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Home 5 Ways to Fight the Left and Make Your Life Better

5 Ways to Fight the Left and Make Your Life Better

Lately I've been looking at Organic Opposition instead of Organizational Opposition. The latter is still important, but people are rightly disappointed and angry with everything from the GOP to assorted national groups and bewildered by a wide array of candidates.

Organic Opposition doesn't require organizations or a movement. It's about living in ways that naturally oppose the left.

Most of the people here already live in ways that the left resents without even thinking about it. Organic Opposition is about finding new ways to oppose the power of the left in your life.

This is not a complete checklist. It's a set of general ideas and people are welcome to add to them in the comments.

5. Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You

Imagine meeting an actor or a CEO, and telling him your political views and envision his response to them. If you can see his lip stretching into a sneer or a spittle-flecked rant as he orders security to throw you out, you really shouldn't be giving him your money.

That doesn't mean that you should lose out, but there are ways that you stop rewarding people who hate you.

For example, when buying new books, you are helping that writer and his publishers. If you don't support the writer, save money and buy the books used. It's easy to find most of the books you want in good condition for a fraction of the price on sites like Alibris.

Buying new books should be reserved for writers you support. Do look into writers on our side, like Edward Cline, if you like mysteries or Peter Grant, look at if you like Science Fiction, look at the projects that Adam Baldwin is involved in, and if you really must have that Stephen King or  John Grisham novel, buy it used. You're not just saving money, you're denying income to people who hate you.

I know that conservatives don't like doing this. I don't like doing this. But the left does this and it works. Look at the politics of the writers, actors and directors you support. That doesn't necessarily mean only reading only those writers you agree with, but a reasonable acid test is decency.

Decency, for example, means standing up for basic freedoms. People who are on the political left can do that and when they do it, they should be rewarded for it. When Patrick Stewart recently said that a bakery should not be compelled into writing a pro-gay marriage message on a wedding cake, that was a rejection of the totalitarian norms being imposed by social justice warriors.

People who hate you don't want you to be able to live in peace. That's the essence of the SJW.

Those who take a stand against them on an issue, even if they're on the left, should get some support and a note or tweet telling them why. Likewise those who make the wrong choices should be told that from now on that even if you buy anything they make money from, you'll do it in a way that they won't see any proceeds from it. That will make them angrier than a straight boycott would.

And there's a lot more you can do that will hit the left in its pockets.

Use AdBlockers on its sites. Not on conservative ones. You'll save time and hurt the left.

Dump subscriptions to liberal magazines and newspapers.

Get rid of your cable. Cable is a financially shaky proposition. If enough people leave, it falls apart. And even if the only thing you watch is FOX News, under the current system, you're subsidizing a whole bunch of left-wing channels. If you have cable internet, you can access a wider range of programming online than you could on cable. You'll save money and hurt the left.

4. Shop Small Business and Become Independent

People were surprised when Wal-Mart turned left. They shouldn't have been

Under the current system, major corporations will almost inevitably turn left to align with the authorities and tastemakers. Liberals have become champions of big government. The bigger a company becomes, the more it aligns with the system.

We all buy things from Amazon or Wal-Mart, but try to support local small businesses in your community when you can. They form a community in ways that a megastore won't and when they get a monopoly they will step on you, not just economically, but politically as well.

The Confederate flag hysteria and the Trump purge are a warning sign of things to come. Imagine a day when it's Ted Cruz's books being purged from every online retailer and Apple blocking his App.

It will come to that.

Look at the politics of major corporations and their policies. Avoid 'gated communities' created by the hardware sold by Amazon and Apple. Yes the Kindle and the iPhone are convenient, but you're giving control of your digital life to two left-wing corporations. As bad as Google and Microsoft are, they're somewhat better when it comes to freedom of speech.

A good test is imagine yourself working at a particular company. If you can't imagine even being tolerated there, maybe you shouldn't be rewarding it.

Learn something about the products and brands you buy. If you know of a company that shares your values, keep it in mind during your next purchase. Choose small manufacturers and stores when you can.

And avoid becoming dependent on megacorporations. The St. Patrick's Parade was undone because it had become dependent on Diageo, a mega whose vast catalog of brands includes Guinness.

When a corporation becomes big enough, it will find it easier to bend to the left than tolerate you.

A megacorp whose brands you eat will rob them of nutrition and taste to comply with the left's food police. Its cleaners will turn into useless junk to comply with the environmentalists. Even if it hasn't sold you out yet, it will sell you out later. And if you wait for it to become a monopoly, you'll have trouble finding alternatives.

Find ways to become independent. Make some of the things you've become accustomed to buying. Or buy and trade with other craftsmen. Those are useful skills in the best of times and we may be headed for darker times.

Independence threatens the left and makes your life better.

3. Build Likeminded Communities

You don't need to move to X to find a conservative community. You can build one organically by making friends, online and offline, cultivating ties, sharing and helping other people who share your worldview.

Make your own tribe. The left is doing it.

Find sane people at work. If you're in a position to hire sane people over likely leftists, do it.  Be careful, don't risk your position and don't tell anyone what you're doing, but do it if you can.

A community is about more than setting up a Facebook group. It's a support structure and you'll need those, if not now, then later. The members of a community help meet each other's needs.

Don't get seduced by telescopic philanthropy. Don't focus on helping Third World countries. Help your neighbors and friends. An hour spent helping someone you know does a lot more good than all the 'penny a day' for starving children in X, which really ends up going to the marketing department.

Protect communal institutions you have and avoid hostile ones. Don't stay in a church or synagogue that has gone to the left. Find one that meets your needs. If it doesn't exist, work with other dissatisfied worshipers to make one happen.

Never subsidize left-wing clergy. America got Hillary Clinton because she came under the influence of a left-wing minister at an impressionable age.

The left is trying to break up the country's traditional social structures. One of the best ways to resist them is to maintain them, whether it's a family, a religious institution or a club. Protect them and they'll protect you.

By being part of a real community, you'll be naturally resisting the left and making your life better.

2. Have Fun Starting Trouble

The pushback to the left may not start where you expect. The Cliven Bundy standoff and Gamergate both happened when groups of ordinary people with little in common pushed back when they felt pushed into a corner.

It wasn't a national issue. Grazing sites and corruption in gaming are about as narrow as you can get.

They became national because when people fight back against the left, local goes national and then global.

The American Revolution started in part over a dispute with a British officer over a bill in Boston. That led to the Boston Massacre and by then the issue that started it all no longer mattered. What people come away with is who is being abusive in that particular situation.

People rally to unlikely flags and causes and fight for unexpected things that they care about.

A revolution against the left won't be led by the GOP. It won't come out of Washington D.C. But the pushback just might come because a group nobody pays attention to is angry about some issues you've never even heard of.

That group might be next door to you.

Fighting back does not have to be about convincing them to read Thomas Sowell and Bill Buckley. If you think like a community organizer, it's about getting them to make the connection between what they're angry about and the source of the trouble from the left.

People want to know why they're being kicked around. They don't want to hear about the politics. Those come later. They don't need the big stuff. The little stuff is pointing them at their abusers.

Community organizers spend a lot of time listening to people's grievances, especially people not one else listens to, and then slowly pointing them in the right direction while making them feel empowered. You don't have to look at it as a job.

Think of it as being a troublemaker. It's not a chore. It's fun.

The next major issue may start in your backyard and you, not some national organization, might just be the one to help set it off.

1. Focus on Your Family

You can have more influence on your kids than you ever can on Facebook or Twitter. If you have them, your biggest job in the world is making sure that you are a bigger influence on them than the latest movie or trending topic.

Be involved in their lives.

Even if they're in their forties and seem to have turned out liberal, plenty of people have turned around their politics right at that age. Don't argue with them. Shouting matches never changed anyone's mind. Show them that the way you live is better in the long run.

If you win there, the left loses big. Its big gamble is generational. If it loses your kids and grandkids, it loses. Period.

And your life will be better for it.


  1. Here's a better organized suggestion. A gremlin messed up the original one above.]

    Excellent column, Daniel. You're not boxing readers' ears but offering some very helpful advice about how to stop feeling alone and targeted for extinction by the left and the government. I have some other suggestions.
    “It's easy to find most of the books you want in good condition for a fraction of the price on sites like Alibris.” Also, check your local library. Public libraries are always culling their stacks and offering unwanted books (and magazines, and CD’s, and DVDs) for almost next to nothing.

    “Do look into writers on our side, like Edward Cline…” The author asks that those interested purchase his Patrick Henry Press/Create Space editions of Sparrowhawk. And here is comprehensive link to all his titles: http://www.amazon.com/Edward-Cline/e/B000APRFXU/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1436306079&sr=1-2-ent

    The Sparrowhawk and Cyrus Skeen period detective series have been selling hand over fist without stop, their value spreads word of mouth. The Sparrowhawks have been selling consistently since 2001. Please do not buy the MacAdam/Cage Publishing editions of that series, even though they may seem cheaper. The publisher bilked me out of two years royalties and then went bankrupt, bilking his whole backlist of authors. Check closely who published these titles. Get the Patrick Henry Press/Create Space editions of all my titles. There’s a reason why people keep buying and reading them as print books and on Kindle (and on audio). Discover why.

  2. Thank you very much for mentioning my science fiction novels. I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about them. I've also written a memoir of my service as a chaplain in a high-security prison, for those interested in that field. Readers will find it, and the rest of my books, listed in the sidebar of my blog, at the link you provided above.

    I absolutely agree that we should patronize businesses and individuals with whom we have most in common. As Benjamin Franklin put it, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

  3. Anonymous7/7/15

    Good Ideas!

  4. Anonymous7/7/15

    Non-Participation As An Effective Weapon Against Tyranny

    The American rebellion against the British monarchy was not an abrupt or immediate affair. Anger and unrest over the trespasses of King George simmered for decades. The first British troops stationed with the intent to stifle colonial freedoms arrived in Massachusetts in 1768. The Boston Massacre took place in 1770, and still, the Founders refused to leap into open retaliation. Lexington Green and the “shot heard around the world” did not take place until April 19, 1775. The Revolution took years to culminate into an actual physical war. So what did the colonists do in the meantime? Sit on their hands?

    In fact, early Americans employed economic tactics against their enemy long before they picked up muskets and powder.


  5. For some technical reason, some readers aren't able to leave comments here. So, I'm pasting what they've sent me. Such as this from Linda in Marblehead MA:

    Very interesting! I'm already doing some of those things, but largely it's been because I don't have money. However, there are many good ways to combine not having money with "organic opposition" to the Left.

    Some suggestions I'd like to add:

    To save money on computer maintenance and repair, find a local computer society with low membership dues and free clinics. I found one in my area that charges $18 a year for seniors. It takes their techs 25 minutes to get rid of trojan viruses that Norton has given up on. Did I mention such services are free?

    My New England town's otherwise unremarkable library runs 4 book sales per year, running for 4 days each, all donations with no shelf rejects. (They sell those year-round upstairs.) Dealers come from surrounding states on the first day, but the next 3 are happy hunting grounds for an excellent selection of quality books for practically nothing. If your town doesn't run such extravaganzas, chances are that somewhere within reasonable driving distance, somebody does. Find them.

    I get Harvard Magazine free because I got a degree from their "Extension School". I hate the damn thing because a) it's a fountainhead, you should excuse the expression, of "Progressivism", and b) it's boring. If anybody has the fortitude to deal with these things and knows how to get the subscription transferred, I'd be glad to let them annoy you from now on.

    "Build like-minded communities"? That's us, people. We fit nicely under the "Have Fun Starting Trouble" heading too. I live in Massachusetts, which if it got any "bluer" would need to be on supplemental oxygen. Building a likeminded community around here is hard and often unrewarding work. That makes my online "community" even more important.

    Three cheers to "Sultan Knish" for recommending Ed Cline's novels in his column! The Sparrowhawk series should be in every library in this country. Anybody have suggestions on how to get libraries to add it to their shelves?


  6. Anonymous7/7/15

    "To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

    Thomas Jefferson

    “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    If the government can pretend a law is constitutional, I'll go ahead and pretend to obey it.


  7. Spot on and well said Daniel....

    People need theory and history but they also need practical advice and political strategy....

  8. Keep a garden, cook from scratch. Home-school, patronize local small businesses and services. Barter and pay cash. Buy second-hand books, movie DVDs, and yes - cut cable TV. There is a wealth of programming available through a Roku box and various inexpensive subscription services. Starve the lefty beasts in entertainment and pop culture.
    I haven't read Peter's books yet, but there was a hilarious excerpt from the prison chaplain memoir posted (IRRC) at Sarah Hoyt's blog. Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud hilarious.

    To support independent authors even more - buy their books directly from them through their websites. My own books are available through the usual retail outlets, but I get a bigger cut through direct sales. (I write historical fiction with lashings of real history, mostly set on the Texas frontier.)

  9. It's a good idea to file reasonable, well documented comments on leftist and moderate websites and blogs. You never know to whom you are speaking and might persuade.

  10. Anonymous8/7/15

    Excellent ideas. Those of us who oppose our one party with two names ruling regime are desperately looking for ways we can resist within our own little spheres of influence. We want more. Each of us should find other ways and be able to share them with others close to us. This is a war of occupation, the occupiers are here, now. They didn't come ashore recently to set up quarters in our villages and hamlets, they were always here and our now running roughshod over us like any occupying imperial force from abroad. It is time for us to respond in the same manner rebel colonists did in 1776, or the VC in 1968, "swim about, silently, like fishes in the sea", in full view of the invaders as we undermine their agenda.

  11. Anonymous8/7/15

    Great ideas! I might add that if you are in a smaller community It's easy to get a lower level position of influence. School boards, Town councils, Planning and other boards are often appointed or if elected are sometimes unopposed. You can move things on the inside more simply as the sad truth is most people want to complain but don't persist enough to fix things. Joe Polowski

  12. Anonymous8/7/15

    All good ideas. Two things might screw it up:

    1. Technology and the surveillance state, making it difficult to express ideas privately or have transactions unknown to the apparatus of state.

    2. Public sector greed, which will induce large numbers of your neighbors to allow the government at all levels to oppress, disenfranchise, rob from, and kill you.

    As I said, it may be too late. We shall see.

  13. Anonymous8/7/15

    I've used to be a Democrat but when the gay abortionist hijacked the party I went to the right even though I don't get along with their support of the 1% over the rest of the country.

    What rankles me is the gay intimidation that is going on. When you see a Hobby Lobby or a Chick undergoing bombardment we need to come out strong and support them and also turn the tables and bombard those companies that cater to gay rights. We need to organize and act as one as the gays do.

    We need to conduct and make public our own polls and talk about the inevitability of our cause going mainstream. The gay is a master of phony polling. When we see a phony left wing poll come out loudly proclaiming gains by the radical left conduct our own poll contradicting it.

    We need to support children and make sure they are seen as a blessing not the curse the gay left wing media has made them out to be.

    We need to demand more of a religious content from Hollywood and not the crazy religious movies they make like Noah. We should boycott any movie that mentions gay behavior or shows nudity or has a lot of swearing. You may think I'm prudish but a clean up is desperately needed. The movie industry is undergoing hard times. The corrupting gay agenda has turned people off but they are adamant in getting their lifestyle accepted. Organize and demand a clean up. And the Jews should be at the forefront of this as he will get the blame of the filth that is now distributed by Hollywood.

    Draw up a list of demands and boycott those companies and businesses that transgress Judeo-Christian values. This is a war against our founding fathers and our ancestors and lets treat it like one.

  14. I might add that I have not bought a single piece of kitchenware (utensils, dishes, cups, mugs, pots, pans, and other necessities) retail in twenty years. All my kitchen gear I bought in Goodwill, Disabled American Vets, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, and other such "charity" outlets. The same with most of my furniture. I'm a little leery of second-hand clothing, but there are bargains to be had in that category in the same aforesaid outlets. Shoes? Never. But a used jacket to wear every day is just fine because I'm not fashion-parade conscious. It's a matter of $15 vs. $75 or more. It's easy to live cheaply once you know where to look for the things you need. There are a lot of "steals" out there for the taking, and I'm not talking about government, which steals and takes and produces absolutely nothing.

  15. Anonymous8/7/15

    In my community, someone is organizing voters to support candidates that support funding for private schools.

  16. I started a spreadsheet to record all the books written by a group of "Human Wave" writers, plus a few free ebooks. I've now opened it up to anyone who wants to access it, and I've extended editorial privileges to most of the writers. That was partly in response to Peter Grant's TOR boycott, as well as in response to people wanting a place to go as a reference. The list currently stands at 323 books. Go here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LKYsZ2J7IT9AOY0xUhwVk72R9_v-JyOASmfrUzzGi7s/edit?userstoinvite=labehmii@gmail.com&actionButton=1#gid=1766614965 Hopefully in the near future, we can add links both to author's weblogs and to the major suppliers.

  17. Deserttrek8/7/15

    one major item you missed is professional sports ... the nfl is a politically correct left wing taxpayer sucking group that like nascar wants money but bows to the left .... i stopped going to movies 29 years ago and will never set foot inside a theater again ..... i do what i can when i can to deny the left and their enablers

  18. That's a good point, re professional sports

  19. Anonymous9/7/15

    All excellent ideas. Allow me to add:
    --Check out Colony Bay TV: online, patriots doing a series about the American Revolution (on a shoestring, naturally).
    --Any Episcopalians out there who are fed up? Check out the Christian Episcopalians at ACNA.org (Anglican Church of North America, with congregation-finder).
    --On the exceedingly rare occasions when, like a blind squirrel finding a nut, a leftwing publication like Mother Jones publishes something critical of the Lefty Overlords, innocently forward it to liberal birdbrain friends, or post it, without comment, on Faceplant.
    To quote My Man, the "Reverend" Al, "Resist we much!"

  20. Anonymous9/7/15

    Most of these ideas will not stop the train that is the radical left. The right needs organization and a common platform. Start with the media, the source of power for the left. Intimidate them. Bombard the comment sections of the left and reveal that their policies are not as popular as they would have you believe. Any conservative who doesn't toe the common platform line will find his livelihood and his business being boycotted or some other measure. Pressure should be used if they are not participating. They are not being good citizens.

    To unite Israel, who had few weapons, Saul hewed two of his oxen into 12 pieces and sent the body parts to the other tribes in Israel, saying " whoever doesn't follow after Samuel and Saul so this will be done to his herd. Their property being threatened they came out as one man.

    All this other small stuff will have an effect but will not win war.

  21. Anonymous9/7/15

    For me, this piece sums up as...
    "Live ourselves into a new way of Thinking,
    Rather than Think ourselves into a new way of Living."
    Works for me.

  22. That's a very good way of putting it

  23. Anonymous9/7/15

    You are a legend...seriously!!!
    I read your posts quite often, they are very informative and you provide great insights into the nasty social manipulating of the left and also their protection of Islam.
    Actually I know a fair bit of philosophy, especially authentic Vedic Yoga philosophy which I have been living by for 40 plus years and Islam could easily be torn apart philosophicaly...without even going into Jihad, End of Days and all that stuff, its a mish mash of contradictions with no real spiritual understanding underlying it at all.
    Take all the sub level IQ rejects from the burbs running around saying God is Great while slaughtering unarmed innocents, do these fools not know that God thru the agency of material nature called death kills everyone in the due course of time? thats a certainty, but he allows us time and choices in our life which determine our future and he does not interfere with that at all.
    This is easily understood...and he does not need a bunch of self appointed nutjobs trying to force conversion on others when they themselves are not converted to anything but sectarian fanaticism, real conversion is only achieved by a self introspective and prayerful process and these clowns would not know that, so these idiots inflict on themselves terrible karma (as you sow so shall you reap) and they themselves will have to endure the terrible suffering they cause to others...but they dont know that, therefore they are ignorant, so ignorant that if you pointed out certain basic truths to them they would not accept or understand because they have lost their intelligence (not that they had much in the first place) and they act against their conscience therfore it will eventually lead to destruction in one form or another, even with hopeless Imam Obama at the helm.
    The Left? even more contemptable, how does that saying go "If you dont believe in God, You will believe in anything!" perfect!
    Of course they dont believe in anything, they just use anything, as you have often mentioned.
    Again I cant praise you enough for your work!!
    Thank you

  24. Anonymous9/7/15

    This article is great! Thanks from the land of O & Rahmbo

  25. Anonymous9/7/15

    You left one off.

    6. Don't marry and or reproduce with a liberal.

    1. Anonymous12/7/15

      Oh well... I love my wife anyway. We just cancel out each other's votes at election time. (We're past the reproducing age, so no dangers of raising any lefties.)

  26. Anonymous9/7/15

    Thank you for all your work.

  27. aussiechick10/7/15

    May I make one suggestion, collect books. In this age of electronica we may lose the public record as a cultural back-up file. Politics, philosophy, economics, history, medicine, music, art - everything worth salvaging before it runs the risk of release as new Doubleplusgood editions. One day someone can dig them up and, for want of a better word, start a reset. Also, if many do it there is sufficient redundancy not a Library of Alexandria situation where once gone, gone forever.

    Thanks for a great article as always Daniel.

  28. Anonymous10/7/15

    It’s so frustrating. You want to do something - anything - to change or stop the bleeding. And we are bleeding out. Most sane, intelligent people see that this country, indeed the whole world, is in a death spiral. It’s not just one thing or even five things that have come together from liberal policies taking root and gaining control. It’s multi-layered and diabolically evil. If you want to see just how evil, if you think all you have to do is boycott some left leaning companies, take a look at the list. How many of these companies can you let go of and still hope to live your life the same with no sacrifices?


  29. 5. I rarely buy movies or music more recent than 1980 since my list of actors, directors, singers or producers that I will not give money to has become so lengthy.
    4. I canceled Prime and throttled back on all Amazon purchases when they began collecting sales taxes for my state and I could see that they were wholeheartedly behind the national internet sales tax movement.
    When they removed all Confederate Flag items and I got this reply to my email;
    then I dropped Amazon altogether. Haven't spent a dime with them since.
    3. Sorry. I live in Massachusetts. No hope there. As soon as I can I'm moving to Georgia.
    2. Sir, I AM a troublemaker...per excellence.

    1. My late wifes health issues precluded children. My sister is a flaming liberal. Sorry, I'm a total failure in this area.

  30. Anonymous11/7/15

    This is another great column. I have been sending several of your columns (Politichicks and Front Page often have them) to my contact list. I often hear back from people how much they appreciated getting the email with it.

    Whenever I see articles highlighting liberal stupidity or fascism, I try to locate the person in the article and send them an email of support if they are being attacked by the left.

    Other times I will send emails berating the liberal for their idiotic leftist position they have taken. I am never rude, just to the point, not hiding my conservative or Christian views. It helps to copy more than the person on the email (i.e. full school board, full mayor and council, college president, company CEO, board of trustees). After this I send out the contact info to my email list and ask people to take action too. Many do.

    This is how we support those who are fighting the good fight plus let the liberals know we are not going to be silent just because they are demanding it.

  31. Anonymous11/7/15

    Daniel mentioned getting involved locally. We live in a corrupt Democrat run county in a state that legalized recreational pot. Two women decided they had enough when the pot shops were literally sprouting up like weeds in the county.
    They went to work, started a local group, and are making heads roll. They and the other elected officials who have joined them are now getting threats and intimidation, so clearly they are having an impact. I know many freedom loving libertarians think legal weed is great but I am here to tell you there are a lot of problems that come with it, problems taxpayers and society end up having to pay for. Kind of like the problems that are now coming out after the SCOTUS homosexual marriage position. Libertarians were all for it until they saw what the totalitarian left REALLY wanted, and it was not homosexual marriage.

  32. Anonymous11/7/15

    One method I use as often as possible comes from "creating a situation":
    to say or do something to jostle people out of their typical routine to perceive/think about things in a different way.

    In the grocery store.
    In the checkout line.
    Pretty brain-dead usual, nothing-special-about-it, right?


    Occasionally I will find myself behind an EBT user, who is buying an inordinate amount of either cr*p (e.g. chips, cola) or luxury items (e.g. lobster). When they are finished, I say - in a bright and cheery BUT LOUD voice - "My! All that you can buy with other people's money!"

    More often than not, the cashiers will almost break down in tears, thanking me, telling me of how they can't bear to see it, day in and day out. Or people behind me in support.

    Of course, use common sense and evaluate each case on its own.

    I find speaking up works.

  33. For Science Fiction, also: Baen Books, Sarah Hoyt (http://accordingtohoyt.com/), Larry Correia (http://monsterhunternation.com/), Brad Torgerson (https://bradrtorgersen.wordpress.com/).

  34. Anonymous11/7/15


    At what point do you say "F*** it!" It it time for conservative America to withdraw and create its own country?

    The danger to Israel becomes infinitely more complex at that point, I know. But do you believe that we have reached a point where there is a pan-religous belief that goes beyond whether somebody is Jewish or Christian, and whether or not conservative Christians and Orthodox/Hasidic/conservative but Zionist Jews are simply fighting Judeo-Christian anti-leftistism?

  35. Anonymous11/7/15

    Daniel, you rock!! What a great piece, full of spirit and sass!
    A few years ago, I spent the most tedious week of my life tuning into MSNBC. I made a list of every sponsor they had and emailed those sponsors to let them know that no one in my large circle of family and friends would ever buy their product, as long as they spent money on MSNBC. I'm sure most of the email ended up in the recycle bin of their computers, but damn it felt good anyway.
    I wonder now how that approach would work on much wider basis, but am hopelessly technologically impaired, and too old to learn new tricks.
    Still, I think I was on the right track, and am enjoying watching that evil station circling the drain. I wonder too, about the NY Times, I keep hearing the excuse that 'nobody reads papers anymore, that may be true, but then their digital services should have many more subscribers. Maybe its' their content that is the problem, not all institutions are venerable.

  36. Anonymous11/7/15

    Comment is in reply to Sophie's post. One Million Moms is doing what you did with NBC sponsors. They will send you an alert and have the message ready for you to send the sponsor(s). All you have to do is plug in the email address, copy the message, and hit send.

  37. It can be strategically more useful for individuals to target executives and people within an org rather than a generic customer contact account.

    Mass emails that hit a customer contact account tend to be reported, but for smaller stuff, look for execs, there are sites that have that info

  38. Anonymous12/7/15

    This is in reply to the person who said that there are so many left leaning companies that boycotting them would cause too much of a problem. True. However that won't last when the companies will begin to feel the heat and have to go neutral or comply with the right's demands. The left is a phony house of cards because they control the results and brazenly lie about their number of followers. Soon the boycott of the right would overtake the left or at least cause the company to go neutral on the position.

    Daniel, who is so well connected and knows what's going could, if he thought it might be productive, section off a part of his blog for his readers to sign petitions attacking these companies. He with some suggestions, could chose the fights. We could each promise to tell ten people to visit the sight and look at the petitions. We could contact right wing organizations to also visit the sight and participate.

    I nominate Daniel to be the spokesperson for the following we could muster. Lets go national with activism. We could help Daniel develop arguments against their positions in the comment sections and I see that eventually it could be part of the Republican platform. Why such optimism?

    Daniel is consistently the best right wing speaker in the country.

    LOUD activism in numbers and polling is the key to turning the trend around before its too late. Once our polls are finished we confront the companies and politicians to back off or join the cause or else.

    I even see the day that they either like our position so much or to get us to shut up they will be financing our demands. For example we approach baby food companies like Gerber to help us in the abortion or contraceptive fight.

  39. Anonymous12/7/15

    Please make those sights public. Please do a blog on how to begin an activism. Ask for diligent people to sign up and help. Appoint someone to head it up in your name so you can continue to write and develop arguments. Connect the dots between the right wingers and their websites so they can join in the backlash. The key is getting you and the then swelling following to the people who count. Appoint captains over hundreds and then over thousands in this endeavor. It's time.

  40. Good ideas with the exception of picking products based on perceived corporate support for the left. Which one is better (or worse) Google whose phones are made in Korea (Samsung and LG) or Apple which has much more American content in its products? I prefer to buy Apple and support American designed products. Besides, I am sure there are many conservatives who work for Apple and Wal-Mart. Corporations support whoever won the elections --- when conservatives start winning more elections, corporation will switch sides.

  41. Anonymous13/7/15

    I babysit two grandchildren once a week, both very smart girls, ages 12 and 8. We always talk about uplifting subjects and do some fun projects. Last week the little one dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, complete with cardboard torch. This led to repeating the words inscribed on Lady Liberty, 'bring me your tired, your poor...etc"..This led to a discussion of the way in which their ancestors reached the USA, and the reasons that brought them here..We had a great time, they texted a picture to their parents at work, and received sweet replies.
    We have discussed Florence Nightingale, the Space program, Jane Goodall, and many others..We also do practical things, they now know how to make a pizza, their own burgers, and this week we're doing scrambled eggs, I don't want them to starve due to lack of knowledge when they go to college.
    I feel this is as close to conservative values as possible, considering their parents' politics. Simplicity is always best and is basically, a conservative lifestyle.
    I encourage anyone with children or grandchildren to find fun ways to introduce them to the positivity and beauty of the low key life.

  42. Anonymous14/7/15

    Give nothing to them, take nothing from them.

    Encourage non-minority women to find non-minority men and have as many children as they can - when they point out that they can't afford it point out that if some minority woman can 'afford' to have 12 or more kids, why can't they with their superior intellect match their accomplishment?

  43. Anonymous, A 'superior intellect' is what keeps non minority women from reproducing to gain welfare benefits. Most of us figured out a long time ago, that shoes and groceries do not fall from heaven, as others seem to believe.

  44. Anonymous17/7/15

    This is great list. I hope that someone puts a refined list on his weblog and keeps it updated with new ideas.

  45. Learn how to defend Israel from unfair media bias
    and refute inaccurate Israel-bashing reporting:









    Joining pro-Israel organizations might help Israel.
    Pro-Israel organizations include:








  46. Wonderful tips! I have had a "no buy" list for some time, and I refuse to even watch videos for free on amazon with these actors and actresses in the films (yes, yikes! amazon, I'm working on weaning myself off them). But I haven't really made it public, well that public--I have tweeted about it, because I know that most conservatives think that politics is separate from everything else. The problem, of course, is that for the left, EVERYTHING is political, and until we get on board with that, we're playing by the wrong rules a game we'll never win.

    I did get rid of cable a couple years ago, and that's been good. But I am still too dependent on amazon for both tv shows and shopping.

    I am very much on board with small businesses and being more independent and supporting local. To this end, I don't get the conservative aversion to local produce and farmers; the global monstrosities who manage and control our food sources have nothing to do with the free market or with capitalism, so it's a mystery to me why conservatives refuse to understand that some of these big companies (Wal-Mart, Monsanto) are not functioning as anything but arms of an increasingly leftist government.

    Anyway, good tips all. If more of stopped funding leftist entertainment, we'd make a huge impact. It's not enough to support patriotic movies like American Sniper, we have to actively defund leftist projects--music, films, actors/actresses, bands/singers/whomever--who use their fame to push leftist causes. This happened to Oprah when she came out for Obama, sort of organically, but hasn't been replicated since (and her career hasn't recovered). We CAN make a difference. We just have to figure out how to do it and how to get the word out.

  47. As Breitbart pointed out, politics is downstream of culture. The left is winning on culture, not on politics.

    Conservatism used to be about small and local. Then it became a dumping ground for a big business crowd that wasn't quite welcome on the left. And for libertarians funding foundations to "educate us" about how awesome open borders and multinational corporations are.

    Re, Oprah, some of the more vulnerable targets would have older demographics.

  48. Yeah, the Oprah thing was surprising to me at the time because I was living in Massachusetts at the time and not yet an active political blogger, so I wasn't plugged in to what real people thought. I just "felt" the Obama craze and thought it unbeatable because it seemed to be in the very air we breathe. That said, Massachusetts didn't go for Obama in the primary, it went for Hillary, but the young people at the university at which I was teaching were swept up in the Obama fever of the day. Anyway, yes, the older demos, which I didn't really interact with then, were the cause of her downfall. But it never affected Obama himself, at least not then.

    Leftist memes really do affect conservatives, who will deny it to their dying breath. Conservatives, or at least Republicans, actually voted for Obama in '08, and I believe they did so because he's black. That whole RAAAACIST thing really did work, still does. No conservative wants to be seen as a racist or hater (note: leftists are both and don't care who knows it). I didn't buy the whole Obama thing, but at first, I wasn't as worried about him as I should have been. The Rev. Wright and Joe the Plumber things were really worrying, though, so when those came out, I was adamantly anti-Obama, but until that point, I was just gliding along writing a blog about shoes and stuff. It's funny how your whole world can change when the whole world changes.

    Anyway, your point about how multinational corporations being the coddled favorites of the left leaves me a bit speechless. I hadn't really put that together for some reason, but you're right. It's funny how they are so willing to compromise their "principles" in the name of "progress." They love multinational monopolies and embrace Islamic slavery, misogyny, and homophobia. It's really quite disgusting that a group of such soulless, amoral opportunists are winning our country.

  49. Anonymous9/8/15

    As DG said, quoting Breitbart on 6/8/15 "politics is downstream of culture. The left is winning on culture, not on politics." A lot of our culture is defined by television and most people get their TV from cable services. We got fed up with our cable provider on a number of issues and ditched them. We bought Roku boxes and digital antennas for each of our TVs. The digital antennas allow us to pick up our local stations for local news, weather and whatever programming we want, while the Roku boxes allow us to get a wide variety of other channels over the internet.

    Roku itself has no subscription. Just buy the box, plug it in and you're done. It carries a variety of channels, most of which are free, but some are subscription based. We pay a subscription for Netflix and one other channel that gives my wife access to HGTV. Every other channel we view is free. We had a subscription to Amazon Prime but ditched it. The $20 we pay per month for channel subscriptions on Roku beats the hell out of the $200 per month we were paying for cable.

    The best part of the whole thing is that I no longer stew because my monthly cable bill would go in part to channels I despise like MSNBC or Al Jazeera. Now, no cable, no cable subscription, no passive support of leftist propaganda outlets!


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