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This Culture War We're In

How are wars won?

To win a war you don't need to kill every soldier on the other side. What you need to do is destroy the other army as an organized force. You destroy the ability of the officers to command and the morale of the men. You destroy their perception of the worth of their side and of their own self-worth.

All wars are culture wars. To win you must destroy the values of the other side. (That is one reason why we're losing to Islam no matter how many times we beat them on the battlefield.) You must destroy their sense of purpose and the values instilled in them to break them as an organization.

That is what the left has been doing to us.

This culture war we're in is slow and subtle. It's not always as loud and as obvious as the counterculture was. The purpose of the counterculture was to shatter the dominant culture. Once that was done, the culture could be slowly cannibalized at will until the counterculture became the culture. And then it was no longer about freedom or free anything, those were the disruptive tools used to drive youth recruitment with a facade of anarchy, and it became about conformity and control. This culture of conformity and control is still being sold as 'rebellious' when it's just the establishment.

We no longer have a culture. We have a counterculture that occasionally masquerades as the culture.

But it's not over yet. A culture war destroys the culture of the other side because that is the source of its values. To completely destroy the other side, its values must be destroyed as an abstract, its organization must be destroyed to prevent those values from being conveyed and the individual's own values must be destroyed, in that order.

Destroying the values of every single individual is the most difficult part of this project. Destroying values as an abstract idea is the easiest. That's why the left has made its greatest gains there.

Abstract ideas can be torn down. It's not hard. Any college freshman can tear down a set of ideas, honestly or dishonestly. Indeed much of the purpose of modern education is equipping students to destroy the ideas and values of their parents (but obviously not those of their educators). What is difficult is using that to destroy the culture that is based on those ideas.

This is not an intellectual debate. People are defined by their values. They gain strength and identity from those values. To defeat them, you must devalue their sense of self. You must convince them that what they saw as worthwhile is really worthless. That will destroy their resistance and individualism.

The left attacked our culture in order to destroy our communities and then finish us off as individuals.

Americans believe that they are exceptional because their country is exceptional. So the left eagerly swarms to argue that America is not exceptional, except maybe that it's exceptionally bad.

Americans believe that individuals succeed with hard work. Obama and Elizabeth Warren bray that "You didn't build that." 

Americans believe in religion and family. The left sets out to destroy them by proving that these institutions are evil and oppressive. Religious leaders are pedophiles. The family is setting for abuse that makes gay people feel bad. When the dust settlers, the only 'good' religion and family are the kind defined by the left. Having destroyed the existing system of organization, the left replaces it with its own. That is the ultimate goal of a culture war. Not mere destruction, but absolute power.

The culture war begins by attacking abstract ideas. Then it attacks organizations. Then it attacks people.

By attacking the ideas, it undermines the organizations based on them so that it can seize control of them or destroy them. Once that's done, it controls a sector of society and begins enforcing its conformity agenda on individuals. Much of that is underway. The war is drilling down to the individual level. We are approaching the tyranny threshold.

At the individual level, the goal of the culture war is to destroy your will to resist them. The left has many tools for doing this.

It will shame you. It will bully you. It will cause you to despair. It will convince you that your cause is hopeless. It will urge you to turn on each other. It will use your children against you. It will show you that what you believe in is a lie. It will make you question your sense of right and wrong.

All of these serve their evil ends.

The most important thing to understand about this phase of the culture war is that the left's goal is to break you as an individual, to take away your values and to replace them with their own. If it cannot do these things, it will try to destroy you and even use you as a cautionary tale to warn others.

This war may be fought with social media or in classrooms, it may be fought by bureaucrats with pens and by movie stars in front of cameras, but it's not all that different from a conqueror and his army of brutes riding into a village and enforcing his own rule of law. The forms are different, but the underlying dynamic is the same. We are being conquered. And we continue to resist.

The left is not fighting this as a war of ideas. It attacks the area of least resistance with whatever slogan or argument is most convenient at the time. Don't debate its ideas. Indict its hypocrisy. It mocks the values of others, but demands that what is sacred to it be off limits. This is a weakness. Don't defend your own values. Attack its values. You aren't the establishment. You lost. You're the rebels. Be rebellious. They are the owners. Wreck what they have made without counting the cost.

The left is not an organic entity. It is a pyramid of organizations and institutions. It needs the support of billion dollar entertainment and media industries. Its community organizers need jobs with six figure salaries. The left is destroying a civilization that it cannot survive without. It is an artificial entity that is weak and vulnerable in ways that the organic systems it has declared war on, such as the family, are not.

The left is not human. It is a system.

It is a system of control. A system of organization. A system of indoctrination. Destroy the system and the left dies. Destroy the flow of wealth and the control of ideas and it withers.

Like every system, the left seeks to control organic human institutions. It fancies itself superior to them when it is actually a parasite living on their backs.

There are only two possible futures. Either the left will destroy itself. Or we will destroy it.

The only question is the human cost of the struggle. We have already gotten a taste of the cost of their tyranny. It will get worse and worse. Ask a citizen of the Soviet Union in 1933. But resistance is not simply about winning fights. It is about the struggle of the mind and the struggle of the soul.

Winning is not always about beating the enemy. Sometimes it is about maintaining who you are despite it. It is about surviving in gulags and concentration camps. It is about passing on your values despite the totalitarian state growing around you.

It is a spiritual resistance. It is a resistance of the mind.

We are reaching the point where the left is running out of Republican "organizations" to fight. There is no conservative organization on a large scale. Only a hollow business party, its crony capitalist attachments and its stunted media. The left will have to fight people if it wants to completely win.

It will have to stamp out all opposition to secure its totalitarian rule. That is what it's doing now.

Above all else, maintain your own values and your own sense of self-worth in this conflict. The left cannot win until it has destroyed your morale. To win this war, it has to finish the job of breaking the society by destroying any sources of resistance that might coalesce into a new organization.

That is why it was so threatened by the Tea Party. That is why it is so obsessed with destroying and controlling decentralized religious groups. The remnants of the establishment are no threat to it. The Republican Party and mainstream leaders don't even know there's a war on. They've already lost.

The left has outmaneuvered GOP commanders. They still have plenty of troops, but no initiative. Their command lacks flexibility. They don't know how to use their forces and they're still playing by outdated rules of chivalry that the other side does not follow. They're a 19th century European cavalry formation and the left is the Viet Cong. They have long ceased to be a threat to the left.

What the left is worried about is that some of the remnants of the army that they shattered will gather together into new organizations with new tactics and strike them hard using guerrilla tactics. It's not afraid of the conservative establishment. It remains worried about a populist right that stops worrying about being nice or following the rules and hits them unpredictably and remorselessly.

It wasn't afraid of John McCain. It was afraid of Andrew Breitbart.

You are a cultural guerrilla in a war you never chose. You are an anonymous soldier who has been betrayed by his leaders. And you are a much bigger threat than they ever were.

Armies like fighting other armies. Armies are predictable. A Republican Party is a slow-moving elephant. It isn't a threat. It's easy to see where it's going and what it will do. It may win a battle or two, but it can't go far and it will quickly tire itself out. It has small goals and is satisfied with holding ground. It isn't interested in conquest.

No one likes fighting guerrillas. They're hard to find and you can never set aside your worries and enjoy the spoils of victory when they're around. And the left wants to enjoy its spoils of victory.

To destroy guerrillas, you either have to hunt them all down or destroy their values, the things they value, the hope that moves them forward and the goals they aim to achieve.

The left is good at tearing down a culture. But its swath of destruction creates cultural guerrillas who carry their culture with them. Men and women whose values cannot be broken by pop culture and social media mobs. When those men and women form families and communities, they become the counter-culture. And the final phase of this culture war will be between them and the left.

Either they will win. Or the West will die.

A culture war is a war of values. It is a war of worth. The left seeks to destroy you by degrading the things that you value. It knows that it cannot dominate you as an individual until you abandon your sources of strength. Your weapons are those strengths. Your values are your resistance. Even if you cannot organize, to endure is also an act of resistance. To hold on to your values is a victory.

This culture war we're in will not be won tomorrow, but it may be lost tomorrow. Cultures have vanished before and been forgotten. The culture that produced the airplane, that stood on the moon, that changed the world, does not deserve be buried under a cringing crawling horde of commissars.

But we do not get what we deserve. We get what we are willing to fight for.

Wars are not always won with bullets. Armies are expensive. Causes take momentum to maintain. Cultures can outlast organizations. And it is an organization that we are at war with.

The left does not have an authentic culture. Its counter-culture culture is a machine of destruction, a clumsily slapped-together assemblage of tools for cracking open, destroying and dominating people. A collection of lies and excuses, smears and bad habits, laced over with cultural appropriation and the fetisihization of the minority 'Other' as its sole source of spirituality.

It has no tradition. It has no heritage. It has no culture. It's a virus, not an organism. It is utterly worthless and, like a virus, will not survive the destruction of its host.

It is our task to outlive it, if we cannot defeat it. It is our job to maintain our culture against its attacks. And it is our mission to expose it for what it is, a phantom made up of a million excuses for power. Its weapon is to destroy everything that gives us a sense of worth because it is a thing of no worth. It has nothing. We have everything. Its activists are a zombie army trying to fill their maws with something by destroying us because they have nothing. And they will always have nothing.

The left isn't strong. It's weak. It isn't moral, it's completely amoral. It isn't replacing our culture with something better. It's replacing it with an engine for destroying our culture. Once that's done, it will collapse as thoroughly as its regimes always have because they had nothing to keep them going.

It's not our cure. It's our disease. It's not a culture, it's an anti-culture. It's not a people, it's a system. It's an organization and those can be taken apart.

We are in the same place that the left was a century ago. We lack its organization, but we don't need its artificial organizations. Our organizations are organic. To win, they have to completely dominate us with their organization. If we can maintain our organic organizations, our families, our communities and our religious and cultural groups, our arts and our skills, then we will have the natural building blocks for a resistance against them. Our lives are a natural resistance.

By being who we are in the face of their oppression, we become cultural guerrillas. Only our ability to maintain our organic organizations will make an ongoing resistance possible.

There is no party. There is no movement. We are all there is. And we had better make the most of it.

Our family is our army. Our religion and our convictions are our organization. Our mind is our weapon. Our battle is keeping these alive. Every battle we win organizes us, radicalizes us and builds us into a movement, a resistance of conviction and an organization of principle.

We are a human movement. Our resistance to the system defines us. Our victory will be a human victory. We will defeat the system by staying human, by keeping our families and our faith.

We will destroy the system by refusing to be controlled by it. We are not planning a revolution. Our lives are the revolution.


  1. Anonymous1/4/15

    Everything that this administration has done since 2009 has been about control. If you really think that the left cares about individuals then ask yourself why after 50 years and over 25 Trillion dollars of social programs are America's inner cities and its residents of all colors worse now than in 1964 when LBJ's Great Society Programs started. If you really think obamacare is about healthcare then you are really delusional. This is the final push to the socialist victory that began with stealing the La Follette's progressive movement in the late 19th century. Can't wait for the 21st century stoners to wake up and ask "WTF"?

  2. Anonymous1/4/15

    It's commonly known as evil, we have no defense against it other than that which we obtain from the creator's grace. As Frodo so succinctly said in the Lord of the Rings - "There is no other way" when Sam offered a way to deal with their unpleasant task. Our path is horrible, but it seems to be what we need to wake us up to the facts about our existence. The names and places are different, we are only seeing the current incentive plan for us to stop our nonsense and find the truth.

    Casual oberver in Massachusetts

  3. Anonymous1/4/15

    Anonymous said...
    Daniel, your treatise is powerful. But like all battles, they must be chosen effectively and wisely. A group that is being neglected are the DINO's. Yes, that's Democrats in Name Only. They are the swing group we need to convince.

    Their ideology is often that of the 1960's and 70's. What they think of as a Democrat is John Kennedy, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

    What they do not realize is that those men had much more in common with each other and themselves with Ronald Regan, not Barack Obama.

    What they do not realize is that somewhere between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the Democratic Party literally, "LEFT" them. We need to as a pragmatic matter, convince this self identified voter, to self exclude from the Democratic Party which has moved so far to the left that it's no longer recognizable by them.

    We need to demonstrate to them why fearing what they've been taught is the evil of the Religious Right is far preferable to the Orwellian/Totalitarian Progressive Left.

    If we can show them that what they thought represented them, no longer does, we can move enough voters over to the right side of the culture wars and Western values.

    They are pro choice (often within reason and not unconditionally). They are pro Gay Rights and Gay Marriage, but they are not for the destruction of Western Civilization and American Exceptionalism. This is the group that must be focused upon the the Great War for Western Civilization.

    I know....I used to be one of them.......In spirit, I'm still with them, In practice, I am not.


  4. Anonymous1/4/15

    Anonymous said...
    Daniel, your treatise is powerful. But like all battles, they must be chosen effectively and wisely. A group that is being neglected are the DINO's. Yes, that's Democrats in Name Only. They are the swing group we need to convince.

    Their ideology is often that of the 1960's and 70's. What they think of as a Democrat is John Kennedy, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

    What they do not realize is that those men had much more in common with each other and themselves with Ronald Regan, not Barack Obama.

    What they do not realize is that somewhere between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the Democratic Party literally, "LEFT" them. We need to as a pragmatic matter, convince this self identified voter, to self exclude from the Democratic Party which has moved so far to the left that it's no longer recognizable by them.

    We need to demonstrate to them why fearing what they've been taught is the evil of the Religious Right is far preferable to the Orwellian/Totalitarian Progressive Left.

    If we can show them that what they thought represented them, no longer does, we can move enough voters over to the right side of the culture wars and Western values.

    They are pro choice (often within reason and not unconditionally). They are pro Gay Rights and Gay Marriage, but they are not for the destruction of Western Civilization and American Exceptionalism. This is the group that must be focused upon the the Great War for Western Civilization.

    I know....I used to be one of them.......In spirit, I'm still with them, In practice, I am not.

  5. I've been saying for years that the hippies and radicals that were anti establishment have become the establishment. Those that mocked and ridiculed the military are now in charge of it and the results are exactly what one could expect. I cringe whenever I see Obama (and others of his ilk) interacting with any of our uniformed servicemen because it is so obvious he has no idea how to behave or convey genuine respect. He has no idea what he is even seeing. It makes him uncomfortable to be in the presence of anyone in uniform but it is something he must "endure". He presents a facade of wooden respect, speaks in cliche's but I can see the contempt in his eyes... in his body language. Sickens me.

  6. Thanks Daniel. I'm girded for battle. Good description of what we're up against. The virus analogy works.

  7. Sadie1/4/15

    Painfully and exquisitely said. You make me want to stop writing, but not reading (your articles).

  8. Anonymous1/4/15

    How do you do it? This is arguably the best thing you've ever written, which is only one of many brilliant pieces.
    The culture war is, without a doubt, approaching it's peak. The left will eventually overreach, and piss of enough of us to where we'll crush them into dust.
    Speaking personally, should it come to that, they'll never take me alive.

  9. We must boost our Immune System: reestablish homeostasis. Detoxify on an individual basis, then share with direct members of family and your church family- TRUTH is anti-viral medicine! Tell the truth- live according to it's prescription to restore & maintain a Healthy Body which is able to defend against and ultimately overcome to attack of this vector! Pray and Believe... only we can defeat ourselves...what we believe as a nation of people will establish the direction of our future. Will we reset the clock and turn this ship around or will we allow the man made 'Ebola virus' of leftist Statism devour us from the inside out as it causes every pore in our cancer ridden body to bleed? Dear God- I pray not- give us strength necessary to speak up and rebuild a healthy foundation on which to rebuild our children's future- if that is your will...Amen

  10. Anonymous1/4/15

    Great article but can you provide some examples of how to fight this guerrilla warfare against the left?

  11. Anonymous2/4/15

    I am once again amazed at your brilliance with ideas and language. Many months ago I realized my only lasting defense against the virus of the Left was my own mind. I can feel them trying to cognitively impinge on me any time I have active or passive contact with them. When the bullying and other abusive tactics don't work, they try to instill that self-doubt to rot you from the inside out. And now that I understand that, I cannot be harmed. For I Am Me and my life and my mind is my own. And as they continue to attack free individuals, I shall soon counterattack as you do and seek my vengeance.

  12. Thanks, Daniel, for the timely reality check.

  13. Anonymous2/4/15

    Well written but overly optimistic. The war is over. They won.

    Look at the values of the kids coming up, and you'll see why.

    1. Anonymous2/4/15

      Haha, the elders of Sodom and Gammorah blaming the youth.

      This attitude is so common generation that grew up in the most prosperous civilization in world history. A generation that leveraged the heroism and industry of their parents to live lifestyles of comfort undreemed of only decades before. People who, without education and minimal skill, lived comfortable middle class lifestyles. This group voted themselves lavish pensions expecting the party to last forever, now they lecture their few children on what they're "entitled" to.

      This is the generation that invented no fault divorce. This is the generation that imported hoards of third worlders because they couldn't be bothered to have children. This is the generation that sold their children's future for a long and relaxing retirement. This is the generation that brought you the sexual revolution, disco, drugs, liberalism, 16 trillion in debt, insolvency, and the impotent republican party.

      You have some serious gall attacking modern kids. Kids who, in every measurable standard are better than your generation. Control for race, white kids today make me very optimistic for the future. Sure, they're subjected to 24/7 indoctrination (thanks for that btw), but they're also lightyears ahead of their parents in lower rates of drug use, teen pregnancy, underage drinking, educational achievement, juvenile delinquency, etc.

      This is the generation that Is bringing so much to the real political right. These growing groups universally look at Conservatism, Inc. with as much hatred as the liberals. At least the Marxists have courage behind their conviction. The GOP are spineless cowards.

      Save your self righteous categorization of the young based on a loud minority promoted by the mainstream media. You and your ilk have failed your children and they will not forget it.

  14. At the history museum in Santa Fe recently, I saw some posters in which American Indians described their experiences in white-run schools to which they had been sent. It struck me that the reprogramming to which these students were subjected was rather analogous to what is being done to mainstream American society today by the Left, especially but not exclusively via educational institutions:

    "Assimilation made us feel ashamed for what we were, where we came from, how we spoke, our stories, our families, how we dressed, and for speaking our language"

  15. Anonymous2/4/15

    Excellent article. All the leftist movements of the twentieth century demonstrated to the world the depths of inhumanity that result from such socialist movements.

  16. Unfortunately, there is much to be realized in the few words that "Lot C Media" wrote.... "The war is over. They won Look at the values of the kids coming up, and you'll see why"

    Unless a coherent defense is made which turns into an offense. I fear "Lot C Media" may be correct....

  17. Which "kids"?

    A major point of this article is that resistance means passing along your values to your children. Plenty of parents are still doing that and so it's not a lost cause no matter how many lefties there are on campus.

    Is anyone going to argue that parents could manage to pass on their values to their children in the USSR... but can't do it in the US?

    It's easy to declare defeat. That's what the left wants you to do.

  18. We're on your side Daniel... Here's an example of the problem: I just heard Tammy Bruce (Lesbian Conservative commentator) lament how the Gay LEFT is using this new law in Indiana to abuse cultural conservatives exactly how they themselves were abused over the last many decades. It isn't a fair fight with the left. Facts are what we have and yes are powerful and inconvenient to them.

    But it IS discouraging that the MSM shills only for the LEFTIST AGENDA.

    As such, the College Campuses in the USA today are a hotbed of leftist/totalitarian professors who got it all wrong from the 1960's/70's. With the totalitarian of the left and the totalitarianism of the "Islam is a Religion of Peace" crowd....

    I think Lot C Media's point is well made.

    We're with you. We ARE fighting. If we weren't, we wouldn't be writing comments on your great post.

    It is still somewhat discouraging that all of our actions can be swept under the rug by the powerful media elite. Just sayin'.....

    Nonetheless.....we keep the flame for the truth burning.

  19. Anonymous2/4/15

    I'm inspired.

    There is a message board for my alma mater's football team. I read it for information. Today there is a debate on "Take back the night", and the football teams' behavior, and the comments of the "WomenSpace" faculty advisor. The debate is full of the typical liberal psychobabble.

    Normally I would ignore it. But, not today. Today I've decided not to remain silent, even in such a trivial and insignificant forum.

  20. Anonymous2/4/15


    Best article you have ever done. My only disagreement is you are planning for battle and not victory. The best war leaders have planned for victory (then they don't have the issues of a permanent hostile population against them). Just as Lincoln, Grant, Sherman and Sheridan planned the coming peace and Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin planned what would be the Cold War (but better than a hot war) we need to make sure our goals are clear.

    What we want is not to defeat the Left but also to make sure that the war is worth it for the soldiers. What good is it to defeat the Alinskyites but leave them with fat bank accounts (and these foundations are very, very rich). The Left doesn't fear an ideological war. It fears the angry peasants who actually know where the money is and who want to restore it to themselves and the economy. They'll fight us if we just want to win the boxing match and they won't fear us. They'll fear us if we wish to tear and rend them and take the purse. It is our purse anyway. They are parasites and we deserve our own assets back.

  21. Spot on, as usual, Daniel.

    We are already living in "the Brave New World" Aldous Huxley predicted. Technology conditions our minds, tracks and traces our every move, and provides distractions from the real world so we do not even think about such weighty things.

    We are all puppets, and as Daniel so clearly pointed out, the puppet masters are former counter-culture rebels along with non-state corporations acting in total self-interest. The guiding tenants of classical liberalism are mocked, ridiculed, held up as old fashioned and dangerous, while hypocritical and dishonest leaders enrich themselves and hollow out our society.

    Something eventually has "to give" in the USA and the West. Either we return to our heritage and guiding beliefs of personal responsibility, hard work, honesty, fair play, and respect for freedom and the rule of law, or our entire civilization collapses from the weight of the false and phony house of cards utopia the left has been building for the past 50+ years.

  22. There are two paths to victory.

    The political path is to organize and build a movement capable of dismantling the system. That is not going to be easy and it is likely to require that the system fail extensively first. But it's not impossible. The Tea Party showed part of the way, but it means doing a lot of organizing and coordinating and the infrastructure for that doesn't exist.

    Conservative movements are too easily co-opted by the GOP and its donor class. The movement will have to work at the bottom while aiming at the top. It's doable and the blueprints have been out there for decades.

  23. Please Daniel....
    Show us the links to the blueprints!

  24. 1. Organize and coordinate

    2. Enter and occupy institutions

    3. Turn them into networks with messaging

    4. Implement agenda

    The left did it because it had the manpower and the organization. Conservatives draw up plans that go nowhere. We're not 'movement' types and we don't radicalize well. That's why I don't think that type of approach will work for us.

    That's why I wrote this piece.

    But I certainly hope to be proven wrong.

  25. Anon 1, good. Undermine and sabotage the left's cultural messaging wherever it manifests itself, no matter how harmless it seems, but take steps to protect yourself from any consequences.

    Scott, the MSM is a network of organizations. There are radical ways to confront it and force it to broadcast material it doesn't want to, e.g. Breitbart, O'Keefe. But there are other ways to undermine it as well. Consider how much of the MSM has become a trust.

    College campuses are an indoctrination center. Don't send your kids to them. Look for ways to undermine that system as well. It's full of weaknesses.

    Student loans. Adjunct labor. Huge piles of debt. Assorted violations of the law.

    Think about what the left would do if the colleges belonged to the right.

  26. Anon 2, you have a point. And worse still, estab conservatism has no absolutely no clue about how to reach the younger generation on their terms.

    Andrew, or option 3 is that a third way manifests. I'm not too confident that we can bring back the 50s. But we may be able to use the collapse of the system to create a way of life based on those values. It's happened before in history.

  27. Anonymous2/4/15

    It is time that we relish being labeled bigots or racists or anti government. We know that we are none of those things and we must accept that to be so labeled that the left has identified us as a threat. Truth will out. The left pulses with lies, innuendos and fabricated sensationalist stories that claim it to be the champion of the "down trodden". Christians are attacked for refusing to participate in immoral events. The government says that following deeply held religious convictions is a threat to "society". That society they speak of has no moral compass, no values - no guiding principles. Stand in their face and shout to the world: "I am who I am." I follow the Golden Rule and believe in doing unto others as I would have others do unto me. Logic does not win the day with them. Facts are useless in arguing with them. They are part of a mindless one celled organism that thrives by consuming all that stands in its way. The real lunacy of the left ... it does not understand the nature of the parasite that that it has become ... if the parasite kills the host ... the parasite dies. Lastly, the left does not build. It tears down. It does not encourage greatness but attacks it. It welcomes dependence and despair. It seeks to increase the numbers of those who take and do not work. It achieves its lofty, twisted goals when those who do the work question why they work for others who contribute nothing and relish living off others. It's greatest successes comes when they are able to convince us that we are responsible for these evils. It completes the brainwashing when it instills a sense of guilt among us. We have "Nothing" to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about! Their politicians who live by the lie and who are funded by the likes of George Soros and others are being seen more ... daily ... in the light of day. They can no longer can keep their evil desires from our scrutiny. We know them for what they are, Godless, floundering angry souls in a beautiful world that God provided for all. Truly, keep the faith and fight the "good" fight. Parents - be parents to your children and educate them about who we are as a people, "One Nation Under God". Don't let todays leftist government cloud your children's minds. Teach them about our founders, about our God and Jesus. Tell them the stories of our past, the greatness of our deeds, the heroes that paved the way for them to enjoy the fruits of this nation. The left only wants to diminish, destroy and demonize.

  28. Daniel, you wrote above, regarding college: "Don't send your kids to them. Look for ways to undermine that system as well. It's full of weaknesses."

    I'd really like to see you expand on this in another article. I don't see a way around it, other than raising a child that aspires to create his own service or business. I'm a wage slave, so I don't have it figured out, and haven't come up with a way to teach my child this.

    Another alternative, which is my current plan, is to send my child through the least expensive route, i.e. KLEP courses, community college, and then final credits at a state school, for quantitative disciplines only e.g. Math, Engineering, Science.

    I think you might even find a large enough audience to merit writing a book on this subject. I'd buy it. I hope you write an article on it, soon.

  29. Thank you for a fine article.

    I think the Left begins its attack on our minds in the area of 'pre values'. That is, values are formally a part of morality or ethics, so the Left begins to destroy values as such with its subjectivism ('There are no facts on which individuals can agree. Everything is a matter if opinion.") in the philosophical area of forming concepts.

    The Left's subjectivism leads to its multiculturalism ("Western culture with emphasis on freedom and individual rights is not morally superior to vicious, primitive, savage third world cultures including Islam, which worship slavery and death.") and its political correctness ("Regulate, curtail, or even abolish the crucial right of freedom of speech to protect someone's feelings.").

    Based on its subjectivism, the Left is naturally authoritarian. After all, if there are no facts on which we can all agree, there is no way for people to reasonably discuss how to live together as civilized human beings. Therefore 'the people', 'the volk', the malevolent, omnipotent state, must take over everyone's lives cradle to grave to 'keep order'.

    The Left is out to destroy Western civilization. One of the most accomplished members of the Left in that regard currently occupies the White House. If we survive his years in office, it will be a tribute to the American people and particularly to those like DG who stand up against him and his mindless, slavish followers.

  30. Anonymous2/4/15

    Dear Daniel -- I love you, man. That brought tears to my eyes, and I sent it to everyone I know.

    And you are right. I'm a Christian (brought up as an Episcopalian, currently looking for a church that still holds fast to Christianity). Jesus warned the disciples that they would be hated just as he had been, and those who hate, do so because they don't know God the Father.

    Our forebears, both Christian and Jewish, held fast to God despite all the tortures and murder that the world could inflict. I have no idea if I could be that brave, but we have to haul up our socks and do the best we can. And adjust our minds to the fact that we really are in a war, against those who would destroy all we hold sacred.

    Whittaker Chambers saw it: in "Witness," he said that we are fighting mankind's oldest temptation: "Ye shall be as gods." That's what drives the Left. That, and making sin "safe" and penalty-free. (Mark Twain wryly remarked that mankind was happily worshipping dung beetles and "doing what came naturally" when the Jews came along with the idea of God and morality and conscience: which, he said, had led to your persecution ever since!)

    You are on fire with the eloquence of love. This we must all remember: to fight for what we love. --Gail

  31. Anonymous2/4/15

    Superb writing once again. I have ceased to argue with the left .Those days have gone. Make them know that you personally loathe them and their ways. That they will have to put you in a gulag in order to break you. And make sure you keep telling the young how it once was and will be again. My three sons are all free men and know what that word really means. They will hand on to their sons the same knowledge. The left will have to kill us all to break us.
    Dave S

  32. Anonymous2/4/15

    Show the mirror of Perseus to the Medusa left. It will turn them to stone.

    Go on the offensive (with deadly courtesy): question their premises (politely); introduce Facts (just sayin'). Don't let them get you on the back foot by answering their questions or objecting to their lies: Turn it around.

    E.g.: in re the Iranian nuke deal -- "Aren't you in favor of nuclear nonproliferation? Whatever happened to that?"

    Hold them to their own "standards."

    And remember -- people don't always hate you for what's bad about you. Quite often, they hate you for what's good about you. ("Why do the heathen rage?" -- Psalm 2)

  33. Anonymous2/4/15

    It must be really hard being you. The barbarians are not just at the gates, they are in your house, in your bed, in your sleep. . . .

    "The left has outmaneuvered GOP commanders." That's why the GOP does not control both houses of Congress, most of the state legislatures, and most of the state houses. Oh wait, they do. Never mind. So much for the heathens of Hollywood, the liberal media and radical academia pulling all the strings.

    Man, take a vacation. Chill. The sky is not falling. The death knell of Western civilization has been imagined over-and-over-and-over again, but we're still here.

    1. Yes, it's all been imagined, slavery, nazism, communism, fascism, OPEC, radical islam ... all a vast right wing conspiracy. "These are not the droids you are looking for", You can go about your business", " Move along". ha ha ha

  34. Anonymous2/4/15

    RTK: This is halevi posting as anonymous. There are colleges where you can stay mostly at home and travel to the school periodically. I know someone that did that. I think the keys are keeping your kids away from campus indoctrination and keeping out of major debt. Also, look into community colleges. Kids can start there and then transfer credits to a 4 year school. Community college is much cheaper. Another idea is to have your kids live at home when they go to college.

    Look into Glenn Reynold's books. He writes about colleges. He also has a great blog where he often posts about colleges: http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/

  35. Anonymous2/4/15

    I will say what I have said elsewhere - Freedom is simply the gap between what is forbidden and what is mandatory. Leftists believe that no such gap should exist, that all things are either good for us, and hence should be mandatory, or bad for us, and hence should be forbidden. This is their Achilles heal. What we should push for is decentralization - not that we oppose their prerogatives, but that such things should be decided on the local level. And what is more local than the family?

    Second I would say that the leftist coalition is just that, a ramshackle coalition of groups that have very little in common with one another. We need to get them infighting - start with Muslims against gays rights, that is make them force the same rules they force on white Christians on devout Muslims. Force Jews to confront the profound anti-Semitism in Left. Force the young to recognize that the left is writing checks on their account. Force black Americans into realizing the unfettered immigration hurts them the most. The left gets away with their lies by promising spoils to each group - cut the spoils and the whole thing will disintegrate into dust. Like an invading army of many tribes, they hold together only as long as their are sufficient spoils for all.

    Speaking of a spoils system, the left is very clever at stealing money. We need to collapse their spoils system. Think of the leftist army having a long and weak supply line, and must live off the land in order to advance. Therefore we must burn the crops ahead of them. Insist on tax simplification - get rid of as many deductions as possible, simplify rules, restrict how non- profits operate if they wish to be tax exempt. Make collecting union dues harder. Do all of this in the name of fairness. Start with corporations - eliminate deductions one by one while lowering tax rates. Then non-profits, especially those that are not providing actual services to communities.

    Laws that are not universally applicable should be done away with - in the name of fairness and anti-discrimination. This will help simply because the leftists will have nothing left to sell, nothing to bribe their coalition with.

  36. Excellent points all

    Non-profits are a major weak point. And for that matter many major corporations have crawled into bed with the left. Indiana showed us how bad it is.

    Might be time for us to toss out the whole 'big business is our pal' playbook

  37. Anonymous2/4/15

    The world's enemies today are the Christianphobics.

  38. "Great article but can you provide some examples of how to fight this guerrilla warfare against the left? "

    Google "The Manosphere" and "Red Pill Thinking." Self-organized, creating a comprehensive cultural counter-theory based on widely distributed rolling experiments, with significant and valued rewards accruing to those that follow its various flavors (and that is a very wide set, let me tell you). Think of a distributed Frankfurt School living on the Internet. And because it's partly a bio-hack, the Left can't really fight it without creating huge blowback in its most important set of allies.

    The theory is not inherently conservative (though some conservatives use it), nor its practices - but the RESULTS of both would do more for social conservatism than 100 clones of Pat Robertson.

    What Daniel does is valuable. But it isn't the only way to fight.

  39. Anonymous3/4/15

    I do not exaggerate when I say that I thank G-d for you, and pray for your protection.

  40. Y. Ben-David3/4/15

    This is inspiring reading going into Passover seder we Jews are having tonight. Passover is the Jewish festival of Freedom. The Left is hell-bent on destroying our Freedom and that is why it has declared war on the traditional Western religions and is using radical Islam as cannon fodder in this war.
    One ray of hope was the recent election in Israel in which traditionalist forces won their biggest victory in history against Israel's local version of this destructive Leftist/"progressive" force, in spite of the fact that they had the media solidly on their side. This proves they can be fought. This victory is not the end of the war, it is one battle....they still have immense power in many parts of the Israeli Establishment, but there is a solid nucleus of Jews, particularly, but not exculsively in the Orthodox/religious camp who reject their values. Naftali Bennett, head of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party openly said "we are not apologizing", meaning "I don't accept your (Leftist) values and your attempts to define what is "good" or "right" in our society. I hope this indicates a trend for the future.

  41. PatriotGalNC3/4/15

    Daniel...I sent this article to many people. You articulated so eloquently how millions of Americans are feeling and thinking. I also thank all of the folks that have posted. I learn a lot reading comments. I would like to say this: The one thing the Left wants to do is to CRUSH the American Spirit. The American Spirit cannot be destroyed. It lives behind every blade of grass. It is everywhere, yet nowhere. It cannot be contained or cornered. It is real yet intangible. You see it in cities, and in rural towns and villages. The Left is actually increasing -DAILY-, the size of the army that will destroy it. The American Spirit. They hate it. Yet, they are terrified of its power. This is why the shriek and howl so loud when they feel the threat. We will use their own tactics against them. We will be victorious. Because we ALL are The American Spirit. They "think" they are winning. They "think" they have us surrounded. It couldn't be further from the TRUTH. And, they know it.

  42. Martin3/4/15

    A well-written, very practical article. There is a different perspective, one that I feel is tantamount.

    This battle is entirely a spiritual one, and it has gone beyond a politician/party ability to correct, slow, or undo. Don't fret! The younger generations are not lost, for it is with them that changes G-d will make will be made real, starting with the universities. This will begin sooner than but a few know. Find a prophet you trust, and tune into what He is saying. It's not as if G-d has shut up. Quite the opposite. Israel and America are in His heart, and that will be made apparent. Soon. The stench of evil will be dealt with, in typical grand fashion.

    Why and how will this happen? Think about it. If the Church is His Bride, will He settle for a weakened one? Absolutely not. Great things are ahead, and those who have gotten worse and worse (and as a newsie of sorts, I've seen that commenters in the main, have) and those whose hearts are hardened beyond their own perception are the goats who have been separated. It's these that need prayer the most. Some have chosen, but none are beyond redemption. There is another flock; they just don't know it, yet.

    Above all, pray for America. A remnant who continually remind G-d of the good America has done are all that stands between what we have, and what we deserve. Much of that can be brought on by the actions of one man (no hint needed) but even his purpose was a demonstration of what we have allowed, but only for a time and season. That too, will change.

    Buck up! Scripture is filled with rejoicing anticipation at what we are about to see with our own eyes!

  43. Daniel, as a Christian I just want to say sincerely: you are proof that God continues to bless “all the families of the earth” through the seed of Abraham.

  44. I have thought that Reagan, Thatcher and Pope JP defeated communism abroad, but that Bush I, and II not only allowed it to flourish here, but encouraged and funded it.

    We are paying the price for their blindness and stupidity.

    Wow! You think exactly as I do on the nature of our enemy. You recognize its weakness, cowardice and lack of character. These guys are eminently beatable and it just takes resistence and implacable will.

    We will do it. I am glad you highlighted the futility of relying on the GOP to even grasp the nature of the struggle.


  45. Anonymous3/4/15

    Daniel, You are a rare gift. This essay will be distributed to key people in and out of Congress that get it. They are frustrated with the lack of a unified front and are fearful of powerfully corrupt entities and people who know how to successfully intimidate, and more. This is much more sinister than a culture war...it is a war between good and evil. That you are on the side of good is a desperately needed light. Blessings.

  46. tranquil4/4/15

    *Excellent* article!

    *This* snippet IMO is the key -

    "Don't debate its ideas. Indict its hypocrisy. It mocks the values of others, but demands that what is sacred to it be off limits."

    The left is almost nothing BUT hypocrisy!

    It goes on about gays and women's rights but remains silent when gays and women are abused and killed by Muslims. Indeed, the silence of the left regarding Islam is one of the left's *biggest* weaknesses.

    More hypocrisy - the left demands time to spout its hatred but it never gives time to its opponents.
    *We* must GRAB that time, insisting on having it and FORCE them onto the back foot.

    Again, the KEY is to focus on their weaknesses - in particular, their *hypocrisy*.
    - sandalwood

  47. tranquil4/4/15

    I must mention one other thing that is very important.
    The left *loves* LABELS. They love to abuse and insult people.

    We must *ignore* the labels - indeed, wear them as a badge of pride!

    There is at least one area that we have BROKEN the left - in the criticism of Islam. The left throws around the labels "racist" (which is nonsense) and "Islamophobe" (also nonsense). The left has used those stupid labels so much that they have ceased to mean anything.
    Like a blunted spear, they have lost all of their power.

    I laugh at such labels!
    They say everything about the fools using them and nothing about the targetted person.

    *Ridicule* the left. Laugh at their *stupid* labels and their utter ignorance. Call them out mercilessly on their hypocrisy.
    *That* will get them on the back foot.

  48. Anonymous4/4/15

    The left is not fighting this as a war of ideas. It attacks the area of least resistance with whatever slogan or argument is most convenient at the time. Don't debate its ideas. Indict its hypocrisy. It mocks the values of others, but demands that what is sacred to it be off limits. This is a weakness. Don't defend your own values. Attack its values. You aren't the establishment. You lost. You're the rebels. Be rebellious. They are the owners. Wreck what they have made without counting the cost.
    If IQ tests were so useless why would the civil rights leaders have denounced them?? This is a theme that should be raised.Another question should be if white males are so horrible why not get rid of the civil rights act so we can get away from them completely. Another question that should be asked is what if everyone is not equal wouldnt that just result in incompetent people put in charge? Is bad public policy excusable because its designers had good intentions? Do all forms of sexual expression by all individuals deserve public subsidy for their inevitable consequences or are there to be no questions asked? Can we really have anything of value unless we have right to exclude others from what we create? You say that children dont need fathers but then why do they need mothers? If we discriminate against the bigots then arent we just bigots ourselves? Shouldnt there be better reasons for doing something other than white male racist sexist moral blackmail unrelated historical grievance?

  49. Anonymous4/4/15

    Hi Daniel I just tried to post a comment and spent a long time writing it. I previewed it as anonymous and it just disappeared(!) If it's anywhere on your end could you publish it please? Great piece of writing btw. Very powerful.

  50. Earlybird4/4/15

    Continued - Abraham Lincoln at age 28 . . .

    It is to deny, what the history of the world tells us is true, to suppose that men of ambition and talents will not continue to spring up amongst us. And, when they do, they will as naturally seek the gratification of their ruling passion, as others have so done before them. The question then, is, can that gratification be found in supporting and maintaining an edifice that has been erected by others? Most certainly it cannot. Many great and good men sufficiently qualified for any task they should undertake, may ever be found, whose ambition would inspire to nothing beyond a seat in Congress, a gubernatorial or a presidential chair; but such belong not to the family of the lion, or the tribe of the eagle. What! think you these places would satisfy an Alexander, a Caesar, or a Napoleon?--Never! Towering genius distains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.--It sees no distinction in adding story to story, upon the monuments of fame, erected to the memory of others. It denies that it is glory enough to serve under any chief. It scorns to tread in the footsteps of any predecessor, however illustrious. It thirsts and burns for distinction; and, if possible, it will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving freemen. Is it unreasonable then to expect, that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to its utmost stretch, will at some time, spring up among us? And when such a one does, it will require the people to be united with each other, . . . and generally intelligent, to successfully frustrate his designs.

    Distinction will be his paramount object, and although he would as willingly, perhaps more so, acquire it by doing good as harm; yet, that opportunity being past, and nothing left to be done in the way of building up, he would set boldly to the task of pulling down.

    Here, then, is a probable case, highly dangerous, and such a one as could not have well existed heretofore.


    Another reason which once was; but which, to the same extent, is now no more, has done much in maintaining our institutions thus far. I mean the powerful influence which the interesting scenes of the revolution had upon the passions of the people as distinguished from their judgment.


    But this state of feeling must fade, is fading, has faded, with the circumstances that produced it.

    I do not mean to say, that the scenes of the revolution are now or ever will be entirely forgotten; but that like every thing else, they must fade upon the memory of the world, and grow more and more dim by the lapse of time. In history, we hope, they will be read of, and recounted, so long as the bible shall be read;-- but even granting that they will, their influence cannot be what it heretofore has been. Even then, they cannot be so universally known, nor so vividly felt, as they were by the generation just gone to rest. At the close of that struggle, nearly every adult male had been a participator in some of its scenes. The consequence was, that of those scenes, in the form of a husband, a father, a son or brother, a living history was to be found in every family-- a history bearing the indubitable testimonies of its own authenticity, in the limbs mangled, in the scars of wounds received, in the midst of the very scenes related--a history, too, that could be read and understood alike by all, the wise and the ignorant, the learned and the unlearned.--But those histories are gone. They can be read no more forever. They were a fortress of strength; but, what invading foeman could never do, the silent artillery of time has done; the leveling of its walls. They are gone.--They were a forest of giant oaks; but the all-resistless hurricane has swept over them, and left only, here and there, a lonely trunk, despoiled of its verdure, shorn of its foliage; unshading and unshaded, to murmur in a few gentle breezes, and to combat with its mutilated limbs, a few more ruder storms, then to sink, and be no more.

  51. Earlybird4/4/15

    Continued - Abraham Lincoln at age 28 . . .

    They were the pillars of the temple of liberty; and now, that they have crumbled away, that temple must fall, unless we, their descendants, supply their places with other pillars, hewn from the solid quarry of sober reason. Passion has helped us; but can do so no more. It will in future be our enemy. Reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason, must furnish all the materials for our future support and defence.--Let those materials be moulded into general intelligence, sound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the constitution and laws: and, that we improved to the last; that we remained free to the last; that we revered his name to the last; that, during his long sleep, we permitted no hostile foot to pass over or desecrate his resting place; shall be that which to learn the last trump shall awaken our WASHINGTON.

    Upon these let the proud fabric of freedom rest, as the rock of its basis; and as truly as has been said of the only greater institution, "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."


  52. Anonymous5/4/15

    This is an excellent call to arms. Thank you.

  53. Anonymous5/4/15

    Mr. Greenfield, this article is, in my opinion the best of your writing that I have had the fortune of reading. I hesitate to lavish too much praise because I do not want to become or sound like the acolytes of other bloggers who simply sound like a bunch of kiss asses. However, in this case it is warranted. Maybe it is also because this "war" has been on my mind constantly of late and has been the source of anger and frustration at both the timidity of our supposed leadership, and by the outrageous and outright lies being told daily by the players involved. And no one does anything to put an end to these things. The President is not King. The Constitution does not grant him law making capabilities, executive orders or whatever you want to call them. And no one, not one of the many so-called high priced attorneys on the Right or in DC or in America, much less SCOTUS, will intervene. Why not? So many of his activities are clearly unAmerican in spirit and clearly intended on harming this country and its people.

    And why do people like Bill Ayers continue to walk the face of the earth? Why has no one put an end to this miserable piece of human flesh and those like him? I understand the sensitivities around the holocaust but as you said, this is a war. And to win, one way is to cut off the head of the snake, something which no one has dared to mention yet. Maybe I am being too gruesome. But I know from studying history that to win wars, to get the enemy to capitulate, you must make them collectively feel the pain just as Gen. Sherman did on his great march to Atlanta. This war at its most brutal and to try to "retake" America without making our enemies pay the ultimate price would only be a Pyrrhic victory for they would certainly rise again. Maybe it is simply unavoidable because that is the human condition and as Thomas Jefferson said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Only our refreshment has been long overdue.

    Thank you again for your great writing and insight.

  54. The quality of your work, across time, is simply stupendous. I don't comment as often as I perhaps should; however I read your every piece. Compliments, regards and respect from the Irishman.

  55. Anonymous5/4/15

    I got it and I stick with the first paragraph: "To win a war you don't need to kill every soldier on the other side." Let's go!

  56. Thank you for such a great and thought provoking post.
    Could you consider a follow-up article on things the average Joe or Jane can do, specific things, that won't put our jobs at risk from the SJWs in HR or prevent us from getting our next job when our names are Googled after an interview.

  57. Anonymous5/4/15

    its the gays...10 righteous men could not be found...they are the great corrupters...corrupting everything they involve themselves in...and they are after the Jews and the holy land...nothing has changed about the Dems except the gays have hijacked the party with their big wallets and their mastery of activism...called the great deceivers and arch villains by the rabbis they are the force that needs to be attacked...they are forcing open the boy scouts after they lost their supply of boys in the Catholic Church...they booed G-d and Israel at the Democratic convention...people, especially the Jews, had better wake up...and for the liberal Jew to support the gays is the height of foolishness...remember and consider, 10 righteous men could not be found...the gay is the catalyst

  58. Jimbo,

    1. Operate anonymously. Make sure your online user names are not linked in any way, including by email address, to your real life profile. And obviously don't do anything that can get you into legal trouble even if anonymous.

    2. When using your real name, you can avoid trouble and still do damage by concern trolling, adopt lib language and use it against them, use 'I Feel' language courteously while sabotaging their operations.

    e.g. suggesting that an environmentalist newsletter should be online only to save trees, call for more diversity at the expense of white male leftist leaders

    Look at the Alinsky rules, there are plenty of materials there for hanging them with their own rope as long as you don't publicize your own political orientation.

  59. Anonymous5/4/15

    This is one of the best articles I have read on this topic.

    I could imagine that in the future society will be segregated. There will be chaotic areas held by the totalitarian left and its allies, where life resembles something between Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia. And then there will be areas where traditional conservative American values are prevailing.

    Leftists and conservatives will have their own towns and cities, schools, TV stations, newspapers, etc. Most likely they will also have their own militias. The United States will be the Divided States.

    At least I think this is the most realistic scenario.

    We can not destroy the Left completely without something big and unexpected miracle. But even they can't destroy us completely.

  60. Anonymous6/4/15

    Holy Saturday
    “Security questions” were the reason so many Christian students were massacred in Kenya this week. This analysis dominates the headlines, as I write, of the BBC, CNN, and so forth. Owing to “security questions,” Christian students were separated from Muslim students at the Garissa university campus (many of the former identified because they were praying). By some strange and unaccountable coincidence, only the former were slaughtered. But wait, but wait, there were Muslim victims, too! At least four of them: wearing suicide vests, who blew themselves up at the end.
    All the dead died because of these “security questions,” which are raised by liberal journalists to deflect attention from the Muslim killers to the Kenyan government. In extenuation, it must be remembered that the typical liberal journalist is also, thanks partly to environmental influences beyond his immediate control, a malicious idiot. He has no clear idea what he is doing. In this case he probably thinks he is promoting multicultural harmony. He is not: Western Christians know perfectly well who is killing whom around the “bloody borders” of the Dar al-Islam, but do not habitually retaliate against harmless and defenceless Muslims in the West. to be cont

  61. Anonymous6/4/15

    The truth is that the “liberal” mind (I am using the term in its current sense; or if gentle reader prefers, “progressive” means the same thing) spontaneously identifies more with the perpetrator than the victim, and thus devotes most of its cruelly limited wattage, like the criminal himself, to finding someone innocent or uninvolved to blame.
    Of course the Kenyan security agencies are “incompetent.” So are all security agencies, by the standard of Omniscience. They had not yet increased the number of armed guards on that particular university campus, even though they had received intelligence (mostly in the form of threats) that there would be more attacks on Christians in Kenya. As intelligence of this nature is received constantly, today, and the attacks also continue, one may pretend that the security agencies are always to blame. Constant repetition of this vicious lie has conditioned much of the public to react in that way: to blame, without thinking, anyone but the perpetrator.

  62. Anonymous6/4/15

    government attacks on Muslim terrorists in Somalia — notably cancels the first. For the Kenyan “security questions” are indeed doing what they can. They are tracing their problem of Muslim terrorism to its root cause, which is Muslim terrorists — in this case coming mostly from The secondary level, in the media analysis — that this hit was “payback” for Kenyan Somalia.
    Godspeed to them in their task, which requires courage from the least of them, along with skill in the use of firearms.
    Then we get to the third and most abstract level of this analysis, which takes us out of the direct news reporting, to the cloud cuckooland of liberal pundits and White House flacks. “Poverty and unemployment” accounts for this terrorism. This is fatuous to an extreme that beggars comprehension. It is opposite to the truth at so many points that I’m tempted to write an Idlepost simply listing them. Suffice to say, terrorists seldom come from impoverished families, and even if they did this would not explain why the impoverished, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, so seldom become terrorists. Or, why the ones who do are almost always Muslim.

  63. Anonymous6/4/15

    newsrooms I find this “media selectivity” — which is to say, constant semi-conscious lying and, and I have observed the root cause of this problem. It is the liberal ideology, or in a word, liberals. They long for destruction of what remains of Western civilization in the same way al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda long for it, but being pant-wetted cowards they restrict their activity to what is within current law. Notwithstanding, at a deeper level, they share with the murderous an allegiance to the “culture of death,” and peristent opposition to the “culture of life.”
    The liberal mind naturally identifies with the criminal. This is why, for liberals, freedom of speech and press means licence for pornographers, and human rights reduce invariably to permission for “the transgressive” against civilized norms. They instinctively identify with Muslim fanatics because they share a common enemy: Christians. But when the terrorists do things so utterly repulsive that even they are appalled, they do not attack the motivating Muslim ideology, or a Shariah which is simply a rotation of their own political correctness, but instead “religious fundamentalism” — intending to tar all faithful Christians with the same stinking brush.
    We are not dealing here with “another point of view.” We are dealing instead with the satanic. It takes many forms, but when “Allah” is deemed to have commanded massacres of the harmless and defenceless, it may be seen that devil-worship is directly in play. For the poisonously befogged liberal mind, demonic service is less conscious. The liberal is not so much the Devil’s worshipper, as the Devil’s plaything. But this may be rationally demonstrated, by the consistency of his support for the more evil of any two rival causes — for whichever side promises the greater reduction of human life, up to the stage where it becomes so visibly icky that natural mechanisms are triggered, and he throws up.
    Jesus was not a conservative, incidentally. He was, and He remains, very purposefully, off the political chart. The true opposite of liberalism is not conservatism, but instead the apolitical — the taking personal responsibility instead of assigning it to others. The trap of liberalism is that only through politics can the political agenda be fought.
    And as for Jesus: He is dead at this liturgical moment, the Nietzschean position in the Christian calendar, when one might even say that, “God is dead.” This gives us a chance to consider what is implicit in that proposition. We are in mourning for a Christ who has been judicially murdered. But, too, for a Christ who caught even His own Apostles by surprise, as we will recollect tonight.
    If liberals did not love death, they would not so consistently encourage it.
    If God did not hate death, He would not have defeated it.
    Remember that, and remember that the latest Christian martyrs in Kenya are not dead, despite the terrorists’ best efforts. Like the good thief, they will rise with Our Lord.

  64. Anonymous6/4/15

    The AUST Defence Force now promotes Rectum Rangers and Goat Shaggers.


  65. Anonymous6/4/15

    63 comments Daniel! Here is your book! This is what conservatives want to read and need to read! A book for the anti-Alinskys and the anti-Obamas. A book for the restoration of truth to debate and the end of corruption disguised as social justice activism. This is what we really need. Not talk show shouting and posturing but real planning and strategic thinking. Please consider it and please update it regularly with appendixes of what has actually worked in the real world. There is no anti-Alinskyite manual. It is about time there is.

  66. Earlybird6/4/15

    Daniel, this essay could be the basis for a college course. Thank you so much.

    I had to split my post in three parts. The first didn't post for some reason so here is part 1 of 3. Parts 2 and 3 are above.

    With the U.S. Constitution at the time only 50 years old, the founders just recently deceased, Abraham Lincoln spoke at the mere age 28 in a speech concerning the danger to the continuation of our seemingly strong Republic. Worth taking the time to read. Relevant excerpts below:

    link to the speech

    The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions:
    Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois
    Jan 27, 1838


    We find ourselves under the government of a system of political institutions, conducing more essentially to the ends of civil and religious liberty, than any of which the history of former times tells us. We, when mounting the stage of existence, found ourselves the legal inheritors of these fundamental blessings. We toiled not in the acquirement or establishment of them--they are a legacy bequeathed us, by a once hardy, brave, and patriotic, but now lamented and departed race of ancestors. Their's was the task (and nobly they performed it) to possess themselves, and through themselves, us, of this goodly land; and to uprear upon its hills and its valleys, a political edifice of liberty and equal rights; 'tis ours only, to transmit these, the former, unprofaned by the foot of an invader; the latter, undecayed by the lapse of time and untorn by usurpation, to the latest generation that fate shall permit the world to know. This task of gratitude to our fathers, justice to ourselves, duty to posterity, and love for our species in general, all imperatively require us faithfully to perform.


    At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.


    But, it may be asked, why suppose danger to our political institutions? Have we not preserved them for more than fifty years? And why may we not for fifty times as long?

    We hope there is no sufficient reason. We hope all dangers may be overcome; but to conclude that no danger may ever arise, would itself be extremely dangerous. There are now, and will hereafter be, many causes, dangerous in their tendency, which have not existed heretofore; and which are not too insignificant to merit attention. That our government should have been maintained in its original form from its establishment until now, is not much to be wondered at. It had many props to support it through that period, which now are decayed, and crumbled away. Through that period, it was felt by all, to be an undecided experiment; now, it is understood to be a successful one.--Then, all that sought celebrity and fame, and distinction, expected to find them in the success of that experiment. Their all was staked upon it:-- their destiny was inseparably linked with it. Their ambition aspired to display before an admiring world, a practical demonstration of the truth of a proposition, which had hitherto been considered, at best no better, than problematical; namely, the capability of a people to govern themselves. If they succeeded, they were to be immortalized; their names were to be transferred to counties and cities, and rivers and mountains; and to be revered and sung, and toasted through all time. If they failed, they were to be called knaves and fools, and fanatics for a fleeting hour; then to sink and be forgotten. They succeeded. The experiment is successful; and thousands have won their deathless names in making it so. But the game is caught; and I believe it is true, that with the catching, end the pleasures of the chase. This field of glory is harvested, and the crop is already appropriated. But new reapers will arise, and they, too, will seek a field.

  67. Anonymous6/4/15

    HELL YEAH! Well said! All it takes is for more Republican and Libertarian leaders to speak out against the PC madness and their words will reverberate through this land and the POS Left will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

  68. From G-d's lips to your pen. Happy Passover!

  69. Anonymous6/4/15

    Great article

  70. Anonymous6/4/15

    Spot On Daniel ( again)

    For an additional augmentation of what 'The Left' looks like, C.S. Lewis paints a good picture of them as 'That Hideous Strength' in his sci-fi trilogy.

  71. Anonymous7/4/15

    The 'War' is not over, not by a long shot. Times are dark, and we're down, but not out. There are good people, and they teach their kids right and wrong, despite the attempts by the media and the government schools to poison their minds with lies. Teach your kids the facts, teach them the history of what made America great, and encourage your adult children to have as many of their own children as possible, to grow the numbers of good, honest, patriots who are loyal to America (NOT the Government) and true to their Judeo-Christian roots.

  72. "...On February 27, 2009, James Dobson conceded that we have lost the culture wars. This is the consequence of Christians having spent the last two centuries lopping at the rotten branches of our culture’s corrupt tree while watering and fertilizing its roots.

    "We should lop away at the tree’s corrupt branches (infanticide, sodomy, the economy, etc.). However, until the root of these problems is Biblically addressed, we will never shut down the infanticide mills, we will never defeat the sodomites, and we will never fix the economy. In short, we will never win the culture wars. This issue is more than important for anyone concerned about God, our nation, and the future of our posterity, it’s the cutting- edge issue of our day...."

    For the identity of the root of today's corrupt culture tree, see blog article "5 Reasons the Constitution is Our Cutting-Edge Issue" at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/.

  73. Anonymous20/4/15

    Clarity as the fog of war is lifted by your words, we see now not only the battle raging around us, but also the context, the war that will continue after we are gone. But as we see, we have hope, we can do this, our morale improves, we are ready for the next attack, we can resist, we can fight! Bring it, btches!

  74. Anonymous21/4/15

    I am still not convinced that Andrew Breitbart wasn't murdered. And hardly a day goes by that I don't mourn his death. It was an incredible blow. And the fact that they were afraid of him, makes me think it is less likely that he died of "natural causes."

  75. Anonymous11/5/15

    So much truth in this.

    Never make the mistake of thinking a leftist is in debate to learn or understand. The leftist is in debate to defeat you and your arguments. Always keep that in mind.

  76. if you want to send your son or daughter to a college that is a resistance to the cultural destruction brought on by the left, consider Hillsdale College in Michigan. They intentionally do not take federal funds.


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