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Gunter Grass and the Left's Red Flags

A few days after September 11 I saw a quote from Gunter Grass on a Manhattan lamppost. In those dark days, the lampposts and walls that weren't covered in missing persons posters were decorated with the hysterical pamphleteering of the left urging us to blame ourselves for the attacks. The quote has long since been lost to memory, buried under smoke and ash, a green parrot perched on an empty staircase and crowds thronging on foot across the bridge.

The quote itself, like the latest Grassian screed, does not matter. Grass, like Gandhi and King, was one of the favorite go-to guys for the left's sticky sheets of paper. When you want to write a suicide note, then you reach for a line from Sylvia Plath or Emily Dickinson, but when you want to write a national or civilizational suicide note, there's always Gunter Grass.

As a writer, Gunter Grass is a blacksmith, hammering together graceless and shapeless lumps that aren't good for much except hitting people over the head with leaden angst and guilt.

Being a bad artist or writer, a shameless egotist who hammers his own pedestal and waits for the adoring crowds to gather, does not make one a Nazi, though Gunter had been a Nazi. But it doesn't help either. Neither does the  resentment over the war poorly fitted into a pacifist t-shirt which hangs over the paunches of the German and Japanese left. That adds a vindictive tone to their denunciation of American, British and Israeli warmongering.

Grass, like so much of the German left, saw Nazis everywhere but in the mirror. The only lesson that he and his comrades had drawn is that they were wrong to march right, when they should have marched left. It did not occur to them that they should not have been marching at all and that the marching under red banners was the whole problem to begin with.

On the thirty-first anniversary of Kristallnacht, the progressives of the German terrorist left plotted to bomb a Berlin synagogue where a Kristallnacht commemoration was taking place. They didn't succeed, but their colleagues on Air France Flight 139 did, staging their own Aktzion, separating the Israelis from the non-Israelis and deciding who would go to the left or to the right.

Bose, the leader of the German Entebbe hijackers, who had told the hostages that he was not a Nazi, just an idealist, had proposed assassinating Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. That plot, like bombing a synagogue's Kristallnacht commemoration, seemed more like it might be up a Nazi's alley. Another symptom of how the German left could not help goosestepping right.

The answer to the conundrum and the unspoken thing that Gunter Grass dared not speak of may lie in a letter from the leader of another German leftist terrorist cell, Dieter Kunzelmann, who while sipping coffee with Muslim terrorists in Jordan, wrote home that, "The German left must overcome its Judenknacks" or hangups about Jews. By this little Dieter did not mean that the German left should stop hating Jews, he meant that it should learn to feel good about hating Jews.

Bombing the synagogue on Kristallnacht would help Germany get rid of its "Vorherrschaft des Judenkomplexes“, he wrote, which means something like the Supremacy of the Jewish Neurosis, Bombing a synagogue would help Germans break through their feelings of guilt and emancipate the German left from feeling any hesitation about killing Jews. The provocateurs of the left who had dedicated themselves to the war against bourgeois hangups about orgies and communal property would help break one more wrongheaded bourgeois taboo. Much like an icon of the German left confessing to having served in the SS and writing a poem that features him working out his own "Judenknacks" right on the page.

Gunter Grass was more of a moderate than Dieter Kunzelmann. Rather than tackling the Judenknacks head on by bombing a synagogue on Kristallnacht or shooting Simon Wiesenthal in the head, he took the hack's route by treading the well worn ground of spinning the wheel of history until the Jews became the new Nazis. They have uniforms don't they, and an army and bombs.

Grass volunteered to serve during the war to escape his bourgeois middle-class home like a Peter Pan flying away to a Nazi Neverland. The left's anti-American andanti-Semitic hiccups have little to do with the red, white and blue or the blue and white, but with how impressive all the speakers are in taking on the Great Satan and the Little Satan. Down with General Electric, down with the A-Bomb, down with the Synagogue. Up with whoever is shouting through a megaphone about boycotting Israeli walnuts or American rockets.

It's not about the left being Anti-Semitic, it's about it being socially acceptable for the left to be Anti-Semitic. And it's about the "courage" of leftists who dare to take on the bourgeois post-Holocaust hangups and switch them around so that the Jews become the Nazis, the Nazis become the Jews and the Mullahs become the Uberjews. The Jews are irrelevant except as a means for the left to rid itself of all rules and morals on the path to total revolutionary commitment.

In Cologne, Muslims wanted to distribute a Koran to every household in the country. But too many are still reading from Das Kapital and Mein Kampf. Like the boat captain in Die Lorelei, they can't see the cliff, they are too enraptured by the revolutionary songs of the red Lorelei. The Wagnerian thunder of all the old revolutions reborn again out of the dead earth, spotted with the blood of martyrs, the sharp uncompromising red of revolution.

"Raise high the red flags," the Battle Hymn of National Socialism went, "For German labor we will clear the path to freedom." Those red flags have not changed much since. The Blutfahne, the blood flag covered in the vital fluids of dead Nazis killed during the Beer Hall Putsch under which Nazis swore in new recruits. Or the red flag of Soviet Union memorializing the blood of the martyrs of revolution. Or the red tulips of the Iranian flag which represent the blood of martyrs.

It's all the same in the end. Red faces hiding behind red flags. Red Gunter mixing his poison with sugar, closing the circle of his life even as the international left goes back to smashing Jewish windows and crowds gather with megaphones outside Jewish stores. It's not really about the Jews, it's about the men and women with megaphones who have spent too long looking in mirrors and waiting for the applause to begin.

It isn't the size of the stone, it's the breaking of taboos. And when enough taboos have been broken, then the red flags can freely wave again.


  1. Y. Ben-David14/4/15

    An important fact that has been forgotten is that Nazism and Italian Fascism promoted themselves as revolutionary movements dedicated to ending the supposed globalist economic domination of the corrupt Wall Street and London (Jewish) plutocrats. Don't forget that the name Nazi stood for National SOCIALISM.
    In France, after the defeat of 1940, many French Marxist intellectuals who were supporting Nazi Germany on orders from Moscow due to the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact tried to create a local French movement called "National Bolshevism" that would collaborate with the Nazis. The Germans picked a Francophile as military commander of the occupation forces in Paris and he played up to the French Leftist intelligentsia.
    It is also important to recall that Nazism reached out to youth and told them to rebel against their reactionary bourgeois parents and to follow the New Order. Many idealistic youth, like Gunter Grass joined the Waffen SS for this reason (and just like we see the same phenomenon today with young people flocking to ISIS). Idealistic revolutionary violence is very appealing to a lot of young people. So when Germany lost the war, Grass didn't really have to change his ideology very much in order to become a "pacifist progressive". He still despises the same people, he just switched his ideological label.

  2. Anonymous14/4/15

    Read another headline about Gunter going from being a nazi to leftist, as if that were some kind of major transition. Wrong answer. What people fail to understand or refuse to understand is that the nazis were socialists! The reason why the nazis and the bolsheviks (USSR) so hated each other was that each thought they had it right, the pure and correct form of socialism, while the other guy was the heritic, who had it all wrong. So either way Gunter was still a socialist. Regardless of which flavor of socialism is embraced, in the end, it will result in the mass murder of those labled as enemies of the state. I read the Tin Drum, and consider it to be an over rated and over hyped book. As for the true believe or the useful idiot, it doesn't matter if it Das Kapital or Mein Kampf; if do hold unquestioningly to the same faith, he will want to kill you and will if given the chance.

  3. Splendid article! Thank you, Sultan Knish!

  4. Your output and your clarity is sensational, Daniel. You are a giant among writers, but Pity that there are so few Jews who get it. Are they all oblivious?

  5. Anonymous16/4/15

    Sieg Heil lives right in Brooklyn. There are now plenty of German leftists among the hipsters and they have revolutionary zeal on behalf of the American Blacks. They have posters outside their doors showing how they wish to emancipate the American Black. You can be sure plenty of them were marching in the protests. When a hispanic cop and chinese cop were killed though they weren't too upset. This is about destroying America and race relations seems the best place to start.

  6. Outstanding article. Grass was not respected in Germany other than by the extreme left and some press who highly overrated Grass. He was also a drug addict and loved wild drug parties. Karma caught up with him eventually. He hung himself. Good riddens. I was in my early twenties, living in Germany when Grass was at his top popularity. He actually received some literary award for his book "Die Blechtrommel" aka "The Tin Drum."

    1. Anonymous25/5/15

      He won the Nobel Prize. Like the Peace Prize, it stopped having anything to do with concrete achievement years ago. It's now awarded to those who most successfully adhere to and represent cultural marxism.

      I still like his Danzig Trilogy in German. Almost everything else he wrote was crap, IMO.


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