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Millions and Millions of Mohammeds

Before Mohammad Youssduf Adulazeer shot up a military recruiting center in Chattanooga from a car and then sped away, another Mohammed, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad did much the same thing in 2009.

Both struck military recruiting centers in the South, but the 2009 Mohammed had a message for Americans that we unfortunately failed to heed.

"This is not the first attack, and won't be the last," Muhammad warned. “I'm just one Muhammad. There are millions of Muhammads out there. And I hope and pray the next one be more deadlier than Muhammad Atta!”

There are millions of Mohammeds out there. It took exactly six years for one of them to finish what his predecessor started. In a world with lots of Mohammeds, we really need to consider whether we want Mohammed becoming the most common name for a boy in America, as it already has in countries like the UK.

The murderous Mohammeds embody the values of the original Mohammed, the founder of their brutal ideology. They kill like him. They kill in his name.

A country with more Mohammeds, is a country with more Muslim terrorism. And if the first Mohammed doesn't kill enough people, the next one will. We have to be lucky every time. The Mohammeds only have to be lucky once for there to be a bloody scene, handfuls of wilted flowers at makeshift memorials on concrete and Americans crying because a Mohammed has struck again.
Americans that unfortunately went unheeded.

The family that names a son Mohammed believes that the warlord who raped and murdered his way across Arabia in a manner that ISIS copied was a model for human behavior. Is it any surprise that the model Mohammed eventually imitates his bloody namesake's crimes?

When a Mohammed rapes young girls in the UK, as quite a few of them have, he is only doing what his prophet did. When a Mohammed opens fire on American soldiers, he is following the teachings of his namesake and prophet. Why blame a Mohammed for acting like Mohammed?

During WW2, we would not have allowed millions of Germans named after the Fuhrer, who admired him and worshiped him, into the country. And if we had done something that stupid, we would have had only ourselves to blame when the darling Adolfs shot and bombed their way across America.

A country with more Mohammeds is a more dangerous place. If a million mothers named their offspring after Charles Manson and raised them to embody Manson Family values, America would be a much scarier place. An America with a million Mohammeds will be even worse.

The mass murdering Mohammeds offer us a simple choice. Do we want to keep allowing people named after the Muslim Charles Manson whose big goals in life were killing non-Muslims and raping their wives and daughters in the name of tolerance or do we want to end this threat of terrorism?

Importing Mohammeds and Adolfs is no way to be tolerant. It feeds the cycle of terror, the bombs, the rapes, the shootings, the whines, the protests and the falling buildings. The first Mohammed kills and another Mohammed pops up to protest that he was only acting out of outrage. A third Mohammed emerges to kill because we arrested the first Mohammed. A fourth Mohammed demands that we free all the Mohammeds or he won't be able to stop the fifth Mohammed from becoming radicalized. Then the sixth Mohammed kills a bunch of people and the seventh Mohammed claims that he has nothing to do with Mohammedanism, which is a peaceful religion, but that we must stop offending Mohammeds or he won't be responsible for what the next thousand Mohammeds do.


If we don't want Mohammedan murders, we should stop importing Mohammeds. If we keep importing Mohammeds, then nothing we do, including electing a President Mohammed on a platform of non-stop apologies and free nukes to every terrorist, will stop Mohammedan terrorism.

When there's a hole in a boat, you stop drilling. When a bunch of people named Mohammed keep killing Americans, it's time to tell the next million Mohammeds applying for a visa, "Sorry, no."

America does not need immigrants who view mass murderers as role models. On the list of the least desirable immigrants, Mohammed should rank somewhere below a leprous beggar, a convicted rapist with AIDS and Piers Morgan.

In a country where the Dukes of Hazzard is now a hate crime, we seem bent on importing people who model racist murders, slavery and rape as the highest of all human virtues. And then we're baffled when a Mohammed acts like a Mohammed. The clue is right in the name.

Muslims and the left are united in suppressing any discussion about Mohammed because if we were to recognize that the very model of a major Muslim prophet would be serving a life sentence in solitary confinement if he were alive today, much like many of his Mohammed disciples are serving today, then maybe there's something wrong with all the Mohammeds and with Mohammedanism.

Mohammad Youssduf Adulazeer boasted that his name triggers security alerts. And it should have. Instead he was allowed to work in a nuclear power plant despite his father's donations to Hamas.

Being named after a mass murderer is bad. Being named after a mass murderer by a cult that worships him to the degree that they won't even allow his image to be depicted is a scary sign. If we don't want the seventh century crimes of Mohammed being repeated in our own countries today, then the name Mohammed should trigger security alerts and flight bans.

We need to have a serious dialogue about what to expect from a boy named after a serial killer by a cult that worships that serial killer. And we need to have it before the next Mohammed shoots up the place.


  1. If Western Civilization survives this period, I predict that people looking back on our current era will see it as a period of craziness, not unlike the period of craziness that Christianity got into in the Middle Ages.

  2. Common 'tater19/7/15

    Thanks for putting that together in a way I had not quite been able to put to words. I could see what is going on, but not quite express it. It seems like common sense that we could figure out where not to get more immigrants from. However, progressive politics, political correctness, misplaced sympathy, and detachment from the real world out there are allowing our country to go down a path of national and cultural suicide.

    Instead of a rational policy that truly limits and restricts immigration to selected ports of entry and to people with the characteristics that build up our nation, we seem intent on just the opposite. The politicians and bureaucrats suffer no ill effects or consequences from their failure to enforce laws and protect citizens, as well as just plain lack of common sense. I have my suspicions, and maybe it has as much to do with voter apathy as it does with phony voter registrations and dead people casting ballots.

    On a related note, but slightly redirected, I heard a radio talk show host with real world anti-terror and combat experience describe our current "lone-wolf" approach to terror as missing the mark. "Wolf-pack" is a better description of what is happening. It seems to me (based upon what I have seen and read, but with minimal face to face experience) we actually do know quite well how asymmetric warfare is conducted. Currently, I think we are seeing a modified "swarm" approach by the Moh's out there. One or two trailblazers found a weak spot in a desired target. Just as the local insurgents automatically converge on the sound of gunfire, these guys keep converging on the same type of targets due to our great leader's and congress's lack of recognition of the problem and failure to act effectively.

    If anyone out there with some real good hands on experience has something to say about this, I hope they speak up loud and clear, real quick-like.

  3. Anonymous19/7/15

    Christianity has never been as blood drenched as izlam is. Millions of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and African animists were slaughtered by muslims in Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, E. Timor and the Sudan in the 20th century alone. It's estimated some 80 million Hindus were slaughtered by muslims in their repeated and never ending violence in the Indian sub-continent. It's laughable to compare Christianity to islam. The Inquisition at it's height only killed thousands of people, izlam has killed tens to hundred of MILLIONS in the name of allah and muhammad and, more importantly the slaughter has not stopped.

  4. Anonymous20/7/15

    Daniel, I was moved by the way you defined Islam simply as a "brutal ideology" rather than the preferred "peaceful religion". Islam is an ideology, not a religion. Islam is a brutal exercise, not a peaceful movement. Unless this mindset is impressed quickly upon the people of the West, the people soon will be overrun.

  5. Without racism, without a hint of irrational phobia, Muslim negatives continue to overwhelm Western vulnerabilities. Free society and fascist religion don't coexist. Yet the Left persist in denial of more than a millennium full of tragic evidence of this fatal combination. Bloody sacrifices on the altar of political correctness will continue.

  6. I just wrote to my Congressman and Senator for the second time demanding to know why people who fought for a sworn enemy (ISIS) of America are allowed to return to this country and can't be followed (under the old law), and under the new law they can be followed if permission is asked within 72 hours. I demanded to know who put that into the law that traitors can come back here unmolested and not be followed. They won't answer because the government is full of traitors, and I am so sick of hearing from Muslim clerics that they are peaceful when they allow killers to roam free among them without doing anything to stop them. Mohammed has been the most common name in the Muslim world for centuries, and you are right, anyone with that name should be deported whether they were born here or not or put in camps. If we don't get serious with these killers, they will win. Wonder what the Libs will say when they start killing gays?

  7. What to us is a flaw, to a Democrat is a feature.

  8. Anonymous20/7/15

    Sheriff John "Girls Bike " Kerry

  9. Anonymous20/7/15

    couldn't happen if not for the dominance of evasion - everywhere.-djr

  10. I heard back from my Congressman's office in DC. The person said that today they are voting on legislation that will take away the passports of anyone who has association, is suspected of having association, or has fought again the US to prevent these people from returning to this country. This should have been law a long time ago. I said, "Well, anyone who would vote against this legislation is obviously a traitor and should be removed." Got no answer to that one. We shall see.

  11. I realize this is random but something occurred to me and thought I’d pose a question here. I watch the news and read copious amounts of reports on the Net but I realize I can’t monitor everything so perhaps others might have seen what I have missed.

    Comparing the Charlotte slaughter to the Chattanooga carnage, has there been any outrage or call for gun control or deep delving into how a Muslim got his hands on multiple guns? No statement from the Prez I missed? I haven’t seen anything but attempts to make excuses for the “American as you and I’ Muslim. Did I miss the reports about how and where a depressed man with drug and alcohol abuse and a DUI got his guns?

  12. Anonymous21/7/15

    Phenomenal article, Daniel You write like fire. Your writing style, your arguments and your rhetoric are unmatched. For years, ever since 9/11, I have been arguing for a moratorium on allowing immigrants from those countries that support terrorism (and we all know what those countries are). Until they can control their citizens, we should not allow them into this country. There is a a simple reason we are seeing more and more terrorism in this country: It is because we are allowing more and more of them to come in. Islamic terrorism is not new; it was just always “over there” because they were over there. Now that they are here, terrorism is here. It really is as simple as that. And not just Mohammeds/Muhammeds, etc. All immigration from those countries must stop. Liberals believe in diversity, so why do they allow 65% of all LEGAL immigrants to come from one country. We are letting in undesirables, while, literally, Swedish doctors are not allowed here. I find it despicable that Marines are not allowed to carry. That is appalling. Also appalling is that the Commander in Chief does not call the families of the Marines. (But he personally called Sandra Fluke.) And equally upsetting is how he flies rainbow flags at the WH, but does not fly the U.S. flag at half-mast for those men who served our country. Excuse my rant. I had to get that out there. Keep up the great work, Daniel. God Bless.

  13. Anonymous22/7/15

    I'm starting to think our technologically superior societies are doomed. People are being educated beyond their own level of competency. You see it every day with the feminists and queers who dominate and control our media. Their obsession with social media is pathological. They know lots of stuff. But is it the right stuff? Is it actually useful? Or is it just the petty musings of the indulged and spoilt?

    An example would be the feminists who act as if demanding that all the high earner and top jobs go to women, then complaining that there aren't enough high earning men out there to fleece through divorce is entirely rational. That's partially why the number of lezbots are on the increase. When you're only attracted to childish male stereotypes about money, power and force, then when you take those away - what are you left with?

    That's because woman think love is prostitution.

    Then there are the queers and deviants who would turn our societies into a Court of Sodom if allowed. Such societies will be outbred and overtaken. They have no limits of outrageous behaviour and cannot distinguish between right and wrong. That's why they side with Islam. Evil knows its own. It can hardly choose to be picky with evil's many faces when it has no standards at all in regards to appropriate behaviour and impulse control.

  14. Thank you for writing! Thank you for not being afraid of this camel jockeys! Thank you for telling the truth about what we all know and nobody as the courage enough to speak out to the world!

  15. Anonymous22/7/15

    I realized today why Obama doesn't denounce Islamic jihad; he's an atheistic humanist. Whatever belief system someone uses to launch their power ploy makes no difference. Isn't there other enemies to be concerned about? Can't we fear the radical right as much as the radical left?

  16. Anonymous22/7/15

    In the current mohamedian crisis two different paths are possible: 1 deportations or 2 get rid of the Second Amendment. Can you guess wich one will leftoids pick? I bet you can...

  17. Anonymous22/7/15

    I want them removed.

    I want the government security apparatus purged of Muslim Brotherhood moles and I want the MB infiltrants prosecuted under our languishing sedition laws. When our penal population is near bursting, blanket expulsion will suggest itself as an obvious economy. We'd better consider that our fate may be being an island of sanity surrounded by a sea of fanatics waving nuclear scimitars.

  18. Anonymous22/7/15

    Yes Mr Greenfield, ! נכון. We are watching on this side of the ocean the same
    phenomenon of constant islamic immigration. We are waiting for the next blow from one of our many import-Mohameds, in this country were the name " Benito " has since decades disappeared... Ships loaded up with migrants are crossing the
    Mediterranean, from one shore to the other, every day over 1000 persons,
    mainly Muslims from Maghreb and Sahel. No media breaking news anymore.
    His Sanctity the Pope, who too claims that " True Islam is opposed to violence ",
    is in favor of warm hospitality. He personally went to Lampedusa to bless the migrants. After all Lord Jesus Himself has also been a refugee...
    And then we have our Interior Minister Mr Alfano, who always claims that there is no terroristic threat in Italy ( but today two supposed jihadist got arrested just before performing their slaughter plan in name of Allah and it's Prophet ). And also we have Foreign Minister Mr Gentiloni ( who replaced Mrs Mogherini ), brilliant person because he suggests " to fight terrorism with Islam ".
    Mrs Mogherini, now High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU, is the one who stated in a recent speech in Brussels that " ...Islam belongs to Europe... that Isis is perverting Islam...that Islam is a victim itself... and that political Islam should be part of the picture ". And eventually we are in this country pleased with Mrs Boldrini, Speaker of the House and former UNHCR
    member, who is extremely excited about islamic influx ( including that of her
    Moroccan friend... ), and who is telling the Italian citizens to adapt their way of life to the " New Style " brought by the islamic Newcomers. You can imagine
    what " La bella vita " will soon look like in this country...
    Mr Greenfield, we assure you, we are not islamophobic. Instead, we are
    phobic of the islamophiles, Pontiff included. Thanks for all your articles.

    Clelia&Eric, Eurabia, Italian province

  19. Anonymous23/7/15

    To Clelia & Eric ...

    The Pope is supposed to defend the sanctity of the Christian Churches worldwide and not be a push over for lying Muslim nomad bandits. If he can't figure that out then he should just piss off. Bring enough of them to Europe and the Vatican will just become another ancient monument relic converted into a mosque. Its great archive of books and parchment letters which the church has kept hidden and which could explain mankind's real origins will end up burnt and used for cooking stoves should the Islamists get their hands on them.

  20. Anonymous23/7/15

    Brilliantly written. There are now a billion and a half Muslims in the world. There are 2.2 billion Christians. The Christians better watch out, only half a billion less Muslims than there are us. But yet around 15-18% of Americans now identify as atheists. That does not bode well for America or the world.

  21. Brilliant Daniel, as always you tell it like it is.

  22. Anonymous26/7/15

    But.....the Crusades!!!!

  23. Anonymous31/7/15

    Very well written, indeed, and the core of the problem very well analyzed. Very refreshing article amidst the paralyzing, psychologically fascist outcomes of political correctness in the media _ which is not so correct towards Americans, by the way. Thank you for exposing islam for what it is: NOT a race... that's an old one, NOT a different culture... NOT a religion, although it enjoys the privileges of all definitions, and takes responsibility for none, but a violent, racist, totalitarian regime based on oppression, double standards, violation of basic human rights and ignorance. A great deal of ignorance.

  24. Anonymous18/5/17

    DO NOT use murder and kill interchangeably because the words have different definitions!

    MURDER = premeditated termination of prey
    KILL = self-defense against predator


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