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The Snow Beat the Snow-Deniers

Last year, the New York Times predicted the end of snow. This week, its employees had trouble getting to work because of a travel ban caused by the blizzard. And those New Yorkers still subscribing to the print edition of the Old Gray Lady of Eight Avenue were even more out of luck.

Snow wasn’t over, but the New York Times was.

A few days after the New York Times forecast a snowless future in 2014, a major snowstorm (which didn’t read the paper and wasn’t aware of the 97% scientific consensus) hit shutting down airports, causing major accidents and killing dozens of people. Thirteen inches of snow fell over the city.

A week after warning of the end of snow, the New York Times was instead forced to report on “downed power lines, stranded travelers, abandoned vehicles and yet another mess of snow, slush and ice.”

CBS This Morning, which originally broadcast claims that the snow was going away, has now been forced to put its staff up in hotels near the studio and bus them in. Don Dahler, the CBS correspondent involved, was complaining on Twitter about how badly Long Island had been slammed by the blizzard.

Once again the snow beat the snow-deniers.

The snow deniers have been around for a while. Fifteen years ago, Dr. David Viner, a senior research scientist at the University of East Anglia, the hub of Warmism, said that within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

While it is currently a balmy 43 degrees over in Norwich, home of the University of East Anglia, snow is expected on Sunday. Not only are the children of Norwich entirely familiar with snow, but last year a video of people (some of whom might even work at the University of East Anglia) tripping and falling on snowed out and icy streets even went viral.

Indeed somewhere Dr. David Viner was probably cursing the snow for still being there while small children laughed at him. “Snow is starting to disappear from our lives,” The Independent had asserted then. Instead the UK is headed for a displaced polar vortex bringing with it some of the coldest temperatures on record.

“The effects of snow-free winter in Britain are already becoming apparent”, The Independent had claimed. They may not however be nearly as apparent as the delusional state of the Global Warmist.

Instead of preparing for snow-free winters, northern Britain is preparing for “freezing gales” and arctic air. Forecasters are predicting “very severe and extreme weather” early next month.

The snow clearly isn’t going anywhere. But neither are the Warmist weather deniers.

A few days before the blizzard; Al Gore was promoting Live Earth concerts across seven continents, including Antarctica, to push the Warmist wish list of taxes and bans.

Gore, who had been urging a $90 trillion plan to end cars, wants a concert tour across every continent on the planet, including one that isn’t even meant to be inhabited.

These “Climate Action” concerts to save the planet will take plenty of flying, but that never stopped the environmental crusader who flies around the planet as if it really will be destroyed next year.

Gore had predicted in 2008 that the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely free of ice in 2008. Next year he postdated it to 2014. The snow-free apocalypse is always going to happen next year.

Or maybe the year after that,

Pharrell Williams, the latest celebrity partner in Gore’s Green dreams, had flown a private jet to Davos. But his jet was only a tiny dot among the fleet of 1,700 private jets that had descended on Davos to discuss action on Global Warming.

Davos is currently a balmy twenty degrees, about the same as New York, but the cold weather never freezes out the narrative. When it’s warm outside, Global Warming is to blame. When it’s cold out, Bill Nye, a comedian whose claim to fame is wearing a bowtie and hosting a PBS kids show, is invited on to blame Global Warming.

“I just want to introduce the idea that this storm is connected to climate change,” Bill Nye announced on MSNBC; the news network that is to science what Al Sharpton is to teleprompters.

What are Bill Nye’s qualifications for discussing climate change? The same as his qualifications for discussing evolution and football along with any other subject MSNBC will let him spout off on.

Nye graduated in the seventies from Cornell with a BS in mechanical engineering. He kept applying to NASA to become an astronaut to fulfill his lifelong goal of “changing the world”.

But Nye didn’t want to change the world badly enough to actually get a PhD. “I’d love to get a Ph.D in applied physics or fluid mechanics, but that’s a seven- or eight-year commitment.”

No eight-year commitment is required to go on MSNBC and blame a winter storm on Global Warming.

What was Nye’s scientific basis for his conspiracy theory? Much like his PhD, he didn’t have one. Last year during a snowstorm Nye had also been invited on MSNBC to blame Global Warming.

"Cold weather events are difficult to tie to climate change,” he said. “But it’s very reasonable that it’s climate change." You could easily substitute ‘Aliens’ for ‘Climate Change’ with the same exact results. You could also swap in Pee Wee Herman for Bill Nye and get a more fact-based response on virtually any scientific topic.

Since Climate Change, the ambiguously vague successor to Global Warming’s failed promises of a snow-free world, can mean anything, it can also be blamed for anything. It’s reasonable that if it snows tomorrow or if it doesn’t, that the culprit is climate change. After all the weather changed, didn’t it?

Whatever the weather, it’s a crisis.

And the only solution is more concerts in Antarctica, more taxes, more bans, more environmentalist consultants and more appearances by comedians who want to change the world by forcing everyone to commit to poverty and misery, but couldn’t be bothered to make the eight-year commitment to a PhD.

While it’s easy to ridicule the ecovangelists prophesying the end of snow, the celebrities flying private jets to save the world from themselves and the clowns in their bowties blaming the snow on Global Warming, it would be dangerous to lose sight of the wizards behind the curtain.

The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works' Minority Staff Report chronicled how a “Billionaire’s Club” runs the environmental movement and the EPA for its own agenda. More recent reports have shown how the Russian government finances environmental groups in the US.

The confrontation in the Ukraine forced the New York Times and Foreign Policy to report on the Russian government’s covert backing for environmentalists in Europe. But the oil-soaked cash flowing to environmentalists in the US is still off limits even with Al Gore collecting $100 million from Qatar.

Eco-doomsday is big business for everyone from foreign energy businesses to domestic billionaires looking for more grants, loans and mandates. Environmentalism stopped being the eccentric cause of technophobic hippies and became big business. And it will take a big shovel to sweep its snow job away.


  1. They've already blamed snow in winter in Chicago on global warming.

  2. Anonymous2/2/15

    Has Andrew Cuomo had anything of importance to say about this? He was in Buffalo in late November blasting the National Weather Service for not keeping us adequately warned about bad storm.


    Per the article:

    “No one had an idea that it was gonna be that much snow that fast,” Cuomo said. “Snow coming down at the rate of about five inches an hour. No one had an idea. The weather service was off.” The governor then plugged his state’s plans to install its own “weather detection system.”

    Also per the article:

    "Meteorologists responded quickly — and loudly — pointing out that a Nov. 17 pre-storm forecast from the National Weather Service called the coming snow a possibly “historic” event.

    Can't wait to see what Cuomo's weather detection system will be like.

    Stay warm


  3. Anonymous2/2/15

    They are fond of comparing us to flat-earthers. The inversions they push & get away with are only exceeded by their hypocrisy. You could insert some jab about them wanting to burn us at the stake, but death penalties for deniers is being promo'd.

    There's a lot of commitment to killing coal plants and spinning up solar / fans; so much so, that I really don't see a possibility for a pivot. One positive out of this may be watching the frustration and tantrums of the experts when their toys become worthless for days on end for want of energy. - djr

  4. Anonymous2/2/15

    I usually dont read these articles much since they are often more or less a narrative push. On one hand we have the warmists insisting we are all going to burn, while the coolists all insist that we are going to freeze. Without any sources or links back to actual studies, scientific publications, or data (and no, Wattsupwiththat doesn't count...), they're usually not worth the CMOS flip-flops and magnetic domains they're stored on since there's no way to do any sort of independent evaluation.

    Setting the shrieks aside, the actual feeling amongst scientists is one of unease since we are essentially running an experiment with an uncertain outcome. On one hand we are very late to the next coming ice age per historical trends, and should be cooling. However, we've been calling the Pink Panther to come insulate our house while nature turns down the thermostat. What we are ending up with is a race condition. Who wins? On one hand your retaining more energy (NOT temperature, since science deals ultimately with the energy budget), but on the other historical data seems to indicate that we receive less energy overall. Its starting to look as though our new insulation is only delaying the inevitable and we're starting to catch the first preview of having a glacier outside our doorstep. If your curious, in the world of science, this is really interesting stuff indeed.

    But out here in bi-polar hysteria-ville, the stopped clocks are all insisting they're right rather than taking a more systematic and rational approach, which means the beauty of the actual science is totally lost in translation, which brings me back to my original point as to why I don't read these articles much...

    P.S. Apologies if this is a double-post. The Sploogle Account junk doesn't seem to want to work right, so Anonymous will have to do.

  5. I'm not a scientist and I hate geography and I'm not a weather man, but this is what I believe is happening. It has nothing to do with the global warming stuff, since they have never been able to explain why the glacier covering North America disappeared long before the industrial age. They just hem-haw around that as if it didn't exist as their jet fuel spreads more pollution. When ice builds to a certain weight point on the poles, the earth begins to shift. Some of the ice will melt off in the shift. The earth is shifting up on the east coast while the western part dips closer to the equator. The North East will get hammered from now on in the future, but they won't make that public because there would be a mass exodus to warmer climates. To me, that is the only thing that makes sense. I've been saying this for years. Allan Eckert has a simliar theory in his fiction Hab Theory where the ice builds and makes the earth flip, changing poles. The earth still rotates on the same axis but the poles are going to shift slightly.

  6. I'd like to learn more about the "Billionaire's Club" mentioned in the minority report, as that sounds delicious. Or news about where the eco-lobby is directing its influence. I am continually impressed by how condescending and non-reflective the Warmists are. They want so desperately to believe in their superior intelligence, but parrot all these Armageddon tales through blind faith. It's quite disturbing. The Left/Liberals in America are a huge victims alliance. Humanity is depraved, and the only way to save ourselves is fewer people and more government that is run by... people. All because science says so. Experts agree. The delegation is bipartisan. 121 nations say we must act. People are marching. The number of hurricanes proves our doom is imminent; then there are fewer hurricanes and we're told "weather is not climate." What a load of nonsense. The end of snow means draconian regulatory action. No more internal combustion engines to blow it off our driveways. Solar plow trucks that won't work at night. The New York Times is a joke.

  7. Excellent as always Daniel! What a wonderful gift you have young man. :)

  8. Years back an unnamed intelligence agency conducted a test trying to identify people with unusual psychic ability. Basically, guessing a selected card from a deck. There was a specific average of correct answers. Everyone except one man fell within the range.

    That one man guessed consistantly wrong... Every single time over thousands of tests. He was considered a phenom, as logic would. dictate at least a single lucky guess at some point.

    I think of this man every time another leftist fantasy plays out.

    Read "Doomsday 1999 - The comming ice age"... Written in the 70's

  9. Anonymous4/2/15

    "You could also swap in Pee Wee Herman for Bill Nye and get a more fact-based response on virtually any scientific topic."

    That's going to leave a mark. You have such a way with words!

  10. Anonymous8/2/15

    People who want to "change the world" do so because they are too stupid or lazy to understand it first.

  11. Anonymous10/2/15

    This article claims that there are not enough weather stations to produce the data that is used, so data assumptions (interpolation) get made based on a "warming model." https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/massive-tampering-with-temperatures-in-south-america/

  12. Here is the Independent article Dr Viner and Charles Onians now wish could be 'disappeared' - probably like the warmistas wish the last 18 years of no warming would disappear:


  13. Anonymous28/2/15

    I'm surprised the NYT doesn't surround "snow storms" and "blizzards" with the scare quotes it uses to denigrate other factual entities it is ideolologically opposed to, like "knockout game", "muslim terrorist", and "black criminal."

  14. Unsurprisingly, various kooks and pretend scientists are blaming the snowpocalypse on the melting ice in the arctic, which cools the water in the Atlantic, which then they claim disrupts the hot water moving north to Great Britain, thus resulting in global warming resulting in global cooling (or whatever). Never mind that 1) this does NOT explain the snow over North America and 2) they have NOT proven any significant disruption of the warm water going to Britain. Meanwhile experts on the west coast are panicking about low snow pack this year and possible drought in the summer and drying up rivers as a result.


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