of the Holy City which were under Muslim occupation.

Jill Jacobs does not advocate against Muslims living in Jerusalem. Only against Jews living in Jerusalem.

Rachel Mikva, the daughter of Obama crony Abner Mikva, as one of the Rabbis for Obama claimed that, “Anyone who looks at Sen. Obama's record will see that he has been and remains a staunch supporter of Israel.” She insisted that, “God has graced us with an exceptional candidate for the presidency”.

It’s unknown who Rachel Mikva’s god is, but it’s a safe bet that he isn’t the G-d of Israel. It’s likely that the name of Mikva’s god is Arnold Jacob Wolf, a close friend of Obama and militant enemy of Israel.

Wolf had signed the Rabbis for Hamas letter as part of a long career of advocacy against Israel.  He was the co-founder of Breira, one of the establishment anti-Israel groups, and worked with Pol Pot genocide denier Noam Chomsky on another anti-Israel group. He was a Vice Chair of Rabbis for Obama and a board member of the "Alliance". Wolf however died before he could sign the Rabbis for Iran letter.

Rachel Mikva is part of J Street’s rabbinic cabinet; she has signed letters against Israel in the past, and is front and center on the Rabbis for Iran letter.

The most infamous figure on the list though may be Chaim Seidler-Feller, who has signed the current Rabbis for Iran letter and was also a signatory of the Rabbis for Hamas letter. Seidler-Feller had also joined Norman Lear and the director of an episode of Masters of Sex in an earlier pro-deal letter.

Chaim Seidler-Feller was a founding member of the anti-Israel group Americans for Peace Now, even if he wasn't a particularly peaceful person, engaging in angry confrontations with pro-Israel activists.

In one of the worst incidents, he violently attacked two Jewish women at UCLA, kicking and scratching one of them while trying to throw her down the stairs.

"I was saved from possible concussion by several bystanders who pulled him off me in time... He assaulted me three times in the course of several minutes, and each time I had to be rescued by helpful bystanders," the victim described.

“I saw my rabbi take swings to Neuwirth’s face and kicks to her legs," one eyewitness wrote.

"I am deeply sorry that I hit, kicked and scratched you," Chaim Seidler-Feller would later write. "By taking these unprovoked actions, I have contradicted the pluralism, peace and tolerance about which I so often preach."

But that pluralism, peace and tolerance only goes one way with the left. Toward the terrorists.

And that is what this is really about. When you read about a few hundred “Rabbis” signing a letter against Israel and for Iran, Hamas or Hezbollah, look closer and you will see the same few names.

These names are the banners of a well-funded network of anti-Israel organizations. They are united by a deep hatred for Israel and the Jewish people, by radical leftist politics and by support for terrorists.

They will put on a modicum of moderation so that their congregants don’t realize how extreme and hateful their “spiritual leaders” are, but sometimes they show what is underneath the smiles. Chaim Seidler-Feller showed his true face when he attacked two Jewish women for supporting Israel. Many of the other names on this list show their true faces when they sign letters attacking Israel.

This is who they are. This is what they are.

Now these relentless opponents of the Jewish State want us to believe that the Iran deal will be good for Israel.  Just as they claimed that Obama would be good for Israel.

Under the mask, they support Iran and Hamas because they have more than a little in common with them. They are radicals who believe in destroying America and Israel, like Judith Butler, they see Islamic terrorism as a “progressive” force that is overthrowing capitalism, patriarchy and nationalism.

These left-wing activists call themselves Rabbis, just as Obama calls himself a Christian. But they all share a common faith, not in any divinity, but in revolution and the tyranny of the left. They instinctively hate people of faith, because they have none.

They hate Israel because it is a modern outpost of civilization in a sea of savagery, but also because it is a physical reminder that the Bible has a fixed meaning, that it is not just a “living constitution” into which they can read anything they like.

They hate Israel because it obstructs their exploitation of Jews as cannon fodder in leftist revolutions and because it is a living reminder of their falseness. They are willing to be Rabbis for Obama, for Hamas and for Iran. For anything and everything, but G-d and the Jewish People.


  1. Anonymous31/8/15

    Where you find the ROOTS of current antisemitism you will find sodomites and lesbians...their agenda is to destroy Judaic values and the world's peculiar treasure, the Jews. The struggle is a life and death one and the sodomites will use any means to accomplish their evil goals.They are master deceivers who have hoodwinked many left wing Jews with their nonsensical explanations on the validity of the Iran agreement. These explanations carry not the weight of truth but rather the weight of their new found political power. They are simply trying to ram rod the deal through over the objections of the American people. However they spin it one thing is true about the deal and its politically savvy gay backers: it reveals a vengeful and deep seated hatred of the Torah giving Jews and the Judaic values they brought to the civilized world that outlaw their perverted behavior.

    And for sin of giving the world THE masterpiece in morality and saving billions of wayward lives the Jews must be degraded and destroyed.

    It's time for the Jews to awaken from their slumber and connect the dots. Homosexuality= Radical left = antisemitism.

  2. Which begs the question, in the ‘Information Age’ where it’s practically impossible to hide anything, why is it so easy for followers to ignore the contradictions?

    And the answer is - access to information and truth cannot change human nature and the overriding mechanism at the wheel that causes a mind to see what it wants to see that more often than not makes truth irrelevant.

    This is why I live in a constant state of frustration. What difference does it make to know what is true in a world where great delusion reigns?

  3. In this great land of opportunity, anybody at all can claim to be a rabbi.

  4. this behavior is so confusing to me and most Americans, we ask over and over again, "why do American Jews almost seem to vote for progressive/liberal/communists? Why do they always seem to vote for anti-Israel and truly anti-Jew politicians." The best answer I've read is expressed in the last paragraph of this article. prayers, always.

  5. this behavior is so confusing to me and most Americans, we ask over and over again, "why do American Jews almost seem to vote for progressive/liberal/communists? Why do they always seem to vote for anti-Israel and truly anti-Jew politicians." The best answer I've read is expressed in the last paragraph of this article. prayers, always.

  6. They are not rabbis and definitely not Jews, they are traitors, libtards, kapos and disgrace to our nation. In the past they called them Mityavnim who helped the Greek king Antiochus the 4th against the Maccabees, then there were the Sicarees who killed their own brethren in Jerusalem and burned their food which caused the destruction of the 2nd Temple, then we had the kapos who helped the Nazis ship the Jews to the death camps and now we have these libtards who will do anything against the state of Israel and cause it's destruction.

    God protect me from my "friends", I know how to deal with my enemies.

    1. Exactly what I said. They are Kapos.

  7. Anonymous31/8/15

    Do these Quislings have congregations? Do their congregants agree with their public stance? Or are they the Jewish antithesis of Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan?

  8. Anonymous31/8/15

    Whenever I read stories like this, it dawns of me that these Rabbis are acting out of fear.When they come for the Jews again, they will say, "Do not hurt us. We supported you all along. It is the others you want." In the end if Israel and the Jews prevail, these Rabbis just slither off unharmed. If Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian prevail, well, the Rabbis are still covered, or so they think. Their position is a winning position.

  9. Anonymous31/8/15

    what is so confusing? A sodomite who is Jewish is most probably a sodomite first. And he will betray the Jews because he wants legitimacy in the eyes of the world and to do that he has to show that the holy Jews are just people and bad ones at that.

    Look at J Street. Kleinbaum and Mikva are open lesbians. There are many others nesting in J Street. Go to any anti Israeli rally and you will find lesbians and gays leading the charge and influencing the rest. All the Christian churches who have come out against Israel backed gay marriage first.

    What does that signify?

    And in fighting against Israel, the holy land, they are not fighting against Israeli abuses rather they are fighting for gay rights, and by bringing down the Jews a notch they bring themselves up a notch. And when questioned about their confusing behavior their supposed call for "fairness" is just a smokescreen.

    All the left wing sites where there is rabid antisemitism are very pro gay.

    The gay is a vicious, fascist pursuer and this battle is one to the death and its time for the Jews to do a little research and focus on the the savvy gays as the root cause of their sudden problems and widening estrangement from America and the rest of the gay influenced world.

    Please, a little research.

  10. Anonymous, "Where you find the ROOTS of current antisemitism you will find sodomites and lesbians...their agenda is to destroy Judaic values and the world's peculiar treasure, the Jews. "

    Not all of us....

  11. A dangerous column Daniel as it not only exposes the rift amongst us Jews but works divisive instead of uniting, which is THE cause often of our greatest "misfortunes" as HolylandIsraelTours mentioned. Reading the comment on gays, this exposes a deep sexual fears of the depravity homosexuality only instead of including the excessive emphasis on exhibitionism of one's sexual preference and sexual liberation in general dating back to the sixties put in motion by the hippie movement, a group riddled by many with Jewish background, both reform and frim. Reform Judaism, I think mostly the American branch these days while in Europe reform becomes more like the American conservatives, often means while they can't see it themselves, confusing liberal Judaism with leftism and hence doing what leftism does: being overwhelmed by the constant desire for change&progress for the sake of change&progress with total disregard of the consequences and disdain for the achievements of the past.

  12. Anonymous1/9/15

    Is that pig Kosher? After all, he's wearing a yarmulke!

  13. Were it not for the left wing Jews in this country, particularly the rich ones, Obama would not be president, Hillary would be. Would it be any worse under her?

  14. Anonymous2/9/15

    What people must understand, these so-called are not rabbis. These are Erev Rav, the descendants and/or reincarnations of the ancient Egyptians who brilliantly talked their way in to come along with the Jews at the Exodus. The Jewish people have suffered their sorcery and evil for over 3000 years. This is history and not heresay. Our great Sages have foretold all this (Vilna Gaon, Malbim, etc., etc.) that at the end of days, these 'rabbis' will be in great number and the greatest thorn in the sides of the Jewish people because they will unite with our open enemies.

  15. Daniel, is it safe to assume all or most of these Rabbis are Reform or Reconstructionist Rabbis? Where the heck do these type of Rabbis do their seminary studies, at Farmer's Markets? Seriously, what kind of Jew, let alone Rabbi would do this crap?

  16. Adam, yes they're reform and recon

    Which means they aren't Rabbis.

  17. Anonymous3/9/15

    You are correct, but there is a difference.

    I fear the Democrats and despise the Republicans (at least their leadership).

    Actually the Republican in name only (RINO) party does not like the status quo. When the Demoncrats started pushing the envelope about the separation of God from country, the RINOs verbally supported the evangelicals and others who supported such things as school prayer, but actually did nothing that was substantive. In essence they were passive aggressives who actually wanted nothing so much as more money for their donors. Everything else was a distraction. Under such circumstances freedom of religion, and freedom of religious expression, were distractions which could be dispensed with after a few facile lies.

    On a certain level the RINOs were as hostile to the concept of the Judeo-Christian heritage and the concept of natural law as were the Demoncrats. The difference was they disguised it better... But occasionally the claws would come out... and then heaven help (no pun intended) any conservative Republican who tried to stand on principal. Think Michelle Bachman...

    The elites in both parties are obsessed with power in the here and now. Most have no belief in God. And so to paraphrase Ray Bradbury... "Something wicked this way comes."



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